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Bethel School Report – Feb 1883

Bethel School [Switzerland County, Indiana] report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 8 Feb 1883 – Page 5, Column 2

Report of Bethel School, District No. 6, for the term beginning Oct. 2, 1882, and closing Feb. 2, 1883:

  • Length of term, 85 days.
  • Whole number enrolled, 38 pupils.
  • General average attendance for the term, 23.

Number of pupils not absent within the term, 3—Ida Bliss, Eva Bliss, Della Bliss.

Number of visits received from patrons of school, 6, viz: Wm. Houston, Alex Scudder, Daniel Boyd, Mrs. Worden Bliss. Other visits from friends of education numerous.

Best mathematician in the school, O. H. Wiley.

The following are the names of pupils who received the highest percent in their grade, by examination held Dec. 22, 1882:

Fifth Grade

  • A Class—Omer Wiley
  • B Class—E. Boyd, Eugene Sander

Fourth Grade—Cora Stoops, Norris Boyd

Third Grade—Emer Scudder, Daniel Boyd

Second Grade—Mattie Scudder, Bell Kinman, Alvin Stoops

First Grade—Della Bliss


The following is a special report of the lessons recited in orthography, and the names of the pupils who received the highest percent:

Number of lessons signed in written spelling, 80; twenty words comprised a lesson. Number of lessons in oral spelling, 158; number of lessons in phonetic spelling, 27. Joseph Wiley, Mattie Cole, Omer Wiley, Sophia Scudder.

MAYBEL FOX, Teacher.

Bethel School Report – Mar 1877

The Bethel, Switzerland County, Indiana, School report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 12 Apr 1877 – Page 3, Column 1

Report of Bethel School, District No. 6, York Township, for term ending March 29, 1877:

Length of school term, 120 days; average daily attendance, 22; No. maps drawn, about 400.

Names of pupils never absent: Josie Wiley, Bruce Wiley, Mosie Cole, Emerson Boyd.

Names of pupils never tardy: Silas Ford, Luelia Ford, Albion Scudder.

Prize for map drawing awarded to Omer Wiley. Best single map was drawn by Lulu A. McFaddin.

Prize for first spelling class awarded to Josie Wiley.

Prize for second spelling class awarded to Mosie Cole.

The highest grade attained in written spelling was by Lulu A. McFadden, having received 94 percent.

Many others have done well. We think much credit is due the entire school for their diligent labor during the winter.

J. L. McCulloch, Teacher.