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Ohio County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Ohio County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • D. T. & H. S. DOWNEY, Attorneys at Law.
  • S. M. JELLEY, Attorney at Law.
  • O. W. LEWIS, Artist.
  • R. J. ROLLINS, Barber and Hair Dresser.
  • A. H. WRIGHT, Barber and Hair Dresser.
  • H. B. STEELE, Blacksmith.
  • ALFRED MERRILL, Blacksmith, cor. Walnut and Grand sts.
  • B. L. ROLLINS, Blacksmith and Farmer.
  • H. ROLLINS, Blacksmith and Farmer.
  • J. RODRIGUEZ, Baker.
  • J. F. RIGGS, Blacksmith.
  • BENJAMIN DOLPH, Blacksmith and Farmer.
  • F. W. WERSHY, Carriage Trimmer.
  • J. B. SMITH, Cigar Maker.
  • J. R. PRICE, Cigar Maker.
  • PERRY BUCHANAN, Contractor and Builder.
  • K. H. ROBBINS, Contractor and Builder.
  • J. G. ESPEY, Coal and Lumber Dealer.
  • W. H. PECK, Clerk Wharf Boat.
  • S. W. MORGAN, Carriage Maker and Wood Worker.
  • WM. P. SINK, Drayman and Tinsmith.
  • GEORGE McAROY, Druggist.
  • E. A. IGOE, Dentist.
  • J. T. MATSON, Druggist and Physician, Main st., above Front.
  • M. F. MORSE, Engineer on Board Steamboat.
  • JAMES CLOSE, Flatboatman.
  • J. J. PATE, Farmer and Dealer in Stock.
  • W. T. LINDSAY, Groceries and Provisions.
  • J. W. GRACE, Grocer.
  • JONES SEWARD, Grocer.
  • J. R. CROUCH, Hotel, “Empire House.”
  • H. T. WILLIAMS, M. D., Lumber Mills, Proprietor City.
  • J. P. PEPPER, Merchant.
  • J. H. TALBOTT, Miller, Proprietor City Flouring Mills. Family and Fancy Flour always for sale.
  • D. W. CALVERT, Publisher Saturday News.
  • F. J. WALDO, Publisher Rising Sun Recorder.
  • A. P. WALTON, Photographer.
  • WM. H. CRAIG, Physician and Surgeon.
  • J. B. SUMMERS, Physician and Surgeon.
  • L. H. PIATT, Physician.
  • E. BLOSS, Painter, Sign and Ornamental.
  • J. S. THOMPSON, Pilot on Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
  • B. FRANK BUCHANAN, Pharmacist, Assistant with Geo. McAroy.
  • WM CLORE, Plow Manufacturer.
  • M. R. HALL, Singer Sewing Machines and Picture Frames.
  • J. W. DALRYMPLE, Produce and Coal Dealer.
  • HUGH WILLIAMS, Saw-mill.
  • C. S. WRIGHT, Traveling Agent.


  • H. K. POHLE, Blacksmith.
  • W. M. KIRKPATRICK, Contractor and Builder.
  • E. P. NILES, County Surveyor and Proprietor of Saw-mill at Conaway’s Ford.
  • POTTEBAUM & SHERER, Lumber and Flouring Mills.
  • SPIELMAN & ROSS, Merchants.
  • CHAS. YAGER. Wagon Maker.


  • DANIEL B. SINK, Blacksmith.
  • GEO. W. PATE, Merchant.
  • N. H. WILSON, Physician and Surgeon.
  • JAMES HUNTER, Physician and Surgeon.
  • A. F. NIESTER, Shoemaker.


  • J. B. SMITH, Contractor and Builder.


  • O. P. MONROE, Blacksmith, Cass tp.
  • J. ZIMERMAN, Basket Maker and Farmer, Randolph tp.
  • A. B. WILLIAMS, Butcher and Farmer, Randolph tp.
  • J. F. LANGENKAMP, Blacksmith, Pike tp.
  • J. W. MITCHEL, Cooper, Cass tp.
  • JACOB CLARK, Carpenter, Pike tp.
  • FRED NIEMAN, Farmer and Carpenter, Randolph tp.
  • PETER ZIMMERMAN, Farmer and Grower of Willows, Randolph tp.
  • WM. CONAWAY, Farmer and Butcher, Randolph tp.
  • J. A. FRENCH, Farmer and Trader, Randolph tp.
  • FRANK LUTHER, Lumber and Saw-mill, Pike township.
  • K. B. WALSTON, Shoemaker and Farmer, Pike township.
  • E. E. LYON, Superintendent Ohio County Asylum, Randolph tp.