Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Apr 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for April 1901 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 4 Apr 1901 – Page 1, Column 4

Land Sales.

  • William H. Wright and wife to Jas. K. Reed
  • Harvey J. Zearing and wife to Lora Winscott
  • Phebe Stelpleton and husband to James Hilycord
  • James Brett and wife to Goodloe Brindley
  • Ida I. Gullion and husband to Calvin R. Smith and wife
  • Frank P. Brockschlager and wife to Willard E. Orem
  • Nancy J. Moore and husband to Ella Higham
  • Elijah Pendry to Hiram R. Brown
  • John W. Brinson and wife to Casper Nichousemyer

Vevay Reveille – 4 Apr 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • Henry Buddenburg and wife to Ernest Buddenburg
  • John Q. Cochran and wife to John H. Oatman
  • R. H. Smith to Amie Smith
  • John Elfers and wife to Joseph Goodner
  • Samantha S. Miller to John Washmuth
  • Andrew J. Myers and wife to John W. Turner
  • Van S. Brandon to Lillian G. McCormick
  • John S. Steele and wife to John A. Anderson

Vevay Reveille – 18 Apr 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • William Johnston to Geo. W. Johnston
  • Philander Morrison and wife to Chas. C. Morrison
  • Geo. W. Johnston to Evaline Teats
  • Ben H. Ryker, Admr., to Cyrus D. Tinker
  • Elisha Brown to Geo. M. and Henry W. Rodgers
  • Helen Holcraft to Common School Fund
  • Alfred Shaw et al Trustees to W. R. Plummer et al Trustees, etc.
  • Clara Siebert and husband to Nancy J. McCreary and husband
  • Levin J. Woolen, Auditor, to Hiram Vandorin
  • Lona F. Winscott to Harvey J. Zearing
  • Trustees Indiana and Phoenix Lodges, I O O F, Vevay; to James R. Hart
  • John F. Hufford and wife to Walter Hufford
  • Emma M. Tarbox to Josiah Riley

Vevay Reveille – 25 Apr 1901 – Page 5, Column 4

Land Sales.

  • J. H. Hitchens and wife to Emma J. Richards
  • Carroll S. Tandy to Robert H. Clements