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Ohio County – 1866 Indiana Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide

Ohio County, Indiana entries from:
Cowen, M.V. B., compiler. The Indiana State Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide for 1866-7. Lafayette, Indiana : Rosser, Spring & Cowen, 1866.
Digital Copy at HathiTrust

Aberdeen, Ohio county, is situated 10 miles from Rising Sun, the county seat. Ship to Rising Sun or to Dillsborough, 11 miles distant, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad. Population 200.

Bear Branch, Ohio county, a Post Office 14 miles west of Rising Sun, and 12 miles of Vevay.

Freedom, Ohio county, 16 miles from Rising Sun, the county seat. Population 150.

Hartford, Ohio county, 8 miles west of Rising Sun. Ship to Aurora, on the Ohio river. Population 200.

Millersburg, Ohio county, on the Ohio river, 3 miles below Rising Sun. Population 100.

Rising Sun, capital of Ohio county, on the Ohio river, 35 miles below Cincinnati. Population 2,200. Express Company, American.

Rising Sun, Ohio County.

Attorneys at Law.

  • S. H. Steward,
  • R. L. Davis.


  • G. W. Billingsley,
  • R. L. Mitchell.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Bradbury & Rehm,
  • E. G. Young.


  • J. F. Wright.

Boots and Shoes.

  • Grace, Lostutter & Co.,
  • G. W. L. Cox,
  • J. S. Walker.


  • John M. Jackson & Brother,
  • Merrills & Brothers,
  • Cornelius Clarke.

Cabinet Makers.

  • W. H. Whitlock,
  • Enos Gary.

Chair Maker.

  • R. G. Young.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Horton & Silva,
  • W. Cullen.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • Pearson & Lindsay,
  • William Hall,
  • Shoup & Murdock.

Coal and Lumber Dealer.

  • Samuel Seward.


  • George McAroy,
  • Summers & Alden.

Dry Goods.

  • R. S. Meyers, also Notions.
  • Hathaway & Co., also Clothing,
  • Heyn & Brother, also Clothing and Boots and Shoes,
  • J. C. Wells & Co., also Clothing and Boots and Shoes.

Express Company.

  • American Express Company.

Flouring Mill.

  • J. A. W. Talbott, also Cooperage.


  • E. D. Smith & Co.

Feed Store.

  • W. B. Miller.

Groceries and Produce.

  • Grace, Lostutter & Co.,
  • J. C. Wells & Co.,
  • J. H. Jones,
  • Hall & Pate, also Boots and Shoes,
  • R. A. P. Buchanan,
  • E. G. Young,
  • Bradbury & Rehm.

Hats, Caps and Furs.

  • Benjamin Morgan.

Hay and Grain Dealers.

  • J. S. Haines,
  • Adam Herdigan,
  • Grace, Lostutter & Co., also Hardware and Commission Merchants.


  • City Hotel, J. N. Wood.


  • Hathaway & Co.

Iron Store.

  • J. M. Reister.

Insurance Company.

  • Rising Sun Insurance Company, J. B. Covington, Secretary, Samuel Seward, President, W. T. Pepper, General Agent.

Insurance Agents.

  • N. H. Shaw,
  • S. H. Stewart.


  • E. Clarke,
  • Chuseman & Godfrey.

Livery Stables.

  • Richard Martin,
  • R. T. Murray & Co.,
  • J. N. Wood.

Marble Worker.

  • John Toohey.


  • Mrs. R. Richards,
  • Mrs. L. Calkins,
  • Mrs. S. Best.


  • The Recorder, J. E. D. Ward, Proprietor.

News Dealer.

  • A. Bedgood.


  • G. A. Stevenson,
  • W. Gillespie,
  • A. B. Haines,
  • H. T. Williams,
  • J. H. Peyton,
  • W. H. Sullivan.

Plow Factory.

  • W. Clore.

Pork Packers.

  • Grace, Lostutter & Co.

Sawing and Planing Mill.

  • S. & S. Seward.

Saddles and Harness.

  • Richard Martin,
  • F. Marquett,
  • J. S. Cole.


  • J. S. Thompson,
  • J. N. Wood.

