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Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Sep 1891

Proceedings of the September 1891 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 24 Sep 1891 – Page 2, Column 3

County Commissioners Court.

N. Vogelgesang, G. W. Johnston, G. A. Swales, Commissioners.

S. K. Gold, Trustee of Harrison Township, filed a petition praying for the authority to borrow $500 on account of the Township Fund for the purpose of purchasing a stone crusher. The prayer of the Trustee was granted.

Matthew Whiteford, Trustee of Sparta township, filed a petition praying for assistance in constructing an iron bridge across Allen’s Branch, about one-fourth of a mile west of the village of Sparta, on the Sparta and Moore’s Hill road. Estimated cost of bridge and masonry $275. The Commissioners appropriated the sum of $150 for the purpose of building said bridge.

Andrew J. Cheek was reelected Superintendent of the County Asylum for one year at a salary of $450, and Mrs. A. J. Cheek was re-elected Matron at a salary of $120 per year. Mr. Cheek has made an excellent Superintendent, and keeps the County Asylum in “apple pie order,” and his good wife is a kind and successful Matron. Together they guard well the interests of the county and at the same time keep the wards of the county in the best possible condition. The welfare of the unfortunate wards of the county are well looked after in a manner that makes them forget as far as possible, their misfortunes. To make the Asylum as near “home” as far as possible, to the poor unfortunates is the aim of the Commissioners, and the Superintendent and his wife carry out their wishes to the letter.

The bid of H. G. Freeman to furnish 1500 bushels of coal at $2.75 per ton delivered at the Court House was accepted.

Sarah J. Darrigen was granted a refunder of $2.25 on erroneous assessment.

Grant Liddle and Robert Frazier were appointed constables of the Bright Horse-thief Detective Association.

Bids were opened for a tin roof for the Court House, as follows: George Knepfle, Harrison, O.; John Scherer, Newport, Ky.; H. Held, Aurora, Ind.; George Schneider, Cincinnati, Ohio; E. Barrott & Son, Lawrenceburgh.

The contract was awarded to Geo Knepfle. Estimated cost of work $1,300.

The Board awarded the contract for insurance on Court House as follows: R. A. McConnell, V. W. Huber, C. M. Bowers, Martin Kieffer.

The insurance to be written for five years.

Vogelgesang and Swales voted aye on awarding the insurance, and Johnston voted nay.

Joseph Gould, of Lawrenceburgh, was unanimously chosen Janitor of the Court House for a term of one year.

Henry P. Busse, Henry Meyer and O. C. Gatch, appointed viewers of a road in Manchester township, petitioned by T. C. Cryder and others, report said road “unfavorable and of no public utility.”

Jacob Fillenworth, James Aikens, and Lafayette Plummer appointed viewers of a road in Hogan township petitioned by James House and others, report said road “unfavorable and of no public utility.”

Maggie Crozier and twenty-four others petitioned for the location and vacating of a road in Hogan township. Henry Bobrink, Joseph K. Corbin and Charles W. Blasdell were appointed viewers of said road and instructed to inspect said road November 26th and report their doings December 11th.

The Board ordered the opening of the road up Jamison creek in Harrison township, and ordered the payment of damages on October 15th.

James Lods, George Singer and Thomas Gaynor appointed viewers of a road in Kelso and Miller townships report “said road favorable and of public utility.” John [illegible].


Liquor licenses were granted to Herman Allermeyer, Gustave Frank, Frank Federic, George Knorr and [?] Bryant.


Dearborn County Commissioners’ Proceedings – Dec 1890

Proceedings of the December 1890 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 25 Dec 1890 – Page 3, Column 3

Commissioner’s Court.

In the matter of the settlement heretofore made with the Ex-County Treasurers Kyle, Lods and Lang, the following order was made:

“The Board having under consideration the settlement and accounts of the Ex-Treasurers Charles Lods, Wm. H. Kyle and Francis Lang, and being satisfied that each of said Ex-Treasurers are indebted to the county; and having extended to the said parties ample time for investigation of their said accounts, and no report having been made to the Board, and no adjustment of the matters made, now therefore order and direct that the County Attorney be and is hereby ordered to bring suit in the Dearborn Circuit against each of the said Ex-Treasurers for the balance remaining in their hands due said county. Said suits to be commenced not later than December 23, 1890, if the said amounts are not paid before that time. And the Auditor is directed to forthwith send to each Ex-Treasurer or his representatives a copy of this order.”

Enoch B. Nowlin allowed $145 for land taken for road purposes in Miller township.

J. H. Russe, Clerk, presented a proposition to index the marriage records of the county from 1826 to 1891 for the sum of $475. The proposition was accepted, and work ordered to be done.

Refunders—T. J. Lucas, $7.96; R. G. Frederick, $18.35; Elizabeth Kottman, $2.40; and St. Johns Lutheran Church, $5.84.

Frank M. Palmer was appointed Constable for Clay township.

The salary of the Janitor of the Court House was fixed at $45 per month.

Emma Buffington, an inmate of the County Asylum, was apprenticed to R. L. S. Baldwin of Sparta township.

Peter Einsel and others petition for the relocation of a road in Harrison township. John Ege, Charles Hornbach and William Fox were appointed viewers.

Michael Renck and others petition for the relocation of a road in Harrison township. Henry Fangman, Geo. Morgan and Lawrence Kappes were appointed viewers.

William Grubbs and others petition for the relocation of a road in Logan township. James Powell, Wm. Kyle and Perry Pyles were appointed viewers.

John Vogel and others petitione for the relocation of a road in York township. Henry Reinkin, Harry M. Shanks and Nathaniel Elliott were appointed viewers.

Joseph Cornforth was appointed Constable of Hogan township.

The Cesar Creek road matter, after being before the Board for more than a year, was compromised, and the road will now be opened. The following damages were ordered to be paid: Henry Ohlmansick, $100; H. R. Wolf, $150, and E. H. Heusman, $100.

John E. Heustis, Peter Bidner, and Fred Albers, viewers, report the proposed road in Jackson township is of public utility. There being neither remonstrance nor claim for damages the Board ordered the road opened at once.

Joseph Trester was appointed Constable of Center township to fill vacancy occasioned by the resignation of James Thompson.

