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Dearborn County Newspaper Index 1900-1904

The Dearborn County, Indiana Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, and deaths found in Dearborn County newspapers from 1900 to 1904. Coverage for this time period is spotty and will be improved when I gain access to additional newspapers. Visit the Dearborn County Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameEventNewspaperIssue DatePageColumn
RubleBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 190022
LizzieRossDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 190022
MurrayBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 190022
Agnes BurkWymondMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 190034
GoodhueSmithMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 Apr 190034
Mrs.ButlerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190022
NealBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190032
BlockBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190032
CharlesFaustMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190033
LottieWattsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190033
MartinCorcoranDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190033
LKupferschmidtDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190034
WillRieseMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190034
LillieProbstMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190034
Mary LouiseDilsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 May 190034
WrightBirthAurora Dearborn Independent12 Jul 190022
PaulSchmidtMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Jul 190033
LauraEirichMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent12 Jul 190033
Mrs.WilberDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Jul 190022
SamuelEmersonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Jul 190033
JacobRadspinnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Jul 190033
Mrs.MooeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Jul 190034
Mrs.JelleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 Jul 190034
ArchibaldCosbyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Dec 190032
HattieBradleyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Dec 190032
ChasBuffingtonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Dec 190033
IreneEllermanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent6 Dec 190033
MaggieCosbyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Apr 190222
JohnCutterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Apr 190222
JosephWolfschlagDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 May 190221
VictoriaSassamanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 May 190234
LeonardGobleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 May 190234
MargaretGoodersonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 May 190234
PetscherDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 190221
John ChambersWoodDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jan 190235
GreshamBirthAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jan 190432
StollBirthAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jan 190432
KaiserBirthAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jan 190432
SiemantelBirthAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jan 190432
CordiaRhineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jan 190432
CordiaRhineDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jan 190435
CatherineLansingDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Jan 190433
Reuben RJamesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Jan 190433
ElizaWeimerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Feb 190422
Mrs.DrogeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Feb 190433
MathiasBirthAurora Dearborn Independent11 Feb 190423
MaryFerrinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Feb 190423
ElmerSpeckmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Feb 190433
LizzieGillespieDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Feb 190434
CurtTerrilMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 Feb 190422
BelleCutterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent25 Feb 190422
MorandBirthAurora Dearborn Independent25 Feb 190432
Charlotte CWillsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Feb 190433
Mary JonesVailDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Feb 190434
MaryJonesDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Feb 190434
RobertsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent3 Mar 190432
BillingsleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Mar 190433
Omer FTooneyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Mar 190433
MillerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent3 Mar 190433
HowardLamarDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Mar 190436
HewittBirthAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 190432
Flora BillingsleyGoepfDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Mar 190433
SadieMitchellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Mar 190424
Mary JonesVailDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Mar 190425
Samuel JHunterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Mar 190433
Pearl MayColeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Mar 190433
JehielBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190423
HerldBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190432
JaehnBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190432
EllisBirthAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190433
Dietrich EmilDrogeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190433
Mrs.WalkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190436
JehielBuffingtonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Mar 190436
SamuelWattsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Mar 190432
JohnRoederMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent31 Mar 190432
HewittDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Mar 190432
JamesBellDeathAurora Dearborn Independent31 Mar 190433
DaisyJohnsonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190422
LewTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190422
JohnCarrMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190422
AnnaOsborneMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190422
EverettKinderMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190422
GraceIttnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190422
CornfortWrightDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190423
CornfortPhelpsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190423
Helen AdalineHewittDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190433
JohnKerrMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190434
Sarah AOsborneMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190434
Everett CKinderMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190434
GraceIttnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190434
CharlieAndersonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190434
Fairie MMcColeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent7 Apr 190434
BuffingtonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent14 Apr 190432
TheodoreShepperdMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Apr 190432
BessieWilberMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent14 Apr 190432
WmScholleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Apr 190433
EugeneHaneyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Apr 190433
BlancheBlakeMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent21 Apr 190433
BridgetMurrayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Apr 190434
AnnaMcDermottDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Apr 190434
James BWymondDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Apr 190423
GeoSumersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Apr 190432
MarshBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Apr 190432
Fredrick WKlausingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Apr 190433
Cynthia JBlueMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent28 Apr 190433
WeisBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190422
JohnWeisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190422
MeyerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190422
GayBirthAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190432
LucindaRandDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190433
SophiaSemmDeathAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190433
HerbertTurnerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190438
MabelJohnstonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent5 May 190438
Mrs.MartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 May 190425
WalkerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent12 May 190432
Thomas JWhiteDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 May 190433
Mrs.MartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent12 May 190435
FredMortonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190424
FlossieWattsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190433
WalterTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190433
HattieKellyMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190433
GlenMortonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190433
Mrs.CheekDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190433
FredMartinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190434
FlossieWattsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190434
WalterTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190434
Anna BSiemantelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent19 May 190434
HarryAmptMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190421
MissBeckameyerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190421
BuffingtonBirthAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190432
ErnestKlingelhofferDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190433
Mrs.SiemantelDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190433
C ATillinghastDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190434
CoraTillinghastDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190434
BelleHillmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190434
Nellie ViolaBakerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190435
Nellie ViolaHemphillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190435
FlorenceWattsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190436
WalterTresterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent26 May 190436
Henry BLeibDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jun 190434
LewisDewersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jun 190435
JamesMooreDeathAurora Dearborn Independent2 Jun 190435
BenjaminHunterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190421
JohnstonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190422
EmmaPummelMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190424
AmericusWalserMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190424
IdaVanSyocMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190424
LewisBaerMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190433
FloraShearsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190433
Mary HSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190434
ElizaHoganDeathAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190434
LolaMathewsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190434
Vanden BCanfieldMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent9 Jun 190434
RoyCurtisMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 190422
MinnieClementsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 190422
YoungBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 190432
SchultzBirthAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 190432
RichardWattsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent16 Jun 190434
Isaac TAcraDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190422
Ida EAcraDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190422
KatharineBarrowDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190422
Sam ABarrowDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190422
Lee WWaltersMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190433
SaraBecroftMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190433
C WLewisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190433
D JWattsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent23 Jun 190434
SmallBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190421
ArthurWenzelMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190421
CelliaRusselMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190421
DilsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190432
RudolphAcherMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190433
VirginiaPateMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190433
BaileyBirthAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190433
Mrs.JacksonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent30 Jun 190435
RuthMattoxDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jul 190425
BrunerBirthAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jul 190433
JohnFrieburgerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jul 190433
Rodman LDavisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent7 Jul 190434
JennieMarshallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jul 190422
ViolaMillerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jul 190426
BechtelBirthAurora Dearborn Independent14 Jul 190432
ThomasEmersonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 190434
Sarah BrooksHillDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 190434
Richard CAbbottDeathAurora Dearborn Independent21 Jul 190434
SamuelGoodrichDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Jul 190422
CyrusBirthAurora Dearborn Independent28 Jul 190432
DavidKasterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent28 Jul 190435
SchmitzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent4 Aug 190433
FredrickSmithDeathAurora Dearborn Independent11 Aug 190424
HarriettMarshallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Aug 190426
HarriettNorrisDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Aug 190426
Anna MeyersLauvermeyerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent25 Aug 190426
AnnaLanvermeyerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Sep 190423
AnnaMeyersDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Sep 190423
Robert CGriffinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Sep 190423
George MHebbleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Sep 190432
Helen SmithTaylorMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent1 Sep 190432
CatherineGrayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 190433
KatharineGrayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 190434
Caroline LZettlemairDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 190434
JohnFlemingMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 190435
Lula AFoxMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 190435
BenjaminWooleverDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Sep 190436
JohnGoerthDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190433
EdVan LuehrteMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190433
MaryWalterMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190433
DavidConawayDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190434
PriscillaBillingsleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190434
AlmaBloomMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190435
CharlesHoganMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190435
John AParksDeathAurora Dearborn Independent15 Sep 190435
KlingelhofferBirthAurora Dearborn Independent29 Sep 190421
Geo WWalstonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Sep 190434
L DBarefordDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Sep 190434
John AParksDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Sep 190436
WebberBirthAurora Dearborn Independent6 Oct 190421
MargaretVailDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Oct 190423
Charles LeeBaileyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Oct 190434
James HThompsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Oct 190436
Emma ConwayWalshDeathAurora Dearborn Independent6 Oct 190436
CharlesShehanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190423
JamesLawrenceDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190433
Fred AWilligMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190434
Martha LGrundigMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190434
Harry ASchulzDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190434
Amelia MergnerKlingelhofferDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190435
AmeliaMergnerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190435
Annie MyersLandvermeyerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent13 Oct 190435
DuncanBirthAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190423
MocoheeDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190423
SandbringDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190433
LewisWinkleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190433
FrankGreenDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190433
Charles MBaileyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190433
Mrs.TresterDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190434
MissWinkleyDeathAurora Dearborn Independent20 Oct 190434
DaisyCainMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Oct 190423
EdwardSekatzMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent27 Oct 190423
William HenryFaussDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Oct 190425
MinnieHilkerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent27 Oct 190434
OliverHeathMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Nov 190432
NellieKetchumMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Nov 190432
LouisaGriffinDeathAurora Dearborn Independent3 Nov 190433
J AHulcherMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Nov 190433
AmeliaThomsMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent3 Nov 190433
LawsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Nov 190426
John Sr.BarricklowDeathAurora Dearborn Independent10 Nov 190426
HoraceBlockMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Nov 190433
EllaSquiresMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent10 Nov 190433
John TDugleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Nov 190433
CleoBiddleMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent17 Nov 190433
James BMillerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Nov 190433
WilliamKetchamDeathAurora Dearborn Independent17 Nov 190434
GeoHoffmanMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190425
KateVoltzMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190425
KateGerardDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190425
Mrs.ThompsonDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190433
RobertWattsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190433
Tillie CCannonMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190434
Arthur CPlattMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190434
MaggieMillerDeathAurora Dearborn Independent24 Nov 190434
NellieLuppertDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190423
WilliamWattsDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190423
JosephPerryDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
RebeccaPerryDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
AnnieGobleDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
AaronGobleDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
LizzieLiddleDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
JamesLiddleDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
JeannettClarkDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
Wm HClarkDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
LuellaSchnelkerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
Herman JSchnelkerDivorceAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190424
Mrs.DomDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190433
WilliamKetchamDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190434
MagdelenaWunderlichDeathAurora Dearborn Independent1 Dec 190435
GraceKittleDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Dec 190421
JaneHallDeathAurora Dearborn Independent8 Dec 190421
CorbinBirthAurora Dearborn Independent15 Dec 190432
WattsBirthAurora Dearborn Independent22 Dec 190433
JamesRootMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Dec 190433
Bonnie EClauseMarriageAurora Dearborn Independent29 Dec 190433
Mrs.WillmanDeathAurora Dearborn Independent29 Dec 190433

Dearborn County Births 1900-1903

The following is an index of births in Dearborn County, Indiana between 1900 and 1903. The original record contains additional information about the child and parents. Digital images are available via the Record Requests Page.

Dearborn County, Indiana Births, 1900-1907 is available in paperback and PDF ebook. Learn more on the Books page.

