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Indiana School Journal – Switzerland County Subscribers – 1865

The list of Switzerland County, Indiana, subscribers to the Indiana School Journal appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 23 Nov 1865 – Page 3, Column 1

Indiana School Journal—Hon. G. W. Hoss, Editor.

This periodical is an invaluable aid to the progressive teacher.—During the session of the Institute last week, the members almost unanimously passed a resolution recommending every teacher in Switzerland county to take and read the Journal. It is to be hoped that every one who expects to keep up with the improvements of the age, will act upon this suggestion.

The following is the list of teachers, so far as we know, who are subscribers to the Journal.—We trust that the list will continue until every teacher in the county will have access to it. Subscribers:

  • Miss Mattie Wyant, Vevay
  • Miss Emma Montgomery, Vevay
  • Miss S. A. Cook, Vevay
  • Miss Anna Thompson, Vevay
  • Miss Mary Kellcher, Vevay
  • Miss Bettie Warden, Vevay
  • Mrs. M. D. Whippo, Vevay
  • Miss Maggie Shwa, Vevay
  • J. P. Rous, Vevay
  • Miss Angie Bellamy, Craig P. O.
  • Miss Sarah Malcomson, Craig P. O.
  • Miss Mattie McKay, Craig P. O.
  • Miss Rosa Anshutz, Moorefield
  • M. R. Witherspoon, Moorefield
  • Allen W. Smith, Moorefield
  • Miss Rebecca Harmon, Bennington
  • Mrs. Maggie L. Pettit, Sugar Branch
  • Andrew Works, East Enterprise