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Switzerland County I. O. O. F. Officers – 1895

Officers of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Switzerland County, Indiana for 1895 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 10 Jan 1895 – Page 4, Column 1

I. O. O. F.
The Disciples of Friendship, Love and Truth Elect Officers.

Officers Phoenix Lodge, No. 182, Vevay:

  • Wm. Brown, N. G.
  • F. P. Brockslager, V. G.
  • A. P. Dufour, Sec’y.
  • P. T. Hartford, Treas.
  • H. Weales, Jr., Conductor.
  • Thomas Joyce, In. Sent.
  • J. C. Long, R. S. N. G.
  • Edward Riggs, L. S. N. G.
  • Chas. Bettens, R. S. S.
  • A. J. Ricketts, R. V. G.
  • H. Corns, L. V. G.

Installed last Saturday night by A. P. Dufour, District Deputy Grand Master.


Officers of Indiana Lodge, No. 126, Vevay:

  • John Keisel, N. G.
  • Harry C. Shaw, V. G.
  • G. E. Fancher, Sec’y.
  • Charles Keisel, Treasurer.

Installed last night by A. P. Dufour, D. D. G. M.


Officers of Naomi Encampment, No. 13, Vevay:

  • Riley Land, C. P.
  • Thomas Joyce, H. P.
  • O. S. Johnson, S. W.
  • C. W. Hollcroft, J. W.
  • J. C. Long, Treas.
  • A. P. Dufour, Scribe
  • F. P. Brockslager, In. Sent.
  • A. P. Dufour, Guide
  • Nat. M. Fallis, 1st W.
  • O. H. Webb, 2d W.
  • Thos. Joyce, 3d W.
  • H. Weales, 4th W.

Installed last Friday night by A. P. Dufour, D. D. G. M.


Officers of Vevay Lodge, No. 440 D. of R.

  • Mrs. Lou Keisel, V. G.
  • Miss Loulie Boyd, Sec’y.
  • Mrs. Anna Hollcroft, V. G.
  • Mrs. O. S. Johnson, Treas.

Installed last Thursday night by A. P. Dufour, D. D. G. M.


Officers of Patriot Lodge, No. 9:

  • Charles Cook, N. G.
  • U. S. Lampkins, V. G.
  • W. I. Nave, Secretary
  • C. W. Foster, Treasurer.

Installed by W. I. Nave, Wednesday evening, Jan. 2.


Officers of Grace Daughters of Rebeka, No. 386, Patriot:

  • Maria Dibble, N. G.
  • Kate Couch, V. G.
  • Lore Bodkins, Secretary
  • Hattie Wade, Treasurer.

Installed by W. I. Nave, last Friday night.


Officers of Anchor Lodge, No.565, Sugar Branch:

  • A. J. Campbell, N. G.
  • Lincoln Clark, V. G.
  • D. N. Haydon, Secretary.
  • Martin Shadday, Treas.

Installed last Saturday night by W. H. Lee.

Switzerland County I.O.O.F. Officers – 1887

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 13 Jan 1887 – Page 4, Column 3

I. O. O. F.
Officers for Ensuing Year.

Naomi Encampment, No. 13

  • Oscar H. Webb, C. P.
  • I. P. Loring, H. P.
  • H. Weales, Jr., S. W.
  • W. P. Hall, T.
  • D. N. Hayden, S.
  • Ollie S. Johnson, J. W.
  • R. T. Graham, I. S.
  • A. P. Dufour, G.
  • I. S. Hathorn, 1st W.
  • O. P. Burns, 2d W.
  • W. P. Hall, 3d W.
  • N. M. Fallis, 4th W.
  • T. J. Gordon and P. E. Told, G. T.

Meets 1st and 3d Friday evenings.


Pleasant Lodge, No. 623, Bennington.

  • Edward Shull, N. G.
  • John S. Steele, V. G.
  • F. M. Neal, Secretary
  • Hiram Ford, Treasurer

The Lodge now has 21 members and over $177 in the treasury. At the meeting last Tuesday night two were initiated.

Switzerland County Odd Fellows Graves – 1885

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 Jun 1885 – Page 4, Column 2

I. O. O. F.
Decorating Graves of Deceased Odd Fellows.

In accordance with a law of Indiana Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., last Monday the graves of deceased Odd Fellows were decorated. The day was appropriately observed in Vevay.

