Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Nov 1896

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for November 1896 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 19 Nov 1896 – Page 4, Column 3

Land Sales.
Deeds Recorded Since Our Last Report.

  • Jacob V. Powell and Mary A. Powell to Rebecca Dibble
  • Rebecca Dibble and husband to Jacob V. Powell
  • Mary A. Sharp et al to Robert A. Stephens
  • Joseph B. Ramseyer and wife to Frank Rosenberger and wife
  • Huldah E. and Thomas C. Gillis to John B. Orr
  • Henry and Amanda Georgell to Alger Fancher
  • John F. Hemessath to Fredrick F. Hemesath
  • William Swango and wife to Griffin Dickason
  • Belle D. Grisard to Rodolph F. Grisard
  • Rodolph F. Grisard and Mary G. Grisard to Belle D. Grisard
  • Eugene W. Heath and wife to Robert Chapman and wife
  • Florence Molique and husband to Harry M. Cunningham
  • George W. Bromwell and wife to Gustaff H. Schrumpf
  • Gustaf H. Schrumpf to Elizabeth Bromwell
  • Ophelia F. Tickenor and husband to Elzo E. L. Reed
  • Nathan H. Sullivan and wife to Forest Griffith

Vevay Reveille – 26 Nov 1896 – Page 5, Column 2

Land Sales.
Deeds Recorded Since Our Last Report.

  • Joseph A. Gilbert et al to James P. Orem and wife
  • Carnelia Humphrey to James A. Humphrey
  • Mary Lineback to Abram Scott