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Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Complete Record Index 1853-1871

The Dearborn County, Indiana Court of Common Pleas existed between 1853 and 1873. It primarily handled probate matters as well as other small civil matters. The Complete Record books for the Court of Common Pleas details the full court proceedings from the start to the conclusion of a case. The records contain mostly cases of partition, foreclosure, land conveyances, and other civil actions.

The following index includes the names of the main parties, the type of case, and the year the case was settled. The following record books were consulted:

  • Complete Record 1 (1853-1858)
  • Complete Record 2 (1858-1862)
  • Complete Record 3 (1863-1867)
  • Complete Record 4 (1864-1871)
  • Complete Record 5 (1867-1869)
  • Complete Record 6 (1869-1871)

Since the Court of Common Pleas dealt mainly with probate matters, the records are grouped with probate records by the Family History Library and Ancestry.

See Dearborn County Court Records and Probate Records for additional records.

Digital copies may be requested by visiting the Records Request Page.

BookPageGiven NameSurnameTypeYear
CPR1 18531John C SymmesHarrisonEstate1853
CPR1 18531William HHarrisonEstate1853
CPR1 18533John Jr.TuftsDeed1853
CPR1 18533Christopher CJaquithDeed1853
CPR1 18533Alice WJaquithDeed1853
CPR1 18533IngolsButterfieldDeed1853
CPR1 18533RhodaButterfieldDeed1853
CPR1 18533ServetusTuftsDeed1853
CPR1 18533JothamQuintDeed1853
CPR1 18533MaryQuintDeed1853
CPR1 18533Asa FranklinButterfieldDeed1853
CPR1 18533Lewis ATuftsDeed1853
CPR1 185311MaryKuhnPartition1853
CPR1 185311Mary AnnGlardonPartition1853
CPR1 185311MaryLodsPartition1853
CPR1 185311JamesLodsPartition1853
CPR1 185311ElizabethKuhnPartition1853
CPR1 185311RozannaKuhnPartition1853
CPR1 185311JosephineKuhnPartition1853
CPR1 185311RodolphKuhnPartition1853
CPR1 185315Isaac DMillsPartition1853
CPR1 185315AbramBrowerPartition1853
CPR1 185315Isaac MBrowerPartition1853
CPR1 185315John HenryBrowerPartition1853
CPR1 185315ElizabethMillsPartition1853
CPR1 185315John RMillsPartition1853
CPR1 185315Francis PEwingPartition1853
CPR1 185315John WEwingPartition1853
CPR1 185315MaryFraleyPartition1853
CPR1 185315William MFraleyPartition1853
CPR1 185315RebeccaMillsPartition1853
CPR1 185323TheodoreGazlayForeclosure1853
CPR1 185323MooreHoldenForeclosure1853
CPR1 185329Isaac SCraftDeed1854
CPR1 185338JohnHornbergerForeclosure1854
CPR1 185338SamuelBarkdollForeclosure1854
CPR1 185342William VCheekPartition1854
CPR1 185342ElizabethCheekPartition1854
CPR1 185342AmandaLynnPartition1854
CPR1 185342NancyLynnPartition1854
CPR1 185342William WConwayPartition1854
CPR1 185342John LConwayPartition1854
CPR1 185342DanielConwayPartition1854
CPR1 185342JoelLynnPartition1854
CPR1 185342Daniel Jr.LynnPartition1854
CPR1 185342ElizabethCriswellPartition1854
CPR1 185342DavidCriswellPartition1854
CPR1 185353JaneVaughanPartition1854
CPR1 185353SamuelVaughanPartition1854
CPR1 185353Sarah AnnFunkhouserPartition1854
CPR1 185353JohnFunkhouserPartition1854
CPR1 185353William MBrayPartition1854
CPR1 185353NancyHandyPartition1854
CPR1 185353BartonHandeyPartition1854
CPR1 185361WilliamEnglishPartition1854
CPR1 185361Adaline BEnglishPartition1854
CPR1 185368Elzy GBurkamForeclosure1854
CPR1 185368William HFinkbineForeclosure1854
CPR1 185368Mary AFinkbineForeclosure1854
CPR1 185368AndrewMorganForeclosure1854
CPR1 185372HomerPalmertonForeclosure1854
CPR1 185372MosesMillerForeclosure1854
CPR1 185372MatildaMillerForeclosure1854
CPR1 185372MiltonWrightForeclosure1854
CPR1 185377StrawderBryonDower1854
CPR1 185377Mary AnnBryonDower1854
CPR1 185377CarolineWorleyDower1854
CPR1 185377OliverWorleyDower1854
CPR1 185377WilliamWorleyDower1854
CPR1 185377JosephineWorleyDower1854
CPR1 185377ConawayBainumDower1854
CPR1 185381GeorgeBruenPartition1854
CPR1 185381BernardBruenPartition1854
CPR1 185381BenjaminSchinnesPartition1854
CPR1 185381VeronicaSchinnesPartition1854
CPR1 185381JosephineFisherPartition1854
CPR1 185381ThomasFisherPartition1854
CPR1 185396JamesBanisterDeed1854
CPR1 185396GideonHundonDeed1854
CPR1 185396SophroniaRobisonDeed1854
CPR1 185396JohnRobisonDeed1854
CPR1 185396SusanChildersDeed1854
CPR1 185396JohnChildersDeed1854
CPR1 185396ElizabethSerlsDeed1854
CPR1 185396LawrenceSerlsDeed1854
CPR1 185396MaryMcNellyDeed1854
CPR1 185396JohnMcNellyDeed1854
CPR1 185396FannyMcWinnyDeed1854
CPR1 185396BenjaminMcWhinnyDeed1854
CPR1 185396CareyHerndonDeed1854
CPR1 185396MiltonHerndonDeed1854
CPR1 185396ArchibaldHerndonDeed1854
CPR1 185396EmilyHerndonDeed1854
CPR1 1853103GideonRennerPartition1854
CPR1 1853103AnthonySchwarzPartition1854
CPR1 1853103AnnaRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103GeorgeRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103RosinaRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103LudwickRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103JacobRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103JohnRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103LouisRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103JacobinaRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103John ChristianRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103MaryRossPartition1854
CPR1 1853103CatharineSchwarzPartition1854
CPR1 1853103LouisaSchwarzPartition1854
CPR1 1853103John AntoneSchwarzPartition1854
CPR1 1853103MargaretSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103John DavidSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103ElizabethSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103Ludwick SHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103DavidHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103John GeorgeHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103William HenryHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103Mathias CharlesHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103DavidHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103CarolineHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103MargaretteHeisPartition1854
CPR1 1853103Anna MariaStoltzPartition1854
CPR1 1853103John GeorgeStoltzPartition1854
CPR1 1853103John GeorgeSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103Eve MagdalineSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103JosephSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103Anna MargarethaSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853103William GeorgeSteidelPartition1854
CPR1 1853120Ezekiel PMurdockPartition1854
CPR1 1853120FieldingTaylorPartition1854
CPR1 1853120EliasTaylorPartition1854
CPR1 1853120Phoebe ATaylorPartition1854
CPR1 1853120Richard MTaylorPartition1854
CPR1 1853120Isaac Jr.TaylorPartition1854
CPR1 1853120JosephusJonesPartition1854
CPR1 1853120MarthaJonesPartition1854
CPR1 1853134Thomas TEadesForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853134HarrisonWadeForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853134Thursey AnnWadeForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853138ThomasStonePartition1855
CPR1 1853138PhilipBuchidePartition1855
CPR1 1853138JohnKnechtPartition1855
CPR1 1853138MaryKnechtPartition1855
CPR1 1853142HenryWalkerForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853142JacobMorrisonForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853142JohnLangleyForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853142BenjaminSylvesterForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853142StrawderCheekForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853147WiettAllenDower1855
CPR1 1853147JaneAllenDower1855
CPR1 1853147Augustus AParkerDower1855
CPR1 1853147John HParkerDower1855
CPR1 1853147Henry MParkerDower1855
CPR1 1853147Levi RMorrellDower1855
CPR1 1853152Maria MHerberPartition1855
CPR1 1853152MaryHerberPartition1855
CPR1 1853152MatthiasAlmenworthPartition1855
CPR1 1853152Anna MAlmenworthPartition1855
CPR1 1853152LeonardHerberPartition1855
CPR1 1853152Mary TelHerberPartition1855
CPR1 1853152CatharineHerberPartition1855
CPR1 1853163George HDunnForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853163SarahElderForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853163Lemuel GElderForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853163JaneElderForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853163WalterKerrForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853163ElizabethKerrForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853167JacobEckmanForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853167JohnRudicilForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853167WilliamHarrisonForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853167MaryHarrisonForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853173SolomonManwaringPartition1855
CPR1 1853173HannahManwaringPartition1855
CPR1 1853173MaryManwaringPartition1855
CPR1 1853173MiltonManwaringPartition1855
CPR1 1853173ElizabethManwaringPartition1855
CPR1 1853179DanielTaylorPartition1855
CPR1 1853179DavidFosterPartition1855
CPR1 1853179SamuelLawrencePartition1855
CPR1 1853179HenryCameronPartition1855
CPR1 1853187William JRobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853187Sally AnnRobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853187MaryMcCawPartition1855
CPR1 1853187John HRobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853187Agnes AnnRobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853187Margaret ERobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853187James PRobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853187George BRobbinsPartition1855
CPR1 1853224GeorgeTouseyForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853224WilliamGreeneForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853228James CCordryForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853228John PRogersForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853231JacobMorrisonForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853231RebeccaMorrisonForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853234ZephaniahHeustisForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853234AlexanderBeckmanForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853234CatharineBeckmanForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853238WilliamHornerPartition1855
CPR1 1853238Letitia CatherineKelsoPartition1855
CPR1 1853238Hugh ThomasHornerPartition1855
CPR1 1853243ThomasHuntForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853243JacobHuntForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853243GershamDunnForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853243WilliamDunnForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853251JohannWinklerDeed1855
CPR1 1853251Daniel GLawrenceDeed1855
CPR1 1853251MarySwerseyDeed1855
CPR1 1853251JohnSwerseyDeed1855
CPR1 1853251John GLawrenceDeed1855
CPR1 1853251Philip GLawrenceDeed1855
CPR1 1853251AnnaWilsonDeed1855
CPR1 1853251ElizabethLawrenceDeed1855
CPR1 1853251CatharineYeagerDeed1855
CPR1 1853251JacobYeagerDeed1855
CPR1 1853251EmaLawrenceDeed1855
CPR1 1853251GeorgeLawrenceDeed1855
CPR1 1853251WilliamYeagerDeed1855
CPR1 1853251SolomonYeagerDeed1855
CPR1 1853251SarahYeagerDeed1855
CPR1 1853258MackCheekForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853258JosephSmithForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853258Sarah AnnSmithForeclosure1855
CPR1 1853262WilliamWallacePartition1855
CPR1 1853262GeorgeWallacePartition1855
CPR1 1853262MargaretWallacePartition1855
CPR1 1853262John TWallacePartition1855
CPR1 1853262RebeccaGrayPartition1855
CPR1 1853262JohnGrayPartition1855
CPR1 1853262WilliamPattonPartition1855
CPR1 1853277JacobAdamsForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853277ConradBandendistelForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853277HelenaBandendistelForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280John LHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280Nancy MLangdonForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280WilliamLandonForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280David CHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280ElizabethHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280Charles JHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280Aldana JHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280Mary AHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280AlmenaHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853280NancyHigbeeForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853286IsaacOathoudtForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853286JohnSheaferForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853286ElizabethSheaferForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853290Nelson HRouseForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853290ElizaRouseForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853290Elias TCrasleyForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853295JohnSpiedellForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853295MichaelPfuefferForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853295BarbaryPfuefferForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853299RobertConawayForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853299John BCraftForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853308EdwardSanafordPartition1856
CPR1 1853308William LGuardPartition1856
CPR1 1853308RobertSanafordPartition1856
CPR1 1853308IsoraSanafordPartition1856
CPR1 1853308AmandaChambersPartition1856
CPR1 1853308Alfred EChambersPartition1856
CPR1 1853308MaryKirtlyPartition1856
CPR1 1853308ElijahKirtleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853308PamelaTatePartition1856
CPR1 1853308EdwardTatePartition1856
CPR1 1853308Ann ElizaJamesPartition1856
CPR1 1853308EdmundJamesPartition1856
CPR1 1853308DavidGuardPartition1856
CPR1 1853308GeorgeGuardPartition1856
CPR1 1853308RichardStevensonPartition1856
CPR1 1853308WmStevensonPartition1856
CPR1 1853308HelenGuardPartition1856
CPR1 1853308FrancisGuardPartition1856
CPR1 1853308ThomasGuardPartition1856
CPR1 1853308M CarolineMassorPartition1856
CPR1 1853308JosephineMassorPartition1856
CPR1 1853308David WilliamMassorPartition1856
CPR1 1853320ChristianFreinDeed1856
CPR1 1853320AnnaRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320GeorgeRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320RosinaRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320George LudwickRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320JacobRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320JohnRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320LouisRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320JacobinaRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320Johanna ChristinaRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320MaryRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320CharlesRossDeed1856
CPR1 1853320CatharineSchwarzDeed1856
CPR1 1853320LouiseSchwarzDeed1856
CPR1 1853320John AntonSchwarzDeed1856
CPR1 1853320MargaretStiedelDeed1856
CPR1 1853320John DavidStiedelDeed1856
CPR1 1853320ElizabethStiedelDeed1856
CPR1 1853320John GeorgeStiedelDeed1856
CPR1 1853320Eva MagdalenaStiedelDeed1856
CPR1 1853320William GeorgeStiedelDeed1856
CPR1 1853320Anna MariaStoltzDeed1856
CPR1 1853320John GeorgeStoltzDeed1856
CPR1 1853320Ludwick SHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320DavidHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320John GeorgeHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320William HenryHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320CarolineHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320ElizabethHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320MargaretHeissDeed1856
CPR1 1853320Mary JaneMartenDeed1856
CPR1 1853320Magdalena MargarethaMartenDeed1856
CPR1 1853320CharlesMartenDeed1856
CPR1 1853320BarbaraMartenDeed1856
CPR1 1853320John HenryMartenDeed1856
CPR1 1853320WilliamMartenDeed1856
CPR1 1853327ConradRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327Catharine BRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327MargaretteHeintzDeed1856
CPR1 1853327PhilipHeintzDeed1856
CPR1 1853327Catharine BRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327JohannRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327WilliamRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327LouisaRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327JohnRennerDeed1856
CPR1 1853327MartinChristinaDeed1856
CPR1 1853333FranzSchimmerForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853333VincentBreunlForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853333NorbertRichterForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853333Joseph PCloudForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853333James MDairForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853337JacobMillerAttachment1856
CPR1 1853337NicholasBouchmanAttachment1856
CPR1 1853343JuniusBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343AddiaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343LaviniaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343EmilyVaughanPartition1856
CPR1 1853343William HVaughanPartition1856