About 2 o’clock in the afternoon a procession, consisting of Naomi Encampment, Indiana and Phoenix Lodges, and Rebehah Degree Lodge, a number of visitors from neighboring lodges, conducted by L. F. Works, F. P. Dupraz, and F. J. Hollcroft, Marshalls, and headed by the Brooksburg Band, proceeded to the Baptist Church, which had been kindly tendered for the occasion. The rostrum of the handsome auditorium was profusely decorated with a great variety of flowers artistically arranged. The Ceremony commenced by singing the opening Ode, C. G. Boerner presiding at the organ, Rev. Harvey Harris, Chaplain, led in prayer. L. F. Works, Master of Ceremonies, then introduced Hon. J. Y. Allison, P. G., of Madison, who delivered an address suitable to the occasion. At the conclusion of the address, the procession was reformed, the band commenced playing the “Dead March,” and the march to the Cemetery commenced, but when the head of the column had proceeded up Main Street to Ferry, rain commenced falling which caused those composing the procession to seek refuge in Phoenix Lodge room. Rain detained them here for about an hour, but when it ceased, they proceeded to the cemetery and decorated the graves of the following persons:

  • R. F. Grisard
  • Dr. T. M. Danglade
  • John L. Danglade
  • Robert LeClerc
  • Charles Henderson
  • Louis Golay
  • H. C. Picket
  • Levi Woodey
  • Lawrence W. Gordon
  • Joseph Rutharford
  • J. R. Morerod
  • Julius P. Schenck
  • John L. Schenck
  • Jesse Teats
  • John J. P. Teats
  • George W. Teats
  • John E. Kincaid
  • Josiah Jackman
  • C. B. Rochat
  • Charles Rochat
  • Isaac Stevens
  • James S. Long
  • Ira Mendenhal
  • Philip Bettens
  • John Houston
  • Murret W. Tague
  • William Patton
  • Edward Patton
  • Geo. Kessler
  • Geo. P. Anderson
  • Robert Baird
  • Daniel Trafalet
  • Samuel Ward
  • Rebekah Degree
  • Mrs. Josiah Jackman
  • Mrs. M. W. Tague

Total number, 36.

As the records of old Vevay Lodge were not accessible to the committee appointed to prepare a list of names of Odd Fellows buried in Vevay cemetery, it is possible that names have been omitted in above list. A number of deceased Odd Fellows, who were members of Vevay Lodge, are buried in cemeteries in the country.

Switzerland County Odd Fellows’ Lodges

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 29 Apr 1880 – Page 4, Column 2

I. O. O. F.
Something About the Early History of the Order.
Sketches of Some of the Lodges in Switzerland County.


About the year 1837 Edward Patton, Isaac Stevens, George H. Kyle, Joseph Dalmazzo and Lewis Golay, went to Cincinnati, and were initiated in Washington Lodge. John F. Doan, then a resident of Cincinnati, and a member of Washington Lodge, assisted in initiating them. He is now a member of Indiana Lodge, of Vevay. They returned home and applied to the Grand Lodge of Indiana for a Charter, which was granted them, the Lodge being called Vevay Lodge No. 6. The Lodge first held its meetings in the old Court House, and afterwards in the second story of the brick house now occupied by C. O. Thiebaud as a residence, on Liberty street. In 1850 the Lodge erected the large three story brick building now known as the Kyle House. This involved the Lodge financially. It was unable to pay for the building, and in 1853 the members took cards and surrendered their Charter. Soon after Indiana Lodge was formed, and a few years later Phoenix Loge.

The records and charter of old Vevay Lodge cannot be found, nor were they returned to the Grand Lodge. Perhaps some old member can tell us where they are. Among those who were members of this Lodge are:

Capt. F. L. Grisard, John J. Dumont, Isaac Stevens, George H. Kyle, Julius Dufour, John L. Danglade, Rev. Hiram Wason, H. H. Hatch, Victor Kessler, Albert Tompkins, John F. Doan, Edward Patton, George E. Pleasants, David Armstrong, Wm. Hall, Perret Dufour, U. P. Schenck, Joseph Dalmazzo, Lewis Golay.

Following will be found brief histories of the Lodges of Odd Fellows in this County:

Indiana Lodge, No. 126, Vevay,
Was organized Tuesday evening, February 1st, 1853, in the 3d story of what is now the Kyle House.

Most Worthy Grand Master Joseph L. Silcox presided; assisted by P. G. Morerod, J. R. Grand Warden.

P. G. Franklin Dufour, Grand Secretary.

P. G. Joseph Jagers, Grand Marshall.

P. G. Dalmazzo, Grand Treasurer.

The following were the charter members:
Victor Kessler, John Patton, Jesse Teats, Francis R. Detraz, Edward H. Rodgers, William Patton, George W. Teats, J. P. Schenck, Charles Goldenburg, and Thomas M. Ward. The Charter is dated January 19, 1853.