PageNo.Name of ChildSexColorDate of birthPlace of BirthMother GivenMother MaidenFather GivenFather Surname
21SeekatzFW4 Oct 1900LawrenceburgBerthaGrayW HSeekatz
22GrubbsFW5 Oct 1900GuilfordAbbieDarlingWhitfieldGrubbs
23CarmineMW5 Oct 1900Clay TwpSarahColeNewtenCarmine
24ShuckMW6 Oct 1900AuroraMaryWetrichLeonardShuck
25DoerfleinFW6 Oct 1900St. LeonMaggieBoellAlbert JDoerfline
26YandlesFW6 Oct 1900LawrenceburgSwangoWilliamYandles
27StevensFW7 Oct 1900LawrenceburgMaryWestMyronStevens
28WilhelmMW7 Oct 1900St. LeonKateRoellHenry JWilhelm
29TheisFW7 Oct 1900LawrenceburgAnnaDroutGeoTheis
210KnechtFW9 Oct 1900St. LeonElizaWilhelmAlKnecht
211HarmonFW11 Oct 1900LawrenceburgAnnaTholeJohnHarmon
212SiemantelMW12 Oct 1900AuroraMaggieStollHarrySiemantel
213SchumakerFW12 Oct 1900AuroraLulaCheekJohnSchumaker
214StaussFW13 Oct 1900LawrenceburgFrankLouieStauss
215ChanceMW14 Oct 1900Washington TwpKateGatchL GChance
216NobleFW15 Oct 1900Moores HillNoraGriffithGlennNoble
217McMahanFW15 Oct 1900AuroraJosieSmithJohnMcMahan
218MontoothFW15 Oct 1900LawrenceburgJohnMontooth
219RubleFW17 Oct 1900LawrenceburgFannieMcAdamsHarryRuble
220SlaterFW19 Oct 1900AuroraAmeliaSermoyDickSlater
221FoxFW19 Oct 1900GuilfordAnnaBuchlesGeo FFox
222GrineFW20 Oct 1900Moores HillMinnieWalkingWilliamGrine
223SchwendenmannMW21 Oct 1900New AlsaceKatherinDillJohnSchwendenmann
224HassMW22 Oct 1900LawrenceburgRandellFrankHass
225BennettMW23 Oct 1900CochranSBennett
31GeusheimerMW23 Oct 1900New AlsaceMaryMorganJohn DGeusheimer
32KuebelMW24 Oct 1900YorkvilleHelenaHornbachFrankKuebel
33WhitefordFW24 Oct 1900AuroraAliceJohnWhiteford
34ChambersMW26 Oct 1900AuroraLittleChasChambers
35FoxFW26 Oct 1900LawrenceburgMaloneyEddieFox
36HalverstadtFW27 Oct 1900HomesteadCarrieMillerJosephHalverstadt
37LeakMW27 Oct 1900LawrenceburgKateBescickWmLeak
38PoehlmanFW27 Oct 1900LawrenceburgMatildiaDietrichH MPoelman
39NaegeleMW30 Oct 1900MiltonMary EMackeyWmNaegele
310SeekermanFW16 Oct 1900Dearborn CountyAlvenaMintrupGeoSeikerman
314MarshallMWNov 1900LawrenceburgVioletGolayGeoMarshall
315MeyerFW1 Nov 1900CrozierMaggieHarknessJohnMeyer
316HinnigMW1 Nov 1900YorkvilleRoseWisselChasHinnig
317NalesMW1 Nov 1900LawrenceburgMaryBolanderFrankNales
318EnyartMW3 Nov 1900LawrenceburgEmmaBarrotWm EEnyart
319BryantMW4 Nov 1900LawrenceburgEllaLeonardRobtBryant
320TurnerMW5 Nov 1900Sparta TwpLillieW STurner
321MW5 Nov 1900AuroraMaryKuttell
322MassettF/FW5 Nov 1900LoganMaryGlardonJosephMassett
323CampbellMW7 Nov 1900LawrenceburgLauraCherryAlbert JCampbell
324PylesFW9 Nov 1900LawrenceburgFlorenceHulbertJesse EPyles
325TaylorFW11 Nov 1900GuilfordAddiePhilipsThos STaylor
41CharlestonMW12 Nov 1900LawrenceburgMinnieWeaverAlonzaCharleston
42JolleyFW14 Nov 1900Dearborn CountyBorgmanFrank MJolley
43EvertMW14 Nov 1900AuroraCarrieMurpheyEugeneEvert
44KlinghofferFW15 Nov 1900CochranAmeliaMergnerWillKlinghoffer
45CahillMW15 Nov 1900CochranCosbyJosephCahill
46EnyartFW18 Nov 1900LawrenceburgIdaYorkE MEnyart
47WestMW18 Nov 1900HardentownNancyAkeZadocWest
48DaughtersFW21 Nov 1900Moores HillNetHeatonFrankDaughters
49HarryMW21 Nov 1900LawrenceburgLizzieFeeneyGustaveHarry
410SchuckMW22 Nov 1900St. LeonMaryStingerCharleySchuck
411MannMW24 Nov 1900York TwpEmmaHeuckPeterMann
412SmeltzerFW26 Nov 1900LawrenceburgPerleeEdwardSchmeltger
413AhouseMW26 Nov 1900LawrenceburgFlodderFrankAhouse
414IsraelMW26 Nov 1900West HarrisonHannahHartEdIsrael
419SpeckmanFW2 Dec 1900AuroraKateKlueberFrankSpeckman
420FaulbushMW2 Dec 1900LawrenceburgMooreGeo Jr.Falbush
421GeopfFW4 Dec 1900LawrenceburgMayBensenHerryGeopf
422VetterMW5 Dec 1900HardentownElla DBarrowAndrewVetter
423ColeMW5 Dec 1900Sparta TwpMaudSmithFrankCole
424FillenworthMW6 Dec 1900ManchesterJennieAmdorJnoFillenworth
425WrightMW7 Dec 1900AuroraGiffinJno WWright
51BrockmanMW8 Dec 1900AuroraLizzieKernChasBrockman
52ZarnukFW8 Dec 1900AuroraBarbarVogelErnstZarnuk
53HessMW9 Dec 1900AuroraCarrieNiehauseHarryHess
54SmithMW15 Dec 1900AuroraCutterHarveySmith
55MortonMW16 Dec 1900ManchesterFloraBakerEugeneMorton
56WarburtonMW17 Dec 1900LawrenceburgHeckheiserFredWarburton
57BrichterMW18 Dec 1900YorkvilleKatherineBrichlerJnoBrichler
58SchulerMW20 Dec 1900St. LeonMaggieRuffJno ASchuler
59HuddlestonMW20 Dec 1900GuilfordEllaCookJno FHuddleston
510WillenMW20 Dec 1900LawrenceburgLizzieBeckmanGeoWillen
511ClausFW24 Dec 1900CochranAnnVandergriffWmClaus
512ZimmermanFW24 Dec 1900AuroraEvaZimmerman
513PerpingerFW24 Dec 1900CochranCarrieBotstederChasPerpinger
514InghamFW25 Dec 1900BrightLauraMeyersR CIngham
515VoshellFW27 Dec 1900SpartaIdaCanfieldChasVoshell
516LambrinkMW27 Dec 1900Center TwpHenryLanbrink
517HaasMW27 Dec 1900Harrison TwpLizzieJackmanJohnHaas
518NoffertFW28 Dec 1900LawrenceburgKateJenserHermanNoffert
519ButterfieldFW29 Dec 1900Wrights CornerMaryHeustisManlyButterfield
520SingerMW29 Dec 1900St. LeonMary ARoellASinger
521BrowerFW29 Dec 1900LawrenceburgAnnaMillerFrankBrower
522NeibruggeMW10 Dec 1900DillsboroAlmaJohnstonGeo NNiebrugge
523SpraneMW9 Dec 1900West HarrisonBarbaraGeoSprane
61PoehlmanFW2 Jan 1901CochranEiklerWmPoehlman
62WeinmannMW2 Jan 1901GuilfordAnnaLutzVictorWeinmann
63JacksonMW2 Jan 1901Hogan TwpFerrisJackson
64NeuhrorMW3 Jan 1901YorkvilleJayarLeonardNeuhror
65HornbackFW3 Jan 1901YorkvilleLizzieSteinmetzMichaelHornback
66GainsMB4 Jan 1901LawrenceburgAnnaGains
67KernMW4 Jan 1901HarrisonSnackenburgJacobKern
68SykesMW4 Jan 1901Logan TwpLauraTarrWm ASykes
69PriceMW6 Jan 1901AuroraRileGeo WPrice
610GivanFW8 Jan 1901LawrenceburgUrteeHodellM JGivan
611BuffingtonMW8 Jan 1901AuroraBrigitGalagerClemBuffington
612KempFW11 Jan 1901AuroraHarryKemp
613KassebaumFW12 Jan 1901AuroraMargaretMooreAlbert JKassebaum
614WilsonFW12 Jan 1901LawrenceburgJesseStevensChasWilson
615WalkerMW12 Jan 1901AuroraSalliePetersElmerWalker
616HauckMW13 Jan 1901CochranFloraEntAnthonyHauck
617DorrMW14 Jan 1901AuroraMaryEscherFrankDorr
618LangeFW14 Jan 1901Wrights CornerMLampkiWmLange
619SchmanFW15 Jan 1901LawrenceburgMinnieSchaffnerJohnSchman
620MeyersFW18 Jan 1901IndianaAnnaAlbertMeyers
621WaltersMW20 Jan 1901CochranLizieHauckThomasWalters
622AlbrechtFW21 Jan 1901GreendaleMaryFromholtzJohnAlbrecht
623SmithFW22 Jan 1901DillsboroNettieWainscottHenrySmith
624WillisMB22 Jan 1901LawrenceburgChillerWmWillis
625BensonFW24 Jan 1901West HarrisonJohnBenson
71BlockFW27 Jan 1901AuroraMaryGoodpastureJamesBlock
72FitchFW28 Jan 1901LawrenceburgCarolineEnglehartGeo WFitch
73EasleyFW29 Jan 1901New AlsaceMaryKichlerJohn GEasley
74ThomasFW31 Jan 1901AuroraVonhederPaulThomas
75WalburghMW31 Jan 1901Cold SpringsLillie MMillerJohnWalburgh
76LoweFW1 Jan 1901HolmanMattieJamesLowe
77AndrewsFW26 Jan 1901LawrenceburgJnoAndrews
78MartenFW29 Jan 1901ManchesterLizzieHorsleyJnoMarten
711UlrichFW1 Feb 1901LawrenceburgUlrich
712SchulerFW1 Feb 1901St. LeonJosephineAckermanHenrySchuler
713TepkerMW2 Feb 1901Farmers RetreatLenaShutteJohnTepker
714MoodyMW2 Feb 1901CochranJamesMoody
715O'ConnerFW3 Feb 1901LawrenceburgElizabethBeyerJamesO'Conner
716JonesFW3 Feb 1901Moores HillAliceWebbHubJones
717MullenMW4 Feb 1901GuilfordWmMullen
718WhiteFW5 Feb 1901AuroraIsabellaBarnettAlbertWhite
719CheekMW7 Feb 1901CochranMathiasWmCheek
720ShieldsMW8 Feb 1901WeisburgBorymanJames MShields
721MW11 Feb 1901LawrenceburgNellieWattsGeorge
722RossFW11 Feb 1901AuroraAnnaStrausChasRoss
723StrayorFW14 Feb 1901AuroraHattieBurkHarryStrayor
724ConnollyFW14 Feb 1901KelsoRosaWeddingJamesConolly
725ManntelMW15 Feb 1901LawrenceburgNoraWillmanLouisManntel
81SmithMW17 Feb 1901Center TwpMinnieBenningRichardSmith
82AdkinsFW18 Feb 1901Moores HillMattieJonesE SAdkins
83BusseFW19 Feb 1901AuroraAnnaRunkingJohnBusse
84RodenbergMW19 Feb 1901LawrenceburgBrandLouisRodenberg
85CrippenFW19 Feb 1901LawrenceburgMinnieDeBoltE ECrippen
86BuchananFW20 Feb 1901Moores HillCoraBruceMortBuchanan
87JacksonMW20 Feb 1901Miller TwpRoda MayLittlefieldEnoch WJackson
88KnippenbergFW21 Feb 1901Lawrenceburg TwpHeitcampHenryKniffenberg
89RossFW22 Feb 1901LawrenceburgHatfieldBertRoss
810JacksonMW22 Feb 1901Miller TwpLauraMeddMeritt KennethJackson
811StoopsMW23 Feb 1901Clay TwpLizzieCarmichaelHarry CStoops
812DennerlineMW23 Feb 1901Hogan TwpJenniePowelGeoDennerline
813SchulerMW24 Feb 1901AuroraAnnaMeyersWillSchuler
814PowellFW24 Feb 1901AuroraClaraJohnsThomasPowell
815MerlingFW24 Feb 1901LawrenceburgLommelCristMerling
816SebreeFW26 Feb 1901GreendaleSarahWilsonJamesSebree
817SquibbMW26 Feb 1901LawrenceburgMinnieBrandGeoSquibb
818BaileyMW26 Feb 1901Lawrenceburg TwpLuellaColvinShermanBailey
819SmithFW27 Feb 1901Miller TwpEmmaCraigRobert MSmith
820DoolanFW28 Feb 1901KelsoFrancisBishoppBernardDoolan
821TasmanFW28 Feb 1901LawrenceburgEmmaBurkeNathanTasman
822McDonoughFW28 Feb 1901LawrenceburgRosaByrneThos A LMcDonough
823GarrettFW15 Feb 1901KyleBoonGarrett
91ShockleyFW1 Mar 1901LawrenceburgAustinLeeShockley
92DumontFW1 Mar 1901YorkvilleLouisaRunnelsBalserDumont
93SathFW2 Mar 1901AuroraAnnaSurgieMarionSath
94ReinkingMW3 Mar 1901Lawrenceburg TwpMinnemanWmReinking
95EvartFW4 Mar 1901AuroraSarahLawJamesEvart
96WeddingMW5 Mar 1901St. LeonAnnaBonekampHenryWedding
97TschaenMW5 Mar 1901LawrenceburgBakerAntonyTschaen
98DavisMW6 Mar 1901LawrenceburgCarrieRistHaydenDavis
99NowlinFW6 Mar 1901GuilfordLenaSmithHarry LNowlin
910HouseMW6 Mar 1901AuroraAnnaDetmerEugeneHouse
