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Littlefield Cemetery, Switzerland County, Index and Map

Littlefield Cemetery in Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana was read by Tina Lyons in April 2011. You can locate the location of each stone using theĀ Littlefield Cemetery map (PDF) and the stone number found in the index. Photos of all stones are available on Find A Grave.

StoneSurnameGiven NameBirthDeathAgeInscriptionNotes
1GibbensCharles Emmett5 Jun 191513 Jun 1915son of C.A. & E.
2GriffithBabe191819181 m 2 dson of Thomas D. & Mabel
3GriffithMary E.30 March 18555 Mar 1919Mother
4MadisonLeo B.19031928MotherSame stone as Barbara
4MadisonBarbara C.19231962DaughterSame stone as Leo
5MadisonMary Laverne29 May 192231 Oct 1995
6MadisonFred A.3 Oct 189628 Jun 1974Sea Gun, U.S. Navy
7BascomR.B.3 Nov 183910 Mar 1907Quietly Sleep Beloved OnesSame stone as Olive and Jessie
7BascomOlive22 Feb 184710 Dec 1926Quietly Sleep Beloved OnesSame Stone as R.B. and Jessie
7BascomJessie F.7 Mar 187319 Oct 1904Quietly Sleep Beloved OnesSame stone as R.B. and Olive
8TylerGerald16 Mar 192714 Aug 1995SSMB3 US Navy World War II
9TylerHubert O.19021927Same stone as Willard and Josephine
9TylerWillard S.18671940Same stone as Hubert and Josephine
9TylerJosephine18761964Same stone as Hubert and Willard
10LittlefieldIsaac12 Jun 183325 Feb 1915Same stone as Minnie and Sarah
10LittlefieldMinnie22 Dec 186827 Feb 1904Same stone as Isaac and Sarah
10LittlefieldSarah29 Dec 18391 May 1929Same stone as Isaac and Minnie
11SedamAndrew18501944Same stone as Mollie
11SedamMollie18651951Same stone as Andrew
12LittlefieldHarold W.13 Jul 188110 Nov 1922son of Cliff and Belle
13ConnorRosie Littlefield18931969
14SigmonBarbara1946Same stone as Sandra and Doris
14SigmonSandra K.1943Same stone as Barbara and Doris
14SigmonDoris1944Same stone as Barbara and Sandra
15ShehaneCharles18671904Same stone as Maomi
15ShehaneMaomi18711951Same stone as Charles
16PateNancy A S18391916
17LittlefieldClifton I.14 Jul 185913 Mar 1924Same stone as Belle
17LittlefieldBelle L.15 Sep 18596 Sep 1940Same stone as Clifton
18LittlefieldHilbert B.19021980Doc
19BocockJohn L23 Dec 182421 May 1906
20HeadyJulius M.12 Feb 184213 Apr 1913Same stone as Jane
20HeadyJane M.12 Aug 18455 Mar 1908Same stone as Julius
23HoldcraftBobie25 May 192311 Apr 1924
24HoldcraftGenoa Smart8 Jul 19158 Aug 1972
25HoldcraftWalter Lawrence5 Jan 19116 Jan 1975
26DisbroCharles Z.13 Aug 182524 Jun 1914Same stone as Mary
26DisbroMary J.21 Sep 1842Same stone as Charles
27HopperJames A.15 Apr 185126 Dec 1917Same stone as George Ann
27HopperGeorge Ann13 Jan 18498 Jun 1919Same stone as James
28HopperOwen14 May 1880Same stone as Caba
28HopperCaba28 Jul 188428 Oct 1932Same stone as Owen
29ChandlerEmma L.18751952Mother
30SadlerAlvin M.18571936Same stone as Sarah
30SadlerSarah A.18541938Same stone as Alvin
32LohideCharles Earl24 Sep 193013 Oct 2006CPL US Marine Corps Korea
33LewisWilliam Edward, Sr.21 Jan 193218 Nov 2004"Bill", Gone Fishing
34SmithLeslie C.22 Dec 189211 Jun 1946Indiana, Pvt. Air Service World War I