George Ragsdale was awarded the contract for putting a new floor on the Wilson Creek Bridge.

Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Dec 1889

Proceedings of the December 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 12 Dec 1889 – Page 3, Column 4


Refunders—John and Lulu Wheeler, $2.67, improvements destroyed by fire; F. W. Steuver, $7.42, erroneous tax; Jennie P. and Marion Stark, $29.02, erroneous tax.

The deficiency of the interest on the Common School Fund of $366.18, and the interest on the Congressional School Fund of $255.14, was ordered paid out of the county revenue.

Liquor license granted to Edward C. Frederick, Louis Veit and George Frieberger.

Dr. S. B. Chamberlain was elected Secretary of the County Board of Health at an annual salary of $150.

John Ege, John Lutz and F. C. Buffington appointed to view the location of proposed road in Miller township, reported that the road is of public utility.

George Sawdon, John P. Walker and Aristides Tufts appointed viewers to view Wirtz Mill and Farmer’s Retreat road.

Harrison Abbott, Wm. S. Tyler and Joseph Beckett appointed to view Laughery Creek road in Cesar Creek township.

Josiah Campbell, George W. Robinson and James Liddell appointed to view road leading from West Harrison to Logan township.

A. J. Cheek was re-elected Superintendent of the County Asylum for one year. Capt. Cheek has given general satisfaction as Superintendent, and maintains the high standard attained by his predecessor, and his re-election is the right thing and an endorsement that is deserved and well earned.

Liquor license—John A. Nees and George Schroeder.

John Ege, F. C. Buffington and John Lutz reviewers appointed to assess the damages which may be sustained on account of the opening of road in Miller township, report as follows: George W. Robinson, $100; Eliza and Margaret Shanks, $75; E. B. Nowlin, $125; E. W. Jackson, $100; Annie E. Nowlin, $55; heirs of J. Z. Nowlin, $105; Frances E. Jackson, $15; Joseph A. Jackson, $100.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Sep 1889

Allowances made at the September 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 26 Sep 1889 – Page 4, Column 1

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their September session, 1889, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Tebbs Bros—Groceries furnished Mrs. Cave
  • Sparks Bros.—Groceries furnished to Mrs. Williams
  • Archie Saaw—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Smith
  • Jos McGrannahan—Groceries furnished Bruce sisters
  • Wm Stevenson—Groceries furnished Mrs. Smith
  • Jacob Spanagel—Groceries furnished Mrs. Elder, Mrs. F Darling
  • John R Tuthill—Groceries furnished Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Dodd, Mrs. Holland, Mart Skinner
  • Early & Daniel—Coal furnished Mrs. Fisher
  • J P Lommel, digging grave in old cemetery
  • Greendale Cemetery Association—digging grave
  • John Shaw—money paid for clothing for Cavanaugh children

Poor—Centre Township.

  • F. Opperman—Groceries furnished: Mary Hughes, Ben Mills
  • J C Green—Groceries furnished Ben Mills
  • Chas Fehling—Groceries furnished Mrs. McMurray
  • Wm Webber—Groceries furnished Mrs. Sperloch, Mrs. Cynthia Baker, Mrs. Kirkpatrick
  • L M Cheek—Groceries furnished Wm Holden
  • John Brannon—Groceries furnished: Sarah Clark, Mrs. Kerrigan, Wm Holden
  • Herdegen & Kress—Groceries furnished Mrs. Pohl
  • C M Beinkamp—Groceries furnished Cynthia Baker
  • E Lamar—Clothing furnished Anna Steel, W Walker children
  • F Mauntel—undertaker
  • Ed Holthouse—undertaker
  • Jacob Schuler Jr.—transportation

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Wm Rowland—Groceries furnished: Jane Peasley, Betsy Spangler
  • Fred Ginter—Groceries furnished: Sarah Fleming, Clothing furnished Jacob Fleming, Boarding tramp
  • D C Misner—undertaker
  • J V Huffington—transportation

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Jacob Berry—Groceries furnished Frank Smidt
  • Gerhart Fette—Groceries furnished Caroline Schmidt
  • John Genscheimer taking pauper to county Asylum

Poor—York Township

  • F A Hornback—Groceries furnished Rosa Ridmyer

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Henry C Assche—Overseeing poor

Poor—Miller Township.

  • Sparks Bros.—Groceries furnished John Russel

County Asylum.

  • A J Cheek, salary as Superintendent, money expended
  • Ben Bruce, work
  • Purnel Cheek, work
  • Lizzie Cheek, work
  • Minda Roof, work
  • Mary J Cheek, salary as matron
  • Mosby & Hodson, groceries
  • B W Buffington, groceries
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., clothing
  • Early & Daniel, agl implements
  • Lafayette Plummer, corn
  • W F Duncan, work
  • George Wolforth, mending shoes
  • E Lamar, clothing
  • Jacob Lawrence, mules
  • Manchester Turnpike Co., toll

Assessing Revenue.

  • A. B. Hubbartt, assessing and board of equalization
  • Ella C. Hubbartt, deputy assessor
  • George W. Johnston, board of equalization
  • F M Johnston, same
  • Henry Bulthaup, same
  • Warren Tebbs, same
  • Thomas Nead, same
  • N. Vogelgesang, same
  • Geo A Swales, same
  • Hezron Haynes, serving board and serving witnesses
  • Marion Laws, attending board
  • James House, same
  • Anthony Schnetzer, same
  • John Pieper, same
  • Frank Bittner, same
  • Frank Connolly, same
  • Georg W. Turner, same
  • John Theobald, same
  • John Theobald, same
  • Van S B Crowley, same
  • Benj Withered, attend board
  • P L Matheu, same
  • O F Cloud, attend board
  • John Axby, same
  • Fred Dagner, witness before the board
  • Henry Licking, same

County Revenue.

  • Henry Fangman, taking enumeration of voters
  • C Nolte, same
  • Josiah Duncan, same
  • J. C. Steuver, same
  • Jacob Schuler Jr., same
  • F. M. Jackson, same
  • Henry Asschee, same
  • Fred Rodenberg, same
  • A. T. Gridley, surveying school land

Specific Allowances.