911RurkerFW7 Mar 1901LawrenceburgBlanchDormanWm HRurker
912UlrichFW9 Mar 1901LawrenceburgBryantFredUlrich
913ZimmerMW10 Mar 1901WeisburgBaumusterPeterZimmer
914KafferFW10 Mar 1901KelsoKateSchantzJosephKaffer
915RinkFW13 Mar 1901LawrenceburgLouisaWidmerFrankRink
916ArmbusterMW15 Mar 1901Lawrenceburg TwpEmmaWalterJohnArmbuster
917HuffFW17 Mar 1901AuroraMattieJohnsonWmHuff
918MeyerMW18 Mar 1901LawrenceburgHeatonWm EMeyers
919KluberMW19 Mar 1901AuroraCarrieFrankJohnKluber
920WestFW21 Mar 1901LawrenceburgEdithBillingsleyJohnWest
921KempMW23 Mar 1901Center TwpAliceKastorTomKemp
922BarnesFW23 Mar 1901LawrenceburgCannChasBarnes
923MinnishMW24 Mar 1901AuroraIdaBakerGeoMinnish
924CurtisFW25 Mar 1901Center TwpMattieKetchamRileyCurtis
925RupertFW27 Mar 1901LawrenceburgKlefferGeoRupert
101EvansMW28 Mar 1901LawrenceburgNettieDarrahEdwardEvans
102StorkMW30 Mar 1901Dearborn CountyHelenaDeedlingJohnStork
103DorfilineMW31 Mar 1901St. LeonGeoDerfiline
109GrubbsMW1 Apr 1901Miller TwpNoraHurleyJamesGrubbs
1010BarrowsMW3 Apr 1901Miller TwpJennieMundaryHenry CBarrows
1011EllsburyMW3 Apr 1901GuilfordCarrieMullenChasEllsbury
1012EisenshankFW3 Apr 1901LawrenceburgAkeHenryEisenshank
1013RiefFW5 Apr 1901LawrenceburgAnnaFleckJacobRief
1014CurlFW5 Apr 1901DillsboroBirdBaileyOtto LCurl
1015GibsonFW6 Apr 1901BrightMaggieScoleyThos GGibson
1016BurkMW6 Apr 1901AuroraAnnDooesThosBurks
1017PheppsMW10 Apr 1901AuroraMaryParnellWilliamPhepps
1018FaussFW11 Apr 1901LawrenceburgWattsChasFauss
1019WeaverMW11 Apr 1901LawrenceburgPearlBryantGeoWeaver
1020RahaMW12 Apr 1901AuroraTillieHarwoodCarlRaha
1021VoithMW16 Apr 1901AuroraLenaRitherMartinVoith
1022EgglestonMW16 Apr 1901Clay TwpRebeccaBillingsleyHarryEggleston
1023RobersonMW17 Apr 1901AuroraMaryMcGrawRubeRoberson
1024MillerFW20 Apr 1901LawrenceburgAdolphMiller
1025LangMW20 Apr 1901LawrenceburgMillerJohnLange
111MarrolFW20 Apr 1901AuroraSallieSteeleHiramMarrol
112FrolksFW21 Apr 1901DillsboroMaud MWestHenryFrolks
113McCawleyMW24 Apr 1901Miller TwpIssabellEastonSamuelMcCawley
114RolmanMW25 Apr 1901AuroraLenaBussieWillRolman
115HelkerFW26 Apr 1901Dearborn CountyKateMillerJohnHelker
116WeiseFW26 Apr 1901Sparta TwpRosaMeyerJacobWeise
117FrenchFW27 Apr 1901Sparta TwpCarolineLeightAlbertFrench
118BremerMW29 Apr 1901AuroraAgnesCristHenryBremer
119SchwartzFW27 Apr 1901LawrenceburgAnnaStehleAntonSchwartz
1115StaewaldtFW2 May 1901AuroraLansingChasStagewaldt
1116HousemeyerFW6 May 1901AuroraMattieHoutleHenryHousemeyer
1117SickingFW9 May 1901Dearborn CountyMaryWillmanFrankSicking
1118SausmanMW11 May 1901AuroraMagKnobleWillSausman
1119TuthillFW11 May 1901LawrenceburgJennieGreenSantfordTuthill
1120MillerMW12 May 1901Washington TwpChasMiller
1121CookFW14 May 1901LawrenceburgClaraBoeseFredCook
1122DavisMW16 May 1901AuroraHillArthur QDavis
1123StewartFW17 May 1901Clay TwpFlorenaEckelRobertStewart
1124FolemusMW19 May 1901West HarrisonMaryMcCannEdwardFolemus
1125PetersFW19 May 1901CochranHattieBlockHarryPeters
121KakMW21 May 1901AuroraJamesKak
122GrenatFW24 May 1901LawrenceburgIdaCallowayJamesGrenat
123MillerFW24 May 1901FrenchMaggieKingJohn LMiller
124MillerMW26 May 1901AuroraAnnaGoodisonHalMiller
125LewisMW26 May 1901Moores HillC WLewis
126RiseMW26 May 1901SpartaMaryHustonERice
127TresterMW29 May 1901AuroraJennieReedHadTrester
128LutherbeckFW29 May 1901LawrenceburgKnippenbergFredLutherbeck
129JaquithFW30 May 1901LawrenceburgRinamanO SJaquith
1215RyanMW1 Jun 1901LawrenceburgMaryLuckyMikeRyan
1216HinesFW4 Jun 1901Miller TwpLouGrubbsEdwardHines
1217HurrlerFW5 Jun 1901LawrenceburgNorthernJosephHurrler
1218ResseMW7 Jun 1901AuroraMinnieBelamkanJohnResse
1219MarshallFW11 Jun 1901BrightLonevaHaddockJohnMarshall
1220BillingsleyFW11 Jun 1901AuroraPhoebeTannerDaytonBillingsley
1221CreasserMW12 Jun 1901AuroraEmmaCanfieldRollaCreasser
1222FrenchMW13 Jun 1901Moores HillMattieHustonWFrench
1223HoppingMW13 Jun 1901Center TwpOllieCooperLouisHopping
1224EverhartW16 Jun 1901LawrenceburgBabettaBohmGeoEverhart
1225LewisMW17 Jun 1901Moores HillELoydHLewis
131BakerFW18 Jun 1901WilmingtonMayerGatchBaker
132HeitcampFW19 Jun 1901Lawrenceburg TwpAndrewsWmHeitcamp
133DorstFW19 Jun 1901Harrison TwpPearsGrubbsJohnDorst
134VogelMW19 Jun 1901LawrenceburgBehlmerGusVogel
135WormsMW19 Jun 1901LawrenceburgGardnerAnthonyWorms
136HewittFW24 Jun 1901AuroraMaeGlassGeoHewitt
137WhiteMW25 Jun 1901BrightClaraHaddockAlbertWhite
138JenkinsMW26 Jun 1901AuroraMamieWheelerChasJenkins
139McLeasterFW27 Jun 1901LawrenceburgMargaretHoustonBruceMcLeaster
1310WeeksFW27 Jun 1901LawrenceburgDurmanJnoWeeks
1311RingloffFW28 Jun 1901IndianaLommelJohnRingloff
1312ElderMW27 Jun 1901LawrenceburgIreneBakerOmerElder
1313FeistFW29 Jun 1901YorkvilleClaraOttJuliusFeist
1314BillingsleyMW29 Jun 1901LawrenceburgAnna BGrayWmBillingsley
1315DawsonMW30 Jun 1901LawrenceburgGrenatChasDawson
1316MahlerFW30 Jun 1901HolmanIvaCrossChasMahler
1317WolfFW1 Jun 1901ManchesterMaggieEdenGeoWolf
1318MolterFW28 Jun 1901Lawrenceburg TwpKatyWoolverFrankMolter
1322BoeseMW1 Jul 1901LawrenceburgBlockArthurBoese
1323TroxellMW3 Jul 1901LawrenceburgJessupEdTroxell
1324NowlinFW3 Jul 1901Dearborn CountyMayJacksonShermanNowlin
1325CoxMW3 Jul 1901AuroraMayWooterJamesCox
141OatmanMW7 Jul 1901Dearborn CountyHizelmanWmOatman
142BillmanMW8 Jul 1901New AlsaceRosaGutzwillerAnthonyBillman
143SchultzMW9 Jul 1901AuroraHattiePetersChasSchultz
144WeberFW17 Jul 1901AuroraLizzieWmWeber
145ReedFW19 Jul 1901CrozierBessie DHouseJohn AReed
146FagalyMW22 Jul 1901LawrenceburgTillie LOesterA TFagaly
147WagnerFW23 Jul 1901LawrenceburgPoppeWmWagner
148FisherMW24 Jul 1901LawrenceburgMaryCramerHenryFisher
149FrankMW24 Jul 1901AuroraSchifferPeterFrank
1410HosemanFW25 Jul 1901AuroraAnnieClarkG WHoseman
1411MoranFW26 Jul 1901AuroraMayClarkFrankMoran
1412FisherMW26 Jul 1901LawrenceburgLatteBrigemeyerJosFisher
1413HoustanMW27 Jul 1901ChestervilleMabelToddFrankHoustan
1414DuellhorstMW30 Jul 1901LawrenceburgWilliamsDuellhorst
1415PetersMW29 Jul 1901AuroraAnnaWmPeters
1416KessensMW31 Jul 1901LawrenceburgJuliaProbstWmKessens
1420StandruffMW1 Aug 1901LawrenceburgPetersJoeStandruff
1421RicheyFW1 Aug 1901AuroraMaryHiekerJosephRichey
1422WadeFW3 Aug 1901LawrenceburgSadieDawsonJohnWade
1423RussellMW4 Aug 1901LawrenceburgLizzieBradburnWmRussell
1424FunschMW4 Aug 1901LawrenceburgEmmaSchlotterJohnFunsch
1425SmithMW5 Aug 1901CochranBessieJamesSmith
151WhiteMW5 Aug 1901AuroraAgnesHarryWhite
152SunmarMW6 Aug 1901AuroraMaggieBearEdSunmar
153MessangMW7 Aug 1901AuroraRandAlbertMessang
154MeyerMW10 Aug 1901Washington TwpLizzieGurishLouisMeyer
155BailMW10 Aug 1901AuroraEllaMaxBail
156AylorFW11 Aug 1901LawrenceburgLuteAylor
157DukeMB11 Aug 1901LawrenceburgJonesCliffDuke
158SlaterFW11 Aug 1901SpartaOraGivanFredSlater
159KinzerMW13 Aug 1901LawrenceburgTillieJosKinzer
1510JacksonMW14 Aug 1901GuilfordFrazierThurmanJackson
1511SchooleyFW18 Aug 1901GuilfordF HTrueW ASchooley
1512DeeneFW18 Aug 1901Moores HillFannieTurnerGeoDeene
1513BakerMW18 Aug 1901LawrenceburgNorthernKirtleyBaker
1514HayesMW20 Aug 1901HomesteadMaceMcElfreshHarryHayes
1515HunterFW20 Aug 1901LawrenceburgSophiaRatjenF LHunter
1516BurguineFW21 Aug 1901Harrison TwpJaneSmithGeoBurguine
1517KniffenbergFW22 Aug 1901LawrenceburgJohnKniffenberg
1518HueyMB23 Aug 1901LawrenceburgViolaMorganAlfredHuey
1519ScalletteFW23 Aug 1901LawrenceburgCharlotteJohnScallette
1520DaughertyFW23 Aug 1901AuroraJuliaSpanonHarryDaugherty
1521JohnstonMW24 Aug 1901AuroraMattieGrubbsFrank DGrubbs
1522StrunkMW25 Aug 1901AuroraEmmaEbelFredStrunk
1523MattisMW25 Aug 1901LawrenceburgMillieRossFrankMattis
1524WeisemanFW25 Aug 1901AuroraGraceBabcockWillWeiseman
1525KennettFW28 Aug 1901CochranAttieCraigNealKennett
161KnoebleFW28 Aug 1901LawrenceburgRoerigHarryKnoeble
162RichardMW28 Aug 1901LawrenceburgEmmaSchwarzWmRichards
163PattersonFW28 Aug 1901AuroraHattieBaileyOthaPatterson
164McGranahanMW29 Aug 1901LawrenceburgHattieHannahGeoMcGranahan
165JacksonMW31 Aug 1901AuroraJohnsonArthurJackson
166BischoffFW10 Aug 1901St. LeonCarrieStengerJoseph ABischoff
167BanschbachMW27 Aug 1901LawrenceburgMarySchwingLouisBanschbach
1610WiltshireFW3 Sep 1901Moores HillAliceBurelR AWiltshire
1611PylesFW4 Sep 1901LawrenceburgJohnPyles
1612ScriptureMW4 Sep 1901Moores HillTaylorIraScripture
1613TuthillFW6 Sep 1901LawrenceburgAnnaDickinsonJesseTuthill
1614ReeseMW8 Sep 1901Miller TwpAnnaNowlinJohnReese
1615HoldenMW7 Sep 1901LawrenceburgWeaverBenHolden
1616KosterMW8 Sep 1901New AlsaceMarySebastianNicKaster
1617LynasFW9 Sep 1901Logan TwpEttaMcClureJohnLynas
1618SherrodFW9 Sep 1901BraysvilleMameKrantWmSherrod
1619WhippleFW9 Sep 1901IndianaBessieHerrickJohnWhipple
1620BryantMW11 Sep 1901LawrenceburgLoydBryant
1621JonesMW13 Sep 1901LawrenceburgWmJones
1622TracyMW13 Sep 1901AuroraEllaSchingRobtTracey
1623BakerMW14 Sep 1901LawrenceburgClarkCurtisBaker
1624RobertsFW14 Sep 1901DillsboroStellaNeibruggeJohn LRoberts
1625McCartelFW14 Sep 1901Washington TwpMinnieMillerWm JMcCartel
171McCleasterFW16 Sep 1901LawrenceburgWhitefordChasMcCleaster
172PeaseMW17 Sep 1901CochranEdPease
173SmelzerWSep 1901LawrenceburgKanterChasSmelzer
174WadeMW19 Sep 1901LawrenceburgMontoothCliffordWade
175MitchellMW20 Sep 1901CochranRichardEmersonMitchell
176SchluterMW22 Sep 1901Lawrenceburg TwpKammeierWmSchluter
177BailMW22 Sep 1901AuroraEllaSaundersBenjBail