CPR1 1853343George LBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343ArthurBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343MontgomeryBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343AnnaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853343ClarissaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853355WolfDennerlineForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853355AdamBrixnerForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853355CarolineBrixnerForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853355GeorgeHartForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853358Harmon RDeanForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853358CatharineDeanForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853361JosephSmithForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853361ElizabethSmithForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853364JuniusBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364GeorgeBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364ArthurBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364MontgomeryBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364LavinaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364EmilyVaughanPartition1856
CPR1 1853364WilliamVaughanPartition1856
CPR1 1853364AdeliaScottPartition1856
CPR1 1853364Charles CScottPartition1856
CPR1 1853364AnnaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364ClaraBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853364MatildaBalsleyPartition1856
CPR1 1853371FrancisBaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371Lewis WBaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371HiramBaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371DavidBaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371RebeccaWhitacreForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371GeorgeWhitacreForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371LurindaPlattForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371ThomasPlattForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371NancyWhitacreForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371JonasWhitacreForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371SusannahResorForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371AlidaMulloyForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371JohnMulloyForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371RhodaSmithForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371Joshua TSmithForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371CarolineEastonForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371JohnEastonForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371Hiram Jr.BaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371JohnBaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371WilliamKnowlesForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371SarahCriswellForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371SamuelCrisswellForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371Stephen DBaldwinForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371Mary JaneFolbreForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853371Charles LFolbreForeclosure1856
CPR1 1853379Hanson LPennPartition1857
CPR1 1853379William WYoungPartition1857
CPR1 1853379Samuel HYoungPartition1857
CPR1 1853386OmerTouseyForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853386NicholasApertsForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853386ElizabethApertsForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853390AnthonyVetePartition1857
CPR1 1853390GeorgeVetePartition1857
CPR1 1853390DanielVetePartition1857
CPR1 1853390CatharineVetePartition1857
CPR1 1853390EmilieMaibaumPartition1857
CPR1 1853390CarolineMaibaumPartition1857
CPR1 1853395JohnKrietzerForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853395GeorgeHartForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853398WilliamLarrisonPartition1857
CPR1 1853398CharlotteLarrisonPartition1857
CPR1 1853398FrederickBrinkermanPartition1857
CPR1 1853398CatherineBrinkermanPartition1857
CPR1 1853398JacobMendlePartition1857
CPR1 1853398FrancisMendlePartition1857
CPR1 1853398Andrew JMendlePartition1857
CPR1 1853398JohnLarrisonPartition1857
CPR1 1853398DelenaLarrisonPartition1857
CPR1 1853398Thomas JMeyersPartition1857
CPR1 1853398HenryMeyersPartition1857
CPR1 1853398JohnMeyersPartition1857
CPR1 1853398MaryMeyersPartition1857
CPR1 1853418VernettChevalierForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853418HannahChevalierForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853418HiramHartForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853424William HConawayCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853424C BirdPateCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853424LucretiaPateCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853430Amanda MOglePartition1857
CPR1 1853430Andrew JGrayPartition1857
CPR1 1853430Oliver PGrayPartition1857
CPR1 1853430Catherine EAndersonPartition1857
CPR1 1853430George UAndersonPartition1857
CPR1 1853430Francis MGrayPartition1857
CPR1 1853430Francis AGrayPartition1857
CPR1 1853430Mary AGrayPartition1857
CPR1 1853430William HGrayPartition1857
CPR1 1853430RebeccaTatePartition1857
CPR1 1853430William Sr.TatePartition1857
CPR1 1853430SamuelMorrisonPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Edward DClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456John RClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456William JClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Charles HClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456MirandaClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Elizabeth ASmallPartition1857
CPR1 1853456William HSmallPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Mary CatherineSellersPartition1857
CPR1 1853456BenjaminSellersPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Sarah ABrucePartition1857
CPR1 1853456AmorBrucePartition1857
CPR1 1853456Joshua DClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Joseph SClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Eliza JClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Nancy RClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Walter KClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456GeorgannaClementsPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Mary EBaileyPartition1857
CPR1 1853456Sarah RBaileyPartition1857
CPR1 1853464MariahSmithPartition1857
CPR1 1853464ClarrisaOsbornPartition1857
CPR1 1853464GarrisonOsbornPartition1857
CPR1 1853467James SFlemingPartition1857
CPR1 1853467Joseph HWatkinsPartition1857
CPR1 1853467Mary JaneWatkinsPartition1857
CPR1 1853471IsaacDunnCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853471SylvesterChandlerCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853471ElizaChandlerCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853471George TChandlerCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853471Ellen CChandlerCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853478GeorgeWoodForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853478James LReddingForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853478HarrietReddingForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853482GideonRennerForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853482ChristianRiegForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853482ReginaRiegForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853486Charles LewisPateForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853486DavisPateForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853486JohnsonPateForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853497ElizabethFentonForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853497CharlesKlingelhofferForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853497BarbaraKlingelhofferForeclosure1857
CPR1 1853500SarahBrianPartition1857
CPR1 1853500BenjaminBrianPartition1857
CPR1 1853500Eliza JaneBriggsPartition1857
CPR1 1853500Ezra HBriggsPartition1857
CPR1 1853500George WFlakePartition1857
CPR1 1853500NancyFlakePartition1857
CPR1 1853505RhodaWillisPartition1857
CPR1 1853505MiltonWrightPartition1857
CPR1 1853505FrancesWrightPartition1857
CPR1 1853505EldaWrightPartition1857
CPR1 1853519Henry JBowersCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853519BenjaminOsbornCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853519Mary EOsbornCivil Action1857
CPR1 1853530Henry CDawsonPartition1850
CPR1 1853530HarrisonDawsonPartition1850
CPR1 1853530John WDawsonPartition1850
CPR1 1853530Reuben JDawsonPartition1850
CPR1 1853530HuldahJohnsonPartition1850
CPR1 1853530TenyDilsPartition1850
CPR1 1853530JacobDilsPartition1850
CPR1 1853530Charles HJohnsonPartition1850
CPR1 1853530HenryWalkerPartition1850
CPR1 1853530ElizabethWalkerPartition1850
CPR1 1853530JohnSpencerPartition1850
CPR1 1853530RuthSpencerPartition1850
CPR1 1853591CasperMarisForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853591DionisSattlerForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853591CatharineSattlerForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853591JosephHeinisForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853597ThomasGaffForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853597James WGaffForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853597HenrySwiftForeclosure1858
CPR1 1853601Mary MPowellPartition1858
CPR1 1853601Stephen VPowellPartition1858
CPR1 1853601CelestineHainesPartition1858
CPR1 1853601MyronHainesPartition1858
CPR1 1853601Franklin BCrossPartition1858
CPR1 1853601TheodoreCrossPartition1858
CPR1 1853601Cyrus CCrossPartition1858
CPR1 1853601MargaretCrossPartition1858
CPR1 1853606WilliamFarringtonPartition1858
CPR1 1853606MariaFarringtonPartition1858
CPR1 1853606WilliamDewittPartition1858
CPR2 18581JohnHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581AnnHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581ElizabethHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581WilliamHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581IsabelHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581Christopher Sr.HudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581SarahHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581ElizabethHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581ChristopherHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581MaryHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581JohnHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581William HHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581Christopher Jr.HudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581Ann Sr.HudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18581RebeccaHudsonPartition1858
CPR2 18588JosephWeitzelPartition1858
CPR2 18588RobertBennettPartition1858
CPR2 18588ThomasBennettPartition1858
CPR2 18588CharlesBennettPartition1858
CPR2 18588ElizabethJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588BenjaminJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588Rebecca JaneJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588MargaretJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588AbrahamJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588MilesJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588IsabellaJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588ThomasJordanPartition1858
CPR2 18588RhodaGlennPartition1858
CPR2 18588RobertGlennPartition1858
CPR2 185818CarlMillerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185818CatharineMillerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185818HarrisonHarrelForeclosure1858
CPR2 185818Eliza JaneHarrelForeclosure1858
CPR2 185818DavidSweasyForeclosure1858
CPR2 185833HenryShepperdForeclosure1858
CPR2 185833WilliamLemonForeclosure1858
CPR2 185833Margareth ELemonForeclosure1858
CPR2 185838JohnRymanCivil Action1858
CPR2 185838John AddisonRymanCivil Action1858
CPR2 185838WilliamRymanCivil Action1858
CPR2 185838GeorgeRymanCivil Action1858
CPR2 185845IsaacCoffinForeclosure1858
CPR2 185845EdwardNeilForeclosure1858
CPR2 185845MelvinaNeilForeclosure1858
CPR2 185845Louis SGrenzardForeclosure1858
CPR2 185850JosephBramlagerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185850CharlesZimmerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185855Earnst FMuermanForeclosure1858
CPR2 185855FrederickGardnerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185855CarolineGardnerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185861DanielLakeForeclosure1858
CPR2 185861Geroge WCochranForeclosure1858
CPR2 185861Mary AnnCochranForeclosure1858
CPR2 185868George LCurtissSpecific Performance1858
CPR2 185868Mary EllenBrewingtonSpecific Performance1858
CPR2 185868Emma FlorenceBrewingtonSpecific Performance1858
CPR2 185868Levi IrvinBrewingtonSpecific Performance1858
CPR2 185868Elijah MonroeBrewingtonSpecific Performance1858
CPR2 185876Enoch HMillerForeclosure1858
CPR2 185876CharlesPattonForeclosure1858
CPR2 185876MatildaPattonForeclosure1858
CPR2 185884James CCordryForeclosure1859
CPR2 185884LucindaHumeForeclosure1859
CPR2 185884JamesYounkerForeclosure1859
CPR2 185884Sarah AnnYounkerForeclosure1859
CPR2 185884GeorgeHumeForeclosure1859
CPR2 185890MirandaClementsPartition1859
CPR2 185890Elizabeth ASmallPartition1859
CPR2 185890William HSmallPartition1859
CPR2 185899RebeccaMorrisonPartition1859
CPR2 185899GeorgeTatePartition1859
CPR2 1858105BrowerLudlowCivil Action1859
CPR2 1858105Ellis WBrownCivil Action1859
CPR2 1858111StephenLudlowForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858111JeremiahCrosbyForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858111RebeccaCrosbyForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858117James SWilsonForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858117GeorgeMowbryForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858117HamiltonConawayForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858131CatharineGrafPartition1859
CPR2 1858131MargaretLangPartition1859
CPR2 1858160HughHustonPartition1859
CPR2 1858160CatharineBaileyPartition1859
CPR2 1858160OnerBaileyPartition1859
CPR2 1858160JamesCaldwelPartition1859
CPR2 1858160RebecaCaldwelPartition1859
CPR2 1858160GeorgeCaldwelPartition1859
CPR2 1858166AzariahOldhamPartition1859
CPR2 1858166JudithLyonPartition1859
CPR2 1858182WilliamWhitakerPartition1859
CPR2 1858182MaryWhitakerPartition1859
CPR2 1858182RobertWhitakerPartition1859
CPR2 1858182HannahWhitakerPartition1859
CPR2 1858182ThomasWhitakerPartition1859
CPR2 1858182JaneWhitakerPartition1859
CPR2 1858182FieldingTaylorPartition1859
CPR2 1858182ElizabethTaylorPartition1859
CPR2 1858202PardyBeachForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858202HenryWalkerForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858202HarrietWalkerForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858202Sidney SClarkForeclosure1859
CPR2 1858209HiramChancePartition1859
CPR2 1858209PerryChancePartition1859
CPR2 1858209John Jr.ChancePartition1859
CPR2 1858219John BGarnierCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219SophiaEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219AndrewEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219Marie MEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219MargarethaEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219Andrew AEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219SophiaEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219PhilippEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219Louisa BEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219PhilomenaEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219EliasEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858219John ZEbertCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858230SquireWattsPartition1860
CPR2 1858230IsabellaWattsPartition1860
CPR2 1858230AbiahHayesPartition1860
CPR2 1858230JosephHayesPartition1860
CPR2 1858230JohnMillerPartition1860
CPR2 1858230ElizabethMillerPartition1860
CPR2 1858230WilliamHayesPartition1860
CPR2 1858230SilasHayesPartition1860
CPR2 1858230JobMillerPartition1860
CPR2 1858230RachaelMillerPartition1860
CPR2 1858230HarriettWhipplePartition1860
CPR2 1858230SilasWhipplePartition1860
CPR2 1858230WilliamSparksPartition1860
CPR2 1858280HughMackeyCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858280AndrewMackeyCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858280JohnMackeyCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858280JamesMackeyCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858290Andrew JSmallForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858290JohnCrandalForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858290PerdyBeachForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858296Samuel LJonesForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858296Richard CBondForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858296ElizaBondForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858296Wm JEdwardsForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858296Sallie SEdwardsForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858300John HenryKnollmanCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858300KatharineHelkerCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858300JosephHelkerCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858300HiramKnollmanCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858300FrederickKnollmanCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858305Amelia GCraftForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858305HenryPierceForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858310Richard FOathauldtPartition1860