  • K Crist, hardware to court house
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas
  • Geo Wood, groceries to jail
  • Sparks Bros., matches to court house
  • Barwinger and Gleason, painting offices to court house
  • Louis Adler, blankets for jail
  • Henry Hitzfield, repairs at court house
  • James McLeaster, for rental of tools
  • Herman Russe, repairing offices to court house
  • Miami Valley Furniture Co., lumber
  • Fred Wesler, coal to court house and jail
  • Geo Diggs, shoveling coal at court house
  • Minter Pernell, same
  • Henry Schuman, same
  • S J Huston, stamps and cards
  • J H Russe, same
  • E D Moore, same
  • J S Prichard, copying mortgages
  • J H Russe, acknowledgement of deed
  • N Vogelgesang, expense of Board at Dover and telegram
  • D H Miller, horse and carriage
  • Jos Bossong, taking Dietrich Schilling to County Asylum

Books and Stationery.

  • Sentinel Printing Company
  • J C McCullough
  • Wm B Burford
  • Martin Kieffer
  • Baker & Thornton

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • Everett & Gregory

Roads and Highways.

  • Hezron Haynes, serving road viewers
  • Wolfgang Dennerline, road viewer
  • Wm Fox, same
  • John Huddleston, same
  • Geo Singer, same
  • Geo Wollung, same
  • W A Cottingham, same

Officers’ Salary.

  • E D Moore
  • N Vogelgesang
  • Geo W Johnston
  • Geo A Swales
  • S J Huston
  • Hezron Haynes, serving summons to commissioners
  • D M Guard, expense of criminals

Harrison Bridge.

  • John Roser, repairs

Aurora Bridge.

  • Michael Bogenhott, making approaches

Wilmington Bridge.

  • Jacob Schuler Jr., for repairs

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Jun 1889

Allowances made at the June 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 4 Jul 1889 – Page 4, Column 1

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their June session, 1889, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Robert Maybin—Groceries furnished: Jos Jones, Bridget Cooper
  • Herdegen & Kress—Groceries for A Pohl
  • C M Beinkamp—Groceries furnished: Cynthia Baker, Thomas Rand, transient family
  • L M Cheek—Groceries furnished: Wm Holdron
  • John A Nees—Groceries furnished: Joe Jones
  • B W Buffington—Groceries furnished: Wm Powell
  • Thos Sargent—Coal furnished: Geo Smith, Joe Jones, H Broyles, Thos Brooks, Cynthia Baker, Emma Chamberlain
  • A Hill & Son—Coal furnished: Wm T McMurry
  • E H Niebaum—Shoes furnished: G Clark
  • G W Griffin—Groceries furnished: C Perrin, Thos Rand
  • J C Green—Groceries furnished: B Mills
  • P Pelgen—Groceries furnished: Dora Sperlock, H Broyles
  • John Brannon—Groceries furnished: Kate Walsh, Sarah Clark, Bridget Kerrigan, Nancy Hune
  • Chas Fehling—Groceries furnished: John W Anderson, H Broyles, Wm Smith, Mahala Teaney, Johanna Thoms, Margaret Ross, Wm McMurray
  • Fred Mauntel—Burial cases furnished Geo Smith, C Lambkin
  • Wm Webber—Groceries furnished: Bud Gray
  • F Mauntel—Burial case furnished Jennetta
  • River View Cemetery
  • Ed Holthouse—Burial case furnished drowned lady
  • Jacob Schuler—transportation
  • Lawrence Fowler—Board furnished: Louis Burton while sick

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Jacob Spanagel—Groceries furnished: Henry Young, Charleston, Mrs. Mack
  • John Burkhouse—Groceries for Mrs. Hays
  • John Isherwood—Groceries furnished Jas Dodd, Mrs. Kaufman, Mrs. Williams
  • C Israel—Groceries furnished Mrs. Best, Charleston
  • Jos McGranahan—Groceries for C Kelly, Goodwin, Mart Skinner, Mat Burk, John Shepard
  • A Shaw—Groceries furnished Parson
  • Geo Fahlbush—Groceries furnished Thos Darling
  • Geo Wood—Groceries furnished Bruce sisters
  • Sparks Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Morand
  • Ernst Meyer—Groceries furnished: Henry Young
  • P J Emmert—Clothing furnished: Mrs. Carl, Mrs. Brown, Cavannaugh children
  • W F Cook—Coal furnished: Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Krona, Nancy Jones, B T W S Anderson, C Kelly, Mrs. Morand
  • Fred Wesler—Coal furnished: Mrs. Smith, Mary Young
  • Dan M Guard, boarding tramp
  • J P Lommel, digging grave for Perry Carter’s child
  • Early & Daniel—Coal furnished: Tout, Fisher
  • Schleicher Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Whitcomb, Mrs. Kreider, Mrs. Fisher

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • H D Moore—Groceries furnished: Isaac Davis, J Colshire
  • Joseph Bossong, bringing insane person to Lawrenceburgh and expenses
  • Joseph Bossong, notifying Peter Shed

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Fred Ginter, groceries to Sarah Fleming
  • Wm Rowland, groceries to Betsy Spangler and Jane Peasly
  • Tyler & Co., groceries to Sewel Sheldon
  • M E Withrow, groceries to Thomas Akra

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Hayes, groceries to Jane Christie and Joe Taylor

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Gerhart Fetter, groceries to Caroline Smith
  • Wendel Labbe, groceries to Susan Helfrich

Poor—Jackson Township.

  • Clement Sterwald, groceries to Mat Mais
  • Wm Cors, conveying pauper to County Asylum
  • John Graff, conveying pauper to County Asylum
  • Stohlman & Schweitzer, groceries to Rebecca Henke

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle, cash paid to Peter Mann

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • O P Pyles, groceries to Scribner
  • W F Crocker, groceries to Mrs. Callahan
  • Josiah Duncan, overseeing poor

Poor—Miller Township.

  • John S Dorman, shoes to Mrs. Wm Bennett

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • John W. Liddle & Ingam, groceries to Elizabeth Crouch
  • Tebbs Bros., clothing to Geo Mead
  • John Cheatham, boarding tramp
  • Geo H Hollowell, boarding tramp
  • John Roser, overseeing poor

County Asylum.

