Switzerland & Ohio Agricultural Fair Awards – 1861

The following fair awards appeared in the following newspapers:
Classes 1-17: Reveille and News (Vevay) – 26 September 1861 – Page 2, Column 3
Class 18-end: Reveille and News (Vevay) – 3 Oct 1861 – Page 1, Column 5; Page 2, Column 2

The following is a list of the premiums awarded and paid at the Tenth Annual Fair of the Switzerland and Ohio County Agricultural Society, held at their Fair Grounds, and ending as a perfect success on Friday last [September 17th to 20th]:

Class 1 – Horses for all purposes.

  • Best stallion 4 yrs old, Thomas Glaze; 2d Jas M West
  • Best stallion 3y old, W H Buchanan; 2d Geo Singer
  • Best stallion 2y old, Thos Shields; 2d S G Powell
  • Best stallion 1y old, Wm B Sanders; 2d Saml Lostutter
  • Best sucking horse colt, Chas Heath; 2d Paschal Conner
  • Best brood mare 4y old, Paschal Conner; 2d James Brown
  • Best filly 3 yr old, Harry Wycoff; 2d H B Keeney
  • Best filly 2y old, Paschal Conner; 2d Dillard Drake
  • Best filly 1y old, Wm Stewart; 2d P L Davis
  • Best suckling filly cold, P L Davis; 2d David Seward
  • Best gelding 3y old, Zachariah Scott; 2d Saml Lostutter
  • Best gelding 2y old, Thos McCrary; 2d James Brown
  • Best gelding 1y old, A J McHenry; 2d A J McHenry
  • Best pr matched horses, John Shields; 2d John Shields

Class 2 – Horses for light harness.

  • Best stallion 4y old, Paschal Conner; 2d A Robbins
  • Best gelding 4y old, Wm S Allen; 2d Fred’k Harris
  • 2d best mare 3y old, Wm H Dodd
  • Best mare 3 yr old, Wm S Allen; 2d John Dickason

Class 3 – Trotting, Pacing and Saddle Horses. Speed limited to 6 minutes.

  • Best trotting stallion 4y, Miller Ward; 2d A W Robbins
  • Best trot’g stal’n under 4, W H Buchanan
  • Best trotting mare 4y, Ira Lindley; 2d John W Dibbs
  • Best mare under 4y, Thos Spencer; 2d gelding under 4y, Jordan Wainscott
  • Pacing stallion 4y, W B Murry; 2d J H Benton
  • Pacing stallion under 4y, John Shields
  • Best mare 4 yr old, Henry Demaree; 2d Wm S Allen
  • Best pacing mare under 4, Jno Stewart; 2d Jno Jackson

Class 4 – Trotting and Pacing. Speed, 1 mile in 4 minutes.

  • Trotting stallion 4y, Miller Ward
  • Trotting mare 4 yr old, Ira Lindley; 2d W H Dodd
  • Trotting mare under 4y, Thos Spencer
  • Pacing stallion 4y old, W B Murry; 2d Thos Glaze
  • Pacing stallion under 4, C S Cole
  • Pacing mare under 4y, John Stewart; 2d John Jackson

Class 5 – Speed Ring—Trotting, Pacing and Racking.

  • Best trotting gelding, F M Buffington
  • Best pacing stallion, W B Murry
  • Best racking gelding, Jonathan Cole; 2d mare John Shields

Class 6 – Sweepstakes on horses.

  • Best stallion, Omer Wiley
  • Best gelding, Wm S Allen
  • Best mare, Wm S Allen

Class 7 – Guage Ring. Time 1 mile in 4 minutes, either ride or drive any gate, either horse, mule, Jack or Jennet.

  • Best, Eugene Tardy
  • 2d, Griffith Dickason

Class 8 – Jacks and Mules.

  • Best Jack 3yr old, Paschal Conner; 2d Griffith Dickson
  • Best Jack 2 yr old G B Garlinghouse
  • Best sucking jack colt, J P Searcy
  • Best Jennet 3 yr old, J P Searcy; 2d G B Garlinghouse
  • Best mule 3 yr old, Jas Dickason; 2d John Kilgore
  • Best mule 2 yr old, Baron Stow; 2d Jasper Dunning
  • Best mule 1 yr old, Peter Lostutter; 2d Griffith Dickason
  • Best sucking mule colt, P Lostutter; 2d O P Cobb

Class 9 – Horses and mules for Draught.

  • Best pair horses, John Dickason
  • Best single horse, John Dickason; 2d Jordan Wainscott
  • Best pair mules, James Dickason
  • Best single mule, James Dickason; 2d John Danner

Class 10 – Horned Cattle.

