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Switzerland County Minute Men – 1833

The following article about the Switzerland County, Indiana minute men appeared in:
Weekly Messenger – 9 Mar 1833 – Page 3, Column 2; 16 Mar 1833 – Page 1, Column 5; 23 Mar 1833 – Page 1, Column 2

At a meeting of the above named society, at the house of Emanuel Pernet, in Mount Sterling, on Saturday, the 23d of February last, according to notice.

Stephen G. Peabody, was called to the chair—after reading the constitution and bye-laws, the following named gentlemen were duly elected to the following offices: (to serve for one year from date) Thomas Gilliland, John Stepleton and Nathaniel Cotton, trustees; and George E. Pleasants, secretary—the former elections, held at Vevay on the 2d inst. were confirmed.

  • Thomas Armstrong, col.
  • S. G. Peabody, captain
  • John F. Cotton, 1st lieut.
  • Eden Edwards, 2d lieut.
  • Philip Bettens, 3d lieut.
  • William Miller, 4th lieut.
  • Abijah H. Grimes, 5th lieut.
  • Mal Lancaster, 6th lieut.
  • William Keith, 1st serg.
  • Whitfield Kirtly, 2d serg.
  • Jesse McMillen, 3d serg.
  • Moses McKay, 4th serg.
  • Schuyler Burns, 5th serg.
  • Jeremiah Manford, 5th serg.
  • Daniel L. Livings and Philip Bettens, treasurers

Whereupon, after passing sundry resolution, the meeting was adjourned to meet at Armstrong’s, in Vevay, on Saturday the 16th of March next.