  • A J Cheek, salary as Sup’t
  • A J Cheek, money expended
  • Mary J Cheek, salary as matron
  • Lizzie Cheek, work
  • Purnel Cheek, work
  • Benj Bruce, work
  • Minda Roof, work
  • John Sims, work
  • Sam McMullen, ax handle and fling saw
  • Geo Gutzwiller, blacksmithing
  • Alex Ruble, carpenter work
  • Jane Dorman, potato plants
  • Wm Givan, pork
  • Edward Holthouse, safe
  • P Weis, bran
  • W F Cook, repairs
  • W F Crocker, groceries
  • R McIlvain, blacksmithing
  • Wm Chambers, tobacco
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., merchandise
  • Michael Bidner, plants
  • B W Buffington, groceries
  • John Kleuber, clothing
  • Geo Wolfarth, shoemaking
  • D H Clark, shoemaking
  • Marshall & Co., oil and plants
  • M E Leming & Co., lumber

Public Buildings.

  • Adaline Junker, washing
  • M E Leming, lumber
  • James McLeaster, building fence
  • Excelsior Iron Roofing Co., stable
  • Probst, Baker & Co., stable frame and lumber
  • E E Ferris & Co., oil and paints
  • Robert Mitchell Furniture Company, office table
  • H G Kidd, miscellaneous
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Company, gas
  • W F Cook, coal
  • Geo W Merkel, contract for erection of stable
  • Geo H Wood, oils and bucket
  • John S Dorman, blankets and bed ticking
  • Sam McElfresh, insurance on stable
  • James Carter, kindling
  • Sparks Bros., water pitcher

Specific Allowances.

  • John H Russe, report to Board of Health
  • F M Griffith, expense of insane
  • Sam J Huston, postage
  • Geo W Johnston, transportation to tramp
  • E D Moore, postage, expressage and box rent

Assessing Revenue.

  • John Axby
  • Marion Laws
  • Alice Laws
  • Geo Turner
  • Clara Turner
  • Van S B Crowly
  • O F Cloud
  • Edward Cloud
  • Frank Bittner
  • Francis H Bittner
  • Anthony Schneitzer
  • John S Pieper
  • James House
  • F J Theobald
  • John Theobald
  • Benj Withered
  • Frank Connolly
  • P L Matheus
  • Gus G Matheus

Roads and Highways.

  • Charles Hoenbach, road viewer
  • James Lods, road viewer
  • Charles Bowton, road viewer
  • Lawrence Kappish, road viewer
  • John Renck, road viewer
  • Geo T Hudson, road viewer
  • Benj Withered, road viewer
  • Sam B Sanks, road viewer
  • J W Johnson, road viewer
  • Jos Wilhelm, road viewer
  • Fred Moerling, road viewer
  • T B Cottingham, road viewer
  • Hezron Haynes, road viewer
  • Bennain Holden, damages
  • Barney Simonson, damages
  • Anthony Healy, damages
  • Henry Kolb, damages
  • Rebecca Robertson, damages
  • Cyrus Canfield, damages

Aurora Bridge.

  • Michael Bogenshott
  • Albert T Gridly
  • L S Isdell
  • Scott Misener
  • Henry Hagadon
  • A Hill & Son
  • George E Johnston
  • G W Johnston, for Fred Thoms
  • F J P Bracket

Officers’ Salary.

  • George W Johnston, Commissioner
  • H Vogelgesang, Commissioner
  • Geo A Swales, Commissioner
  • E D Moore, County Auditor
  • Samuel J. Huston, County Superintendent

County Revenue.

  • A Tufts, enumerating voters
  • John H. Armstrong, enumerating voters
  • Robert & Stapp, attorneys fee against Kyle, Gatch and Severin
  • Otto Hammerle, enumerating voters
  • John Roser, enumerating voters
  • C Smith, for land deeded to Dearborn county
  • J S Smith, recording deed from C Smith to Dearborn county
  • John Reorme, enumerating voters

Commissioners’ Court.

  • Hezron Haynes

Expense of Court.

  • Hezron Haynes

Coroner’s Inquest.

  • Everett & Gregory


  • Daniel M Guard, boarding prisoners

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • J E Larimer

Books & Stationery.

  • Sentinel Printing Company
  • Wm B Burford

Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Jun 1889

Proceedings of the June 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Jun 1889 – Page 3, Column 4


Josiah Duncan, Trustee of Manchester township, submits his report showing receipts and disbursements of the money donated by the Commissioners for building bridge at Hogan Hill on the State road, and foot bridge over Tanner’s Creek at Manchester Station. The report was accepted and approved.

Refunders were granted as follows: To Jonathan Rannels, $1.75; Emma Homan, $2.40; Sarah J. Allen, $23.76; A. A. Bloom, 79 cts; Martin Schuerman, $1.

John Roser and fifty-three other citizens and freeholders of Harrison petition the Commissioners to purchase the toll road in Harrison township known as the Mt. Carmel and Johnston Fork Turnpike, and Harrison, New Trenton, Rochester and Brookville Turnpike; and in order to determine the wish of the people of said township on the question of purchasing said turnpike, ask that the same be submitted to a vote of the township. The Commissioners grant the prayer of the petition, provided the petitioners defray all of the expenses of the election, viewing, &c., and said purchase is to be made by the Trustee of Harrison township, and he shall reimburse the petitioners. A. T. Gridley, County Surveyor, and George C. Columbia are selected as surveyor and appraiser.

Henry Glazier, a member of the Bright House Thief Detective Association, appointed Constable.

Liquor license granted unto the following: Joseph Bechtel, Stephen Meyers, Anthony Gardner, John Bamart, Adam Kastner, Stahl & Harry, George Fahlbush, Michael Klein, George Fahlbush, Michael Klein, W. H. Charlton, Thomas Nees, all of Lawrenceburgh; Gerhardt Martin, David Peters, Peter Zimmerman, John H. Siemantel, John Pelgen, Adolph Schulze, Anthony Kastner, Jacob Kirsch, all of Aurora.

Henry C. Assche, Trustee of Jackson township, asks permission to borrow $600 for the purpose of building a school house in District No. 8 in said township.