  • Best bull 3 yr old, exhibiting two of its offspring, James Cole; 2d John L Mulford
  • Best bull 2yr old, Henry Demaree
  • Best bull 1y old, Dillard Drake; 2d John S Olmstead
  • Best bull calf, James Cole; 2d James Dickason
  • Best cow 3 yr old, James Cole; 2d Thos Works
  • Best heifer 1y old, James Cole; 2d Dillard Drake
  • Best heifer calf, Baron Stow; 2d Silas R Potter

Class 11 – Working Cattle and Steers.

  • Best pr work cattle 4y, H L Norris; 2d Solen L Culp
  • Best work cattle 3y, Thos McCreary; 2d James Cole
  • Best pr work steers 1y, Geo W Bryson

Class 12 – Milch Cows.

  • Best milch cow 4y, Wm Stewart; 2d U H Stow
  • Best milch cow 3y, James Cole; 2d Thomas Works

Class 13 – Fat Sheep and Cattle.

  • Best fat bullock over 8y, J T Nelson; 2d James Cole
  • Best fatcow or heifer over 8y, T Works; 2d Jas T Nelson
  • Best fat sheep, James M Baker; 2d James Cole

Class 14 – Sweepstakes on Cattle.

  • Best bull, James Cole
  • Best cow, Thomas Works

Class 15 – Fine Wooled Sheep.

  • Best buck 1 yr old, Ezra Lampkin; 2d G W D Culp
  • Best ewe 1 yr old, G W D Culp
  • Best ewe lamb, G W D Culp; 2d Ezra Lampkin
  • Best buck lamb, G W D Culp

Class 16 – Long Wooled Sheep.

  • Best buck 1 year old, J A Powell; 2d J A Powell; 2d buck lamb, J A Powell
  • Best ewe lamb, John M Shull; 2d J R Fisher
  • Best lot of Sheep, G W D Culp; 2d J S Olmstead

Class 17 – Hogs.

  • Best boar 1 yr old, J S Olmstead; 2d U H Stow
  • Best boar under 1y, O P Cobb; 2d O P Cobb
  • Best breeding sow 1y, Thos Works; 2d U H Stow
  • Best sow shoat under 1y, O P Cobb; 2d O P Cobb
  • Best shoats under 6 months, O P Cobb; 2d John Danner

Class 18 – Plows, Harrows & Cultivators.

  • Best two horse plow, J O Bidwell; 2d J O Bidwell
  • Best sod plow, U H Stow
  • Best shovel plow, W C Lostutter
  • Best two horses harrow, John Danner; 2d Joseph Meleck
  • Best one horse harrow, [illegible]
  • Best field roller, Jas K Reed; 2d Moses Cole
  • Best ox yoke, Jas T Nelson
  • Best six ox helves, Wm Dunning

Class 19 – Mills, Presses, Wooden Ware.

  • Best fanning mill, Robert A Harris; 2d E W Gould
  • Best cider mill, G W D Culp
  • Best catting box, G W D Culp; 2d John Danner
  • Best washing machine, E H Hall; 2d L W Beal
  • Best hayrake, wife, U H Stow; 2d U H Stow donated
  • Best broom machine, Moses Cole
  • Best 12 corn brooms, Jas K Reed
  • Best six wooden ladles, S S Barker
  • Best spec. turning in wood, E W Gould
  • Best flour barrel, L W Beal
  • Best pork barrel, L W Beal
  • Best slack or apple bbl, Jno O Hedrick
  • Best molasses barrel, Jno O Hedrick

Class 20 – Threshers, Mowers, Reapers.

  • Best thresher and separator H M Ayres; 2d Wm Goodner
  • Best four horse wagon, Jas T Nelson
  • Best two horse wagon, Abr’m Tinker; 2d H A Tinker
  • Best reaper, C B & G B Garlinghouse
  • Best comb, reaper & mower, Eli Murphy

Class 21 – Carriages and Cabinet Ware.

  • Best two horse carriage, H A Tinker; 2d H A Tinker
  • Best one horse carriage, H A Tinker
  • Best bugg, H A Tinker; 2d H A Tinker
  • Best sulky, James T Nelson; 2d H A Tinker
  • Best center table; E W Gould
  • Best dining table; E W Gould
  • Best common bedstead; E W Gould

Class 22 – Vegetables.

  • Best dozen beets, Mrs. Rachel Murphy
  • Best dozen parsnips, George J Downey
  • Best 6 cabbages, E B L Ford
  • Best 12 Carrots, S S Barker
  • Best hf bush onions, Nicholas Sedam
  • Best hf bush potatoes, John Danner
  • Best 3 squashes, Jer. Downey
  • Best hf bush swt potatoes, S S Barker
  • Best Chinese potatoes, U H Stow donated

Class 23 – Grain and Seed.