The following persons were officers for first term:

  • John Patton, N. G.
  • Jesse Teats, V. G.
  • Victor Kessler, Secretary.
  • Isaac Stevens, Treasurer.
  • Henry Hatch, I. G.
  • F. Detraz, O. G.
  • F Dufour, Warden.
  • Edward Rogers, R. H. S. to N. G.
  • George Teats, L. H. S. to N. G.
  • J. P. Schenck, Conductor.
  • Charles Goldenburg, R. H. S. to V. G.
  • Thomas Ward, L. H. S. to V. G.

Wednesday evenings was selected for regular meetings.

Names of Past Grands:
[See newspaper for term dates.]

  • John Patton
  • J. P. Schenck
  • H. H. Hatch
  • Geo. W. Teats
  • L. L. Thiebaud
  • F. R. Detraz
  • Geo. W. Teats
  • John M. Hollcroft
  • John F. Doan
  • O. S. Waldo
  • John M. Hollcroft
  • Harris Keeney
  • Oliver Ormsby
  • Lawrence W. Gordon
  • Geo. W. Hawthorn
  • Enos Littlefield
  • J. M. Hollcroft
  • John F. Doan
  • Victor Kessler
  • John S. Norisez
  • Geo. W. Hawthorn
  • Lawrence W. Gordon
  • William M. Patton
  • F. C. Gaudin
  • Wm. M. Patton
  • Eli T. Ogle
  • Larkin Johnston
  • Josiah Jackman
  • James W. Keith
  • Wm. R. Johnson
  • Lewis F. Works
  • John C. Cline
  • Wm. Norisez
  • Wm. Krisel
  • Victor Norisez
  • F. L. Courvoiser
  • J. G. Thiebaud
  • John J. P. Teats
  • Wm. Duhlmeir
  • H. A. Greenleaf
  • Charles F. Green
  • James W. Gibbs
  • John Moxley
  • W. B. Perry
  • George L. Flora
  • F. J. Hollcroft
  • Thomas Kincaid
  • John F. Doan
  • Joseph Burrows
  • John D. Works
  • Wm. Keisel
  • George F. Jackman
  • W. P. Lock

Officers for present term:

  • Kansas Hollcroft, N. G.
  • C. O. Thiebaud, V. G.
  • Marene Hollcroft, Secretary
  • C. F. Green, Treasurer
  • Geo. W. Teats, Warden
  • John D. Works, Conductor
  • Geo. J. Abbott, I. G.
  • John W. Banta, R. S. to N. G.
  • Will L. Teats, L. S. to N. G.
  • R. L. Phillips, R. S. S.
  • W. F. Bonner, L. S. S.
  • Charles D. Cain, R. S. to V. G.
  • Amie Lanham, L. S. to V. G.

Total number of members in good standing, 71.


Phoenix Lodge No. 182, Vevay.
Date of Charter, November 19, 1856.

The Lodge was instituted on the evening of February 10, 1857.

Charter members, holding withdrawal cards from Vevay Lodge No. 6:
Isaac Stevens, Samuel Porter, Samuel E. Pleasants, Samuel Russell, Joshua J. Porter, Julius Dufour, T. M. Danglade, James Cowan, John L. Danglade, William Hamilton.

Noble Grands since organization:
[See newspaper for term dates.]

  • Isaac Stevens
  • John D. Ramseyer
  • Joseph Dalmazzo
  • Robert P. Porter
  • David Armstrong
  • R. F. Grisard
  • J. S. Montgomery
  • Hiram Froman
  • Alfred Tapp
  • F. P. Dupraz
  • Joseph Rutherford
  • Philip Romerill
  • James Rutherford
  • F. S. Grisard, Jr.
  • W. H. Rugles
  • R. Graham
  • Joseph Rutherford
  • W. H. Rugles
  • R. F. Grisard
  • B. F. Gilbert
  • F. P. Dupraz
  • J. W. Kincaid
  • M. W. Tague
  • J. W. Rodgers
  • M. W. Tague
  • R. F. Grisard
  • John Chatelin
  • W. M. Smith
  • Alfred Rous
  • John T. Schofield
  • W. M. Smith
  • Fred Finnup
  • J. C. Long
  • J. W. Foulkner
  • J. G. Long
  • E. E. Long
  • W. B. Owens
  • Thomas Gordon
  • W. P. Hall
  • E. E. Long
  • J. C. Long
  • W. B. Owens
  • B. S. Northcott
  • P. T. Hartford
  • W. W. Long

Officers for present term:

  • A. P. Dufour, N. G.
  • Charles G. Boerner, V. G.
  • J. R. Hart, Secretary
  • E. M. Stevens, Treasurer
  • J. H. Burrows, Warden
  • Charles Mead, Conductor
  • Thomas Gordon, Guardian
  • George Krummell, R. S. S.
  • S. D. Armstrong, L. S. S.
  • Supporters N. G.: P. T. Hartford, R. S.; J. R. Cunningham, L. S.
  • Supporters to V. G.: James S. Knox, R. S.; Hiram Corns, L. S.