Charles Bowton, Lawrence Kappes and T. B. Cottingham, viewers appointed to view a proposed road in Harrison township, report in favor of said road. The same gentlemen, acting as reviewers, reported that the following named persons would suffer damages by reason of the opening of the proposed road: Benj. Holden, $35; Barney Simonson, $60; Henry Kolb, $25; and Anthony Healy, $25. The Board accept the report, and authorize the payment of the damages.

Sam B. Sanks, J. W. Johnson and Benj. Wethered, viewers and reviewers, report in favor of the proposed road in Hogan township, and report the following damages: Lytle W. Parks, $120; Cyrus Canfield, $75.

John Renck, Joseph Wilhelm and Fred Moerling, viewers and reviewers, report in favor of proposed road in York and Miller townships, and assess the damages of Rebecca Robertson at $200. This makes a bee line road from Guilford to Wrights Corner.

John Huddleston Sr., Wolfgang Dennerline and William Fox were appointed viewers to view proposed road in Manchester township, near Wrights Corner.

$100 was allowed to John Armstrong, Trustee of Hogan township, for the building of a bridge over the branch at Plum Point Schoolhouse.

It is ordered that no clothing or supplies be furnished to patients sent to the Insane Hospital unless there is first filed an affidavit that neither the patient nor relatives have any means to furnish the same.

A. J. Cheek, Superintendent of the County Asylum, reports that for the quarter ending June 1st there were 37 inmates in the asylum. Twenty-four of the inmates are upwards of fifty years of age—the oldest being Frederick Finkey, aged eighty-five years. Only nine are fit for work. The youngest inmate is one of the Carpenter family, having been born in the asylum in 1884.

Liquor license granted unto John Philip Ebel, Charles Martin, George Frank, Simon Siemantel and Louis Weiss, all of Aurora.

In the matter of the incorporation of the Manwaring burying ground in Harrison township, the consideration of the same was postponed until the next session.

For many years the citizens of Kelso and adjoining townships have petitioned and prayed for a bridge across Tanner’s Creek, and now that long needed  want will be supplied, as the Commissioners on Tuesday arrived at the following decision: “The Board having under construction of a bridge over Tanner’s Creek, at the point where the Harrison and Napoleon State Road crosses the same in Kelso township, and being of the opinion that a bridge should be built at that point, now order and direct that the Auditor cause a survey and location of site for said bridge to be made, and that he cause plans and specifications for the construction of said bridge to be made and placed on file in the Auditor’s office, and that said survey be made and specifications be placed on file not later than July 5th, and that the Auditor cause advertisement for bids for erection of said bridge to be received up to 12 noon August 1st, 1889.”

After a personal examination of the Hogan Creek Bridge at Aurora, the Board accepted the same, and ordered warrants drawn in favor of the contractors.

Lawrenceburg Register – 20 Jun 1889 – Page 2, Column 3


The reports of the Receipts and Disbursements for the past fiscal year of Auditor Moore and Treasurer Probst were approved, and will be found in another column.

David H. Stapp, attorney for Joseph G. Parks Jr. and others, asked for a re-opening of the reviewers report in the matter of damages for a new road in Hogan township. It seems that Lytle W. Parks put in a claim for damages on account of right of way for the new road, and it now transpires that Parks does not own the land, having transferred it to his sons did not put in any claim, and having slept on their rights, it is very probable that they will not receive any damages. Mr. Parks’ forgetfulness in regard to transferring his property may cost his sons $200, as that was the amount awarded him for damages.

Liquor license was granted unto Michael Braunagel, of Aurora, and George H. King, of Weisburg.

The Township Trustees filed their levies for next year with the Commissioners, and the rate will show a slight reduction from last year. The reform Trustee of Sparta township wanted 12 ½ cents for one fund and 3 ½ cents for another fund, but the Commissioners took compassion upon the employees of the Auditor’s office and cut off the ½ cent. Charley Walser was on the verge of turning gray when he thought of computing ½ cent rates for weeks during the hot days of July and August.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Mar 1889

Allowances made at the March 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 11 Apr 1889 – Page 4, Column 2

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their March session, 1889, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Centre Township.

  • Wm Webber—Groceries furnished: Sarah Clark, Mary Abdon, Mrs. C Perrin, Mrs. Geo Smith, Mrs. C Lambkin
  • J. H. Vanhouten—Groceries furnished: Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Byrns, H Clark, C Perrin
  • David Peters—Groceries furnished: Margaret Ross, Wm Smith
  • C. M. Beinkamp—Groceries furnished: Ella Baker, R. Hall, Thos. Rand, Cynthia Baker, Malinda Block
  • J. C. Green—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Benj. Mills
  • Blythe Buffington—Groceries furnished: Wm Powell, Sarah Clark
  • Herdegan & Kress—Groceries furnished Mrs. A Pohl
  • L M Cheek—Groceries furnished: Miss Emma Chamberlain, Thos Rand, Wm Holdron
  • Fred Opperman—Groceries furnished: Mary Hughs, Catharine Walsh
  • Chas. Fehling—Groceries furnished: Mrs. H Broyles, Mahala Teaney, Wm T McMurray, Margaret Ross, Wm Smith, Johannah Thoms
  • M. Pelgen—Groceries furnished: Dora Sperlach, H. Broyles, L Theetge, Wm Powell, M. Pelgen
  • John Brannon—Groceries furnished: Nancy Hunt, George Gray, Catharine Walsh, Mary E Trester, Sarah Clark
  • G. W. Griffin—Groceries furnished: E Knapp, Thomas Rand, C Perrin
  • Robert Maybin—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Goodpasture, Bridget Cooper, A Ponl
  • Andy Kastner—Groceries furnished: G Smith, John Goodpasture
  • A Epstein—Clothing furnished: George Gray, Wm. Smith
  • Aurora Distilling Co.—Coal furnished: E Van Sickles, R. Campbell, M Brooks, Emma Chamberlain, A Pohl
  • George W Taylor—Conveyance to Asylum
  • F Mauntel—Undertaker
  • A Hill & Son—Coal furnished: Mary Abdon, A Shoemaker, W T McMurray, R Campbell, Hannah Burns, Wm Powell
  • Thos. W. Sargent—Coal furnished: Dora Sperlach, K Walker, Wm. Smith, Mary Abdon, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Broiles, A Pohl, Wm Thompson, George Smith
  • L Grossholtz—Boarding tramps
  • Wymond Cooperage Co.—fuel furnished
  • Wm T Day—Undertaker
  • E. Lamar—Shoes to Louie Burton
  • T Studenberg—Shoes to George Smith
  • Catharine Schieb—Caring for Dora Sperlach
  • Jacob Schuler Jr.—Transportation

