Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Oct 1895

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for October 1895 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 3 Oct 1895 – Page 5, Column 1


  • Jane Boyle to John Parker
  • Ana B. Campbell and Jacob S. Campbell to John Parker
  • Harvey H. Buchanan and wife to Fannie Vandiver
  • Ralph [illegible] to George Cook
  • John W. Dalgleish et al to George W. Dalgleish and wife
  • Joyn Boyd and wife to [illegible] Bliss
  • Bridget [illegible] and husband to J. P. Carter

Vevay Reveille – 24 Oct 1895 – Page 4, Column 2


  • Fernand W. Seaver and wife to Lucy M. Baker
  • Francis M. Stewart to Gustaf H. Schrumpf
  • Edward McAlister to Ezra Palmer and wife
  • William Sauvain and wife to Prestice E. Waltz and wife
  • Sarah Ferguson to Samuel W. Ferguson
  • Joseph E. Gilbert et al to James P. Orem and John Bakes, Jr.
  • Shelomoth Stow to Harry M. Stow
  • Warren B. Perry and wife to Charles Means and wife

Vevay Reveille – 31 Oct 1895 – Page 4, Column 3

Deeds Recorded Since Our Last Report.

  • Henry Thomas et al to Ben. F. Thomas
  • Franklin A. Walden et al to Mary F. Walden and James B. Walden
  • James B. Walden and Jane Walden to Mary F. Walden
  • Julia L. Ford and John F. Ford to Samuel T. Acre
  • Joseph M. Mancer and wife to Julia L. Mancer and Laura Acre
  • Joe Kender et al to William P. Richards
  • Elizabeth Bosaw to Charles Eades
  • William D. Ward, Commissioner, case of Lucille Protsman
  • John A. Wiley and wife to Benjamin L. Wiley
  • William C. Robinson and wife to Patriot Deposit Bank
  • Frederick Beerman et al to Ezra Palmer and Mary Palmer
  • Caroline Davis and J. L. Davis to Ezra Palmer and May Palmer
  • Wm. S. Kincaid, Administrator, to Sarah Gray