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Delhi School Report – Feb 1883

Delhi School [Switzerland County, Indiana] report in:
Vevay Reveille – 1 Mar 1883 – Page 1, Column 4

Report of Delhi School, District No. 10, for the term opening Oct. 16, 1882, and closing Feb. 13, 1883:

  • Length of term, 85 days.
  • Number of pupils enrolled, 32.
  • Average daily attendance, 22.

Number promoted within the term, 10, viz: Bennie Fisk, Rose Stewart, Mollie Scott, Winnie Thatcher, Ervin Schmeid, Stella Parker, Eva Parker, Prior Scott, Omer Scott, Jessie Thatcher.

Names of pupils receiving highest percent in their grade by examination held Feb. 9, 1883:

  • Fifth Grade—Ollie Patterson, Lydia Patterson
  • Fourth Grade—Mollie Scott, Bennie Fisk
  • Third Grade—Anna Thatcher, Winnie Thatcher
  • Second Grade—Stella Parker, Ervin Schmeid
  • First Grade—Prior Scott, Omer Scott.

The following are names of pupils most regular in attendance: Maze Stewart, Rose Stewart, Tommie Pattersod, Nettie Stewart, Lydia Patterson.