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • Schleicher Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Krona, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Kriter
  • Spanagel & Co.—Groceries furnished: Henry Young, Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. Mack, Joseph Mondary, Mrs. Schaeffer, Mrs. Daumet
  • H R Helmuth—Groceries furnished: Mary Young, Mrs. McMullen, H Klefker, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Hayes
  • A Shaw—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Parsons, Perry Carter, Wm Brown, Buarks
  • Jos McGrannahan—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Goodwin, Mart Skinner, Perry Carter, Jane Sheppard, Mrs. Eads
  • George H Wood—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Bruce
  • George Fahlbush—Groceries furnished: Thomas Darling
  • Harry Dobell—Groceries furnished: Nancy Jones, Mrs. Brown
  • Tebbs Bros.—Groceries furnished: Wm Winters, Mrs. McAdam
  • Sparks Bros—Groceries furnished: Thomas Darling, Mrs. Martin
  • H Oertling—Groceries furnished: Nancy Jones, Mrs. Thomas Marshall
  • C Israel—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Best
  • Wm F Cook—Coal furnished: Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Bruce, Nancy Jones, Mrs. Junker, Mrs. Early, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Krona, Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Parsons, Mary Young, Mrs. Best, J Mondary, Mrs. Caloway, Mrs. Schaeffer, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Brown
  • Early & Daniel—Coal furnished: Mrs. Krona, Mrs. Klefker, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Tout, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Darling, Mrs. Leindecker, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Early, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Phelster, Mrs. Whitcomb
  • Fred Wesler—Coal furnished: S A Martin, Henry Young, Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Kaufman, MRs. Moeers, Mrs. Fisher
  • Freeman & Stein—Coal furnished: Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Mary Young, Mrs. Charleston
  • Samuel Dickinson, Undertaker—Coffin and carriage furnished: McAdams, Kate Dodd, Holland, H Morris, Dudley, Minnie Early, Mrs. Morrison, Clarinda Osborn, Barney Losey, Jennie Howard, Ben Cave
  • L Kohlerman, Undertaker—Coffin and carriage furnished: James B Hills, James White, J O’Kane; Mitchell, conveyed to Co. Asylum
  • Greendale Cemetery Association
  • J P Lommel—Digging grave
  • F Rodenberg—Transportation
  • Fred Volz—Boarding tramp
  • John Shaw—Boarding tramp
  • R H Gould—Transportation
  • Anton Schneider—Shoes furnished: Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Phister, Mrs. Johnson
  • F. R. Dorman—Shoes
  • L R Swift & Son—Shoes to Wm Bennet

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • Eldo Chance—Conveyance and digging grave for Belle Bradford
  • J S French—Coffin and box to Belle Bradford
  • A P Daughters—Medical attention to Belle Bradford
  • Peter E Shed—one day and mileage as witness to Belle Bradford
  • V D Chance—Groceries to Mrs. Margaret Bradford
  • H B Gault—Groceries furnished
  • H D Moore—Groceries to Isaac Davis and Jesse Colshire
  • O M Loyd—Overseeing poor; transportation

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • John Hayes—Groceries furnished: Jane Christy, Margaret Stitt
  • Aurora Distilling Co.—Coal furnished: M Stitt, Jane Christy, Sarah Buffington
  • John Armstrong—Overseeing poor

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Edward Grubbs—Boarding poor
  • Clark and Fagally—Groceries to S. Tarr

Poor—Miller Township.

  • Wendel Labbe—Groceries Furnished: Joseph Huber
  • Gerhard Fette—Groceries furnished: Caroline Smith, Joseph Huber
  • Chas Seekatz—Shoes to Mrs. Helfrich
  • Jos. Folzlogel—Taking paupers to County Asylum
  • Harmon Hodmeyer—Shoes to pauper

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle—Overseeing poor

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • W F Crocker—Groceries to Mrs. Callahan

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Wm. Rowland—Groceries furnished: Harrison Conaway, Betsy Spangler, Jane Peasley
  • M. E. Withrow—Groceries furnished: Thomas Akra
  • Fred Ginter—Groceries furnished: E and A Evans, Sarah Fleming
  • Tyler & Vandolah—Groceries furnished: Sewel Sheldon
  • H H Kamping—Clothing to Wm Buchorn
  • John Steuver—Overseeing poor

County Asylum.

  • Thos Duncan, money paid out; salary
  • Charlotte Duncan, salary as Matron
  • Katie Wilson, work
  • Clara Ruble, work
  • John Sims, work
  • Andrew Johnson, work
  • John Bidner, pork
  • Geo. Wolforth, repairing shoes
  • Wm F Crocker, hardware
  • John Kleuber, clothing
  • E Lamar, shoes
  • C M Beinkamp, groceries
  • Alex Ruble, carpenter work
  • George W. Hall, groceries
  • Wm Pummill, blacksmithing
  • P Weis, bran
  • Sebastian Ross, harness
  • Geo Gutzwiller, blacksmithing
  • Sparks Bros., seeds
  • B Buffington, groceries
  • Gerhard Hilbert, repairing wagon
  • Frank R Dorman, clothing
  • Chambers, Stevens & Co., dry goods
  • John Kleuber, clothing
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., coffin and box

Public Buildings.

  • R Petitt, repairing lightning rod
  • F R Dorman, oil cloth
  • George Day, painting Commissioner’s room
  • John Schwab, masonry on new barn
  • George W. Wood, groceries for jail
  • K Crist, hardware
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co., gas
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co., kindling

Specific Allowances.