178DarlingFW23 Sep 1901LawrenceburgAliceLoweWalterDarling
179WrightMW23 Sep 1901AuroraEdithGiffinJohnWright
1710SmithMW23 Sep 1901AuroraGNahleyJohnSmith
1711VogelgesangFW24 Sep 1901York TwpMaryLongFrankVogelgesang
1712LiddleFW24 Sep 1901LawrenceburgKlecknerJohnLiddle
1713McCuneMW30 Sep 1901DillsboroEmmaHenryFredMcCune
1714GardnerFW4 Sep 1901LawrenceburgTheresaDoberWmGardner
1715CourterMW1 Sep 1901Dearborn CountyMoodyJamesCourter
1719DanielsFW5 Oct 1901LawrenceburgMaryEmmertLewis BDaniels
1720DroskeFW7 Oct 1901LawrenceburgVolkeFrankDroske
1721SedwickFW9 Oct 1901Moores HillLillianJohnsonThosSedwick
1722RolfFW9 Oct 1901AuroraAliceTeanyGeoRolf
1723WymondMW10 Oct 1901AuroraEmmaResseEWymond
1724KellyMW12 Oct 1901St. LeonMaryHeflerJohnKelly
1725JonesMW12 Oct 1901Moores HillLoydClifJones
181JustisFW14 Oct 1901LawrenceburgElizabethKunkelJohnJustis
182HarvestFW15 Oct 1901AuroraPohleBenjHarvest
183WhittakerMW15 Oct 1901Lawrenceburg TwpMaggieWemireWalterWhittaker
184BakerMW15 Oct 1901CochranTresterElmerBaker
185DarlingMW18 Oct 1901Dearborn CountyEmmaHargittAlfred WDarling
186HafenbreitelMW19 Oct 1901LawrenceburgJosephHafenbreitel
187GomppFW20 Oct 1901LawrenceburgMillerHenryGompp
188ChristmanFW22 Oct 1901Sparta TwpCarrieParkerEdwardChristman
189CollierMW22 Oct 1901GuilfordJuliaGriffinFrankCollier
1810NewhouseMW23 Oct 1901LawrenceburgAnna LSortwellGeo MNewhouse
1811LeeFW24 Oct 1901CochranBruceD LLee
1812CohnMW2 Oct 1901Moores HillMayJohnsonCohn
1813SchmidFW28 Oct 1901AuroraHAndersonClarenceSchmid
1814MooreMW25 Oct 1901LawrenceburgCarterShelbyMoore
1815TaylorFW28 Oct 1901GuilfordEdithDeVoreBajardTaylor
1817SmithMW18 Oct 1901CochranMaryO'HagenCarlSmith
1821SmithFW2 Nov 1901Sparta TwpEffieWainscottElmerSmith
1822BruceMW2 Nov 1901Clay TwpFloraTransierJohnBruce
1823VincenFW6 Nov 1901LawrenceburgS JVincen
1824RandMW9 Nov 1901LawrenceburgDarlingMilburnRand
1825RogersMB10 Nov 1901Dearborn CountyJamesRogers
191WeigelFW10 Nov 1901AuroraGefererAlbertWeigel
192ThegeeMW11 Nov 1901LawrenceburgLayErnestThegee
193RileyFW11 Nov 1901AuroraClaraTaylorJohnRiley
194HayesFW12 Nov 1901Dearborn CountyMayBarrowsWallerHayes
195GardnierFW14 Nov 1901AuroraVinaResseR JGardnier
196GrubbsFW15 Nov 1901Miller TwpLorenaCollierAlfredGrubbs
197CassidyFW15 Nov 1901LawrenceburgSquiresChasCassidy
198YoungMW15 Nov 1901AuroraThersaBauerDavidYoung
199StammFW15 Nov 1901LawrenceburgPaulineCrussePaulStamm
1910DroegeMW16 Nov 1901AuroraLizzieRoseWmDroege
1911MattoxMW17 Nov 1901LawrenceburgGrenatRobtMattox
1912BurlageMW17 Nov 1901LawrenceburgLizzieLakeJosephBurlage
1913ShillingMW19 Nov 1901Sparta TwpEConroyHenryShilling
1914HitchenFW20 Nov 1901AuroraLizzieGilsLeslieHitchen
1915RudelFW22 Nov 1901AuroraTillyBurnsWmRudel
1916StandriffMW23 Nov 1901LawrenceburgBradburnWmStandriff
1917AbrahamFW24 Nov 1901AuroraBerthaZecotGarettAbraham
1918LinkmireFW25 Nov 1901AuroraAlmaBellErnestLinkmire
1919HofmeireMW25 Nov 1901YorkvilleMaryWinterJacobHofmeire
1920ParkerMB26 Nov 1901LawrenceburgHarrietMorrisSamuelParker
1921DroyeMW27 Nov 1901Farmers RetreatLenaWmDroye
1922WattsMW27 Nov 1901LawrenceburgDeckerBWatts
1923SchulzFW28 Nov 1901AuroraKatieSchwartzHarrySchulz
1924JehnM/FW30 Nov 1901AuroraEmmaKlemberJosephJehn
1925HansellFW30 Nov 1901Dearborn CountySusanDarlingMark LHansell
1926PoundMW30 Nov 1901LawrenceburgMabelBeechChas JPound
201ElliottFWDec 1901LawrenceburgWilliamsonHarryElliott
202BuchananFW3 Dec 1901CrozierRoseCarterDaveBuchanan
203SchoniggFW4 Dec 1901LawrenceburgBelleBennettEmilSchonigg
204ChamerMW4 Dec 1901Cold SpringsLouGrimsleyEmmertChamer
205KrausFW6 Dec 1901LawrenceburgMaryHertlingConradKraus
206RutenshireFW6 Dec 1901ChestervilleAnnaSmithRutenshire
207BennettMW8 Dec 1901Manchester TwpBirdyAmdoreWmBennett
208LanbrinkFW8 Dec 1901Center TwpSummersHenryLanbrink
209GreenMB10 Dec 1901LawrenceburgStellaSmith
2010SchinnemanMW15 Dec 1901LawrenceburgLawrenceWmSchineman
2011DoleFW18 Dec 1901AuroraMinnieWilsonA ADole
2012StahlmachFW20 Dec 1901LawrenceburgAlbrechtJohnStahlmach
2013PiersonMW20 Dec 1901AuroraBerthaChasPiersons
2014MagrueFW22 Dec 1901BrightClaraBatemanChasMagrue
2015LuhringMW23 Dec 1901AuroraJessiePalmarHarryLuhring
2016OhlmansickFW23 Dec 1901Caesar Creek TwpSVinupFredOhlmansink
2017HillMW24 Dec 1901LawrenceburgSmithJohn AHill
2018LoftusMW27 Dec 1901Moores HillNettiePatLoftus
2019GenshanksFW27 Dec 1901LawrenceburgLillieEisenshanks
2020WittinbergMW28 Dec 1901Washington TwpMargarettBrandChristWittenberg
2021FuchsMW31 Dec 1901York TwpElizabethHornbachGeoFuchs
2022GrayMW31 Dec 1901AuroraMyrtleGray
2023SwangoMW31 Dec 1901Lawrenceburg TwpSwaserChasSwango
2024TresterMW31 Dec 1901CochranLinaVanOsdolJesseTrester
2025LoseMW31 Dec 1901LawrenceburgMinnieKestnerHenryLose
211TresterFWJan 1902AuroraFannieSteeleRichardTrester
212WilhelmFW1 Jan 1902St. LeonOllieHaasAlbanWilhelm
213JohnsonMW2 Jan 1902HolmanGenevaRubleAndyJohnson
214HornbachFW2 Jan 1902York TwpRosaFuchsLouisHornbach
215WatkinsFW4 Jan 1902GuilfordEttaMeadWilber CWatkins
216WittMW4 Jan 1902WittKateKeiferAnthonyWitt
217EllinghausenMW5 Jan 1902Wrights CornerMinnieKaiserLewEllinghausen
218CannonFW5 Jan 1902Center TwpSallieLindsayElijahCannon
219CaldwellMW10 Jan 1902AuroraRubyMetzkerBartCaldwell
2110HeathFW13 Jan 1902AuroraMaryHolmanElwoodHeath
2111BrandtMW14 Jan 1902Wrights CornerNoraEllinghausenHenryBrandt
2112HauckMW15 Jan 1902AuroraEmmaBrigemeyerJosephHauck
2113StrayerFW15 Jan 1902AuroraHattieGtroerergHarryStrayer
2114CreigFW16 Jan 1902York TwpThosCreig
2115MasonFW17 Jan 1902AuroraCheekJamesMason
2116GensheimMW18 Jan 1902New AlsaceMorganJohnGensheim
2117BarrottFW18 Jan 1902LawrenceburgBessieStumpfElkanahBarrott
2118KrugFW19 Jan 1902AuroraAnnaHugebackTheodoreKrug
2119HillFW20 Jan 1902Manchester TwpWmHill
2120WirtFW20 Jan 1902LawrenceburgSkidmoreAndrewWirt
2121WirtMW20 Jan 1902LawrenceburgClaraPerpingerJosephWirt
2122BlaerMW20 Jan 1902AuroraAnnaJohnsonDavidBlaer
2123ColeFW24 Jan 1902AuroraMabelBoydChas PCole
2124SpanagelFW24 Jan 1902LawrenceburgAngelineFisherJacobSpanagel
2125PattonMW24 Jan 1902LawrenceburgLawrenceGeo MPatton
221HoltenMW24 Jan 1902AuroraFelcampWm GHolten
222SchumanMW25 Jan 1902St. LeonAliceMetzlerJoseph ASchuman
223MasonMW26 Jan 1902LawrenceburgWalkerChasMason
224TeaneyFW27 Jan 1902AuroraStellaAlfredJohnTeaney
225KirchnerFW28 Jan 1902LawrenceburgKlostermeyerOtto LKirchner
226BoyceFW28 Jan 1902LawrenceburgSusanCraigJamesBoyce
227CookFW30 Jan 1902LawrenceburgBerkelWmCook
228HayesFW30 Jan 1902LawrenceburgEmmaKuppersmithEdwardHayes
229MinnichFW31 Jan 1902CochranEvensHarveyMinnich
2210TittelFW31 Jan 1902LawrenceburgLommelAlbertTittel
2216MacElvainFW1 Feb 1902LawrenceburgAnnaHarschB RMacElvain
2217BrownFW2 Feb 1902LawrenceburgPearlJohnsonAlBrown
2218SteeleFW9 Feb 1902Moores HillFlorenceSteeleWmSteele
2219AbdonMW9 Feb 1902LawrenceburgLuluFromholtzWesleyAbdom
2220CollinsMW10 Feb 1902LawrenceburgE BHayesS HCollins
2221KuchenreiterFW11 Feb 1902Lawrenceburg TwpGrossJosephKuchenreiter
2222FitzgeraldFW11 Feb 1902LawrenceburgLauraBairdRobtFitzgerald
2223LippsFW11 Feb 1902York TwpBarbaraFachsJoseph TLipps
2224AlbrechtMW12 Feb 1902Lawrenceburg TwpEmmaSchmaltzGeo FAlbrecht
2225MarshFW13 Feb 1902LawrenceburgAmanda MayHannahRodger CMarsh
231HumigMW13 Feb 1902YorkvilleRosaWisselCharlesHumig
232FrenchFW14 Feb 1902LawrenceburgNancyCurryBertFrench
233SykesFW15 Feb 1902BrightEdithVanTreeseJSykes
234GivanFW16 Feb 1902LawrenceburgCurtisStodellM JGivan
235BrooksFW17 Feb 1902CochranAnnaLickingWillBrooks
236BlockFW17 Feb 1902Center TwpIdaSanksFredBlock
237NordmeyerMW18 Feb 1902YorkvilleNordmeyer
238EllerbrookMW20 Feb 1902LawrenceburgEmilyHaywardRobertEllerbrook
239SmithMW21 Feb 1902Washington TwpEllenMooreFrankSmith
2310BrockmanMW21 Feb 1902AuroraDuchminJohnBrochman
2311MalesFW22 Feb 1902LawrenceburgOllieSturmJosephMales
2312StohlMW22 Feb 1902AuroraIreneRennerEdwardStohl
2313GraverMW23 Feb 1902Clay TwpAbbieCarmineFredGraver
2314TresterMW23 Feb 1902AuroraSchroederPaulTrester
2315PendellMW23 Feb 1902SpartaPendell
2316ZeiglerMW23 Feb 1902BrightLenaWillhelmGeoZeigler
2317FrankelFW23 Feb 1902LawrenceburgSolFrankel
2318KingeryMW24 Feb 1902West HarrisonFlorenceGagleLesleyKingery
2319TuthillFW26 Feb 1902LawrenceburgFlorenceWadeChasTuthill
2320MendellFW26 Feb 1902Wrights CornerAlbertMendell
2321DetmerFW26 Feb 1902Manchester TwpMyrtleJacksonFredDetmer
2322YounkerFW26 Feb 1902LawrenceburgEvelineCousinsWmYounker
2323ZelmanMW28 Feb 1902Dearborn CountySophiaNeihaserH HZelman
241HaydenFW2 Mar 1902BrightAmandaParkerDavidHayden
242DimondMW2 Mar 1902LawrenceburgHattieCorderJamesDimond
243RichardsFW3 Mar 1902LawrenceburgWeslerLewRichards
244LangonFW4 Mar 1902CochranMayCrismanThomasLangon
245PylesMW5 Mar 1902IndianaFlorenceHolbartJesseRyles
246AlbrechtMW6 Mar 1902LawrenceburgMaryFromholtzJohnAlbrecht
247DoleMW7 Mar 1902Dearborn CountyLibbieStokesAnthonyDole
248JacksonMW7 Mar 1902Miller TwpLauraMeddKennethJackson
249WhiteMW11 Mar 1902LoganSarahWilliamsonEWhite
2410MapesFW17 Mar 1902Miller TwpDollieJacksonN BMapes
2411ShuterMW18 Mar 1902SpartaSShuter
2412TaylorFW19 Mar 1902Sparta TwpCarrieTaylorWmTaylor
2413DoerrFW19 Mar 1902AuroraDenaStollDDoerr
2414ConneltonMW19 Mar 1902AuroraAnnaGoerthStephenConnelton
2415KelleyFW19 Mar 1902AuroraMaryKellyEdwardKelley
2416WaldenFW25 Mar 1902AuroraBerthaWoodfordHWalden
