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Enterprise School Roll of Honor – Dec 1884

Enterprise School [Switzerland County, Indiana] roll of honor appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 25 Dec 1884 – Page 1, Column 5

Roll of Honor Enterprise School:

[See newspaper for grades.]

F Grade—Bettie Bovard, Sadie Littlefield, Flora Potter, Alpha Moore

E Grade—Blanche Potter, Eva Potter

D Grade—Nannie Potter, May Littlefield, William Sanders, Frank Truesdall

C Grade—Nola Lockwood, Louisa Heath, Eddie Potter

B Grade—Charlie Potter, Jimmie Sanders

A Grade—Harry Littlefield, Julia Heath

Switzerland County – 1866 Indiana Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide

Switzerland County, Indiana entries from:
Cowen, M.V. B., compiler. The Indiana State Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide for 1866-7. Lafayette, Indiana : Rosser, Spring & Cowen, 1866.
Digital Copy at HathiTrust

Allensville, Switzerland county, 10 miles north-east of Vevay, and 14 miles from Dillsborough, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad. Ship to Vevay or Rising Sun on the Ohio river. Population 125.

Bennington, Switzerland county, 10 miles north-west of Vevay the county seat. Population 125. Ship to Vevay on the Ohio river.

Center Square, Switzerland county, 8 miles from Vevay the county seat.

Craig, Switzerland county, a village in that county.

Enterprise, Switzerland county, Ship to Vevay.

Fairview, Switzerland county, 10 miles north of Vevay. Post Office Sugar Branch.

Florence, Switzerland county, on the Ohio river 8 miles east of Vevay the county seat. Population 400.

Grant’s Creek, Switzerland county, north-east of Vevay.

Jackson, Switzerland county. Ship to Vevay, on the Ohio river.

Jacksonville, Switzerland county. Ship to Vevay, 7 miles distant, on the Ohio river.

Log Lick, Switzerland county, a small place in that county.

Moorefield, Switzerland county. Ship to Vevay, 8 miles distant, on the Ohio river. Population 150.

Mount Sterling, Switzerland county. Ship to Vevay, 3 ½ miles distant, on the Ohio river. Population 300.

New York, Switzerland county, on the Ohio river, 1 mile below Warsaw, Kentucky. Post Office Florence.

Patriot, Switzerland county, on the Ohio river, 17 miles above Vevay, the county seat. Population 600.

Pleasant, Switzerland county, a Post Office of that county.

Quercus Grove, Switzerland county, a Post office of that county.

Sugar Branch, Switzerland county, 10 miles north of Vevay. This is the Post Office for Fairview.

Vevay, capital of Switzerland county, on the Ohio river, an equal distance from Cincinnati & Louisville. Population 1,600. Express Company, American.

Vevay, Switzerland County.

Attorneys at Law.

  • F. & W. H. Adkinson, also C. A.,
  • W. R. Johnson, also C. A.,
  • Carter & Titus, also C. A.,
  • John Dumont,
  • James A. Works.

Architect and Builder.

  • George W. Kyle.

Agricultural Implements.

  • R. F. Grisard & Brother.


  • First National Bank of Vevay, Capital $100,000, U. P. Schenck, President, William Hall, Cashier.


  • John Hollar.

Baker and Confectioner.

  • Joseph Jockell.


  • Rutherford & Rodgers.
  • Armstrong & Fugett.

Billiard Saloon.

  • W. H. Ruggles.

Boots and Shoes.

  • C. Theibaud & Son,
  • J. Thompson,
  • B. F. Smith.

Bottled Ale.

  • Daniel Plew.

Cabinet Makers.

  • Vevay Furniture Company, B. Bunganer, Agent.

Cigars and Tobacco.

  • H. Schewe.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Julius Black,
  • Joseph Kauffman,
  • William Price,
  • J. W. Gray,
  • L. & E. Weil.

Coal Dealers.

  • S. B. Miller & Co.,
  • Rutherford & Peters.

Carriage Manufacturers.

  • G. P. Tinker, also Painter.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • Gravener & LeClerc.
  • Johnathan Roberts.


  • J. L. Theibaud,
  • J. L. Theibaud & Co.,
  • Isaac Stevens.


  • E. R. Mullett.

Express Company.

  • American Express Company, H. Charlton, Agent.

Flouring Mill.

  • S. B. Miller & Co.

General Stores.

  • U. P. Schenck & Sons,
  • Harvey Schroder,
  • Hathaway & Co.,
  • George Paull,
  • John F. Doon,
  • R. F. Grisard & Brother,
  • Harwood & Son,
  • L. & C. Weil,
  • Shaw & Rous,
  • William B. Owens,
  • M. Madary,
  • James K. Pleasants & Co.,
  • Theibaud & Courvoisier,
  • Hall & Lewis.

Groceries and Produce.

  • Daniel Cole,
  • John G. Cotton, also Liquors,
  • R. Anderson,
  • Henry Todd,
  • Clarkson & Dufour, also Bakers,
  • O. S. Waldo,
  • F. J. Waldo,
  • J. W. Keith.

Hay Dealers.

  • U. P. Schenck & Sons,
  • James K. Pleasants & Co.


  • LeClerc House, Mrs. Julia LeClerc.

Insurance Agents.

  • W. H. Adkinson,
  • Carter & Titus.

Jewelers, Watch and Clock Dealers.

  • W. W. Ruggles, also Artist,
  • F. A. Boerner & Brother.

Livery Stables.

  • J. R. S. Smith,
  • William Peters.


  • Mrs. Tardy & Detraz,
  • Miss Jane E. Kincaid, also Dress Maker.

Marble Workers.

  • Melcher & McKimens.


  • The Reveille, W. J. Baird, Proprietor.

Painter and Grainer.

  • H. Weales.


  • T. M. Danglade,
  • J. W. Thompson,
  • E. S. Gale.

Produce Dealers.

  • H. Charlton & Co.

Printing Ink.

  • Schneck & Henry.

Saddles and Harness.

  • Kesler & Son,
  • William Faulkner.

Stoves and Tinware.

  • Dumont & Duprez,
  • C. Goldenberg & Son.

Saloons and Restaurants.

  • George Kyle,
  • Peter McMakin,
  • Mansfield & Plew.

Wagon Makers.

  • Samuel Shuff,
  • W. G. Shaw.

Woolen Factory.

  • Lindensmith & Co.