  • L Kohlerman & Son, horses and carriage
  • John Probst, postage and cards
  • S J Huston, postage
  • J H Russe, postage, expressage and telegraphing
  • E D Moore, postage, expressage and telegraphing

Public Printing.

  • Everett & Gregory, coroner’s inquest
  • L W Cobb, Treasurer’s notice and paper for county asylum
  • J E Larimer, delinquent list
  • Hunter & O’Brien, miscellaneous

Books and Stationery.

  • Wm B Burford
  • Sentinel Printing Company

Insane Persons.

  • F R Dorman

County Revenue.

  • J H Russe

Roads and Highways.

  • John Heustis
  • Hezron Haynes, Sheriff

Expense of Court.

  • Hezron Hayes

Commissioners’ Court.

  • Hezron Hayes


  • D M Guard


  • D M Guard

Aurora Bridge.

  • C H Glandorf
  • J E Johnston & Co.
  • Nathan K Stedman

Officers’ Salary.

  • E D Moore
  • H Vogelgesang
  • Geo W Johnston
  • Geo W Swales
  • S J Huston, County Superintendent

Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Mar 1889

Proceedings of the March 1889 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 14 Mar 1889 – Page 3, Column 4


The Township Trustees made their annual settlement of Road, Township and Dog Funds, and the following is a summary of the report:

  • Otto Hamerle, Trustee, York Tp.
  • Henry Assche, Trustee, Jackson Tp.
  • John Roser, Trustee, Harrison Tp.
  • Josiah Duncan, Trustee, Manchester Tp.
  • John Armstrong, Trustee, Hogan Tp.
  • A. Tufts, Trustee, Washington Tp.
  • John Steuver, Trustee, Clay Tp.
  • C. Nolte, Trustee, Cesar Creek Tp.
  • Jacob Schuler, Trustee, Center Tp.
  • Fred Rodenberg, Trustee, Law’bgh Tp.
  • Henry Fangman, Trustee, Kelso Tp.
  • John Brown, Trustee, Logan Tp.
  • F. M. Jackson, Trustee, Miller Tp.

Mark L. Hansell, a member of the Bright Horse Thief Detective Association was appointed Constable.

License to retail liquor was granted to F. X. Volz, Stephen Meier, John Deuschle, Frank M Fitterer, Otha W. Hayes, and Peter Stein, Lawrenceburgh; Kosmos Frederick, Harrison; W. S. Underhill, Aurora.

The offer of Thomas Craig of $10 for the piece of land belonging to Dearborn county, situated in the town of Guilford, was accepted, and the Auditor was instructed to make deed for the same.

Alex. P. Pattison, N. R. Stedman and James Everett were appointed school fund appraisers for the third district.

T. B. Cottingham, Charles Bowton and Lawrence Kappes were appointed viewers of proposed road in Harrison township.

John Renck, Joseph Wilhelm, and F. Mehrling were appointed viewers of proposed road in Miller and York townships.

Benj. Wethered, Sam. B. Sanks and Wesley Johnson were appointed viewers of proposed road in Hogan township.

Charles Hornbach, George T. Hudson and James Lods were appointed viewers of proposed road in Kelso township.

A petition was presented praying for the erection of a bridge across Laughery Creek near Guionsville. The petition was signed by 200 taxpayers of the county.

John E. Heustis of Dearborn and William Stegner of Ripley county, viewers appointed to view a proposed location of a road between Ripley and Dearborn counties, report that the road would be of great utility, and they recommend that the petition for the road be granted.

Dearborn County Commissioners’ Allowances – Dec 1888

Allowances made at the December 1888 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 31 Jan 1889 – Page 3, Column 3

Made by the Board of Commissioners of Dearborn county, at their December session, 1888, and ordered to be published in the Register, as having the largest circulation in said county.

Poor—Lawrenceburgh Township.

  • C. Israel—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Paul Lemuel, Mrs. Best, Mrs. David Diggs
  • H. R. Helmuth—Groceries furnished: H Kleiker, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Laird
  • Schleicher Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Grill, C Craig, Hester Miller, Mrs. Krona, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Sanders
  • George Wood—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Bruce and sister
  • John Tuthill & Co.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. McAdams, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Ed Johnson
  • A. Shaw—Groceries furnished: Mr. Brown
  • Herman Oertling—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Cavanaugh
  • Sparks Bros.—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Jeffers
  • John Isherwood—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Williams
  • Louis Ellerbrook—Board furnished: tramps
  • Wm. Schneider—Shoes furnished: tramps
  • Wm. Schneider—Shoes furnished: Mrs. Carl and Geasly
  • Anton Schneider—Shoes furnished: Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Henry Young, Mrs. Johnson
  • P. J. Emmert—Merchandise Furnished: Taylor Baylery, Mrs. Laird, Mrs. Collins, Wm Brown, Mrs. Carl, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Carter
  • Wm. F. Cook—Coal furnished: Mrs. B. Ricketts, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Nancy Jones, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Marshall, H Young, Mrs. Best, Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Jeffries
  • L. Swift & Son—Clothing furnished: Mrs. Dodd, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. McCracken, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Carll
  • Early & Daniels—Coal furnished: Mrs. Krona, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Hayes, Taut, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Leindecker, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Krow
  • Daniel M. Guard—Board furnished: paupers

Poor—Centre Township:

