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Ohio County – 1866 Indiana Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide

Ohio County, Indiana entries from:
Cowen, M.V. B., compiler. The Indiana State Gazetteer and Shippers’ Guide for 1866-7. Lafayette, Indiana : Rosser, Spring & Cowen, 1866.
Digital Copy at HathiTrust

Aberdeen, Ohio county, is situated 10 miles from Rising Sun, the county seat. Ship to Rising Sun or to Dillsborough, 11 miles distant, on the Ohio & Mississippi railroad. Population 200.

Bear Branch, Ohio county, a Post Office 14 miles west of Rising Sun, and 12 miles of Vevay.

Freedom, Ohio county, 16 miles from Rising Sun, the county seat. Population 150.

Hartford, Ohio county, 8 miles west of Rising Sun. Ship to Aurora, on the Ohio river. Population 200.

Millersburg, Ohio county, on the Ohio river, 3 miles below Rising Sun. Population 100.

Rising Sun, capital of Ohio county, on the Ohio river, 35 miles below Cincinnati. Population 2,200. Express Company, American.

Rising Sun, Ohio County.

Attorneys at Law.

  • S. H. Steward,
  • R. L. Davis.


  • G. W. Billingsley,
  • R. L. Mitchell.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Bradbury & Rehm,
  • E. G. Young.


  • J. F. Wright.

Boots and Shoes.

  • Grace, Lostutter & Co.,
  • G. W. L. Cox,
  • J. S. Walker.


  • John M. Jackson & Brother,
  • Merrills & Brothers,
  • Cornelius Clarke.

Cabinet Makers.

  • W. H. Whitlock,
  • Enos Gary.

Chair Maker.

  • R. G. Young.

Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.

  • Horton & Silva,
  • W. Cullen.

Carpenters and Builders.

  • Pearson & Lindsay,
  • William Hall,
  • Shoup & Murdock.

Coal and Lumber Dealer.

  • Samuel Seward.


  • George McAroy,
  • Summers & Alden.

Dry Goods.

  • R. S. Meyers, also Notions.
  • Hathaway & Co., also Clothing,
  • Heyn & Brother, also Clothing and Boots and Shoes,
  • J. C. Wells & Co., also Clothing and Boots and Shoes.

Express Company.

  • American Express Company.

Flouring Mill.

  • J. A. W. Talbott, also Cooperage.


  • E. D. Smith & Co.

Feed Store.

  • W. B. Miller.

Groceries and Produce.

  • Grace, Lostutter & Co.,
  • J. C. Wells & Co.,
  • J. H. Jones,
  • Hall & Pate, also Boots and Shoes,
  • R. A. P. Buchanan,
  • E. G. Young,
  • Bradbury & Rehm.

Hats, Caps and Furs.

  • Benjamin Morgan.

Hay and Grain Dealers.

  • J. S. Haines,
  • Adam Herdigan,
  • Grace, Lostutter & Co., also Hardware and Commission Merchants.


  • City Hotel, J. N. Wood.


  • Hathaway & Co.

Iron Store.

  • J. M. Reister.

Insurance Company.

  • Rising Sun Insurance Company, J. B. Covington, Secretary, Samuel Seward, President, W. T. Pepper, General Agent.

Insurance Agents.

  • N. H. Shaw,
  • S. H. Stewart.


  • E. Clarke,
  • Chuseman & Godfrey.

Livery Stables.

  • Richard Martin,
  • R. T. Murray & Co.,
  • J. N. Wood.

Marble Worker.

  • John Toohey.


  • Mrs. R. Richards,
  • Mrs. L. Calkins,
  • Mrs. S. Best.


  • The Recorder, J. E. D. Ward, Proprietor.

News Dealer.

  • A. Bedgood.


  • G. A. Stevenson,
  • W. Gillespie,
  • A. B. Haines,
  • H. T. Williams,
  • J. H. Peyton,
  • W. H. Sullivan.

Plow Factory.

  • W. Clore.

Pork Packers.

  • Grace, Lostutter & Co.

Sawing and Planing Mill.

  • S. & S. Seward.

Saddles and Harness.

  • Richard Martin,
  • F. Marquett,
  • J. S. Cole.


  • J. S. Thompson,
  • J. N. Wood.

Stoves and Tinware.

  • P. Thompson,
  • S. McGuffin.