2417WeisMW20 Mar 1902LawrenceburgMayMeyersFrank JWeis
2418BoegermanFW20 Mar 1902Sparta TwpMaySchneiderFredBoegerman
2419WealMW20 Mar 1902AuroraVestaFlintEdWeal
2420NowlinMW22 Mar 1902GuilfordMyrtleHuddlestonE JNowlin
2421MuellerFW22 Mar 1902LawrenceburgMatildaFrederickF MMueller
2422SmithMW23 Mar 1902Miller TwpAnnieLazenbyH CSmith
2423SlaterFW24 Mar 1902LawrenceburgFlossieMartensteinOraSlater
2424SuttonFW24 Mar 1902Wrights CornerLozierWillSutton
2425JacksonFW26 Mar 1902AuroraCarrieGrubbsA EJackson
251BakerMW30 Mar 1902AuroraClaraHenryBaker
252LaddireMW30 Mar 1902Wrights CornerSophaKaiserGeoLaddire
253NowlinMW31 Mar 1902Miller TwpCarrieGrubbsRobertNowlin
254RolfingMW31 Mar 1902IndianaBodeEdRolfing
255MeierFW1 Mar 1902LawrenceburgLizzieBurkhartWmMeier
256CrusseFW5 Mar 1902LawrenceburgPhilomeniaArmbusterRichardCrusse
257YorkMW6 Mar 1902LawrenceburgEmmaWallaceThosYork
2513DawsonMWApr 1902GuilfordSarahIsgriggWmDawson
2514GlovesFW1 Apr 1902DillsboroMillerHorace AGloves
2515GobelMW1 Apr 1902AuroraPearlParkerEdGobel
2516MendelFW5 Apr 1902CrozierMaggieSmithGeoMendel
2517HotegelMW7 Apr 1902Clay TwpAnnaSmithDorseyHotegel
2518FrenchMW8 Apr 1902Sparta TwpLizzieFrenchHerbertAbbott
2519SquiresMW10 Apr 1902Sparta TwpSusanLeggettJamesSquires
2520TickeyMW11 Apr 1902AuroraAnnaThomasFrankTickey
2521CristFW13 Apr 1902AuroraMaryWhittLouisCrist
2522LommelMW14 Apr 1902LawrenceburgClaraSchneiderChasLommel
2523VinsonMW15 Apr 1902Clay TwpLizzieJohnsonClarkVinson
2524FalenesFW18 Apr 1902West HarrisonEllaMortonFredFalenes
2525WeismillerFW21 Apr 1902LawrenceburgBarbaraVolzGeoWeismiller
261FillenwarthFW22 Apr 1902ManchesterJennieAmdorJohnFillenwarth
262LangeFW22 Apr 1902ManchesterLenaLaddirFredLange
263WrightMW29 Apr 1902LawrenceburgKateJessupHensonWright
264HaasMW6 Apr 1902LawrenceburgRandallFrankHaas
265LoweFW6 Apr 1902LawrenceburgChasLowe
266DilsMW23 Apr 1902AuroraCurtisH HDils
269CallowayFW1 May 1902LawrenceburgWestHarryCalloway
2610LeakFW3 May 1902LawrenceburgMarshallWmLeak
2611LangFW7 May 1902LawrenceburgKriegerChasLang
2612AdkinsMW7 May 1902Moores HillFrenchLAdkins
2613SchreiberMW17 May 1902AuroraAnnaBashemierRobertSchreiber
2614HeidenreichMW18 May 1902AuroraChristinaHeidenreich
2615EssertFW19 May 1902Dearborn CountyMillerEliasEssert
2616FugittFW24 May 1902AuroraMaggieSchroederJohnFugitt
2617A FreyFW25 May 1902St. LeonKraneWmFrey
2618FeistFW25 May 1902LawrenceburgClaraIfeiserJosephFeist
2619KniffenbergFW27 May 1902Lawrenceburg TwpHeitcampWmKniffenberg
2620DeckerMW29 May 1902LawrenceburgEthelMisnerCarlDecker
2621HankFW30 May 1902AuroraCarrieLeiveJohnHank
2622SwarthoutMW31 May 1902DillsboroGeorgeannaSuteWmSwarthout
271FaussFW1 Jun 1902LawrenceburgPerrinGeoFauss
272KreigMW2 Jun 1902LawrenceburgMargaretDeitzelGeoKreig
273GrubbsMW2 Jun 1902LoganKateWeigoldChristGrubbs
274ChambersFW2 Jun 1902AuroraChasChambers
275HunterMW7 Jun 1902LawrenceburgCraigWmHunter
276KellenhampMW8 Jun 1902Center TwpEllenElbrightH FKellenhamp
277LiptekM/MW8 Jun 1902AuroraALevtskgeHenryLiptek
278HouseFW8 Jun 1902CrozierMaryJohnsonRobt SHouse
279MoerlingMW9 Jun 1902LawrenceburgLommelHenryMoerling
2710YandlesFW13 Jun 1902LawrenceburgSwangoWmYandle
2711HaynesM/FW15 Jun 1902LawrenceburgAnnieMcLeasterCliffordHaynes
2712KramerFW16 Jun 1902WittBerthaDelacroexTheoKramer
2713HoustonMW17 Jun 1902Moores HillStewartSamuelHouston
2714GrubbsFW19 Jun 1902Dearborn CountyAnnieMeddClintonGrubbs
2715PeaseFW20 Jun 1902LawrenceburgRossGrantPease
2716ClarkFW20 Jun 1902AuroraMaryBakerDavidClark
2717SchifferMW21 Jun 1902AuroraLillianCoxOllieSchiffer
2718LinesFW26 Jun 1902Dearborn CountyJosephineGrubbsWmLine
2719WilhelmMW26 Jun 1902Dearborn CountyMaryHuberChasWilhelm
2720RaylsMW27 Jun 1902LawrenceburgWellsMola WRayls
2721KetchamFW27 Jun 1902LawrenceburgStollGeoKetcham
2722BaderMW28 Jun 1902Logan TwpCora ECoxJohn HBader
2723ManntelMW28 Jun 1902AuroraLenoraWillmanLouisManntel
2724HiltzF/MW29 Jun 1902KelsoJudithLamanJoeHiltz
2725HeatonMW30 Jun 1902Sparta TwpElmerHeaton
2726ArmbusterMW6 Jun 1902Lawrenceburg TwpEmmaWalterJohnArmbuster
281RusselMW3 Jul 1902ChestervilleMaggieClemetsRalphRussel
282WaldonFW4 Jul 1902Sparta TwpAnnaGastonHarveyWaldon
283GreiveFW4 Jul 1902AuroraMinnieWillkingWillieGreive
284HudsonFW5 Jul 1902GreendaleIreneBollingHarryHudson
285KnifferFW6 Jul 1902LawrenceburgMaryRossJohnKniffer
286SteinFW8 Jul 1902LawrenceburgLippertPhilipStein
287BakerFW8 Jul 1902AuroraClaraSchroederHowardBaker
288SmithFW9 Jul 1902BrightEmma JCraigRobt MSmith
289CosbyFW11 Jul 1902GreendaleKittieBrashearsThosCosby
2810LeeversMW11 Jul 1902New AlsaceRosaVoigtHermanLeevers
2811SparksMW12 Jul 1902AuroraLindaHessEdSparks
2812KnaggeMW14 Jul 1902Clay TwpMaryEwingJohnKnagge
2813SnyderFW14 Jul 1902CochranVinaBruceA RScnyder
2814PelgerMW15 Jul 1902AuroraAnnaFesukmanJohnPelger
2815TiddelFW16 Jul 1902AuroraMinnieHiglerCarlTiddle
2816BlockMW18 Jul 1902Center TwpNellieSwiftWmBlock
2817LynnFW19 Jul 1902AuroraElizabethFiskEugeneLynn
2818VaughnFW20 Jul 1902LawrenceburgEttaHiettJohnVaughn
2819SteelMW20 Jul 1902AuroraSarahHowardJoeSteel
2820AlbrechtMW22 Jul 1902LawrenceburgMagdalenaSchererFrankAlbrecht
2821HomannFW22 Jul 1902Clay TwpCoraGeoHomann
2822EberhartMW23 Jul 1902LawrenceburgKateKunzChasEberhart
2823WidolffMW23 Jul 1902York TwpFrancisFolgenlogelPhilipWidolff
2824HagedomFW24 Jul 1902New AlsaceMaryStockHenryHagedom
2825BakerMW25 Jul 1902AuroraLizzieHahnLouisBaker
291GilbertMW27 Jul 1902CochranHeaddyB FGilbert
292SchumacherMW28 Jul 1902Center TwpFloraNiemanHenrySchumacher
293SweigertMW29 Jul 1902AuroraLouisSweigert
294EsslairFW29 Jul 1902LawrenceburgLauraBiegerFerdinandEsslair
295ShiberFW30 Jul 1902AuroraLuluZimmermannAugustShiber
296WarburtonMW31 Jul 1902LawrenceburgHeckheiserFredWarburton
297BoehlerFW31 Jul 1902GreendaleCarolineMorganJoeBoehler
2913SethFW1 Aug 1902AuroraAnnaSweazeyMarionSeth
2914DurmannMW3 Aug 1902LawrenceburgMortonMarionDurmann
2915SchwartzMW4 Aug 1902LawrenceburgAnnaStehleAnthonySchwartz
2916MoodyFW5 Aug 1902CochranEllaFondersmithFrankMoody
2917MasonMW6 Aug 1902Manchester TwpFloraRenkertWalterMason
2918ReussFW9 Aug 1902LawrenceburgMaryPogneStevenReuss
2919MeyerFW11 Aug 1902New AlsaceKatherineKlumpJoseph MMeyer
2920NagaleyMW12 Aug 1902Sparta TwpMackeyWmNagaley
2921WarnerFW16 Aug 1902Sparta TwpJosephWarner
2922BaerMW17 Aug 1902AuroraMaryBalweberWmBaer
2923HayesMW18 Aug 1902LawrenceburgWalterChasHayes
2924JustisMW19 Aug 1902LawrenceburgStephenJustis
2925HancockMW20 Aug 1902LawrenceburgStegwaldPeterHancock
301ShillerMW20 Aug 1902AuroraLenaZernackCunnyShiller
302JustisMW21 Aug 1902LawrenceburgAckermanJohnJustis
303WarnerMW21 Aug 1902AuroraBelleJacobsStephenWarner
304LeikennanMW21 Aug 1902Dearborn CountyLuluBruceLeikennan
305FunschMW22 Aug 1902LawrenceburgEmmaSchlotterJohnFunsch
306LivingstonMW22 Aug 1902Dearborn CountyAnnieVickeryC ALivingston
307RiesenbeckFW22 Aug 1902AuroraLizzieSparksTheodoreRiesenbeck
308HoffmanFW23 Aug 1902AuroraMargaretMerrymanWmHoffman
309LommelMW23 Aug 1902LawrenceburgRoerigHenryLommel
3010MartinMW23 Aug 1902LawrenceburgMartin
3011O'ConnerMW24 Aug 1902LawrenceburgElizabethBierJohnO'Conner
3012RossMW25 Aug 1902LawrenceburgGeoRoss
3013CrosbyFW25 Aug 1902AuroraMattieBradleyArchCrosby
3014MeyersFW26 Aug 1902Clay TwpMinnieGraverWmMeyers
3015JacksonMW26 Aug 1902Dearborn CountyMillieMasonHarvey BJackson
3016WilkinsonFW26 Aug 1902Dearborn CountyEmma CMeddWm RWilkinson
3017MashberryFW26 Aug 1902AuroraSarahStatGeoMashberry
3018PetersMW26 Aug 1902Dearborn CountyAnna JCorterGrantPeters
3019HolmesFW26 Aug 1902AuroraNettieMcDowellJosHolmes
3020HassmerMW29 Aug 1902LawrenceburgJosephaGeisertA JHassmer
3021PersevalFW29 Aug 1902AuroraCoraTewelJakePerseval
3022HilkerMW29 Aug 1902AuroraMinnieBenningChristHilker
3023PowersMW31 Aug 1902CochranRosaBallweaberMikePowers
311BennettMW3 Sep 1902CochranMaryHerbertWmBennett
312PetersMW3 Sep 1902AuroraEmmaBillingslyHarrry JPeters
313MarshallFW6 Sep 1902LawrenceburgGolayGeoMarshall
314DietrichFW7 Sep 1902LawrenceburgMollieBakerGeoDietrich
315MorganFW7 Sep 1902LawrenceburgHuberJosephMorgan
316HaagMW7 Sep 1902Lawrenceburg TwpMillerChasHaag
317ThompsonMW9 Sep 1902AuroraMaggieSedamOtisThompson
318CaldwellMW10 Sep 1902LawrenceburgFetterWmCaldwell
319RuppFW12 Sep 1902LawrenceburgLuellaBartelesJohnRupp
3110DonkMW14 Sep 1902LawrenceburgJosephineStahliGusDonk
3111StevensMW15 Sep 1902LawrenceburgMaryWestMyronStevens
3112HenryMW17 Sep 1902AuroraEvaGlaitJesseHenry
3113BuffingtonFW18 Sep 1902AuroraCadieDayWmBuffington
3114WidanFW20 Sep 1902St. LeonCharlotteMabisGeo LWidan
3115HillMW20 Sep 1902AuroraH BHill
3116BernerMW21 Sep 1902Clay TwpSophiaVinpHarmonBerner
3117NiemanMW21 Sep 1902AuroraSLinkmireChasNeman
3118BedunnahFW22 Sep 1902SpartaKeistPaulBedunnah
3119GriffinFW22 Sep 1902AuroraAmeliaWenzelDavid LGriffin
3120DayFW26 Sep 1902AuroraLuluMcMannHarryDay
3121HornbachFW25 Sep 1902Dearborn CountyAnna HRauchWm HHornbach
3122BrunerFW26 Sep 1902AuroraLouisaMurrielFrankBruner
3123RectorMW26 Sep 1902LawrenceburgRectorHarveyRector
3124McDonoughFW27 Sep 1902LawrenceburgMaryConroyPatrickMcDonough
3125SchindlerFW29 Sep 1902LawrenceburgRosaGrahChasSchindler
3126AshmanFW23 Sep 1902Lawrenceburg TwpLizzieMarksHenryAshman
321HaagFWOct 1902GreendaleReckertChristHaag
322CoulterFW1 Oct 1902AuroraEllaCadwellJ PCoulter
