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Aurora High School Commencement – 1894

Commencement for 1894 of the Aurora High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 17 May 1894 – Page 3, Column 4

Aurora High School Commencement exercises will take place at the Grand Opera House Friday evening, next week. The graduating class is composed of Marian Squibb, Karl Cadwell, Edith Bebinger, Elmer Tufts, Carrie Bloom, Inez S. Cobb, Jennie Kyle, Rena Caldwell.

The class is a particularly brilliant one, and especially renowned for their proficiency in Latin and rhetoric, standing far above the average.

Aurora High School Commencement – 1891

Commencement for 1891 of the Aurora High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 28 May 1891 – Page 3, Column 3

Commencement Exercises—Aurora High School.

[See newspaper for full article.]

An immense audience assembled in the Opera House on Friday last to witness the Twenty-fifth Annual Commencement of the Aurora High School. The class was represented by seven young ladies and four young gentlemen, and the very pleasing manner in which each acquitted himself will cause the memory of the class program of ’91 ever to be a pleasant one. And if all their future steps be as brilliant as the ones put forth by them on this evening, a grand victory will be theirs when they “Gain the Heights.”

Salutatorian, Stella B. Bobbitt—“The End Crowns the Work”

Abbie B. Dale—“A Rift in the Clouds”

Edward C. Hopping—“Superstition”

Mamie L. Emrie—“Bones”

Mellie McCune—“Life is a Landscape”

John H. Walton—“Looking Back”

Grace McGuire—“Possibilities Within Reach of American Girls”

Henry Wilhelm—“Influence of Character”

Bessie Bleasdale—“Oratorical Experience”

Roswell R. Walton—“The Grandeur of Self Sacrifice”

Valedictorian, Nellie Smith—“Time has Crowned Thinking King”

Rising Sun Public Schools Commencement – 1890

The 1890 Commencement of the Rising Sun Public Schools in Ohio County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Spectator – 8 May 1890 – Page 8, Column 1

The annual commencement of the Rising Sun public schools will be held at the Methodist Church, Friday evening, May 9, 1890. Exercises will commence at 7:30 o’clock. The following are the members of the graduating class: Lucien Harris, Alice Perkins, Mamie Brown, Nellie James, Sara Waldo, Fannie Johnson, Blanche French, Sallie Baker, Fannie Cole, Samuel Mullen.

Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1890

The program of the 1890 commencement of Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 5 Jun 1890 – Page 3, Column 3


[See article for full details.]

Despite the uncertainty which prevailed as to the place of holding commencement, and the counter attraction of a popular comedy at the Odd Fellow’s Temple, a vast audience filled the Grand Opera House, at 8 o’clock Friday evening.

Stella Jennings – Salutatory.

Lida Ruese – American Nobliity.

Ida McCune – “A Golden Key”

Josie Smith – “Value of Difficulties”

Louise M. Kerr – Story of Empress Josephine.

Libbie Greer – Abraham Lincoln

W. C. Vail – History of Aurora Graduates; Valedictory

F. S. Maltby – “Topic of the Times”

Nellie Baker – “A Good Cause”

Agnes Downton – “Will America Decline?”

Stella Jennings – “The Invisible World”

Clara Buchanan – “A Picture on the Easel of Time

Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1889

Commencement exercises of the Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1889 appeared in:
Aurora Dearborn Independent – 13 Jun 1889 – Page 3, Column 3

The Twenty-Second Annual Commencement of the Aurora Public Schools.

Commencement exercises were held at the Opera House, Friday evening, June 7, 1889. Motto—“Not the crown, but the power to win it.”

[See newspaper for full account.]

Ella Ruese—Salutatory

Sarah Webber—“Why Be Graduated?”

Mamie Treon—Eulogy upon the Green Isle and its heroes of old

Mame Kassebaum—“An Autumn Leaf”

Miss Ruese—“Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”

Julia A. Spaeth—“Courting the Muse”

Miss Kassebaum–Valedictory

Lawrenceburg High School Commencement – 1889

Commencement exercises of the Lawrenceburg High School in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1889 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 13 Jun 1889 – Page 2, Column 3

Commencement Exercises.

The fifteenth annual commencement exercises of the Lawrenceburgh High School took place at the Court House on last Thursday evening. There was a very large attendance. The essays of the members of the graduating class are as follows:

[See newspaper for full essays.]