  • Richard Martin.


  • B. C. Calvert.


  • J. T. Whitlock.

Wagon Maker.

  • Enoch Drake.

Ohio County – 1861 Ohio River Gazetteer

Ohio County, Indiana entries from:
G.W. Hawes’ Commercial Gazetteer and Business Directory of the Ohio River 1861. Indianapolis : G. W. Hawes, 1861.
Digital Copy at Google Books

Three miles below [Belleview, Ky.], 35 miles below Cincinnati, and about 100 miles south-east from Indianapolis.

It was laid out in 1810, and is a place of considerable business, containing the county buildings, 1 Catholic and 6 Protestant churches, several schools and benevolent institutions, a weekly newspaper, and numerous mercantile and manufacturing branches, including several mills, a large cotton and woolen factory, foundries, distilleries, furniture manufactories, &c. Population about 2,000.

Three miles below [Rising Sun, Ind.], in the same county [Ohio], a landing point for several of the interior counties.

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Clore Wm., Rising Sun, Ohio co., Ind.

Architects, Carpenters and Builders.

  • Hall William T., Rising Sun.
  • Harris John, Rising Sun.
  • Smith William H., Rising Sun.

Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public.

  • Downey A. C., Rising Sun.
  • Downey H. A., Rising Sun.
  • Hayden John J., Rising Sun.
  • Jelly J. S., Rising Sun.
  • Stewart S. H., Rising Sun.

Bakers and Confectioners.

  • Garey John W., Rising Sun.
  • Hall Frank, Rising Sun.
  • Snyder John H., Rising Sun.

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

  • Baxter J. S., Rising Sun.
  • Enoch, A. C. Rising Sun.
  • Fisher D., Rising Sun.
  • Walker J. S., Rising Sun.

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.

  • Garey Enos, Rising Sun.
  • Whitlock J. T., Rising Sun.
  • Yonge R. S., Rising Sun.

Coal Dealers.

  • Seward Samuel, Rising Sun.


  • Ulrey J. B., Rising Sun.


  • Cullen & Grace, Rising Sun.
  • McAvoy & Bro., Rising Sun.

Dry Goods.

  • Dodd H. E. & Son, Rising Sun.
  • Zieler J. & Co., Rising Sun.

Flouring and Grist Mills.

  • Talbott J. W., Rising Sun.
  • Wright E. H., Rising Sun.

Foundries and Machine Shops.

  • Reister & Co., Rising Sun.

General Stores.

  • Grace J. & Son, Rising Sun.
  • Hathaway & Co., Rising Sun.
  • Wells J. C., Rising Sun.


  • Espy H. S. & H., Rising Sun.
  • French John J. & Co., Rising Sun.
  • Garey John W., Rising Sun.
  • Hewitt J., Rising Sun.
  • Jones H. J., Rising Sun.
  • Marble Ira T., Rising Sun.
  • Monroe Wm., Rising Sun.
  • Scoggin & Wilber, Rising Sun.
  • Works John J., Rising Sun.

Hotels and Hotel Proprietors.

  • City Hotel, Rising Sun.

Insurance Agents.

  • Dodd H. E. & Son, Rising Sun.
  • Hayden John J., Rising Sun.
  • Jones John H., Rising Sun.

Jewelry, Watches, Clocks and Silverware.

  • Clark Eli, Rising Sun.
  • Dunne P. J., Rising Sun.

Livery and Sale Stables.

  • Martin Richard, Rising Sun.

Lumber Dealers.

  • Seward Samuel, Rising Sun.

Milliners and Dress Makers.

  • Best Mrs. S., Rising Sun.
  • Calkin Miss L., Rising Sun.
  • Massey Mrs. E., Rising Sun.

Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Gillespie Wm., Rising Sun.
  • Jessup D. H., Rising Sun.
  • McKibbin C. T., Rising Sun.
  • Sullivan W. H., Rising Sun.
  • Williams H. T., Rising Sun.

Saddle and Harness Makers and Dealers.

  • Marquett & Mack, Rising Sun.
  • Martin Richard, Rising Sun.

Saw Mills.

  • Wright E. H., Rising Sun.

Stoves, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware.

  • Jones & Sill, Rising Sun.
  • Summers Thomas, Rising Sun.
  • Thompson Platt, Rising Sun.