323SnyderMW2 Oct 1902Lawrenceburg TwpAnnaBugmeyerJohnSnyder
324FrankFW3 Oct 1902AuroraGustaSchipperPeterFrank
325BailsFW3 Oct 1902AuroraMaryEllisGeoBails
326BordMW3 Oct 1902AuroraMaggieSpitbortGeoBord
327DowneyMW5 Oct 1902AuroraEllaSnyderC ADowney
328VandergrifMW5 Oct 1902Sparta TwpMinervaVandergrafB FVandergrif
329FelkerFW6 Oct 1902AuroraCasterEdFelker
3210MooreMW7 Oct 1902LawrenceburgBelleFreemanR BMoore
3211HuffFW15 Oct 1902AuroraMattieJohnsonVincentHuff
3212RollinsMW16 Oct 1902Sparta TwpMary FVandolahChasRollins
3213McGrawFW17 Oct 1902AuroraLizzieAelantJohnMcGraw
3214SwangoMW17 Oct 1902Dearborn CountyTellasHenrySwango
3215GersterFW20 Oct 1901DillsboroSallieWeirJacobGerster
3216McAllisterMW22 Oct 1902Dearborn CountyRobertMcAllister
3217BechtelMW22 Oct 1902LawrenceburgCarrieFangmanHenryBechtel
3218RossFW25 Oct 1902AuroraAnnaStrausChasRoss
3219McKinneyMW25 Oct 1902LawrenceburgRosaRettingSamMcKinney
3220CookFW26 Oct 1902Lawrenceburg TwpMallonyAndrewCook
3221ChambersFW26 Oct 1902AuroraNellieWeatherfordEdChambers
3222LeindeckerFW26 Oct 1902LawrenceburgAllieKlepperChasLeindecker
3223SadtlerM/FW26 Oct 1902LawrenceburgObertingFrankSadtler
3224RiceFW27 Oct 1902AuroraAndersonHarveyRice
3225LotshawMW27 Oct 1902Sparta TwpDoraHamiltonJohnLotshaw
331GardnerFW28 Oct 1902LawrenceburgTheresaDoberWmGardner
332WeberMW29 Oct 1902ManchesterAnnaVolzMikeWeber
333BurkwineFW31 Oct 1902HarrisonSmithJohnBurkwine
334RussellFW31 Oct 1902AuroraMaryChasRussell
335MillerMW16 Oct 1902LawrenceburgIdaJunkerIraMiller
3310Frank WellenMWNov 1902LawrenceburgLizzieBckmanGeoWellen
3311LommelM/FW1 Nov 1902LawrenceburgCaytonWmLommel
3312McCabeMW2 Nov 1902Caesar Creek TwpMaryWehmeireAMcCabe
3313McMullenMW2 Nov 1902ManchesterAnnaMcKinstryLinkMcMullen
3314VonhaganFW2 Nov 1902Sparta TwpAnnaGrimsleyEdwardVonhagan
3315KratzMW3 Nov 1902GreendalePearlFrankKratz
3316McLeasterFW4 Nov 1902LawrenceburgWhitefordChasMcLeaster
3317AmbroseMW5 Nov 1902LawrenceburgEmmaShwabEmilAmbrose
3318PetscherM/FW5 Nov 1902CochranRosaFerrinJohn JPetscher
3319NordmeyerMW7 Nov 1902YorkvilleMaryFolzenlogenHerman WNordmeyer
3320StollFW11 Nov 1902AuroraLenaIllshaefferGustStoll
3321NorthFW11 Nov 1902Hogan TwpEllaO'NealHenryNorth
3322GrubbsMW12 Nov 1902Miller TwpAbbieDarlingWhitfieldGrubbs
3323PylesMW14 Nov 1902LawrenceburgMcLeasterJohnPyles
3324DennerlineMW14 Nov 1902AuroraThremWillDennerline
3325WrightFW15 Nov 1902AuroraNoraStonebackerHarleyWright
341HolmanMW15 Nov 1902AuroraFoulkFrankHolman
342KasterMW15 Nov 1902New AlsaceMarySebastianaNicholasKaster
343HartmanMW18 Nov 1902LawrenceburgMaryBeckmanErnstHartman
344LoweMW20 Nov 1902LawrenceburgHorrelJoeLowe
345HemfelMW22 Nov 1902Wrights CornerSofaKoaseFredHemfel
346StaussFW24 Nov 1902LawrenceburgLizzieFrankLouisStauss
347WareMB24 Nov 1902HomesteadAddieHarveyWare
348CorbinMW28 Nov 1902ManchesterMaryVanosdalCorbin
349RubleFW26 Nov 1902LawrenceburgFannieMcAdamsHarryRuble
3410AndwanFW30 Nov 1902Dearborn CountyJosephineSchantzHenry FAndwan
3411MathewsFW4 Nov 1902LawrenceburgJennieHuffL SMathews
3416RiefMWDec 1902LawrenceburgAnnaFleckJacobRief
3417SchinnemanFW4 Dec 1902LawrenceburgPerkinsWmSchinneman
3418RuthFW2 Dec 1902Center TwpRosaEvansLeonardRuth
3419KirkpatrickFW3 Dec 1902Center TwpEmmaPerkinsWmKirkpatrick
3420MarshausenFW5 Dec 1902LawrenceburgBerthaCappelJohnMarshausen
3421CathernemMW7 Dec 1902AuroraAmy MPaeshallJohn HCathernem
3422CutterFW10 Dec 1902AuroraSophiaBorseWmCutter
3423BundyFW10 Dec 1902Miller TwpViolaWhippleLouis SBundy
3424LiddleMW12 Dec 1902GuilfordEmmaRobinsonChas ELiddle
3425WitheredFW13 Dec 1902AuroraAdaTurnerErvinWithered
351WrightFW15 Dec 1902AuroraEdithGriffinJohnWright
352MattoxMW20 Dec 1902AuroraJennieMinishFrankMattox
353HigbeeMW20 Dec 1902Clay TwpIdaElliottChasHigbee
354FalbushFW20 Dec 1902LawrenceburgMooreGeoFalbush
355HuberMW21 Dec 1902SpartaChristmanOttoHuber
356HarperMW21 Dec 1902Miller TwpLeonoraBlasdellAlbert JHarper
357SteinerMW23 Dec 1902LawrenceburgAnnaHareJohnSteiner
358ReddingFW25 Dec 1902AuroraCarrieSatchwellHubertRedding
359NewallFW25 Dec 1902GreendaleKyleJoeNewall
3510WadeMW25 Dec 1902LawrenceburgLiddleHarryWade
3511LefflerFW26 Dec 1902Wrights CornerEllenghauseGusLeffler
3512SmithFW26 Dec 1902LawrenceburgRickertsHenrySmith
3513WalkerMW27 Dec 1902AuroraJennieSteelWmWalker
3514CheekFW27 Dec 1902HolmanMayRedfernPurnCheek
3515DurbinMW28 Dec 1902Center TwpAnnaBlockJosephDurbin
3516ChanceF/MW28 Dec 1902Sparta TwpHarrietJusticeHenryChance
3517KennedyFW31 Dec 1902LawrenceburgCourtsWmKennedy
3518RullmanFW31 Dec 1902AuroraAnnaRuesseHarryRullman
361BrandtMW1 Jan 1903HarrisonLizzieGraybelHenryBrandt
362KlobbFW4 Jan 1903LawrenceburgEmmaNixonPhilipKlobb
363AndrewsFW5 Jan 1903Lawrenceburg TwpMillerFredAndrews
364MattoxFW7 Jan 1903AuroraClaraColemierEdMattox
365GenterFW8 Jan 1903LawrenceburgKleinEdGenter
366KerrFW9 Jan 1903Washington TwpLoraTuftsGeoKerr
367WeddingMW9 Jan 1903Jackson TwpK GLamnanJohn WWedding
368OelkerMW10 Jan 1903Wrights CornerHilleOttoOelker
369LeitnerMW11 Jan 1903LawrenceburgMaryBoehmGotliebLeitner
3610RushMW14 Jan 1903KyleIvaRushR
3611SwangoFW15 Jan 1903AuroraElizabethMillerCornealiusSwango
3612DilsFW16 Jan 1903AuroraGraceHilleC JDils
3613HannsFW16 Jan 1903Wrights CornerFrankHanns
3614KruseFW17 Jan 1903CochranAnnaRosemeyerJohn WKruse
3615JacquesFW20 Jan 1903Dearborn CountyCarrie HMillerHenry CJacques
3616ManliefMW20 Jan 1903SpartaHustonEmaryManlief
3617CampbellFW24 Jan 1903LawrenceburgLauraAlbertCampbell
3618HoppingFW24 Jan 1903Center TwpOllieCooperLouisHopping
3619SpeckmanMW25 Jan 1903AuroraKateKlueberFrankSpeckman
3620HolterFW25 Jan 1903AuroraJosephineBelcumWmHolter
3621SchuckMW26 Jan 1903Jackson TwpHannahGillmanLewis JSchuck
3622SenfertFW26 Jan 1903Kelso TwpEmmaMetzlerRobert MSenfert
3623JunkerMW26 Jan 1903LawrenceburgJennisonFrankerJunker
3624VaughnMW28 Jan 1903LawrenceburgVeckerHarryVaughn
3625LattireMW31 Jan 1903ManchesterLizzieDammeyerChasLattire
371SheltonMW1 Feb 1903Farmers RetreatNancyHaskellGusShelton
372ConnelyFW1 Feb 1903CochranMyrtleWardRobtConnely
373WhittakerM/FW2 Feb 1903LawrenceburgMaryBennettJoeWhittaker
374OppFW2 Feb 1903Clay TwpNannieLivingstonEdwardOpp
375SquibbFW3 Feb 1903GreendaleMinaBrandG S PSquibb
376KestnerMW3 Feb 1903LawrenceburgCarrieSchneiderErnstKestner
377CreemerMW3 Feb 1903LawrenceburgFeeneyWmCreemer
378RobinsFW4 Feb 1903LawrenceburgEdnaKleinParkerRobins
379ZiglerFW8 Feb 1903LawrenceburgCarolineRenschAndyZigler
3710TangmanMW10 Feb 1903Jackson TwpGoldsmithTangman
3711MoornMW11 Feb 1903CochranJuliaMahannaMikeMoorn
3712BoyceMW12 Feb 1903LawrenceburgCraigJamesBoyce
3713WarnerMW12 Feb 1903Sparta TwpDellaWainscottMikeWarner
3714McMannFW12 Feb 1903AuroraMattieHoldenIkeMcMann
3715HeimMW13 Feb 1903West HarrisonElizabethTevluneBenjHeim
3716WoertwineFW14 Feb 1903Lawrenceburg TwpDoraLongEdWoertwine
3717ConnellyMW14 Feb 1903Kelso TwpRosinaWeddingJamesConnelly
3718NolteMW16 Feb 1903Farmers RetreatMeliaMillerJohn LNolte
3719HillMW19 Feb 1903Manchester TwpAndreasHill
3720HenryMW19 Feb 1903AuroraLauraReddingJames AHenry
3721PeeblesMW19 Feb 1903AuroraHelenBakerRichard PPeebles
3722NirorMW22 Feb 1903York TwpJagerNiror
3723DeanFW24 Feb 1903Sparta TwpBruceWmDean
3724KlepperMW25 Feb 1903LawrenceburgIdaBoeseHenryKlepper
3725FoxMW27 Feb 1903GreendaleSusieMahoneyEdFox
381StockMW27 Feb 1903Jackson TwpLenaDiedlingJohnStock
382DroskeFW27 Feb 1903LawrenceburgWolkeFrankDroske
383BlairFW28 Feb 1903AuroraAnnaJohnsonDavidBlair
384InghamFW28 Feb 1903BrightLauraMeyersR CIngham
385RoehmFW28 Feb 1903LawrencevilleRischRoehm
389GreenhamMW5 Mar 1903KyleAnnaHargittGrantGreenham
3810GoodpastorMW5 Mar 1903AuroraJennieMcMannFrankGoodpastor
3811BienkeMW6 Mar 1903AuroraClaraStagmillerWmBienke
3812SwiftFW7 Mar 1903AuroraMabelRobinsHiram CSwift
3813KraemerFW7 Mar 1903Lawrenceburg TwpMaryWulberWmKraemer
3814LakerFW7 Mar 1903Farmers RetreatClaraKruggieHermanLaker
3815ColeFW9 Mar 1903Dearborn CountyNancyBrightWmCole
3816WeisemanMW11 Mar 1903Hogan TwpGraceBabcockWmWeiseman
3817BradyMW13 Mar 1903LawrenceburgEvaMeyersWmBrady
3818ZimmerFW14 Mar 1903Kelso TwpPhilomenaKuneChasZimmer
3819HanesFW15 Mar 1903AuroraCMossJamesHanes
3820GuardFW16 Mar 1903Dearborn CountyBelleWilliamsonTimothyGuard
3821BauerMW19 Mar 1903LawrenceburgMillerFrankBauer
3822WiseMW19 Mar 1903Sparta TwpRoseMeyersJacobWeise
3823RoemerFW19 Mar 1903LawrenceburgRettaKoenigFredRoemer
3824RueseMW20 Mar 1903AuroraLilyProbstT WRuese
3825ShaferF/FW20 Mar 1903CochranMargtFerranWmShafer
391SimonsonFW20 Mar 1903LawrenceburgSmithGeoSimonson
392GiffinFW21 Mar 1903AuroraBlanchDayHarryGiffin
393MarshallFW22 Mar 1903LawrenceburgFrancesSchaeferWmMarshall
394HerrlerFW22 Mar 1903LawrenceburgNorthernJosephHerrler
395WinterFW26 Mar 1903LawrenceburgSquiresJohnWinter
396ThompsonMW26 Mar 1903CochranElenorHeatonEdThompson
397RoofFW28 Mar 1903CrozierMaryWardAsaRoof
398WesslingFW28 Mar 1903Dearborn CountyAliceMabisGeoWessling
399WalkerFW29 Mar 1903AuroraLizzieThompsonEldonWalker
3910GobelFW29 Mar 1903AuroraMaggieLeonardGobel
3911BalloiFW30 Mar 1903CochranAliceWhiteGeorgeBalloi
3912SmelzerFW30 Mar 1903LawrenceburgCarrieKunterChasSmelzer
3913HouseFW31 Mar 1903CrozierAnnieDetmerEugeneHouse
3914EvansFW31 Mar 1903LawrenceburgJenette MayDarrahEdwin JEvans
3915MassettFW31 Mar 1903LoganMary AGlardonJosephMassett