Stoves and Tinware.

  • P. Thompson,
  • S. McGuffin.


  • Richard Martin.


  • B. C. Calvert.


  • J. T. Whitlock.

Wagon Maker.

  • Enoch Drake.

Ohio County – 1882 Indiana Gazetteer and Business Directory

Ohio County, Indiana entries from:
Polk’s Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1882-83. Indianapolis : R. L. Polk & Co., 1882.
Digital Copy at Internet Archive

OHIO CO.—Rising Sun the county seat. Clerk, George B. Hall. Sheriff, Michael McGuire. Treasurer, John C. Miller. Auditor, Joseph P. Hemphill. Recorder, Wallace P. Hall. Coroner, Enoch Drake. Surveyor, Edward P. Niles.

ABERDEEN. A discontinued post-office in Ohio county.

BASCOM. Is a recently established postoffice, situated in Cass township, Ohio county, 9 miles west of Rising Sun, the county seat and banking town. Aurora, distant 17 miles, is the nearest rail approach, but shipments can be made by boat to Rising Sun. Population 25. R. B. Bascom, postmaster and general store.

BEAR BRANCH. Or Freedom, as it is sometimes called, is a place with a population of 25, located in Pike township, Ohio county, 15 miles southwest of Rising Sun, the county seat, and 13 north of Vevay, on the Ohio river, the most available shipping point. Contains 2 churches—Baptist and United Brethren—and district school. Stage communication with Dillsboro. Mail tri-weekly. H. Ford, postmaster.

  • Cabway David, carpenter.
  • Dennis M M, milliner.
  • Elder Annie L, dressmaker.
  • Ford H, General Store.
  • French J B, wagonmaker.
  • Gibbs W J, blacksmith.
  • Halbert William, physician.
  • Longcamp J F, blacksmith.
  • Pate I H, cattle dealer.
  • Pate J H, cattle dealer.
  • Turner I W, justice of the peace.

FREEDOM. Ohio county. (See Bear Branch.)

HARTFORD. With 100 inhabitants, is located on Laughery creek, in Union township and [Ohio] county, 7 miles from Rising Sun court house. Aurora, 7 miles north-east is the shipping station and banking town. One Methodist church is sustained.

  • Campbell Alex, general store.
  • Pohle H H, blacksmith.
  • Ross Frank P, general store.
  • Wilber E A, grocer.
  • Wilber A & R, general store.

NORTH’S LANDING. Located on the Ohio river in Randolph township, Ohio county, 4 miles south of Rising Sun, the county seat and bank location, has a population of 250. Tobacco and potatoes are shipped extensively. Adams Ex., (at Rising Sun). Daily stage to Patriot; fare 50 cents; Rising sun; fare 15 cents; Aurora; fare 50 cents. Nathan H. North, postmaster.

  • Ellis W C, wagon jack manufacturer.
  • Green John, painter.
  • Heath & Fleming, saw and flour mill.
  • Hodges Esquire, blacksmith.
  • Mobler A Rev, (Baptist).
  • North Bros & Powell, leaf tobacco.
  • North E C, produce.
  • North Nathan H, General Store and Live Stock.
  • Powell W J, wharf master.
  • Rollins H, blacksmith.
  • Smith Anna, confectioner and restaurant.

RISING SUN. The seat of justice of Ohio county, is a prosperous village of 2,000 inhabitants pleasantly located on the Ohio river, 38 miles below Cincinnati and 92 southeast of Indianapolis. Rising Sun is incorporated, carries a bonded debt of $3,500, and supports Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Christian and Universalist churches, 3 graded schools, 2 hotels, a national bank, and 2 weekly newspapers—Recorder and Local. Its manufacturing industries comprise 2 flour mills, 1 saw mill, 1 plow factory, and 1 tannery. Plows, produce and flour are the chief exports. Daily stage to Aurora; fare, 50 cents; and Patriot; fare, 50 cents. Ex., Adams and O. & M. William H. Clark, postmaster.