  • Chas. Fehling—Groceries furnished: Margaret Ross, Mahala Teaney, Johannah Thoms, Mrs. H Broyles, L Theetge, Wm Smith
  • J. C. Green—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Benj Mills
  • John Kleuber—Clothing furnished: Joe Peters
  • J. H. VanHouten—Groceries furnished: Mrs. C Perrin, Hannah Byrns, Emma Chamberlain
  • Louis Lotton—Board furnished: tramps
  • John Brannon—Groceries furnished: R Welsh, Nancy Hunt
  • O. T. Canfield—Merchandise furnished: Joe Jones
  • Fred Opperman—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Hughs
  • Robert McConnell—Clothing furnished: James Vahey, Wm Smith
  • Blythe Buffington—Groceries furnished: Miss Emma Chamberlain
  • Fred Mauntel—Conveyance furnished: Mat Shank to county asylum, Al McMurray to county asylum, Martin Cochran to county asylum
  • E. Lamar—Merchandise furnished: Sarah Steg, Mrs. Smith and daughter, Joe Jones, Mrs. Noble and daughter, Mrs. Lictschge
  • M. Pelgen—Groceries furnished: Wm Powell, Dora Sperlach
  • Albert Bloom—Groceries furnished: Dora Sperlach
  • Herdegan & Kress—Groceries furnished: Amanda Gray, Albert Pohl
  • Robert Maybin—Groceries furnished: Joe Peters, James Howard, Wm Smith, Wm Walker, Bridget Cooper
  • Wm Webber—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Lambkins, Mrs. Abdon, Mrs. Howard
  • Martha Bruce—taking care of sick
  • Hannah Burns—taking care of sick
  • Lafe M. Cheek—Groceries furnished: Wm Holden
  • C. H. Beinkamp—Groceries furnished: Wm Theetge, J Freiberg, Mrs. Radcliff, Wm Powell, Ella Baker
  • Andy Kastner—Groceries furnished: Mrs. J Freiberger
  • Thos. W. Sargent—Coal furnished: Miss Chamberlain, Margaret Ross, Dora Sperlach, Mrs. Van Sickles, Wm Thompson, B Burns, A Pohl, Mary Abdon
  • Wymond Cooperage Co.—Fuel furnished
  • J. R. Cole & Son—Conveyance to Cemetery
  • M Maloney—Undertaker
  • Ed Holthouse—Undertaker
  • Jacob Schuler—Transportation

Poor—Kelso Township.

  • Wendel Labbe—Groceries furnished: Philip Spring, Joseph Huber
  • Gerhardt Fette—Groceries furnished: Joseph Huber, Caroline Smith
  • Chas Seekatz—Shoes to Caroline Smith
  • Fred Morgan—Shoes to Joseph Huber

Poor—Sparta Township.

  • H. D. Moore—Groceries furnished: Isaac Davis, J. Colshure and wife

Poor—Clay Township.

  • Wm. Rowland—Groceries furnished: Jane Peasley, Harrison Conaway, Sewel Sheldon, Betsy Spangler
  • M. E. Withrow—Groceries furnished: Mrs. John Loftus, Thomas Aker
  • Fred Ginter—Groceries furnished: A and E Evans, Sarah Fleming, Sewel Sheldon

Poor—York Township.

  • Otto Hammerle, cash

Poor—Hogan Township.

  • T. L. Baker—Hauling coal: Margaret Stitt, Jane Christy, Sarah Buffington
  • John Hayes—Groceries furnished: Margaret Stitt and Jane Christie
  • John Armstrong—Cash paid out

Poor—Harrison Township.

  • Wm. Schroyer—Undertaker

Poor—Manchester Township.

  • Perry Piles—Groceries to Mr. Scribner
  • Wm. F. Crocker—Groceries furnished: Mrs. Callahan

Poor—Logan Township.

  • Haddock & Clark—Groceries furnished: Elizabeth Ward
  • Ed. Grubbs—Boarding three children

Poor—Miller Township.

  • T H Nowlin & Co.—Groceries furnished: J Connor, J Dodd

Roads and Highways.

  • J W Truitt and J P Swearing—Viewers

Public Buildings.

  • G H Wood—Soap and oil for jail
  • Lawrenceburgh Gas Co.—Gas
  • H G Kidd—Furnishing stove and repairing
  • H Risinger—Repairing clock
  • Ohio Valley Coffin Co.—Kindlings
  • W F Cook—Hardware etc.
  • J S Dorman & Co.—merchandise
  • E C Baldwin—Desk stool
  • Sparks Bros.—Mops and handles

Specific Allowance.

  • E D Moore—Postage and box rent
  • S J Huston—Postage
  • D H Miller—Horses and carriage
  • John Probst—Box rent
  • J H Russe—Postage and expressage

Expense of Elections.

  • D M Guard
  • J H Russe

Expense of Criminals.

  • D M Guard—Boarding prisoners

Court Expense.

  • D M Guard

Commissioners’ Court.

  • D M Guard

Laughery Bridge.

  • F M Miller

Wilmington Bridge.

  • Wm Larrison—repairing bridge

Public Printing.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • Everett & Gregory
  • J E Larimer

Books and Stationery.

  • Hunter & O’Brien
  • Sentinel Printing Company
  • Wm B Burford
  • Baker & Thornton

Officers’ Salary.

  • E D Moore, Auditor
  • Geo A Swales, Commissioner
  • G W Johnston, Commissioner
  • N Vogelgesang, Commissioner
  • S J Huston, County Superintendent

Dearborn County Commissioners Proceedings – Dec 1888

Proceedings of the December 1888 Session of the Dearborn County, Indiana Commissioners appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Dec 1888 – Page 3, Column 3


At the request of Amzi Garrigues, Captain of the Manchester Horse Thief Detective Association, the following named gentlemen were appointed as Constables: John Reidel, Michael Bidner, Oliver L. Mathews, Thomas Duncan, George Heller and George Givan.

Henry Gerkin was appointed janitor of the Court House for one year, form the first day of January, 1889, at a salary of $45 per month.

Jacob Shuler Jr., Trustee of Centre township, reported the expenditure of the $800 donation for the repairing of “Hog Back.”

Dr. T. E. Craig, Secretary of the County Board of Health, submitted his annual report. During the nine months ending Sept. 30th, 1888, one hundred and two deaths and two hundred and seventy-one births were reported. Six reports of diseases dangerous to the public health were reported.

John E. Heustis was appointed commissioner to examine proposed highway on boundary line between Ripley and Dearborn counties—the location of which is petitioned for by twenty-four freeholders of Ripley county.

On account of the death of John McGuire, one of the sureties on the bond of Jacob Schuler, Trustee of Centre township, the said Trustee was ordered to execute a new bond.

The Auditor was instructed to present the Aurora Gas Company with an account for $50 for one year’s use of the Hogan Creek bridge in the city of Aurora for supporting gas main of said company.

Thomas Duncan, Superintendent of the County Asylum, made his semi annual report for the term ending November 30th. On June 1st the number of inmates was forty-seven. Since that date eleven have been discharged—leaving thirty-five now in charge of the county.