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Switzerland County Masonic Officers – 1895

Officers of Masonic Lodges in Switzerland County, Indiana for 1895 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 17 Jan 1895 – Page 4, Column 2

Officers of Lodges for Ensuing Year.

Switzerland Lodge. No. 122, Vevay:

  • Aime Trafalet, W. M.
  • Eugene Detraz, S. W.
  • Ernest Danglade, J. W.
  • W. J. Baird, Treas.
  • C. G. Boerner, Sec’y
  • Edwin Dickson, S. D.
  • Leander Clendenning, J. D.
  • F. L. Grisard and J. C. Webb, Stewards
  • Eugene Curry, Tyler.

Installation last Thursday night by Wm. F. Goldenburg, P. M., assisted by F. P. Dupraz, P. M. Many visitors from neighboring Lodges honored the occasion with their presence. At the conclusion of the business, an elegant oyster supper was served in the banquet hall. This lodge is finely equipped, prosperous, and growing.


Morning Star Lodge, No. 148, Quercus Grove:

  • S. J. Dibble, W. M.
  • John Buchanan, S. W.
  • William H. Scott, J. W.
  • Lafayette Palmer, Treasurer
  • E. E. Cheever, Secretary
  • L. W. Pendry, S. D.
  • J. H. Harris, J. D.
  • James Stewart and Edgar Dibble, Stewards
  • F. M. Brown, Tyler


Florence Lodge, No. 27:

  • John Porter, W. M.
  • J. P. Krutz, S. W.
  • George W. Butler
  • Thomas Land, Treasurer
  • J. M. W. Langsdale, Secretary
  • Jackson Land, S. D.
  • John P. Beatty, J. D.
  • Thomas Carver, Jackson Land and George Moredock, Trustees.


Belle River Lodge, Patriot:

  • H. M. Rabb, W. M.
  • C. H. Abbott, S. W.
  • W. F. North, J. W.
  • W. A. Alcott, Treasurer
  • Selar Mead, Secretary
  • Elmer Palmer, S. D.
  • Wm. See, J. D.
  • T. W. Edrington, Tyler

Switzerland County F. & A. M. Officers – 1887

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 13 Jan 1887 – Page 4, Column 3

F. & A. M.
Officers for Ensuing Year.

Lodge at Florence.

  • J. I. O’Neal, W. M.
  • Wm. Kincaid, S. W.
  • Thos. Land, J. W.
  • George Moredock, Treas.
  • John H. Daubenheyer, Sec.
  • Perry Franklin, S. D.
  • J. C. Packenham, J. D.
  • John F. McCreary, Tyler
  • Dennis Miller and Charles N. Scudder, Stewards.

Lodge at Patriot.

  • Abel F. Douglass, W. M.
  • E. E. Hufford, S. W.
  • J. T. Bodkin, J. W.
  • W. A. Olcott, Treas.
  • Hal Howe, Sec.
  • Wm. Gockel, Jr., S. D.
  • Wm. Stewart, J. D.
  • E?za Abbott, Tyler

Lodge at Ghent, Ky.

  • T. M. Scott, W. M.
  • Florian Griffith, S. W.
  • C. H. Duncan, J. W.
  • W. H. Parker, Sec.
  • J. Q. Tandy, Treas.
  • R. W. O’Neal, S. D.
  • T. P. Griffith, J. D.
  • D. G. Owen, Tyler

Masonic Lodge Officers – 1878

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 3 Jan 1878 – Page 4, Column 2


Officers of Lodges (except Morning Star) and Chapter in Switzerland county for ensuing year:

Belle River Lodge, No. 32 (Patriot).

  • William Gockell, jr., W. M.
  • John S. Bonnell, S. W.
  • J. M. Hickman, J. W.
  • William H. Bonnell, Sec’y.
  • William A. Olcott, Treasurer.
  • George H. Keeney, S. D.
  • T. C. Jack, J. D.
  • H. Steffer, Tyler.
  • Benjamin C. Mead and James H. Merit, Stewards.

Bennington Lodge, No. 257.

  • John Neal, W. M.
  • Alfred R. Downey, S. W.
  • Jacob S. Shadday, J. W.
  • Andrew J. McHenry, Treasurer.
  • James T. Rittenour, Secretary.
  • George S. Hulley, S. D.
  • William McHenry, J. D.
  • Dennis C. Valentine, Tyler.
  • D. C. Gardner and Joseph P. Heady, Stewards.

Moorefield Lodge.

  • John Jester, W. M.
  • J. G. Sigmon, S. W.
  • J. F. Pommerlin, J. W.
  • P. K. Cotton, Treasurer.
  • G. W. Van Pelt, Secretary.
  • Henry Waltz, Tyler.
  • James Farrell and Thomas Sigmon, jr., Stewards.

Allensville Lodge, No. 81.