CPR2 1858310AbrahamCritzerPartition1860
CPR2 1858310SarahCritzerPartition1860
CPR2 1858310Elvira COathauldtPartition1860
CPR2 1858317JohnSpeidelForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858317MichaelSchrimForeclosure1860
CPR2 1858321StrawderCheekCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858321HenryWalkerCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858321HarrietWalkerCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858321Sidney SClarkCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858330Abraham Sr.BriggsForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858330JamesStoughtonForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858330HannahStoughtonForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858335CorneliusO'BrienForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858335JohnTyierForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858339Allen KCampbellForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858339PeterFoxForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858339PeterFuchsForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858339CatharineFoxForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858339CatharineFuchsForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858344SquireWattsPartition1861
CPR2 1858344JosephHayesPartition1861
CPR2 1858344AbiahHayesPartition1861
CPR2 1858344WmHayesPartition1861
CPR2 1858344SilasHayesPartition1861
CPR2 1858344HarrietKnowlesPartition1861
CPR2 1858344JohnKnowlesPartition1861
CPR2 1858344SilasWhipplePartition1861
CPR2 1858360JohnHuffForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858360ThomasWescottForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858360ThomasGilpinForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858360John HenryBrownForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858383JacobHayesForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858383AndrewCatonForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858383IsabelCatonForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858383RobertRodgersForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858390AlethaLearnedPartition1861
CPR2 1858390JudsonLearnedPartition1861
CPR2 1858390James WPatePartition1861
CPR2 1858390JohnPatePartition1861
CPR2 1858390Sarah AnnPatePartition1861
CPR2 1858390Robert FPatePartition1861
CPR2 1858390Rebecca JaneBarcusPartition1861
CPR2 1858390DanielBarcusPartition1861
CPR2 1858390LavinaPatePartition1861
CPR2 1858390JeremiahPatePartition1861
CPR2 1858400JohnCrozierPartition1861
CPR2 1858405CharlesJaegerPartition1861
CPR2 1858405Nancy EO'ConnellPartition1861
CPR2 1858405JeremiahO'ConnellPartition1861
CPR2 1858405Geroge WLawrencePartition1861
CPR2 1858410EleanorBondForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858410RobertLazenbyForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858410Elizabeth WLazenbyForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858417JacobHayesForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858417LewisKohlermanForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858417ElizabethKohlermanForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858424EvalineKilseyPartition1861
CPR2 1858424CharlesChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858424MaryChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858424Ann RTaylorPartition1861
CPR2 1858424George VChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858424RhodaJohnsonPartition1861
CPR2 1858424John FranklinChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858424Augusta GChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858424Alta MChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858424EmaRichardsonPartition1861
CPR2 1858424DorothaChurchillPartition1861
CPR2 1858432Harrison DMooreForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858432Lucretia JPateForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858432RhodaPateForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858432James RPateForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858432WilliamPateForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858432Maryy BirdPateForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858436CharlesChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436EvalineKelseySpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436MaryChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436Ann RTaylorSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436George VChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436RhodaJohnsonSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436John FranklinChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436Augusta GChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436Alta MChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436EmmaRichardsonSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858436DorothyChurchillSpecific Performance1861
CPR2 1858441Elizabeth JCheethamPartition1861
CPR2 1858441John BCheethamPartition1861
CPR2 1858441Mary AnnCheethamPartition1861
CPR2 1858453Alanson BClarkForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858453WilliamWebberForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858453Charles PGouldForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858453CaswellHoffmanForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858453ElizabethHuffmanForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858458SolomonBiddigerCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858458WilliamMcMannamanCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858458SamuelBoutcherCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858458Nathan RBoutcherCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858458EphraimRockafellerCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858458RebeccaFoxCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858458BenjaminWestCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858468EdwardTateForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858468WilliamBrownForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858468AmandaBrownForeclosure1861
CPR2 1858473Daniel SMajorAttachment1861
CPR2 1858473JosephFosterAttachment1861
CPR2 1858477SamuelDavisCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858477Thomas WWescottCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858477SarahWescottCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858477Joseph PCloudCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858477Eddward ACongerCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858477MartenySkidmoreCivil Action1861
CPR2 1858486William Jr.TateForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858468William Sr.TateForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858468Rebecca LTateForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858468AbiahHayesForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858495JamesCordryForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858495Lawford GFaulknerForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858495Julia AFaulknerForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858501Conrad FrederickNienheiserForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858501Herman HeinrichBlaseForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858508HughAlexanderForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517IsaacDunnForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517PageCheekForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517ElizaCheekForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517RuttillaBurrForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517JosiahChambersForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517Levi EStevensForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517Wm FStevensForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858517FrancisWymondForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858530MargarethaRossCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858530GeorgeRossCivil Action1860
CPR2 1858547Joshua WHughesForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858547SolomonAdamsForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858547Thomas WKinseyForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858547John DHaynesForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858547HenryBurroughsForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858551Ann MCasePartition1862
CPR2 1858551EzekielCasePartition1862
CPR2 1858551ClarkCasePartition1862
CPR2 1858551MargaretCasePartition1862
CPR2 1858551Ferris HWhipplePartition1862
CPR2 1858551JeremiahNowlinPartition1862
CPR2 1858556Samuel LJonesForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858556John SShattuckForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858556Sarah SShattuckForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858556Selvynn PHillForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858556AbrahamHaynesForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858556JacobEbersoleForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858563WillisLemonAttachment1862
CPR2 1858563George WJohnsonAttachment1862
CPR2 1858569JamesGoldAttachment1862
CPR2 1858569WarrenTebbsAttachment1862
CPR2 1858574Sarah AnnPerryPartition1862
CPR2 1858574AnthonyChasePartition1862
CPR2 1858574HenryPoosPartition1862
CPR2 1858579StephenLudlowForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858579Peter JConnellyForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858579AnnConnellyForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858584StephenLudlowForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858584Eliza JaneShawForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858584RobertShawForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858584JosephShawForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858584SusanShawForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858584MaryShawForeclosure1862
CPR2 1858591StephenLudlowCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858591Lee Ann BLudlowCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858591James CJuddCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858598ThomasGaffCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858598James WGaffCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858598JoshuaSethCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858598RachelSethCivil Action1862
CPR2 1858603Isabella AMcCrearyPartition1862
CPR2 1858603William HMcCrearyPartition1862
CPR2 1858603John WLambertsonPartition1862
CPR2 1858603Francis WLambertsonPartition1862
CPR3 18631ChristopherBeltonPartition1863
CPR3 18631CatharineKneherPartition1863
CPR3 18631KatyKusherPartition1863
CPR3 18631MargaretKusherPartition1863
CPR3 18631GeorgeKusherPartition1863
CPR3 18631ElizaKusherPartition1863
CPR3 186325NancyBurkPartition1863
CPR3 186325MariaTebbsPartition1863
CPR3 186325Jane SConversePartition1863
CPR3 186325WilliamSnyderPartition1863
CPR3 186325CharlesSnyderPartition1863
CPR3 186335JosephWeitzelCivil Action1863
CPR3 186335ChristopherWeberCivil Action1863
CPR3 186335ElizabethWeberCivil Action1863
CPR3 186341MahitableHubblePartition1863
CPR3 186341Mary AnnMcKinlyPartition1863
CPR3 186341ElizabethOsbornPartition1863
CPR3 186341John BOsbornPartition1863
CPR3 186341Harriet PMcKinlyPartition1863
CPR3 186341SylviaMcKinlyPartition1863
CPR3 186341Selena EMcKinlyPartition1863
CPR3 186345Aaron BHenryPartition1863
CPR3 186345JesseHenryPartition1863
CPR3 186345LydiaHenryPartition1863
CPR3 186345John WDolsonPartition1863
CPR3 186345Sophia DDolsonPartition1863
CPR3 186345Mary JaneCarbaughPartition1863
CPR3 186345Isaac HCarbaughPartition1863
CPR3 186345WilliamWymondPartition1863
CPR3 186345Daniel SMajorPartition1863
CPR3 186348PheobeFreemanCivil Action1863
CPR3 186348Enoch WJacksonCivil Action1863
CPR3 186348ElizabethJacksonCivil Action1863
CPR3 186357Louis SHeissPartition1863
CPR3 186357ThomasGaffPartition1863
CPR3 186357James WGaffPartition1863
CPR3 186376Lewis SHeisPartition1863
CPR3 186376GeorgeRossPartition1863
CPR3 1863126Charles WStevensForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863126William FCarbaughForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863126SophiaCarbaughForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863130JohnDormanForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863130WilliamMartinForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863130MaryMartinForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135JohnKinnittForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135George WWeimerForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135Mary EWeimerForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135ThomasGaffForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135James WGaffForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135AbramEpsteinForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863135John WHartwellForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863141WilliamVolkForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863141Johann AdamFaisstForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863141KatharineFaisstForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863141JohnZieglerForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863149PiercyWheelerPartition1863
CPR3 1863149EmerChilsonPartition1863
CPR3 1863149JohnChilsonPartition1863
CPR3 1863149DanielChilsonPartition1863
CPR3 1863149AndrewChilsonPartition1863
CPR3 1863149NanceyChilsonPartition1863
CPR3 1863149GeorgePatrickPartition1863
CPR3 1863149Mary JPatrickPartition1863
CPR3 1863149PerleeRowlandPartition1863
CPR3 1863149Olive AnnRowlandPartition1863
CPR3 1863149EmilyGeloniPartition1863
CPR3 1863149JohnGeloniPartition1863
CPR3 1863149LeanderBartholomewPartition1863
CPR3 1863149LewisChilsonPartition1863
CPR3 1863163JosephChurchillTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163MaryChurchillTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163EvalineKelseyTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163LeantheKelseyTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163CharlesChurchillTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163RhodaJohnsonTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163FranklinJohnsonTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163Alta MChurchillTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163DorathaBurlingameTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163BenjaminBurlingameTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163John FranklinChurchillTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163Augusta GChurchillTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863163EmmaRichardsonTitle bond1863
CPR3 1863173SilasNowlinForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863173RichardGrubbsForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863173JulianGrubbsForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863178SilasNowlinPartition1863
CPR3 1863178NancyBurkPartition1863
CPR3 1863178JamesBurkPartition1863
CPR3 1863185Peter MGivanPartition1863
CPR3 1863185George MGivanPartition1863
CPR3 1863202JohnHornbergerForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863202John EBranerForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863202HenryLommellForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863202WilhelminaNickelForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863202Mary Eliz ChristNickelForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863209StephenLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209Lee Ann BLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209BrowerLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209Ruth BellLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209Edward SLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209Omer TLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209George TLudlowCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209KosmasFrederickCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863209MichaelRothCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863224Maria RBruinPartition1863
CPR3 1863224Jane BBruinPartition1863
CPR3 1863224Lucretia JPatePartition1863
CPR3 1863237WarrenTateForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863237Jacob PDunnForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863237Harriett LDunnForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863237WilliamTateForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863243Lewis SGruzardForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863243EdwardNeilForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863243MalvinaNeilForeclosure1863
CPR3 1863250JohnBeatyCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863250JacobGoreCivil Action1863
CPR3 1863254Thomas MKylePartition1864
CPR3 1863254William HKylePartition1864
CPR3 1863254LafayetteKylePartition1864
CPR3 1863254Mellissa JHarrisonPartition1864
CPR3 1863254Mary EHarrisonPartition1864
CPR3 1863254Sarah AnnMendelPartition1864
CPR3 1863254Mary ElizaMendelPartition1864
CPR3 1863254JacobMendelPartition1864
CPR3 1863254William HenryMendelPartition1864
CPR3 1863254Louisa JaneKylePartition1864
