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Switzerland County K. of P. Officers – 1895

Knights of Pythias officers in Switzerland County, Indiana, for 1895 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 17 Jan 1895 – Page 4, Column 4

K. of P.
Officers for Ensuing Year.

Vevay Lodge, No. 149:

  • Wm. H. Demann, C. C.
  • John Graham, V. C.
  • M. C. Walden, Prelate
  • Geo. S. Pleasants, M. of F.
  • John Knox, K. of R. and S.

Installed last Monday night by A. P. Dufour.


Purity Lodge, Patriot:

  • W. S. Humphrey, C. C.
  • L. H. Bradley, V. C.
  • Charles Moredock, Prelate
  • Muzzy Scranton, M. of F.
  • L. G. Wilson, K. of R. and Seal

Switzerland County K. of P. Officers – 1887

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 13 Jan 1887 – Page 4, Column 3

K. of P.
Officers elected for the ensuing term:

  • C. S. Tandy, P. C. C.
  • J. A. Vanosdol, C. C.
  • R. T. F. Abbett, V. C. C.
  • D. B. Smith, P.
  • I. P. Loring, K. of R. and S.
  • W. H. Plesants, M. of A.
  • A. J. Porter, M. of F.
  • P. C. Holland, M. of E.
  • Charles Blach, I. G.
  • Joseph E. Hart, O. G.
  • A. G. Craig, Representative to Grand Lodge
  • J. E. Williams, U. P. McHenry, A.
  • W. R. Johnston, Trustee

Vevay Lodge of Knights of Pythias – 1886

The following article about Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 23 Sep 1886 – Page 4, Column 2

A Lodge of Knights of Pythias
Was organized in this city last Monday afternoon and night. About noon members of the Madison division came up on the City of Vevay, and were met at the wharf by a committee. They wore handsome uniforms and swords, and headed by White’s drum corps, paraded the streets. They were well drilled, executing military movements perfectly, presenting a fine appearance. In honor of so many distinguished visitors, the streets and business houses were decked with flags.

The following is a list of visitors:

MADISON DIVISION K. of P., U. R., No. 10.

Officers—Major, A. D. Vanosdol; Captain, W. W. Hinds; Lieutenant, Jos R. Gorgas; Herald, Dan C. Price; Guard, H. C. Walton.

Sir Knights—C. T. Branham, James Neill, W. A. Cutting, J. C. Abbott, Kansas Hollcroft, F. W. Schelke, James Williams, S. R. Carlisle, F. J. Scott, A. Bach, M. J. Hoffstad, S. E. Brewer, E. G. Niklaus, H. W. Archer, Geo. R. Bolen.

K. of P.—Geo. D. Demaree, J. C. Hill, James Stewart, W. W. Beatty, Robert Page, John C. White, Chas. C. Rinne, Ernest Argus, Walt M. Brown, J. W. Kramer, Geo. Wood, Chas. M. Grayson, and White’s Drum Corps, of Madison.

Home Lodge, No. 132, Rising Sun, Ind.—James Harris, Oscar Jones, B. F. Hundley, S. M. Seward, Edgar Hoffner, Edward Nichols, John Billingsley, W. E. Bennett, Wm. Scholey, E. E. Hemphill, Wm. Riggs, Jos. E. Love.

Harmony Lodge, No. 69, Aurora—John S. Morris.

Union Lodge, No. 31, Aurora—Henry Smith.

Dearborn Lodge, No. 49, Lawrenceburg—J. H. Russey, Grand Prelate.

Mechanic Lodge, No. 24, Philadelphia, Penn.—Phillip Dilge.

Vevay Lodge, No. 149, K. of P., was instituted by D. D. G. Chancellor A. D. Vanosdol, assisted by Grand Officers selected by him. The following are the names of the charter members and officers elected and appointed and duly installed.

Officers—A. G. Craig, PC; Carroll S. Tandy, C C; Jas. A. Vanosdol, V C; R. T. F. Abbett, Prel; I. P. Loring, M E; Alfred B. Shaw, M F; Abner P. Dufour, K. of R & S, Dwight B. Smith, M A; Oliver M. Pleasants, I G; U. P. McHenry, O G; Jesse V. Oakley, 1st Alt; Marion C. Walden, 2d Alt; Francis M.  Griffith, 3d Alt; Charles Black, 4th Alt.

Members—Andrew J. Porter, Hiram Ford, Joseph Walton, Wm. R. Johnson, Chas. C. Shaw, Wm. H. Pleasants, Chas. O. Thiebaud, Wm. Johnson, Wesley McHenry, John W. Kincaid, P. C. Holland, Jos. E. Hart, J. E. Williams, Chas. E. Golay, Geo. S. Pleasants, U. P. Schenck, Chas. G. Adams.

The visitors were entertained by supper at the LeClerc House, and at 11:30 p.m. lunched at Jockell’s.