  • Alden Thomas E, physician.
  • Anderson & McHenry, livery.
  • Bassett Myles Rev, (Baptist).
  • Baxter John D, harness.
  • Bell Isaac, tanner.
  • Best Sallie Mrs, milliner.
  • Birdsell Bros, meat market.
  • Bloss Edmund, baker.
  • Bush John W, agt Adams Ex Company.
  • Bush & Hemphill, produce.
  • Calkin Eliza Mrs, milliner.
  • Caseltine William jr, confectioner.
  • Clark Cornelius, blacksmith.
  • Clore William, Plow Manufacturer.
  • Cofield William R, sewing machines.
  • Coles John B, lawyer.
  • Colter William, general store.
  • Craig William H, physician.
  • Davis John G, boots and shoes.
  • David Rodman L, lawyer.
  • Downey A C & G C, lawyers.
  • Downey George E, insurance.
  • Eades James S, stoves and tinware.
  • Elliott William, coal.
  • Empire House, L W Scranton, propr.
  • Enoch Walter F, blacksmith.
  • Eshman John, lumber and coal.
  • Espey H S & Son, grocers and R R agt.
  • Gary Enos, furniture.
  • Gary John W, baker.
  • Gibson George B, hardware.
  • Gillespie William, physician.
  • Gould Richard H, livery.
  • Grace Harriet B Mrs, dry goods.
  • Guenther A Rev, (Lutheran).
  • Hall Daily B, publisher Rising Sun Local.
  • Hall Daniel T, shoemaker.
  • Harris James P, carpenter.
  • Harwood & Son, painters.
  • Hathaway Shadrach, shoemaker.
  • Hoffner Walter, locksmith.
  • Horsfall Thomas, merchant tailor.
  • Jones John H, real estate.
  • Jones Oscar, grocer.
  • Jones Richard M, justice of the peace.
  • Keeney George H, undertaker.
  • Kittle & Miller, boots and shoes.
  • Kurr Henry, shoemaker.
  • Langsdale R G, physician.
  • Langsdale & Buchanan, druggists.
  • Love & Steigmiller, saloon.
  • McAroy George, druggist.
  • McHenry Timothy, livery.
  • McMahon S S Rev, (Methodist).
  • McMurray Eliza Mrs, propr Riverside House.
  • Marble James W, grocer.
  • Marquett Frederick, harness.
  • Mayfield William, grocer.
  • Merrell M P, dentist.
  • Merrell & Son, blacksmith.
  • Miller William W, cigars and tobacco
  • Miller & Son, flour mill.
  • Moore George I, lumber.
  • National Bank of Rising Sun; capital, $100,000; Samuel Seward, prest; J N Perkins, cashr.
  • Olmstead H F Rev, (Presbyterian).
  • Pate Henry, grocer.
  • Pate John M, lumber dealer.
  • Pate & Gregory, produce
  • Peyton James H, physician.
  • Redd Smith B, barber.
  • Riggs John, blacksmith.
  • Rising Sun Local (weekly), D B Hall, publisher.
  • Rising Sun Recorder (weekly), F J Waldo & Co, publishers.
  • Riverside House, Eliza McMurray, propr.
  • Rollins Richard J, barber.
  • Scholly William M, cigars and tobacco.
  • Scranton Lee N, propr Empire House.
  • Seward M J & Co, dry goods.
  • Smith Ernest, wagonmaker.
  • Steele R A, furniture and undertaker.
  • Stewart Stephen H, lawyer.
  • Stevenson George A, physician.
  • Sullivan William H, physician.
  • Summers Charles L, general store.
  • Talbott Joseph W, flour mill.
  • Thorn David C, druggist.
  • Fisher William, shoemaker.
  • Toohey John, marble works.
  • Ulrey Joel P, dentist.
  • Vosberg & McMackin, dressmakers.
  • Vowter W P Rev, (Christian).
  • Waldo R J & Co, publishers Rising Sun Recorder.
  • Walton Daniel K, photographer.
  • Ward Bros, jewelers.
  • Weaver Jacob, justice of the peace.
  • Whitlock John T jr, grocer.
  • Whitlock William H, saw mill.
  • Wilber David, insurance.
  • William John D, jeweler.
  • Williams Will W, Attorney at Law and Collecting Agt.