  • Best bush yellow corn, James Cole; 2d Wm Goodner
  • Best bush white corn, Mary Wisner; 2d Wm Goodner
  • Best bushel red wheat, Jno S Olmsted; 2d James K Reed
  • Best bushel white wheat, Ab’m Tinker; 2d Geo Sadler
  • Best bushel rye, Jacob Baker; 2d John Vanosdol
  • Best bushel oats, James Cole; 2d Daniel Meleck
  • Best bushel barley, Jacob Baker; 2d Richard Nash
  • Best bushel flaxseed, Daniel Goodner
  • Best bushel timothy seed, Theo. Cole
  • Best bushel orchard g. seed, Jas Cole

Class 24 – Field crops.
The awards in this class cannot be made until the crops are further matured. The report will be made at the annual meeting, and then published.

Class 25 – Farms, Barns, Orchards, &c.

  • Best arranged & cultivated farm, A Hyde; 2d J R Harris
  • Best arranged and cultivated orchard, quality of fruit considered, S Stow; 2d U H Stow
  • Best practical farm house, D H Blunk; 2d D Henry
  • Best practical farm barn, J R Harris; 2d Moses Cole

Class 26 – Poultry

  • Best pair Shanghais, Thomas Works; 2d Wm A Mount
  • Best pair Bramahs, James Cole; 2d Jere. Downey
  • Best pair Cochin Chinas, Thos Works; 2d Margaret Moore
  • Best pair dorkings, C W Mendle
  • Best pair African Bantams, T Works; 2d J Vanosdol
  • Best pair cross, Wm A Mount; 2d C W Mendle
  • Best white Poland ducks, Marg’t Moore; 2d Moses Wisner
  • Best common ducks, Thos Works; 2d John Vanosdol
  • Best pair turkeys, Margaret Moore; 2d G W D Culp
  • Best collection poultry, Thomas Works; 2d C W Mendle

Class 27 – Needle Work.

  • Ornamental needlework, Jane Brown
  • Ornamental needlework, Julia Baker; 2d Ruth W Wiley
  • Patch work quilt, Eliza Sparks; 2d Charlotte Melick
  • Knit Counterpane, Siren Gould; 2d Ella Dufour
  • Otoman cover, Ella Dufour; 2d Ella Dufour
  • Fancy worked chair cover, Lucretia Wait; 2d Delna Hanna
  • Fancy worsted work, Mrs. Olmsted; 2d Ruth M Wiley
  • Fancy worsted work on perforated paper, Mrs Julia Wiley; 2d Mary J Maple
  • Best lady’s sack, Mrs Defraz & Tardy
  • Best child’s sack, Mrs. M P Olmsted; 2d Bettie Bledsoe
  • Best washstand mat, Eliza Sparks
  • Best pair lamp mats, Ella Dufour; 2d Mary Sparks
  • Best pair pants, Susan Wainscott
  • Best shirt, Marg’t Gillespie; 2d Eliza J Goodner
  • Best ladies headdress, Detraz & Tardy; 2d Eliza J Sparks
  • Best ladies cap, Detraz & Tardy; 2d M P Olmstead
  • Best velvet bonnet, Detraz & Tardy
  • Best straw bonnet, Detraz & Tardy
  • Best woolen dress, Nancy Maple; 2d char. Meleck
  • Artificial flowers, Cyntha Cunningham; 2d Phebe Cunningham
  • Ornamental beadwork, Detraz & Tardy
  • Ornamental shell work, Detraz & Tardy; 2d Detraz & Tardy

Class 28 – Linen, Woolen and Cotton Fabrics, made by hand.

  • Best 5 yds tow linen, Margaret Bills; 2d Martha Barker
  • Best 5 yds flax linen, Marg’t Bills; 2d Mahala Bane
  • Best 5 yds Linsey, Mary B Brown
  • Best 5 yds flannel, Nancy Naple; 2d Rachel Murphy
  • Best 5 yds linen diaper, Mrs. D Goodner
  • Best 5 yds Kersey, Nancy Vanosdol
  • Best 5 yds rag carpet, Lavina Wait; 2d Cordine Henry
  • Best 5 yds woolen carpet, M P Olmsted
  • Best pair woolen blankets, Eliza Maple; 2d Martha Baker
  • Double woolen coverlets, Nancy Maple; 2d Mary Hizer
  • Double cotton coverlets, Nancy Maple; 2d Martha Baker
  • Best 10 yds Jeans, Mary Rous; 2d Mary Brown
  • Best 5 yds jeans, Susan Wainscott; 2d Charlotte Goodner
  • Best woolen knit socks, Sarah J Wisner
  • Best woolen knit mits, Orma L Archer
  • Best pound of yarn, Mary Hizer

Class 29 – Linen, Woolen and Cotton Fabrics, made by machinery.