CPR3 1863254GeorgeMendelPartition1864
CPR3 1863254MaryKylePartition1864
CPR3 1863267SquireWattsPartition1864
CPR3 1863267AbiahHayesPartition1864
CPR3 1863277IsaacHayesPartition1864
CPR3 1863277MargaretChristopherPartition1864
CPR3 1863277JosephChristopherPartition1864
CPR3 1863277Abiah Jr.HayesPartition1864
CPR3 1863277LewisHayesPartition1864
CPR3 1863277SilasHayesPartition1864
CPR3 1863277ElizabethMillerPartition1864
CPR3 1863277JohnMillerPartition1864
CPR3 1863293HannahWoodruffPartition1864
CPR3 1863293William Sr.WoodruffPartition1864
CPR3 1863293AlansonMarshPartition1864
CPR3 1863293William Jr.WoodruffPartition1864
CPR3 1863293Evaline AWoodruffPartition1864
CPR3 1863304KatharineWeiselReal estate1864
CPR3 1863306Mary AnnMcKinleyPartition1864
CPR3 1863313EstherConwellReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313Emma LHurlbertReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313Lewis CHurlbertReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313Rachael SGaffReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313James WGaffReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313Jennette GBurtonReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313Benjamin HBurtonReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313John AConwellReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313Louisa RConwellReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313RachaelMusgraveReal estate1864
CPR3 1863313HezekiahMusgraveReal estate1864
CPR3 1863355BarbaraSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863355MargaretSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863355EvaSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863355MichaelSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863355JohnSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863355MatthiasSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863355GeorgeSingerPartition1864
CPR3 1863373SophiaMemmingerReal estate1864
CPR3 1863380MargaretRubeyPartition1864
CPR3 1863393RobertBarkerCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863393CasperWeekleyCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863393Susan JBarkerCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863393EdwardBarkerCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863393ElizabethBarkerCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863393EmaBarkerCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863393JohnBarkerCivil Action1864
CPR3 1863400David ABrooksPartition1864
CPR3 1863400David EBrooksPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Mary CWoodPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Charles GBrooksPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Sarah JBrooksPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Joseph MBrooksPartition1864
CPR3 1863400ElizabethBrooksPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Henry BGaultPartition1864
CPR3 1863400John HGaultPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Fernandez HGaultPartition1864
CPR3 1863400NancyGaultPartition1864
CPR3 1863400John CMoorePartition1864
CPR3 1863400L SMoorePartition1864
CPR3 1863400HarrietArnoldPartition1864
CPR3 1863400MartinArnoldPartition1864
CPR3 1863400MaryMoorePartition1864
CPR3 1863400Charles HMoorePartition1864
CPR3 1863400IsaacMoorePartition1864
CPR3 1863400Mary JTaylorPartition1864
CPR3 1863400Benjamin MTaylorPartition1864
CPR3 1863400William STaylorPartition1864
CPR3 1863411MarkMcCrackenPartition1866
CPR3 1863422Francis DunnRobinsonPartition1866
CPR3 1863422George HDunnPartition1866
CPR3 1863432John GStengerCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863432FrederickSchmidtCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439ElijahThacherCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Arena CThacherCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Hiram LThacherCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Cynthia AThacherCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439CharlesThacherCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Mary AThacherCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439IsaacConawayCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Rachael EConawayCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439SimonConawayCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Arena CConawayCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439JacksonMillerCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863439Andrew JPetusCivil Action1866
CPR3 1863447ThomasKylePartition1866
CPR3 1863447HenryMendelPartition1866
CPR3 1863447JacobMendelPartition1866
CPR3 1863447Mary ElizaMendelPartition1866
CPR3 1863447Sarah AnnMendelPartition1866
CPR3 1863447Louisa JaneKylePartition1866
CPR3 1863447William HKylePartition1866
CPR3 1863447LafayetteKylePartition1866
CPR3 1863447JaneHarrisonPartition1866
CPR3 1863447ElizabethHarrisonPartition1866
CPR3 1863457JohnKillenePartition1866
CPR3 1863457MaryKillenePartition1866
CPR3 1863457SukeKillenePartition1866
CPR3 1863457BridgetKillenePartition1866
CPR3 1863457BridgetVaheyPartition1866
CPR3 1863457JamesVaheyPartition1866
CPR3 1863457RobertMaloneyPartition1866
CPR3 1863470Martha MJohnsonPartition1866
CPR3 1863470JaneSimonsonPartition1866
CPR3 1863486Jesse MLairdPartition1866
CPR3 1863486NancyLairdPartition1866
CPR3 1863498HenriettaMillerPartition1866
CPR3 1863498HenryWeberPartition1866
CPR3 1863523E GBonhamAttachment1866
CPR3 1863523JohnSiebelAttachment1866
CPR3 1863527ElishaLambertsonPartition1866
CPR3 1863527JohnLambertsonPartition1866
CPR3 1863527ElizabethNewelPartition1866
CPR3 1863527John NNewelPartition1866
CPR3 1863547John SThiebaudDeed1867
CPR3 1863547H JBowersDeed1867
CPR3 1863547PatrickHowardDeed1867
CPR3 1863551SamuelStockwellForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863551MaryStockwellForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863551George HMatsonForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863551AugenettaMatsonForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863555JohnToddForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863555WilliamHustonForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863555JennetHustonForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863560SamuelBowlesForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863560BernhardWaldemairForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863564WilliamGarsideCivil Action1867
CPR3 1863564HenryNowlinCivil Action1867
CPR3 1863564PhilipMichaelsCivil Action1867
CPR3 1863567Sarah AnnPowerContest will1867
CPR3 1863567Hannah WVailContest will1867
CPR3 1863567WilliamWebberContest will1867
CPR3 1863567William SHolmanContest will1867
CPR3 1863567SamuelMusgraveContest will1867
CPR3 1863580Henry JBowersDeed1867
CPR3 1863580JamesRodockerDeed1867
CPR3 1863586FrederickHuckeryForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863586PhilipKastnerForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863586WilliamNucklesForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863586ElizabethNucklesForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863590Andrew JBrocksForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863590CharlesDavisForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863590FrancisDavisForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863590Benjamin FDavisForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863590MargaretDavisForeclosure1867
CPR3 1863595FrederickWinterPartition1867
CPR3 1863595BarbaraFreyPartition1867
CPR3 1863595NicholasFreyPartition1867
CPR3 1863595MaryPuseyPartition1867
CPR3 1863595Andrew JPuseyPartition1867
CPR3 1863595MaryPlussPartition1867
CPR3 1863595CasperPlussPartition1867
CPR3 1863595MargaretLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863595CatharineLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863595GeorgeLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863607MaryPlussPartition1867
CPR3 1863607CasperPlussPartition1867
CPR3 1863607MargaretLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863607CatharineLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863607GeorgeLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863617ElizabethRussellPartition1867
CPR3 1863633Martha MJohnsonPartition1867
CPR3 1863633JaneSimonsonPartition1867
CPR3 1863646AndrewMorganCivil Action1867
CPR3 1863646BridgetVaheyCivil Action1867
CPR3 1863648NancyBurkPartition1867
CPR3 1863648MariaTibbsPartition1867
CPR3 1863650MaryPlussPartition1867
CPR3 1863650CasperPlussPartition1867
CPR3 1863650MargaretLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863650CatharineLutzPartition1867
CPR3 1863650GeorgeLutzPartition1867
CPR4 18641Amos MRossPartition1864
CPR4 186410JohnHornbergerForeclosure1865
CPR4 186410Sophie Sr.ReinekingForeclosure1865
CPR4 186425LouisaWerbachPartition1865
CPR4 186425CatharineDeafenbachPartition1865
CPR4 186425GeorgeBartlesPartition1865
CPR4 186425FrankBartlesPartition1865
CPR4 186428Edwin RMcCrearyPartition1865
CPR4 186436JosephSherbaughPartition1865
CPR4 186436MarySherbaughPartition1865
CPR4 186436JamesMurtaghPartition1865
CPR4 186436Thomas GMurtaghPartition1865
CPR4 186436Catharine CMurtaghPartition1865
CPR4 186436John FMurtaghPartition1865
CPR4 186436MargarethaMurtaghPartition1865
CPR4 186444William TEdwardsDeed1865
CPR4 186444George TSmithDeed1865
CPR4 186448James WGaffForeclosure1865
CPR4 186448PeterWessaForeclosure1865
CPR4 186448MargarethaWessaForeclosure1865
CPR4 186453Anna ChristinaWeingartPartition1865
CPR4 186453JohnWeingartPartition1865
CPR4 186475George WWhipplePartition1865
CPR4 186475HannahWhipplePartition1865
CPR4 186481Henry JBowersDeed1867
CPR4 186481JamesRodockerDeed1867
CPR4 186486ElizabethRussellPartition1869
CPR4 186486AnnMurdockPartition1869
CPR4 186486WilliamRussellPartition1869
CPR4 186486MaryRussellPartition1869
CPR4 186486HughRussellPartition1869
CPR4 186486Sarah JaneRussellPartition1869
CPR4 186486Elizabeth Jr.RussellPartition1869
CPR4 1864103FrancisRiddellForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864103Jane SWardForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864103Charles SWardForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864109Ruth Ann Sr.DarlingPartition1869
CPR4 1864109Mary JHunterPartition1869
CPR4 1864121Puella MChurchillPartition1869
CPR4 1864126ThomasGaffForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864126James WGaffForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864126John BVailForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864126Sarah AVailForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864132Bazil NMcHenryForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864132John MNewellForeclosure1869
CPR4 1864137William TFerrisForeclosure1868
CPR4 1864137Joseph HHayesForeclosure1868
CPR4 1864142WilliamTateReal estate1868
CPR4 1864142AmandaTateReal estate1868
CPR4 1864152GeorgeSchleicherForeclosure1859
CPR4 1864152AugustSchusterForeclosure1859
CPR4 1864152JohannaSchusterForeclosure1859
CPR4 1864158George DWinchellAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158Solomon PTumyAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158Stephen HBurtonAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158JohnSchappAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158Addison EChamberlainAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158Isaac WKeelerAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158WilliamSellewAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158Abel DBreedAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158CharlesWolffAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158MartinMeyerAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158William EYongeAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158C H WilliamWernekeAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158WilliamResorAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158NicholasPattersonAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158Joseph WWayneAttachment1860
CPR4 1864158JohnCampbellAttachment1860
CPR4 1864201JacobSchimpfForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201CharlesMemmingerForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201PiusFrederickForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201MartinTittelForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201WarrenTateForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201Ernst VKlingelhofferForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201RudolphWalterForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864201JacobGuysieForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864225WillisLemonAttachment1861
CPR4 1864225George WJohnsonAttachment1861
CPR4 1864231WarrenTateForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864231George WHenryForeclosure1861
CPR4 1864234JohnHendersonForeclosure1870
CPR4 1864234Francis MFagalyForeclosure1870
CPR4 1864234Caroline LFagalyForeclosure1870
CPR4 1864238JamesMurteghForeclosure1871
CPR4 1864238Amos PWrightForeclosure1871
CPR4 1864238LucettaWrightForeclosure1871
CPR4 1864238WilliamBergerForeclosure1871
CPR4 1864244AnniePerrinePartition1871
CPR4 1864244AngelinePerrinePartition1871
CPR5 18671IsaacGoldenForeclosure1867
CPR5 18671MaryGoldenForeclosure1867
CPR5 18671James GSwanForeclosure1867
CPR5 18675JohnBuffingtonCivil Action1867
CPR5 18675William CBuffingtonCivil Action1867
CPR5 186725William OMcCrackenForeclosure1867
CPR5 186725Henry EKauffmanForeclosure1867
CPR5 186725Elizabeth CKauffmanForeclosure1867
CPR5 186731TemperanceLeggPartition1867
CPR5 186731John CLeggPartition1867
CPR5 186731Constance ALeggPartition1867
CPR5 186731Margaret RebeccaLeggPartition1867
CPR5 186741WilliamMcKownCivil Action1867
CPR5 186741MosasMaasCivil Action1867
CPR5 186756Albert BGoddenDisbarment1867
CPR5 186764EdwardShieldsPartition1867
CPR5 186764SusanBarkerPartition1867
CPR5 186764MaryDrumPartition1867
CPR5 186764ThomasDrumPartition1867
CPR5 186781JosephTittelForeclosure1867
CPR5 186781BonaparteBradleyForeclosure1867
CPR5 186781JosephHuntForeclosure1867
CPR5 186781LouisRandolphForeclosure1867
CPR5 186788Louis G Sr.HurlbertForeclosure1868
CPR5 186788Louis G Jr.HurlbertForeclosure1868
CPR5 186788JobBlakeForeclosure1868
CPR5 186792Noah CDurhamForeclosure1868
CPR5 186792WilliamMartinForeclosure1868
CPR5 186792MaryMartinForeclosure1868
CPR5 186795CharlesPleasantsForeclosure1868
CPR5 186795Thomas LChismanForeclosure1868
CPR5 186798JoshuaBrewingtonForeclosure1868
CPR5 186798LouisRudolphForeclosure1868
CPR5 186798Anna BRudolphForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867102WilliamTateForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867102JohnSeftonForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867102MarySeftonForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867106KosmasFrederickDeed1868
CPR5 1867106KatharinaRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867106AnnaRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867106Caroline LRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867106LouisaRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867106BerthaRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867106EmmaRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867106William FrederickRothDeed1868
CPR5 1867113AndreasWalterForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867113WilliamPoseinerForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867120JamesBurkForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867120Michael SWilliamsForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867120ElizabethWilliamsForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867120MichaelWilliamsForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867122John WCrandallPartition1868
CPR5 1867122ElizabethPatePartition1868
CPR5 1867122Peter SPatePartition1868
CPR5 1867122RebeccaNeighbutPartition1868
CPR5 1867135John MHooverAttachment1868
CPR5 1867135Garret VDentonAttachment1868
CPR5 1867135Richard GBondAttachment1868
CPR5 1867135John ZBennettAttachment1868
CPR5 1867135GeorgeBennettAttachment1868
CPR5 1867140CatharineShattuckPartition1868
CPR5 1867140AliceShattuckPartition1868
CPR5 1867140HarrietShattuckPartition1868
CPR5 1867140Asa Jr.ShattuckPartition1868
CPR5 1867140John SShattuckPartition1868
CPR5 1867140RoxannaShattuckPartition1868
CPR5 1867140AureliaJonesPartition1868
CPR5 1867140JesseJonesPartition1868
CPR5 1867140PameliaShockleyPartition1868
CPR5 1867140GeorgeShockleyPartition1868
CPR5 1867140EmilyConwayPartition1868
CPR5 1867140JohnConwayPartition1868
CPR5 1867140AugustaWilliamsPartition1868
CPR5 1867140CharlesWilliamsPartition1868
CPR5 1867145KatyKneherCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867145MargaretKneherCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867145GeorgeKneherCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867145ElizaKneherCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867145CatharineMillerCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867145ChristianMillerCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867153PardeeBeachCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867153Garret VDentonCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867153GeorgeBennettCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867158Bazil NMcHenryForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867158HudsonLamkinForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867158CharlesLamkinForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867158Rebecca JLamkinForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867158Eliza ALamkinForeclosure1868
