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Bovard Cemetery, Switzerland County, Index and Map

Bovard Cemetery in Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana was read by Tina Lyons in April 2011. You can locate the location of each stone using theĀ Bovard Cemetery map (PDF, 2 pages) and the stone number found in the index. Photos of all stones are available on Find A Grave.

StoneSurnameGiven NameBirthDeathAgeInscriptionNotes
5ArmstrongJohn N12 Nov 185023 May 1917
9ArmstrongMary A7 Aug 18542 y 2 m 10 ddau of Robert E & Rachael
6ArmstrongOlive L12 Oct 187930 y 6 m 20 ddau Of R & Rachel
10ArmstrongRachel24 Jan 18272 Mar 1902Same stone as Robert
10ArmstrongRobert28 Feb 182222 Apr 1876Same stone as Rachel
8ArmstrongWalter Sson of Robert & Rachel
1BascomCynthia A31 Jan 186721 ydau of C H & E
33BascomElizabeth4 Dec 188571 y 7 m 27 d
47BascomGathalleen20 Aug 187?14 Mar 187?
59BascomMargaret15 May 186627 y 4 m 20 dwife of Robert B
65BascomSusie18701927Same stone as W T
65BascomW T18711934Same stone as Susie
41BellJames26 Jan 183812 y
41BellJohn26 Jan 183822 y
74BovardAnnie M30 Nov 18724 May 1887dau Of R H & M E
77BovardBelle18671926Same stone as Eliza
77BovardEliza18621931Same stone as Belle
63BovardIsaac C27 Jun 187254 y 7 m 26 d
55BovardJane8 Dec 183724 y 3 m 22ddaughter of Robert & Margaret
60BovardJohn M27 Apr 1867
58BovardMartha1 Mar 181112 Feb 1863daughter of Robert & Margaret, born in Philadelphia, Pa.
75BovardMary E26 Oct 18394 Mar 1919Same stone as Robert H
72BovardMinnie E27 Apr 187828 Sep 1920
76BovardRobert10 May 18255 May 1902
75BovardRobert H21 Mar 18435 Nov 1923Same stone as Mary E
64BovardUrsula14 Sep 182324 May 1892
73BovardWm R17 Aug 187611 Nov 1905
34GoodnerHarriett L18461937Same stone as William W
34GoodnerWilliam W18451876Same stone as Harriet L
30HoldcraftHarrySame stone as Lilla, Howard and Minnie
30HoldcraftHowardSame stone as Lilla, Harry and Minnie
30HoldcraftLilla B18771911Same stone as Howard, Harry, and Minnie
30HoldcraftMinnieSame stone as Lilla, Howard and Harry
31HoldcraftWalter E18701951Father
7HydeMary ?23 Sep 1878wife of A W
49LittlefieldClara E19 Feb 188318 y 8 m 18 ddau of Bruce & Mary
28LittlefieldElisha13 Sep 183867 y 11 m 26 d
62LittlefieldEliza11 Mar 187022 y 8 m 12 ddau of Harvey & Mary A
29LittlefieldHannah25 Jul 183459 y 11 m 15 dwife of Elisha
35LittlefieldHarvey31 Mar 18068 May 1891
37LittlefieldIrvin12 Jan 184517 Sep 187833 y 8 m 5 d
48LittlefieldIrvin H25 Jul 18796 Oct 1880son of Cliff & Belle
46LittlefieldIsabelle13 Oct 1838wife of Theodore
39LittlefieldMaria1 Jan 18374 Mar 1909
51LittlefieldMary15 Oct 184131 Dec 1894
36LittlefieldMary Ann24 Jul 187465 y 4 m 3 dwife of Harvey
61LittlefieldScott3 Nov 186?son of Harvey & Mary A
45LittlefieldTheodore2 Mar 187433 y 7 m 1 d
38LittlefieldW I7 Sep 186917 Jun 1893son of I & M, M.D.
19LoweEverett28 Aug 18963 Oct 1896infant son of A & M
20LowePearl11 Oct 189822 Feb 1901
2MadisonEmma L16 Aug 190429 Nov 1906dau of J G & Lauretta
18MadisonJane K3 Jan 183915 Jan 1923his wifeSame stone as William H
4MadisonNancy11 Nov 187256 y 5 m 23 dwife of Wm G
18MadisonWilliam H6 Jan 183720 Mar 1911Same Stone as Jane K
3MadisonWm G3 May 188783 y 17 d
71ManserElizabeth A21 May 181014 Jun 1890wife of L NSame stone as Limon N
71ManserLimon N27 Jul 181312 Jan 1895Same stone as Elizabeth A
54McHenryCarter C7 Feb 18631 y 4 m 16 dson of J W & Charlott
53McHenryEugene13 Aug 18542 y 2 m 15 dson of John & Charlotte
52McHenryEveline18 Aug 1854dau of John W & Charlotte
42PeabodyJohn J18391840
12PotterAnnis25 Sep 184861 y 5 m 25 dwife of Ben J
11PotterBenjamin16 Mar 185972 y 16 d
27PotterChester W28 Sep 18634 y 5 m 1 dson of G W & Martha
25PotterCynthia2 Feb 181231 Aug 1899Same stone as Silas R
22PotterFlora M18681917R.N.A. at rest
23PotterGeorge W18321902GARSame stone as Sarah E
26PotterOmar D25 Jun 186420 y 10 m 13 dCo. E 50th Reg Indiana Infantry, died while in service to his country
13PotterOrson A15 Feb 184621 Dec 1920
23PotterSarah E18421923Same stone as George W
25PotterSilas R12 Nov 181026 Dec 1876Same stone as Cynthia
66SandersGeorge W24 Feb 184210 Aug 1901Same stone as Sarah Jane
24SandersRobert B22 Oct 1848son of J W & J
66SandersSarah Jane23 Apr 184214 Mar 1926Same stone as George
67SandersSusan23 Aug 186460 ywife of Wm BSame stone as Winfield
67SandersWinfield S25 Aug 186415 y 11 m 23 dson of Wm B & SusanSame stone as Susan
68SandersWm B26 Feb 187574 y 1 m 26 d
21SmithJohn R15 Apr 187868 y 2 m 14 d
16TylerNannie M1 Jul 186511 Mar 190337 y 6 m 10 d
15TylerWillie F10 Feb 18973 Jul 1897son of W D & Nannie M
17TylerWilson Dean18651938
50VanOsdolOlive L22 Dec 186121 Mar 1892wife of J A
70WeathersJohn N6 Dec 183220 Jan 1912GAR, Co C 83rd Ind. Vol. InfantrySame stone as Lutacia
70WeathersLutaciaSep 1834his wifeSame stone as John N
69WeathersSusie J22 Nov 18573 Oct 1875dau of J N & Lutacia
57unreadable12 May 185777 y 1 m 12 d