Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Feb 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for February 1901 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 7 Feb 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • William H. Smith and wife to Chas. W. Smith
  • Martin M. Barker and wife to Edgar C. Ford
  • Edgar C. Ford to Martin M. Barker
  • C. L. Jackson and wife to John H. Jackson
  • Helen A. Aldred and husband to Eva E. Cayton
  • W. R. Thomal et al to Helen A. Woodman
  • Amanda Holdcraft and husband to Eugene McCreary
  • Edward E. Kelso and wife to Wm. H. Thompson

Vevay Reveille – 14 Feb 1901 – Page 4, Column 1

Land Sales.

  • Wm. Marsh to Trustees Masonic Lodge, No. 81, East Enterprise
  • Henry L. Walker to Tithamyer Henry
  • Robert W. Scott and wife to John Wolf
  • James D. Downey and wife to John W. and Orson Tinker
  • George Cook and wife to Alice Chase and Stephen Chase
  • Mary E. Brown et al to John Brown and wife, Lillie
  • Alice and Steven Chase to Jas. B. Powell

Vevay Reveille – 21 Feb 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • Robert W. Chapman and wife to A. J. and L. T. Porbat
  • Andy H. Detmer and wife to Frederick A. Sickman and wife
  • Lizzie Clark and husband to Mary E. Brown
  • Margarette L. Bryson et al to John Parker
  • Sarah H. Dennis and Wm. Dennis to Grace Dibber and Chas. L. Dibber
  • John W. Tinker to Orson P. Tinker
  • Barbar[?] [?] to Oll[?] Benn[?]
  • Theo [?] to [?] Langsdale