CPR5 1867173Kendall MLewisCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173FrederickZellCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173Sarah MRiddellCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173FrancisRiddellCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173WilliamRiddellCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173OliviaRiddellCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173FrankRiddellCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173CorneliusO'BrienCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867173John FCheekCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867187IsaacDunnCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867187Ann BHunterCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867187WalkerHunterCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867187FannyHunterCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867187EmmettHunterCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867187James JHunterCivil Action1868
CPR5 1867193Hanson AMooreCivil Action1869
CPR5 1867193Sommers BFaulkenburghCivil Action1869
CPR5 1867201AdamDarbyCivil Action1869
CPR5 1867201Samuel SWebsterCivil Action1869
CPR5 1867208MargarettaToddCivil Action1867
CPR5 1867208ElizaLangleyCivil Action1867
CPR5 1867223FrederickYonkCivil Action1869
CPR5 1867223LeonhardtSiemantelCivil Action1869
CPR5 1867223Frederick DWorthCivil Action1869
CPR6 18691Thomas JShannonForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691FrederickBellForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691OmerTouseyForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691RudolphWalterForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691GeorgeFreynForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691GeorgeHuschartForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691George WHuschartForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691JosephLimbachForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691Henry AHitzfieldForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691JohnSchererForeclosure1869
CPR6 18691Joseph HBurkhamForeclosure1869
CPR6 186932DelanahHayesPartition1869
CPR6 186932James CHayesPartition1869
CPR6 186932Dewitt CFitchPartition1869
CPR6 186932LeahFitchPartition1869
CPR6 186951LouisaHoogPartition1869
CPR6 186951MartinHoogPartition1869
CPR6 186951Anna MariaSchwarzPartition1869
CPR6 186951John AnthonySchwarzPartition1869
CPR6 186951CatharineGraefenhanPartition1869
CPR6 186951ErnstGraefenhanPartition1869
CPR6 186951AnthonyGraefenhanPartition1869
CPR6 186951EdwardGraefenhanPartition1869
CPR6 186951EmmaGraefenhanPartition1869
CPR6 186970MatthiasMillerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970ElizaCovalCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970WillisCovalCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970JaneConnellyCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970Andrew JConnellyCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970Mary AnnSkinnerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970JohnSkinnerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970LouisaHawkinsCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970JamesHawkinsCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970Nathaniel GMillerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970CatharineMillerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970MaryCrossCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970ElizabethSteelCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970WarrenSteelCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970PeterMillerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970JohnMillerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186970AnnMillerCivil Action1869
CPR6 186981RosaliaGehlertPartition1869
CPR6 186981PhilipGehlertPartition1869
CPR6 186981TheodoreDuscherPartition1869
CPR6 186992BasiliBinderConveyance1869
CPR6 186992PeterHartmannConveyance1869
CPR6 186992GeorgeHuschartConveyance1869
CPR6 186992George WHuschartConveyance1869
CPR6 186992JosephLimbachConveyance1869
CPR6 186992John JosephBinderConveyance1869
CPR6 186992Maria CarolinaBinderConveyance1869
CPR6 186992Anna TheresiaBinderConveyance1869
CPR6 1869102ConstantinSchaierForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869102WendelHohnForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869102KatharinaHohnForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869109Johann J Sr.HauckForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869109JuliusGebhardForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869109LouisaGebhardForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869109John J Jr.HauckForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869109Ann EHauckForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869109GideonRennerForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869115WilliamMcDonaldAttachment1869
CPR6 1869115JeremiahWoodworthAttachment1869
CPR6 1869115DanielStarkAttachment1869
CPR6 1869122WarrenKincaidForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869122IndianaHeadleyForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869127HamiltonConawayForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869127WilliamOwenForeclosure1869
CPR6 1869132JamesMuirPartition1869
CPR6 1869132AliceMuirPartition1869
CPR6 1869132James Jr.MuirPartition1869
CPR6 1869132JohnMuirPartition1869
CPR6 1869142Richard TWinkleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869142Hannah SWinkleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869142Sarah JDavisPartition1870
CPR6 1869142James KWinkleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869142Amos LWinkleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869142Hannah AWinkleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869155ElizabethShumanPartition1870
CPR6 1869155LydiaCainPartition1870
CPR6 1869155HumphreyCainPartition1870
CPR6 1869155JacobShumanPartition1870
CPR6 1869155John BShumanPartition1870
CPR6 1869155Thomas BShumanPartition1870
CPR6 1869155ElizabethGethardPartition1870
CPR6 1869155J HGethardPartition1870
CPR6 1869155SusanMcGillilandPartition1870
CPR6 1869155AndrewMcGillilandPartition1870
CPR6 1869155WilliamMoorePartition1870
CPR6 1869155JamesMoorePartition1870
CPR6 1869155BrandonMoorePartition1870
CPR6 1869155CharlesJohnsonPartition1870
CPR6 1869169Henry WHarringtonForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869169Moses KRosebrughForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869169Thomas NBoydForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869169IsabellaBoydForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869169John KThompsonForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869180FirmanMarshallForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869180Henry GWilliamsForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869180Esther PWilliamsForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869188MauriceDe St PalaisForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869188PhilipWuestForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869188CatharineWuestForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869194George WCochranForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869194DennisMcInerneyForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869194SusanMcInerneyForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869198George WCochranForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869198GeorgeHibbertForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869198MargaretHibbertForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869202George WCochranForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869202WilliamScobleForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869202MaryScobleForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869206RobertCriswellForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869206AbrahamEpsteinForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869206BettyEpsteinForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869206Nathan RStedmanForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869206JamesGreerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869224LeonhartSiemantelForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869224SimonSiemantelForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869224Anna BarbaraSiemantelForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869230LeonardSiemantelForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869230SimonSiemantelForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869230BarbaraSiemantelForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869230EgidiusBraunagleForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869230BarbaraBraunagleForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869235StrawderCheekForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869235LutherPlummerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869235LydiaPlummerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869242MinervaChismanForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869242AmbroseTannerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869242NancyTannerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869246HarrietHundleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869246JohnHundleyPartition1870
CPR6 1869246IndianaKramPartition1870
CPR6 1869246SchuylerKramPartition1870
CPR6 1869246RachelPattonPartition1870
CPR6 1869246CharlesPattonPartition1870
CPR6 1869246Olive EGrayPartition1870
CPR6 1869246GeorgeBaldridgePartition1870
CPR6 1869246MargaretFrancisPartition1870
CPR6 1869246Thomas E Jr.FrancisPartition1870
CPR6 1869246RobertPattonPartition1870
CPR6 1869259John CCraigForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869259Samuel Jr.McElfreshForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869259HenryTruittForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869259Mary ETruittForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869267TheodoreBumillerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869267AndrewBartholomeForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869267CatharineBartholomeForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869272RobertCreswellCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869272Eliza NBushCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869272Lazarus UBushCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869279IsaacDunnForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869279JohnHeimbergerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869285AsaJacksonForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869285AbroseTannerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869285NancyTannerForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869290ElizabethBloomCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869290AugustBloomCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869290AlbertBloomCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869290Frederick DWorthCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869290CarolineWorthCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869290RobertCriswellCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869290WilliamWheelerCivil Action1870
CPR6 1869298WarrenKinkaidForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869298IndianaHeadleyForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869298IndianaCrowellForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869298Ira CCrowellForeclosure1870
CPR6 1869304Charles WStevensPartition1870
CPR6 1869304JamesMcKinneyPartition1870
CPR6 1869304ElizabethMcKinneyPartition1870
CPR6 1869304Daniel MHayesPartition1870
CPR6 1869304JobHayesPartition1870
CPR6 1869347IsaacDunnCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869347AugustHustedCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869347MaryHustedCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869352IsaacDunnCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869352John BGarnierCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869352JosephRisselCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869361OmerTouseyForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361Catherine ElizabethRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361Anna BarbaraRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361CarolineRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361LouiseRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361BerthaRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361EmmaRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361William FrederickRothForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869361KosmosFrederickForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869368ElizabethGundelfoeferForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869368GeorgeEnselbergerForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869368CatherineEnselbergerForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869374JacobHayesCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869374HughO'ConnerCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869380John CMooreCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869380Martin WArnoldCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869380HarrietArnoldCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869383John CMooreForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869383Martin MArnoldForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869383HarrietArnoldForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869389AnthonySchottForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869389AndreasHornbachForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869389FrancisHornbachForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869398James WGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869398ThomasGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869398Henry WSmithCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869398John JBackmanCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869398WinneyCarliinCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869404AttarahBuelForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869404GottleibHoefferForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869418EberhardBorgersForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869418Frederick WHelwigForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869418AnnaHelwigForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869434Joel HBledsoeCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869434James GSwanCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869434JohnHollandCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869451HenryAdlerForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451AbrahamEpsteinForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451BettyEpsteinForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451HerzEpsteinForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451BettieEpsteinForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451George PeterVogelForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451LeopoldKupperschmidtForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869451Gustavus AKastnerForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869484JohnSettyCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869484JohnCollinsCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869484SarahCollinsCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869484James WGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869484RachaelGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869494ThomasGuionCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869494John MHooverCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869494HarrietHooverCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869494Sarah APearsonCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869502OliverSoperCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869502JamesRodockerCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869508PeterSchmithCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869508MathewHerbertCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869508BarbaraHerbertCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869516James WGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869516George WCochranCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869516MarthaCochranCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869525Benjamin FDraperCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869525MaryDraperCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869525ElizabethAngevineCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869545William L SJonesForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869545John TSmithForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869545Mary AnnSmithForeclosure1871
CPR6 1869560ThomasGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869560James WGaffCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869560George WLaneCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869560JacobHayesCivil Action1871
CPR6 1869560JohnBruceCivil Action1871