Ohio County Military Burials

Ohio County, Indiana, Burials of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, 1886-1903 can be found on FHL microfilm 1311809. The records include the name of the veteran, his date of enlistment, rank, command, type, date of discharge, place of burial, date of death, occupation, age, and remarks on his family. Some records contain the name of a widow. Digital images of the records are available on the Record Requests Page.
See also: Ohio County Military Records

Given NameSurnamePlace of BurialDate of DeathAge
Geo WBuffingtonRising Sun
JamesBradburyRising Sun9 Nov 190260
BenjaminBradfordRising Sun27 Sep 190359
JohnCowlinRising Sun13 Jan 189188
Daniel PCloreRising Sun23 Aug 1864
WmCarsonRising Sun10 Dec 189663
JacobClarkRiver View Cemetery26 Mar 1899
AlexCampbellOhio County8 Mar 190257
RobertCottonOhio County
Wm GDeHartRising Sun
LewisFrazierRising Sun13 Jun 190259
JacobGoodpastreRising Sun19 May 189151
James HHaymanRising Sun8 Apr 189345
Wm PHarrisRising Sun8 Mar 189352
IsrealHillNew Hope22 Oct 189979
Jesse HJanesRising Sun22 Dec 189472
James BJanesRising Sun18 Apr 189553
WilsonLostutterRising Sun11 Nov 189447
WilliamLinscottRising Sun10 Feb 189772
Robert BLewisRising Sun2 Oct 189467
Geo WMapesRising Sun22 May 1886
Susan AMapes
Geo WRubleDillsboro19 Dec 189164
FrancisRileyRising Sun13 Dec 190277
IsaacSandersRising Sun17 Sep 1889
ThomasSparksRising Sun6 Dec 189372
W HSmithRising Sun3 Sep 189771
WmSuitsRising Sun27 Sep 189851
TomSparksRising Sun6 Dec 1893
WilliamShephardRising Sun2 Jul 189954
Chas HSmithRising Sun12 Jul 190254
Platt SThompsonRising Sun3 Oct 189482

Switzerland County Circuit Court – May 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 30 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 2

Court Report.


Eliza J. Lee vs. James W. Ferguson et als; for partition; F. M. Griffith and C. S. Tandy; appraisers, found real estate not susceptible to division; Geo. S. Pleasants appointed Commissioner to sell.

Lodica Stephenson vs. Ellen Smith et al; for partition; William Stewart appointed commissioner to sell real estate and report next term.

James A. VanOsdol, guardian of Robert A. VanOsdol vs. minor heir of Robert B. Littlefield vs. Clifton Littlefield et als; for partition; William H. McKay, the county surveyor, James M. Scott and Charles Dibble appointed commissioners; their report approved.

State ex rel L. J. Woollen, county auditor, vs. Eugene Tardy et al. For partition, William H. McKay, the county surveyor, Daniel Trafelet and David Allen appointed commissioners to partition; report of partition approved.

The Grand Jury reported they had been in session two days, examined 31 witnesses, and returned 8 indictments.

Stela McAllister, James McAllister vs. Virginia C. Barton, Ira Cooper, Eliza J. McCreary, et al; final entry. Joseph D. Froman and Samuel McCreary appointed appraisers, and Carroll S. Tandy commissioner to sell real estate.

William H. Dow vs. Michael Gray et al; foreclosure; finding for defendant.

Minnie Potter et al vs. Albert W. Brown; for partition; J. D. Froman, F. M. Griffith and Geo. B. Hall appointed Commissioners and their report approved by the Court.

Tabitha Cayton vs. William Cayton; for divorce; granted.

Loring S. Dufour vs. Dora W. Dufour; divorce; granted and plaintiff given custody of Wilfred Dufour, conditioned on defendant having the privilege of visiting the child on proper occasions.

Three cases of indictment for profanity were dismissed.

The Madison Brewing Co. vs. Frank Coleman et al; on account; judgment for $126.70.

John L. Muret vs. Robert W. Scott; on contract; after trial commenced plaintiff dismissed case at his own cost.

William H. Dow vs. Martha Gray et al; for partition; settled by mutual agreement of parties and approved by court.



The following official acts of the clerk during vacation were approved.

The appointment of Jos. E. Allen as administrator of estate of Pearl Allen, deceased.

Appointment of Oliver D. Cunningham admr. estate of Jesse Andrews, decd.

Appointment of Isaac C. Briggs admr. estate of Henry Morton.

Probate of will of Nancy Maples, decd.

Taking new bond in guardianship of Johnson Stark et als, A. J. Cole, guardian.

Estate of Samuel E. Smith, Louisa Smith widow; estate under $500. Set off to widow.

Estate of Abner Stephnson, Wm. E. Stewart, admr.; report of sale personal property; approved.

Guardianship of Albert D. Reeves, Thos. J. Bliss admr.; partial report; approved.

Guardianship of Rodolph M. Golay, John Shaw, admr.; account current; approved.

Same. Petition for order to purchase tile and construct drain on lands; granted.

Appointment of Flora B. Morrison as admx. of estate of Jas. B. Morrison, was approved.

The last will of Henry J. Dibble was admitted to probate.

Isaac H. Littlefield was appointed admr. of estate of Eli Croxton.

Guardianship of Jennie Stark, Volle O. Stark, et al. A. J. Cole, guardian; account current; approved.

Guardianship of Neva B. Lock et als, John A. Lock guard.; account current; approved.

Guardianship of Auralia Falbre, F. M. Griffith, guard.; partial report; approved.

Guardianship of Franklin Bradley, insane, F. M. Griffith, guard.; partial report approved.

Lucian Harris was appointed guard. of Leo Anderson.

Guardianship of Lewis Detraz et al Eliza J. Detraz guard.; final report approved and guard. discharged.

Guardianship of Charles Hayes et al, C. S. Tandy, guard.; final report; approved and guardian discharged.

The will of Marth J. Smith was admitted to probate.

Guardianship of Benton Harris, Jas. Fagg guardian; petition to sell real estate; granted.

Switzerland County Circuit Court – Feb 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, Circuit Court report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 21 Feb 1901 – Page 5, Column 3


State vs. George W. Rayl; assault and battery. Plea of guilty, and fined $1.00.

State vs. James Foree; assault and battery. Trial before Court, verdict not guilty.

Harriet Petty, et als, vs. Henry Petty et als; for partition of real estate. Report of sale of land by Stephen H. Stewart, Commissioner, approved and deed confirmed. Sold at appraised value–$311 cash—to George Cook.



All acts of Clerk in vacation were approved.

Estate of David C. Richards, being less than $500, was set off to widow, Hannah Richards.

Estate of Henry Charlton; final report of Rollin Charlton, Administrator, approved and discharged.

Guardianship of Addie Beck; report of Guardian W. S. Kincaid approved and discharged.

Several cases were continued.

Vevay Reveille – 7 Mar 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Court Report.

Grace B. Thatcher vs. Oda P. Thatcher; divorce. Granted and she given possession of the two year old child.

Eliza J. Lee vs. James W. Ferguson et als. George S. Pleasants appointed temporary receiver.

State ex rel County Auditor vs. Gabriel Phillip, for possession, judgment for plaintiff.

Louis Bennett vs. Thena Turner, partition. Court found land not susceptible of division, and ordered it be appraised and sold by a Commissioner.

Mary Ann Rous vs. Daniel Brindley; for an injunction; verdict for defendant.

State vs. Joseph Krummel; attempt to provoke an assault. Guilty, fined $1. He was also charged with carrying concealed weapons, but the court found he was not guilty.

Menerva Taylor appointed guardian of Henry Taylor, a person of unsound mind.

Louis Bennett vs. Thena Turner et als, for partition. Leonard E. Smith, Commissioner reported sale of land for $200, full appraised value. Approved.

Hubert Eaglin vs. Lenora Eaglin; divorce, granted.



Thos. Carver appointed administrator of the estate of John Callahan.