  • R. Bovard, W. M.
  • J. H. Littlefield, S. W.
  • E. M. Ford, J. W.
  • John Lotton, Treasurer.
  • R. B. Bascom, Secretary.
  • E. W. Heath, S. D.
  • S. Lockwood, J. D.
  • C. Hyser, Tyler.

Switzerland Lodge, No. 132, (Vevay).

  • W. B. Owens, W. M.
  • P. T. Hartford, S. W.
  • Theo. Livings, J. W.
  • W. J. Baird, Treasurer.
  • J. P. White, Secretary.
  • J. W. Lewis, Tyler.

Florence Lodge, No. 27.

  • E. P. Goddard, W. M.
  • Robert N. Neal, S. W.
  • Perry Franklin, J. W.
  • Simon Beymer, Treasurer.
  • Lemuel Bledsoe, Secretary.
  • Thomas Land, S. D.
  • John Wiles, J. D.
  • John F. McCreary, Tyler.
  • Morgan Carver and Dempsey Gullion, Stewards.

Beharrell Chapter, No. 69, Florence.

  • Edward P. Goddard, High Priest.
  • Thomas Armstrong, King.
  • John Dowler, Scribe
  • Lem. Bledsoe, Captain of the Hosts.
  • Levi Sedam, Principal Sojourner.
  • James Vaughn, Royal Arch Captain.
  • Wm. Land, G. M. 3d Vail.
  • Geo. W. Bryson, G. M. 2d Vail.
  • John F. McCrary, G. M. 1st Vail.
  • H. Weales, Guard.
  • John Mullen, Secretary.
  • J. Dowler, Treasurer.

Switzerland County Masonic Lodge Officers – 1876

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 8 Jan 1876 – Page 4, Column 2

Officers of Masonic Lodges.

The following are the officers of Masonic Lodges in this county for the ensuing year.

Moorefield Lodge, No. 213.

  • W. M.—John G. Sigman
  • S. W.—Sam’l. Adkinson
  • J. W.—Dr. J. H. Christie
  • S.—Geo. Welby VanPelt
  • Treas.—P. K. Cotton
  • S. D.—R. L. Mercer
  • J. D.—[blank]
  • Tyler.—Jacob Kern
  • Stewards—John Morgan and Henry Rutherford

Bennington Lodge, No. 257.

  • W. M.—John Neal
  • S. W.—George J. Hully
  • J. W.—Charles G. Adams
  • S.—David C. Gardner
  • T.—Issac M. Smith
  • S. D.—Andrew J. McHenry
  • J. D.—James T. Rittenor
  • Tyler.—Denis C. Valentine
  • Stewards—Thomas B. McGregor and Wm. H. White

Florence Lodge, No. 27.

  • W. M.—Lewis Land
  • S. W.—Geo. W. Bryson
  • J. W.—Robt. Neal
  • S.—L. Bledsoe
  • T.—T. Armstrong
  • S.D.—R. P. Edington
  • J. D.—J. A. Cunningham
  • Tyler.—J. F. McCreary
  • Stewards—James Vaughn and O. Bryson

Morning Star Lodge, (North’s Landing).

  • W. M.—Thos. H. Sutton
  • S. W.—Lafayette Palmer
  • J. W.—Stephen Dibble
  • S.—N. H. North
  • T.—S. R. Wilson
  • S. D.—John J. Johnson
  • J. D.—Ben. F. McIntire
  • Tyler—Geo. W. Houze
  • Stewards—Ben. North and S. Lostutter
  • Chaplain—J. Wesly Powell
  • Lecturer—Henry Kelly

(A public installation of officers was held Dec. 25th. Past Master S. Lostutter officiated. About 200 persons were present and partook dinner, which was served in good style, with plenty of hot coffee.)

Bell River Lodge, No. 325, (Patriot.)

  • W. M.—Thos. C. Jack
  • S. W.—Elza Abbott
  • J. W.—John S. Bonnell
  • S.—George H. Keeney
  • T.—W. A. Olcott
  • S. D.—Wm. Jockle, Jr.
  • J. D.—Avlin McHuron
  • Tyler.—George H. Douglass
  • Stewards—Wm. H. H. Bonnell and Jasper Jackson

Switzerland Lodge, No. 122, (Vevay.)

  • W. M.—J. W. Faulkner
  • S. W.—A. C. Weaver
  • J. W.—P. T. Hartford
  • S.—J. P. White
  • T.—Josiah Jackman
  • S. D.—J. W. Lewis
  • J. D.—William Waltz
  • Tyler—F. A. Boerner
  • Stewards—Henry Weals and Alfred Tapp

Allensville Lodge, No. 81.

  • W. M.—Robert Bovard
  • S. W.—Alexander Washer
  • J. W.—Charles H. Sage
  • S.—Robert B. Bascom
  • T.—Loren W. Mallett
  • S. D.—George W. Sander
  • J. D.—John Dunning
  • Tyler—Cornelius Hizer
  • Stewards—[blank]