Ohio County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Aug 1872

Proceedings of the Ohio County, Indiana Common Pleas Court for August 1872 appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 8 Aug 1872 – Page 3, Column 2

Ohio Common Pleas.

The Rising Sun Recorder of the 3d inst. says:

An adjourned term of the Ohio Common Pleas was begun on last Wednesday, Judge Scott Carter presiding. The cases for trial are:

Joseph A. Burkham vs. The Lawrenceburg Woolen Manufacturing Company, Elijah S. Blasdel, Levin B. Lewis, Ezra G. Hayes, and Anson Marshall

George B. Fitch, administrator, vs. the same defendants

John P. Tyson et al vs. John C. Craig, administrator of Hugh Smith, deceased.

The first named case was put on its trial before a jury on Thursday. The issues formed for trial is between the plaintiff and Ezra G. Hayes. The complainant seeks to make the defendant liable for a loan of ten thousand dollars of United States 5.20 bonds made by Anson Marshall to the woolen mill in the year 1867. The counsel for plaintiff are Messrs. John D. Haynes, F. Adkinson, and John K. Thompson; for defendant, Messrs. D. S. Major, Wm. S. Holman, John Schwartz, O. D. Liddel, and S. R. Downey.

A special term of the Ohio Circuit Court was held by Judge Carter, for the hearing of what is known as the Barkshire case.

The session will probably occupy several days of next.

Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Jan 1870

Proceedings of the January 1870 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:
Aurora Peoples Advocate – 17 Feb 1870 – Page 3, Column 4

List of Cases Disposed of at the January Term of the Dearborn Common Pleas Court.

James W. Boatman vs. Joshua Bates, et al, continued until the next term of court.

Mary A. Ganter vs. Dominicker Ganter—dismissed in vacation, at the cost of plaintiff.

Anna Perine vs. Angeline Perine—continued until the next term of this court.

Thomas Mason, guardian &c., vs. B. Bradley—by agreement of parties, this cause is dismissed at the costs of def., and plaintiff has leave to withdraw papers.

Otta G. Kincaid vs. C. H. W. Wernicke—dismissed and costs paid.

Moses Maas vs. Joshua Bates et al—continued until next term of this court.

August Schultz vs. Andrew Billings—continued until next term.

First National Bank vs. Henry F. Ferris—continued to next term of this court, and alias process awarded.

State vs. Joseph Meunch—continued to next term and alias process awarded.

State vs. David Laughlin—continued until next term, and alias process awarded.

State vs. Strawder Cheek—comes the District Attorney and says he will not further prosecute said cause, and defendant allowed to go home.