The War of Muscle and Money by Thomas J. McKim

Political Rascality by Oliver D. Wharton

Dearborn County Schools Graduates – 1889

Graduates of the Dearborn County, Indiana Common Schools for 1889 appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 23 May 1889 – Page 2, Column 4

The following is a list of those pupils who passed successfully the examination and graduated from the Common Schools of Dearborn County for 1888-89; also the teacher under whom they passed, and the Corporation from which they graduated:

Names Corporations Teachers
Annie B. Conroy Sparta M. C. Mulford
Frank I. Glass Sparta M. C. Mulford
Sallie A. I. Vinson Sparta M. C. Mulford
Henry J. Bossong Sparta Laura B. Ferren
Ben G. Elder Hogan George Elder
Robert Denny Hogan George Elder
Frank Ward Hogan George Elder
John Whitaker York Susie Smith
Frank W. Hiett York Susie Smith
David Johnston Manchester Wm. Duncan
Charles McKinstry Manchester Wm. Duncan
Geo. W. McKinstry Manchester Wm. Duncan
Wm. B. Ross Manchester Emery P. Ross
Harry Clark Manchester Belle Laws
Edgar F. Johnston Manchester Luetta Brumblay
Harry Heustis Manchester Belle Laws
Fannie Mendell Manchester Belle Laws
Joseph E. Roll Logan Herman Roser
Harvey Lods Logan W. H. Nead
Annie Lods Logan W. H. Nead
Clinton Jackson Miller N. C. Bainum
Eliza Barkley Cesar Creek A. D. Pate
Fidella Krom Lawrenceburgh Wilber Smith
Gussie Ginter Dillsborough John A. Wise
Irvin Chance Dillsborough John A. Wise
Charles Tholke Dillsborough John A. Wise
Edith Perlee Dillsborough John A. Wise
Jesse W. Eggleston Dillsborough John A. Wise
Geo. Roberts Dillsborough John A. Wise
Pearl Brumblay Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Maggie Burlhage Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Mary B. Corya Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Charles E. Austin Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Clyde Jennings Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Bertha Robinson Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman
Louis Ross Moore’s Hill Alice Hayman


  1. J. HUSTON, County Superintendent


Lawrenceburg High School Commencement – 1888

Commencement proceedings of the Lawrenceburg High School in Dearborn County, Indiana for 1888 appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 9 Feb 1888 – Page 3, Column 1

The High School graduating class of 1888 will be composed of Misses Carrie Walter, Mary Rabe, and Kate Hornberger, and Messrs. Edward Emmert, Oscar Wainscott, and Sims Craig.

Lawrenceburg Register – 31 May 1888 – Page 3, Column 3


Fourteenth Annual Commencement.

Following is the programme:



Salutatory—Carrie Walter.

America, Her Wealth and Free Education—Mary Rabe.

Are we Naturally Deceitful?—Katie Hornberger.


Our Coast Defences—Ed. J. Emmert.

Enjoying Life—Lulu Menke.

Inventions—Carrie Walter.


Valedictory—Edward J. Emmert.

Presentation of Diplomas—Dr. C. B. Miller.



Lawrenceburg High School Commencement – 1887

The 1887 commencement of Lawrenceburg High School in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 16 Jun 1887 – Page 3, Column 4



Few finer audiences ever assembled in the Court room than that which greeted the High School graduating class on last Friday evening. The audience was composed of interested and appreciative people, and they voted the Thirteenth Annual Commencement a glorious success. The graduating class consisted of five young gentlemen and two young ladies.

The exercises opened with the debate: “Resolved, That women should be allowed to vote.” Miss Mary Sanks taking the affirmative in the discussion, while Miss Lizzie Schaerger sustained the negative of the question.

Tolbert Sortwell, in an oration, dilated in a very interesting manner on the subject of “Knavishness.”

Ira Miller’s oration was an excellent one upon the subject of “Luck and Pluck.”

“Loyalty” was the subject of Harry Sim’s oration.

The debate, “Resolved, that Jefferson was a greater man than Lincoln,” was next on the programme, and the question was discussed by the honor boys. Charles Hodel was given the valedictory, first honor, while Clinton Fitch was made salutatorian.

Aurora Public Schools Commencement – 1887

The 1887 Commencement of Aurora Public Schools in Dearborn County, Indiana appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 2 Jun 1887 – Page 2, Column 4

The Twentieth Annual Commencement of the Aurora Public Schools was given at the Opera House Friday evening, and was a magnificent affair. The following programme covered the evening’s delightful entertainment:

Salutatory—Calla J. Kassebaum.

One Thing at a Time—Frank B. Shutts.

Looking Forward—Eliza Billingsley.

Our Nation’s Holiday—Carrie Rectanus.

The First Stroke—Vina Ruese.

For What Should We Seek?—Rachel Kerr.

The Price of Success—Edith Conwell.

A Bouquet—Ella Cadwell.

Rev. A. W. Freeman—Minnie Kerr.

Music—Lillie M. Radspinner.

Little Things—Louis Severin.

Micawberism—Abbie Holman.

One Remains, the Many Changes and Pass—Jessie E. Smith.

A Nation’s Wealth—Tillie L. Oester.

The Knitting Furies—Emmeline Kerr.

The Inconveniences of Greatness—Charles B. McHenry.

Hunting a Subject for Commencement—Flora Siemantel.

Wasting Time—Mame M. Siemantel.

Truth—Nannie Kassebaum.

Courage—Jennie I. V. Lukens.

Honor to Whom Honor is Due—John Hopping.

The Four-Leaf Clover—Calla J. Kassebaum.

What of the Boys of ’87?—Cassius McMullen.

Valedictory—Edith Conwell.