  • Best 10 yds plaid flannel, Nancy Maple
  • Best 10 yds plain flannel, Marg’t Moore; 2d Nancy Maple
  • Best 10 yds jeans, Geo J Downey; 2d Fanny Pocock
  • Best pair blankets, Sarah J Hizer; 2d Sarah J Hizer

Class 30 – Leather Manufactures.

  • Best specimen sole leather, C W Mendle
  • Best specimen upper leather, C W Mendle
  • Best carriage harness, Richard Martin
  • Best pair lady’s slippers, Mary E Brown

Class 31 – Fruit, Flowers & Fine Arts.

  • Best collec’n fruit of all kinds, S Stow
  • Best specimen peaches, J A Powell
  • Best collection plums, Jordan Wainscot
  • Best collection quinces, Geo J Downey
  • Best specimen grapes, U H Stow; 2d E Case
  • Collection g. h. plants, Marg’t Gillespie; 2d Viola Stow
  • Best g. h. plants in bloom, Mar. Gillespie; 2d Viola Stow; 2d single dahlia, Margaret Moore
  • Best disply of roses, Marg’t Gillespie, 2d Jane Cole
  • Best round boquet, Margt Gillespie; 2d Margt Moore
  • Best flat boquet, Margt Gillespie; 2d Jane Cole
  • Best floral ornament, Margt Gillespie
  • Best dissimilar roses, Jane Cole
  • Best single plant, Margaret Moore; 2d Margaret Moore
  • Best landscape oil painting, E Sparks
  • Best portrait painting, Rosanna Blunk; 2d Rosanna Blunk
  • Best flower painting, Eliza Sparks

Class 32 – Jellies, Preserves, Pickels and Canned Fruits.

  • Best collection of jellies made by exhibitor, Mrs. Charlotte Meleck; 2d Lucretia Harris
  • Best col. of preserves, Char. Meleck; 2d Nancy Maple
  • Best collection fruit butter, C Meleck; 2d Nancy Maple
  • Best collection pickels, Char. Meleck; 2d Nancy Maple
  • Best col. of Jellies, preserves and pickles canned by one person, Char Meleck; 2d Lucretia Harris

Class 33 – Table Comforts.

  • Best 10 lbs June butter, Margt Gillespie
  • Best 5 lbs June butter, Margt Gillespie
  • Best 10 lbs Sept butter, Harriet Baker; 2d Mary Rous
  • Best 5 lb Sept butter, Mary Rous
  • Best 10 lbs butter & cheese, M Gillespie
  • Best 10 lbs maple sugar, P. Cunningham
  • Best 10 lbs honey in comb, S Stow
  • Best gallon molasses, P. Cunningham; 2d Nancy Maple
  • Best loaf bread, salt rising, Eliz. Maple; 2d Sarah Smith
  • Best sample h. m. cake, Lucretia Harris
  • Best collection confectionary, Vio Stow; 2d Vio Stow


  • Best barrel flour, Wm Daily; 2d Wm Goodner
  • Best snare drum, E W Gould
  • Best sample gooseberrys, S Stow
  • Best deer and fawn, U H Stow
  • Best double lock chain, H A Tinker
  • Best hub boxing machine, H A Tinker
  • Best reel, Moses Cole
  • Best base drum, Moses Cole
  • Best fife, Moses Cole
  • Best horse shoe and nails, W H Buchanan
  • Best Union flag, Henry Sedam
  • Best spinning wheel, John Murphy
  • Best patent wheel head, John Murphy
  • Best blackberry wine, Nancy Lostutter
  • Best buch flags, James K Reed
  • Best scrub broom, James K Reed
  • Best butter box, John M Baker
  • Best sleigh, Joseph Malin
  • Best fly trap, Joseph Malin
  • Best specimen wine, Eliphalet Case
  • Best specimen brandy, Eliphalet Case
  • Best barrel crab cider, E B L Ford
  • Best globesight rifle gun, Danl Goodner
  • Best loose hay bed, Jos. Malin
  • Best bush dried peaches, Fanny Pocock
  • Best bush dried apples, Jacob Baker
  • Best piano stool, Solomon Washer
  • Best boot jack, Solomon Washer
  • Best hf bus. Onion setts, Nich. Sedam

PERCY ROUS, Secretary.
September 22, 1861.