State vs. McDonald Cheek—the Prosecutor enters a nol. pros., and defendant allowed to go home.

State vs. James Waller—the Prosecutor enters a nol. pros. in the above case.

State vs. Samuel Dean—the Prosecutor enters a nol. pros. and defendant allowed to go home.

State vs. Samuel Bean—Prosecutor enters a nol. pros. and defendant allowed to go home.

State on relation of Louisa Windhorst—continued until next term and alias process awarded.

State vs. Fred. Rusha—continued to next term and alias process awarded.

State vs. John Buell—dismissed.

State vs. Geo. Nevitt—dismissed.

State vs. David Tibbetts—continued to next term and alias process awarded.

State vs. Nathan Wilson—continued to next term.

David T. Hunter vs. Vietus Radspinner—dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Walter & Schotter vs. Timothy Guard—judgment by default for $392.48.

Nathaniel Todd, Isaac Bruce, Margaret Todd, Lemuel G. Elder, Ben. P. Boardman, John Bruce, Wm. H. Small, Cyrus Canfield, and Geo. Mentell vs. The North Hogan Turnpike Co.—dismissed at the costs of plaintiffs.

Geo. W. Cochran vs. Wm. Scobell—by agreement, judgment rendered for $167.50 in favor of plaintiff.

Wm. G. Berkshire vs. James Cummings et al—dismissed by plaintiff at his own cost.

Peter Walter vs. Kosmas Frederick—judgment by default, for $105.54.

Joseph Sacks et al vs. James N. Abbott—judgment by default for $193.40.

Chas. B. Burkam vs. Timothy Guard—judgment by default for $163.60.

Leopold Peppenheimer et al vs. James H. Abbott et al—judgment by default for $247.38.

Chas. B. Burkam vs. D. M. Guard—judgment by default for $89.07.

Nicholas Lacy vs. Aurora Chair and Furniture Co.—judgment by default for $150.00.

John Spidell vs. Henry Beckman et al—continued to next term.

Lawrenceburg National Bank vs. Jacob Rief et al—Judgment by default for $267.45.

Boez Bell vs. Kosmas Frederick—judgment by default for $116.40.

State vs. Strange Noyes—the defendant moved the court to quash information, which was sustained.

State vs. H. C. Vincent—continued to next term.

Delannah Hayes vs. James C. Hayes et al—continued to next term of this court.

Geo. B. Fitch vs. Noah S. Given, adm’r et al—judgment by default for $195.88.

Henry H. Meyer vs. Noah S. Givan, adm’r et al—judgment by default for $106.50.

State vs. Michael Rupp—court granted change to Ohio county.

State vs. Oran Judd—malicious trespass; found guilty, and fined $5.00 and costs.

State vs. Benj. Woolen—motion to quash sustained.

City of Lawrenceburg vs. Elias F. Tenney—dismissed.

Edmund G. Webster et al vs. Henry Nebruggee et al—dismissed and costs paid.

State vs. William Bryant—assault and battery; plead guilty, and fined $1.00.

State vs. John B. Liddell—continued to next term of court.

Chas. B. Burkham vs. J. C. Craig et al—trial by court—judgment for $909.34.

On motion of F. Adkinson, Esq., P. W. Francis was admitted to practice at this bar.

State vs. Jeremiah Crosby—dismissed.

State vs. Geo. Laird—assault and battery—plead guilty, and fined $3.00 and costs.

Joseph H. Burkam vs. C. H. W. Wernecke—dismissed at defendant’s costs.

James A. Burdsel et al vs. John M. Hoover—judgment by default for $259.98.

Leopold Poppenheimer vs. John M. Hoover—judgment by default for $210.25.

State vs. Welton Herrick—assault and battery—trial by court, fine thee dollars.

James H. Kirkpatrick vs. Wm. H. Baker—judgment by agreement $1,200.

State vs. Robert Huddleston—continued.

State vs. Babe Skinner—continued.

State vs. John Godfrey—assault and battery—trial by court; not guilty.

State vs. W. F. Howard—assault and battery—trial by court; not guilty.

State vs. Wm. Brown—trial by jury; not guilty.

State vs. Ezra Bonham—carrying concealed weapons—trial by jury; fine one cent and costs.

Geo. Cochran vs. John Mahoney—dismissed at defendant’s costs.

State vs. Homer E. Huffman—assault and battery—continued.

James Tebow et al vs. Joseph Hayes—dismissed by agreement at def. costs.

Peter Vogel vs. I. C. & L. R. R. Co.—change of venue to Ohio county.

State vs. Taylor Baker—malicious trespass—trial by jury; guilty; fine $5.00.

State vs. Alex. Moody—assault and battery—trial by jury; fine one cent.

State vs. Clarence Ball et al—malicious trespass—motion to quash sustained.

State vs. Betsy Jackson—assault and battery—trial by jury; fine one cent.

State on relation &c. of Mary Bartholome vs. Andrew Bartholome—bastardy—dismissed.

State vs. Louis Stein—assault and battery—trial by jury; fine one cent.

Ambrose Buschler vs. Louisa Weichman—continued by agreement.

Franklin College vs. L. G. Harlbert.

Same vs. W. S. Holman—continued by agreement.

State vs. Geo. W. Kelley—adultery—trial by jury—not guilty.

Dryloss, Kahn & Co. vs. Jacob Ingenthron et al—dismissed at the cost of def.

State vs. Thomas Foster—assault and battery—trial by jury—fine one cent.

State vs. Robt. Huddleston—assault and battery—trial by jury; fine $1.25.

On motion of John K. Thompson, Esq., Mr. Geo. W. Roberts is now admitted as a member of this bar.

Julius Severin vs. The Aurora Brewing and Malting Co.—dismissed by agreement and to be transferred to Circuit Court.

Huldah Osgood vs. John B. Vail et al—continued by agreement.

Peter Barroinger vs. Wm. H. Terrill—dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

James Houiker vs. Chalon Goodwin—by agreement, the plaintiff is to recover $150.

State vs. Martin Roof—malicious trespass—trial by jury; not guilty.

H. D. McMullen & J. M. Dunn vs. Jos. Vaughan—dismissed at def. costs.

Abiah Hayes vs. B. Bradley et al—dismissed at def. costs.

Joseph H. Burkam vs. Robt. E. Jeffey—trial by jury, and judgment for $217.85.

On motion of John Schwartz, Esq., Judge S. Major is admitted and sworn as a member of this bar.

Jacob Hayes vs. Geo. S. Farral—trial by court, and judgment for one hundred and thirty one dollars and eighty-five cents.

First National Bank of Aurora vs. Joel P. Ulrey et al—judgment by agreement for 285 dollars and 10 cents.

Ezra G. Patterson vs. B. Bradley et al—trial by jury; judgment for 288 dollars.

Ann Grady vs. John Shehee—dismissed at cost of plaintiff.

Louis Stein vs. John Hornberger Jr. and Richard Hornberger—trial by jury; judgment for 57 dollars and 50 cents.

Jacob Harvey, adm’r vs. A. Brogan—trial by court, judgment for $40 dollars and 54 cents.

Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Feb 1869

Proceedings of the February 1869 Term of Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:

Aurora Peoples Advocate – 4 Feb 1869 – Page 3, Column 2

Scott Carter, Judge. The docket is encumbered with a large number of cases, few of which are of much interest to the public.

State of Indiana vs. Blythe Buffington for netting fish in Tanner’s creek. Fine of $10 and costs.

State vs. Ludwig Snyder for netting fish in Tanner’s creek. Fine of $5 and costs.

State vs. Wm. Chisman—Assault and battery. Fine $5 and costs.

State vs. Jacob Roadsmasher, violating game law. Fine of $2 and costs.

State vs. Waller, pulling melons off of vines. Fine of one cent and costs.

Louis F. Schoroeder vs. Wm. H. Terrill. Suit to recover bounty from defendant, as agent of a club formed to avoid draft. Judgment for defendant.

The trial of the Walter Hayes will case has been postponed until the first Tuesday in April.

Aurora Peoples Advocate – 18 Feb 1869 – Page 3, Column 1

Court Report.

State vs. James Thompson. Recognizance forfeited.

State vs. Benjamin Taylor. Betting on election. Indictment quashed for informality.

Job M. Hayes vs. Abiah Hayes and Isaac Hayes. Suit upon contract, for weighing corn over scales of defendants. Judgment for defendants.

Job M. Hayes vs. Joseph H. Hayes and Abiah Hayes. Action upon contract to pay certain debts. Judgment for plaintiff for $121 and costs.

Wm. M. Arnold vs. White Water Valley Railroad Co. Appeal. Action for injury of stock. Judgment for plaintiff for $40 and costs.

Mason & Beckman vs. Western Union Telegraph Company. Action for damage in failing to transmit dispatch. The Telegraph Co. claim that the printed notice on their blank dispatches which they use that they are not liable for mistakes or delays, is in bar of any damage; to this the plaintiff demurs. The demurrer is sustained.

Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Jan 1868

Proceedings of the January 1868 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 25 Jan 1868 – Page 1, Column 2

Common Pleas Court.

The docket of this term of court is quite large, but little business has been done this week except rendering judgments in cases of default. The following State cases have been disposed of:

State vs. Emerson, charged with disturbing a spelling school; fined $5.

State vs. Feeley, charged with assault and battery; acquitted.

A guardian was appointed for William Johnson, of Lawrenceburg, a person of unsound mind.

Aurora Commercial – 8 Feb 1868 – Page 1, Column 1

Common Pleas Court.

The following cases have been disposed of since our last report:

Gaff and others vs. the Aurora Brewing and Malting Company. Judgment by default for $40,000.

Kelley vs. Heimberger. Verdict for defendant. A motion for a new trial was made.

All the cases growing out of the Aurora Catholic Church difficulty have been settled and dismissed.

Omer Tousey vs. city of Lawrenceburgh. Two cases, for the recovery of taxes erroneously assessed and collected some years ago. Judgment by agreement in favor of plaintiff, for about $390.

A. M. Ross vs. Samuel McCoy. Action to recover money alleged to be due plaintiff in settlement of partnership. Defendant alleged payment. Dismissed by plaintiff at his own costs.

Terrill vs. Schlout. Action for debt. Judgment for plaintiff for $178.

Andrew Sturm vs. the I. & C. R. R. Co. Suit to recover the price of a cow killed by the cars. Judgment for the plaintiff for $80.

In all other railroad cases pending at this term, a change of venue was taken by the Company, and the cases, some six or seven in number, sent to Ohio County.

Richard Mason vs. Lewis Mason et als. Suit to contest the will of Charles Mason, deceased. The case was tried at the last term of this court and a verdict rendered against the validity of the will. At this term a new trial was granted, whereupon the case was dismissed, which leaves the will in force.

James L. Yater et als vs. Thomas Pattison et als. Suit on official bond. In this case a change of venue was applied for by the plaintiff, and the case was sent to Switzerland county.

Davis vs. Dawson et al. Suit to recover damages for refusal of possession of a house. Verdict of $75 for plaintiff.

Hargitt vs. Wangler. Suit for price of pasturing cattle and damages. Verdict for defendant.

Stevens vs. McKinney, suit for partition. Granted and commissioners appointed to make the partition.

Grady vs. Shehe and I. & C. R. R.—Change of venue to Ohio county.

Nearly three hundred informations for selling liquors in violation of law have been filed. About eighty cases have been tried, and a fine of $5 assessed in each case.