Wm. E. Stewart appointed admin of the estate of Abner Stephenson.

Guardianship of Fannie M. Graham, Susie Graham, guardian, reported sale of real estate to Francis E. Steffin for $65. Approved.

Estate of Ostrum Boright, final report Wm. D. Cole, administrator, approved.

Flora Hall Schenck, executrix of Ulysses P. Schenck, deceased, given permission to transfer to herself certain bonds and stocks.

Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Jun 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for June 1901 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 27 Jun 1901 – Page 4, Column 1

Selar Mead and wife to Jno. Shannon

Charles Dibble and wife to Charles Tyler and wife

Caroline M. Griffith to Cora E. Slate

Lucian Harris, Guardian, to Millard McFarland and wife

Lucian Harris, Guardian, to Malanthon McFarland

Susan Jennings et al to William A. Courtney

Edward C. Shull, Sheriff, to John S. Heady

James Cole and wife to Jackson Shadday and wife

James A. VanOsdol, Guardian, to Wilson D. Tyler and wife

Angeline Pessler and heirs to Abijah Brindley and wife

Marion R. Cole and wife to Joseph M. Jack

Mier Brook and wife to Mary E. Reed

Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – May 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for May 1901 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 2 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • Morton D. Thiebaud et al to Millard McFarland and wife
  • Morton D. Thiebaud et al to Melanethon McFarland and wife
  • R. R. Stout and wife to Catherine Valentine
  • Mary B. Burrows et al to James Curry

Vevay Reveille – 9 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • Nancy Eaton to Lina M. Wheat and Mary E. Harris
  • Stephen Linas to Lina M. Wheat and Nancy Eaton
  • Elizabeth Konkle to Henry Konkle
  • Ann Lauderbaugh et al to John Joyce
  • Chas. Dibble to A. E. Merritt
  • John W. Brinson and wife to Wm. K. Brinson
  • Wm. K. Brinson and wife to Sarah C. Scothern

Vevay Reveille – 23 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 4

Deeds Recorded.

  • Jane Ross to Hayes W. Ricketts
  • Sarah R. Callaham et al to Mary Wiley
  • Thomas R. Callahan et al to Sarah R. Callaham
  • Sarah R. Callaham et al to Thomas R. Callaham
  • Lucille A. Protsman and husband to John Romans
  • Mary D. Patton to Alice Yonge
  • Perry K. Cotton to Andrew J. Monroe
  • Henry Strops to Rose Holden

Vevay High School Graduation – 1901

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 3


The Thirty-fifth Annual Commencement of Vevay High School was held at Metropolitan Hall last Friday evening, when a class of two young men and twelve young women received their diplomas and bid a final adieu to their school days.

While all the arrangements for the occasion had been made in concurrence with time honored customs, still every detail was marked with the progressiveness of the age, and the result was that public opinion pronounced this Commencement one of the most thoroughly enjoyable and successful ever held in Vevay.

Green and white—the class colors formed a pleasing contrast in the stage decorations, setting off to a splendid advantage the gilt letters composing the class motto: “Be What You Seem To Be.”

The audience was unusually large, many of those present coming from a distance. Prof. E. M. Danglande, Superintendent of the Schools, made a few well chosen remarks, and then in succession introduced the graduates. The orations, while necessarily brief, impressed the hearers with the thought, time and care that that had been used in their preparation, and the uniform case and oratorical power displayed by every member of the class was the subject of much favorable comment. Good music by a harpist and violinist was a pleasing feature of the exercises. Each minister of the city was accorded a place on the program, Rev. Tedford invoking the Divine Blessing, Rev. Christensen conferring the diplomas and Rev. Tedford pronouncing the Benediction. The following acted as ushers: Misses Clara Kiesel, Mary Orem, Nella Stucy, and Leila Thiebaud; Messrs. Craig Baird, Earl Brown, Charles Grammer and Clyde Culbertson.

The class of 1901 and their orations were as follows:

  • Mary Lanham, “Ever Onward.”
  • Perle Brindley, “Buds of Promise.”
  • Beryl Anderson, “Our Rubbicons.”
  • Laura Edna Hollcraft, “What Will They Say?”
  • Alice L. Orem, “Old, Yet ‘Tis New.”
  • Jennie M. Dupraz, “Voices That Speak To Us.”
  • Bessie Gretchen Reed, “Choose Your Timbers with Greatest Care.”
  • Alvan Burton Dodd, “Our Country.”
  • Belle Thiebaud Dufour, “Shakespeare’s Brutus.”
  • Pearl E. Haskell, “Wait a Minute.”
  • Grace N. Brindley, “A Plea For Simplicity.”
  • Elizabeth A. Houze, “The Sense of Nonsense.”
  • Anna Belle Sutherland, “Castles in Spain.”
  • Aime Todd, “Our State.”

The high school instructors are Prof. Ernest Danglade, Superintendent; Julia L. Knox, Principal; Grace Stepleton and Hannah Waldenmaier, Assistants.

Vevay Public School Promotions – 1901

Vevay Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions for 1901 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1901 – Page 4, Column 3

Promotions of the Vevay Public Schools.


To Senior Class:—Anna Davison, Maude Davidson, Arla Jackson, Clara Kiesel, Mary Orem, Nellie Stucy, Lella Thiebaud, Maggie Krummel, Craig Baird, Agnes Boyle.

To Junior Class:–Clara Allen, Anna Curry, Ivy Haskell, Bess Heady, Flora Kiesel, Nettie Pleasants, Anna Reed, Lula Scott, Clyde Culbertson, William Griffith, Charles Grammer, William Houze, Josie Bowen, Roy Johnson (c), Ethal Scott (c), Myrtle Fallis, Afra Brindley.

To Sophomore Class:–Mable Cotton, Madge Fallis, Carrie Haskell, Helen Mead, Anna Webb, Mable Told, Clair Porter, Clyde Norisez, Freddie Thuneman, Carl Weaver, Howard Allen, Chester Kiesel.

To Freshman Class:–Nora Buchanan, Etta Coleman, Florence Houze, Hallie Haskell, Ola McClanahan, Stella Means, Jeanette Tandy, Clara Works, Nella Works, Maggie Windhizer, Bell Turner, Savilla Cole, Lewis Ward, W[?] Works, Philip Golay, Earl Golay.



To Eighth Year:–Lura Bowen, Landon Brindley, Rollin Buschman, Scott Carter, Anna Chapman, Fannie Culbertson, Madge Day, Helen Grammer, Gretchen Hall, Myrtle Jaynes, Gill Long, Mildred Loring, Hattie Means, Fred Miller, Bertha Myers, Lillian Scott, Hannah Twineham, Willie Wahl.

To Seventh Year:–Katie Orem, Alice Brown, Lulu Henry, Edith Kiesel, Emma Land, Harriet Tandy, Carolina Thuneman, Leila May Porter, Leo Johnson, Golda Andrews, Nellie Brown, Cecelia Dittgen, Ellie Hunter, Clara Graham, Walter Lock, Harry Davison, Willie Johnson, Willie Lawrence, Charlie Windhizer.

To Sixth Year:–Fred Myers, Inslee Grisard, Clair Andrew, Roy Peelman, George Rayl, Henry Moxley, Opp Seiglitz, Darwin Fallis, Claude Brindley, Joseph Mead, Thomas Danglade, Milo Gaudin, Valla Bosaw, Opha Twineham, Mabel Benedict, Wilhelmina Demaree, Curtis Muret, Lucinda Furnish, Lella Stacy, Gertrude Houze, Blanche O’Neal, Mattie Orem, Marie Thuneman, Citha Gordon, Alice Jackson, Dora Twineham, Nannie Weaver, Grace Saberton, Robert Burns.

To Fifth Year:–Dollie Baxter, Frank Bear, Maude Benedict, Emma Chapman, Kiesel Cole, John Danglade, Grace Davison, Allison Garner, Mabel Gray, Casper Fallis, Ida Fancher, Mary Hail, Burell Hildebrand, Thurman Jackson, Nannie Jones, Susie Lanmunyon, Isabelle Long, Edgar Kincaid, Bennie Martin, Charlie Moody, Arnold Osborn, Paul Seiglitz, Hannah Smith, Alpha Simpson, Flora Roberts, William Roberts, Lulu Robinson, Elizabeth Tandy, Gertrude Wahl, Marion Williamson, Edith Windhizer, Frank Weales, Arthur Furnish, Charles Banta, Frank Pavy.



To Fourth Year:–Lizzie Allen, Henrietta Thuneman, Isabella Webb, Clara Weales, Viannia Webster, Helen Plummer, Edith Loring, Eva Krummel, Ruth Kelso, Nettie Haydon, Loretto Dittgen, Irana Fallis, Margaret Davison, Pansy Bladen, Jessie Banta, Edward Means, Howard Hudson, Walter Bascom, Charles Lark, William Klein, John Mead, Frank Pelsor, George Williams, Walter Scott, Andrew Twineham, Dumont Grisard, Boston Geary, Vernon Baxter, Lawrence Hughes, Ira Perkins, Robert Slade.

To Third Year:–Iva Bales, Lilly May Bledsoe, Annie Brown, Ruby Buchanan, Ethel Brooks, Alice Garner, Lizzie Lazzell, Jessie Mitchell, Helen Rook, Pearl Schaum, Pauline Simmons, Jennie Stucy, Julia Tandy, Claudie Webster, Flaudie Webster, Ernest Bowie, Ferdie Bowie, John Butler, Lawrence Dufour, Walter Gaudin, Adolph Hildebrand, Harry Land, Willie Marsh, David Means, Fred Moody, Robert Oakley, James Rook, Dan Williams, Earl Gray, Lola Gordon, Ivan Ricketts.

To Second Year:–Ellie Allen, Mabel Brindley, Atha Baxter, Marguerite Bascom, Nora Beatty, Ella May Beatty, Laura Bladen, Lida Cotton, Elizabeth Grammer, Minnie Kelley, Ruth Plummer, Jennie Schoonover, Nona Saberton, Mamie Woodruff, Irene Walden, Dale Benedict, Clinton Burgess, Clemens Demann, Irwin Foutty, Edward Lazzell, Elmer Marsh, Frank Ricketts, David Ward Sieglitz, Carlyle Simmons, B. Slade, Byron Tilley, Harold Tardy, Paul Thuneman, Porter Webster, Thurman Woodruff.



HIGH SCHOOL.—SOPHOMORE CLASS—Grace Noble Simpson, Bessie Gertrude Neal.

FRESHMAN CLASS:–Eva May Simpson.

To Eighth Year:–Claude M. Jones, Freeman Cheatum, Justine Jones.

To Sixth Year:–Ethel May Jones, Benjamin Neal.

To Fourth Year:–Nanny B. Washington.

To Third Year:–Arnold Smith, Cordia P. Jones, Elizabeth Cheatum.

Switzerland County Real Estate Transfers – Apr 1901

Switzerland County, Indiana, real estate transfers for April 1901 appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 4 Apr 1901 – Page 1, Column 4

Land Sales.

  • William H. Wright and wife to Jas. K. Reed
  • Harvey J. Zearing and wife to Lora Winscott
  • Phebe Stelpleton and husband to James Hilycord
  • James Brett and wife to Goodloe Brindley
  • Ida I. Gullion and husband to Calvin R. Smith and wife
  • Frank P. Brockschlager and wife to Willard E. Orem
  • Nancy J. Moore and husband to Ella Higham
  • Elijah Pendry to Hiram R. Brown
  • John W. Brinson and wife to Casper Nichousemyer

Vevay Reveille – 4 Apr 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • Henry Buddenburg and wife to Ernest Buddenburg
  • John Q. Cochran and wife to John H. Oatman
  • R. H. Smith to Amie Smith
  • John Elfers and wife to Joseph Goodner
  • Samantha S. Miller to John Washmuth
  • Andrew J. Myers and wife to John W. Turner
  • Van S. Brandon to Lillian G. McCormick
  • John S. Steele and wife to John A. Anderson

Vevay Reveille – 18 Apr 1901 – Page 5, Column 3

Land Sales.

  • William Johnston to Geo. W. Johnston
  • Philander Morrison and wife to Chas. C. Morrison
  • Geo. W. Johnston to Evaline Teats
  • Ben H. Ryker, Admr., to Cyrus D. Tinker
  • Elisha Brown to Geo. M. and Henry W. Rodgers
  • Helen Holcraft to Common School Fund
  • Alfred Shaw et al Trustees to W. R. Plummer et al Trustees, etc.
  • Clara Siebert and husband to Nancy J. McCreary and husband
  • Levin J. Woolen, Auditor, to Hiram Vandorin
  • Lona F. Winscott to Harvey J. Zearing
  • Trustees Indiana and Phoenix Lodges, I O O F, Vevay; to James R. Hart
  • John F. Hufford and wife to Walter Hufford
  • Emma M. Tarbox to Josiah Riley

Vevay Reveille – 25 Apr 1901 – Page 5, Column 4

Land Sales.

  • J. H. Hitchens and wife to Emma J. Richards
  • Carroll S. Tandy to Robert H. Clements