Aurora Commercial – 15 Feb 1868 – Page 1, Column 2

Common Pleas Court.

The following cases have been disposed of since our last report:

Dair & Dair vs. Nowlin. Judgment for plaintiff for $25.

Schroeder & Barwinger vs. Collier et al. Continued.

Lemon vs. W. V. R. R. Co. Judgment for plaintiff for $52.25 and costs.

Convoy vs. Slammon. Judgment for plaintiff for $275 and costs.

Case vs. W. V. R. R. Co. Action for stock killed; judgment for plaintiff for $65.

Hayes vs. Sheldon. Verdict for defendant.

Arnold & Baker vs. B. & O. S. Mulford. Verdict for defendants.

State vs. McCune, charged with larceny. Acquitted.

Jane E. Hayes, wife of Edward Hayes, was found to be of unsound mind. No guardian has yet been appointed.

John P. Walker was appointed guardian of the estate of Zachariah Barker, of Washington township, who was found to be of unsound mind.

H. H. Mathews and C. C. Binkley were admitted to practice in this Court.

The Court will probably remain in session all of next week.

Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Jul 1867

Proceedings of the July 1867 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 20 Jul 1867 – Page 1, Column 2


The July term of this court convened on Monday last, Judge Lamb presiding. But little has been done beyond calling the docket for issues, and hearing motions. The following State cases have been disposed of:

State on the relation of Criswell vs. Criswell, surety of the peace. The defendant entered a plea of guilty and was required to enter into bond, to keep the peace for six months.

State vs. Madigan. Violating the liquor law. There were eight cases against the defendant, in four of which the defendant pled guilty and the others were dismissed.

Same vs. Mrs. Madigan. Same charge. Two cases were tried by Jury, is one of which there was an acquittal, and the other a conviction and a fine of $5 assessed.

The case of the State against numerous persons for the alleged commission of riot at the Catholic Church, in Aurora, on Sunday a few months since, is now on trial and bids fair to occupy several days, as there are some twenty or twenty-five witnesses, and the examination of the first occupied about three hours.

The Court will probably be in session about five weeks.

Aurora Commercial – 17 Aug 1867 – Page 1, Column 4

Common Pleas Court.

William Medler was charged with grand larceny; verdict of guilty rendered, and the prisoner sentenced to confinement in the penitentiary for two years.

Hamilton & McCausland vs. I. & C. R. R.—Action to recover for sheep killed and injured by the locomotive and cars running on the road of defendants.—Judgment for plaintiffs for $78.

A. M. Ross vs. S. H. McCoy.—Suit to recover a balance alleged to be due for a stock of drugs sold by plaintiff to defendant. Two juries having failed to agree, the second panel was discharged and the case continued.

Mason vs. Mason.—Action to set aside a will. Verdict for plaintiff.

Watkins vs. York. Suit to recover for work done. Finding for the defendant.

The Court will adjourn today, as it cannot legally sit longer, leaving a number of cases to lie over until the next term.

Dearborn County Common Pleas Court Proceedings – Feb 1867

Proceedings of the February 1867 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Pleas Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 2 Feb 1867 – Page 1, Column 3

Common Pleas Court.

The following cases of interest have been disposed of during the present term:

Joseph Taylor vs. Emily Taylor—Divorce. Dismissed for want of prosecution.

Anne Burgen vs. William Burgen—Divorce granted plaintiff, and custody of infant child.

The Protection Insurance Company, of Goshen, Ind., has commenced suit against numerous citizens of this county, who took out policies of insurance and gave their notes. In all of them a rule of answer has been taken.

Estate of Emma Shuts vs. Estate of Wm. H. Davidson—Judgment for plaintiff for $649.

State on complaint of Anna Iden vs. William Miller—Bastardy. Judgment of Court for $350, payable in installments.

State on complaint of Amanda Morrison vs. John Judd—Bastardy. Judgment for $150—the children having been prematurely born.

Samuel Griffin vs. I. & C. Railroad—for stock killed. Change of venue to Ohio county, on application of defendant.

John T. Parker vs. I. & C. Railroad—for stock killed. Change as above.

Christena Walker vs. John P. Walker—Executor Will of Robert Walker. Petition against Executor to secure her rights under the law, instead of taking under the Will. Answer—that she is stopped from making such claim, having endorsed upon the Will her acceptance of the same. Answer sustained by Court, and judgment against plaintiff.

Margaret Monto vs. Peter A. Monto; divorce granted on account of abandonment, and custody of children awarded the plaintiff.

Hayes & Brother vs. James Miller—Question of sufficiency of service. In May last defendant purchased corn of the plaintiffs, and started on a voyage to New Orleans, since which time no intelligence has been received of his destination and fate. The service of protess was by leaving a copy at his last known place of residence. A special appearance has been entered for the purpose of determining the sufficiency of that kind of service.

Aurora Commercial – 9 Feb 1867 – Page 1, Column 2

Court of Common Pleas.

Since our last report the following cases have been disposed of:

Enoch McElfresh vs. Nancy Guard. This was a suit to determine the validity of the will of Mrs. Eliza McElfresh, and the trial occupied the greater part of the week. The jury found in favor of the validity of the will.

Sarah A. Power vs. Benj. Vail, et als. This was a suit to contest the validity of the will of the last William Tell Harris. The legatees, who were the defendants in the case, answered that Mrs. Powers, the plaintiff, had, before bringing her action, accepted a legacy, under the will of $3,000, and that she was therefore estoped to deny the validity of the will. To this it was replied that the plaintiff was the only child of the testator, and was therefore entitled to the money as heir at law—but the court held the reply insufficient and rendered a final judgment against the plaintiff.

Numerous cases were brought at this term of the court by the Protection Mutual Insurance Company, of Goshen, Ind., against various parties to collect assessments made against the defendants upon their premium notes executed to the company. A decision of the Supreme Court recently made was produced, holding that the money could not assess and collect a greater amount than was necessary to meet actual losses and expenses, and the assessments made by the Protection Insurance Company was conceded by council for the company under the decision, to be illegal, and the suits were all dismissed.

Hannah Love vs. Samuel Love.—Action on the ground of cruel treatment and drunkenness, and failure to provide for his family. A divorce was granted and $150 alimony.

The case of the city of Aurora vs. property holders on Market street, was continued until the next term.

This being the last week allowed by law for the sitting of the court, a number of cases will necessarily go over for want of time to try them. We will conclude our report of cases tried at this term next week.

Aurora Commercial – 16 Feb 1867 – Page 1, Column 2

Common Pleas Court.

The following is the conclusion of Court Proceedings of last week:

Oliver H. Liddell, Major J. W. Eggleston, and A. S. Embree, were admitted to the bar.

George Beyell was alleged to be insane, and so found. Frank R. Dorman was appointed by the Court his guardian.

Ross vs. McCoy.  Action for settlement of partnership account in drug store business at Batesville. Trial by jury and verdict for plaintiff in the sum of $485. Motion for new trial was made and granted to the defendant, at his cost.

Hazlett vs. Cook. Action upon notes of hand. Trial by jury, and judgment for amount of notes, less $53.

Henry Hopken and wife vs. Henry Nolte. Action to recover money and property of the son of the wife of plaintiff, who was a minor, and who died in the army—the deceased was also a brother of the defendant. Defense, that the brother should share with the mother said property of the deceased son and brother. Trial by jury, and verdict for the mother, in that she was entitled to the entire property.

Switzerland County Common Pleas Court – Sep 1872

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Common Pleas Court report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 21 Sep 1872 – Page 2, Column 2

Court Proceedings.

September Common Pleas Court is in session. Hon. Scott Carter Judge presiding. Present the members of the Bar of Vevay and Hon. C. A. Korbly of Madison, Hon. S. H. Stewart of Rising Sun.

The Docket is but a small one and has but a few important cases pending. The case of George F. Tardy et al vs. Will M. Smith, Executor of the last will and testament of George Tardy, deceased, et al, to set aside a will, is the most important one pending in the Court, but will not probably be tried this term. There has been a change of Judge taken in one case, while fifteen have been dismissed. The following other cases have been disposed of as indicated:

State vs. Daniel Plew, 2 cases, selling liquor on Sunday. Acquitted.

State vs. Daniel Plew, Assault and Batery. Fined $1.

State vs. Columbus Stepleton, Assault and Battery, 2 cases. Acquitted.

State vs. Isaac Truman, carrying concealed weapons. Acquitted.

Annie Liddell vs. John Liddell. Divorce. Granted.

Jeremiah Bennet vs. John W. Miller et al. Foreclosure. Judgment for Plaintiff.

Richard H. Morrow vs. Roddis White. On note. Judgment for Plaintiff.

Isaac N. Cole vs. David Hineman et al. On note. Judgment for Plaintiff.

Switzerland County Common Pleas Court – Aug 1872

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Common Pleas Court report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 10 Aug 1872 – Page 2, Column 3


Special Term of Common Pleas Court—Judge Berkshire.

Since our last report the following cases have been disposed of:

State vs. C. A. Thiebaud, 4 cases—Nolle Pros.

Sarah Campbell vs. Daniel K. Harris—To set aside a will—Dismissed by plaintiff, at her own costs.

John Conner, Administrator vs. Wm. H. Dunning and Martha M. Dunning—Foreclosure of Mortgage—Change of venue to Ohio county.

Mary Adams vs. 1st National Bank of Vevay—Money—Verdict and Judgment for plaintiff for $432.00.

Matthew F. Wolf vs. John Dickason—On note—Case transferred by agreement to the Circuit Court, November Term, 1872.

Krutz, Land & Co. vs. Michael Platz—Appeal from Justice of the Peace—Verdict and judgment for defendant.

Switzerland County Common Pleas Court – Mar 1872

The Switzerland County, Indiana, Common Pleas Court report appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 16 Mar 1872 – Page 2, Column 2


Common Pleas Court—Judge Carter.

Common Pleas Court is in session. The following cases have been disposed of:

Joseph Cowan vs. Perret Dufour et al—on note. Judgment for $452.26.

Michael Konkle vs. Joseph Ramseyer—on note. Judgment for $197.65.

James A. Works & Sons vs. Emer Palmer, et al—on account.—Judgment for $80.

First National Bank of Vevay vs. Wm. Buchanan and Daniel Goodner—on note. Judgment for $85.00.

Wm. R. Johnston vs. David Allen and Roseta Allen—on note. Judgment for $361.65.

Matilda C. Gray vs. George H. Manford—on note. Judgment for $200.00.

17 cases have been dismissed, 2 continued, and change of venue taken in 4 cases.

Vevay Reveille – 23 Mar 1872 – Page 2, Column 4


Common Pleas Court—Judge Carter.

The following cases have been disposed of since our last issue:

State vs. Johnson Brown—Assault and Battery. Fined $10 and costs.

Joseph Peelman vs. Harvey Schroeder et al—On Mortgage. Judgment for $869.21.

State vs. Perry Andrew (colored)—Petit Larceny. Acquitted.

State vs. Christopher Carver—Assault and Battery. Fined $25 and costs.

Benjamin F. Smith vs. Estate of Thomas H. Smith—Claim. Allowed $200.00.

State vs. David Parker et al—Trespass. Acquitted.

State vs. Peter Funk—Malicious Trespass. Fined 40 cents and costs.

State vs. Richard Hinsley—Assault and Battery. Acquitted.