There are 97 members in good standing. The Lodge meets every Saturday night.


Naomi Encampment, No. 13, Vevay.

This encampment commenced work by dispensation on the evening of April 17, 1848, and on July 14, 1848, was granted a Charter.

The following were the charter members:
Wm. B. Moore, Wm. Boyd, Jr., John L. Danglade, Isaac Stevens, Wm. Hall, Julius Dufour, and Henry H. Hatch.

Officers for first term:

  • Wm. B. Moore, C. P.
  • Wm. Boyd, Jr., H. P.
  • John L. Danglade, S. W.
  • Wm. Hall, J. W.
  • Isaac Stevens, Jr., Scribe
  • Julius Dufour, Treasurer.

Names of Past Patriarchs:
[See newspapers for term details.]

  • Wm. B. Moore
  • John L. Danglade
  • Wm. Hall
  • J. R. Morerod
  • Ira N. Malin
  • Joseph Jagers
  • George H. Kyle
  • Lewis Golay
  • Isaac Stevens
  • Oliver Dufour
  • John F. Doan
  • T. M. Danglade
  • Jesse Teats
  • Wm. Patton
  • M. D. Briscoe
  • J. L. Thiebaud
  • Samuel E. Pleasants
  • T. M. Danglad
  • J. L. Thiebaud
  • Isaac Stevens
  • John F. Doan
  • Harris Keeney
  • F. J. Waldo
  • Oliver Ormsby
  • George W. Hathorn
  • J. R. Morerod
  • Isaac Stevens
  • L. W. Gordon
  • J. R. Morerod
  • Harris Keeney
  • John F. Doan
  • R. F. Grisard
  • Geo. W. Teats
  • J. M. Holcraft
  • John S. Norisez
  • Wm. M. Patton
  • Larkin Johnston
  • F. P. Dupraz
  • M. W. Tague
  • Joseph Rutherford
  • Wm. R. Johnston
  • John K. Pye
  • Wm. Patton
  • J. M. Hollcroft
  • R. F. Brewington
  • Fred L. Grisard, Jr.
  • John Chateline
  • Will M. Smith
  • Geo. W. Teats
  • M. W. Tague
  • Wm. Norisez
  • J. C. Long
  • James W. Gibbs
  • E. E. Long
  • J. W. Faulkner
  • C. F. Green
  • Fred L. Grisard, Jr.
  • J. W. Gibbs
  • John D. Works
  • W. P. Hall
  • F. J. Hollcroft

Officers for present term:

  • R. S. Northcott, C. P.
  • John W. Banta, H. P.
  • A. P. Dufour, S. W.
  • P. T. Hartford, J. W.
  • J. D. Works, Scribe
  • C. F. Green, Treasurer
  • R. F. T. Abbett, Guide
  • H. M. Fallis, I. S.
  • E. E. Long, 1st and 3d Watch
  • G. W. Teats, 2d and 4th Watch
  • A. P. Dufour, Host

Number of members in good standing, 41. Regular meetings 1st and 3d Friday nights each month.


Utilis Lodge, No. 260, Florence
This Lodge was instituted July 2d, 1866. P. G. Wm. H. Fry, officiated.

The following persons were appointed to fill the various offices on this occasion:

  • R. F. Grisard, P. G. , Grand Warden
  • A. M. Connett, Grand Secretary
  • S. Q. Howe, Treasurer
  • W. C. Barnes, Grand Sentinel
  • C. Loler, Grand Marshall
  • W. Y. Monroe, Grand Chaplain

The applicants for the charter were introduced and qualified, after which they proceeded to elect the following named officers:

  • Nicholus Jorgenson, N. G.
  • John F. W. Thomas, V. G.
  • Andrew Shafer, Treasurer
  • Wm. Emmerson, Secretary

The following petitioners were then duly elected and initiated:
John Mullen, John F. McCreary, W. C. Robinson, Lemuel Bledsoe, Thomas A. Stewart and John Henry.

James McFadden, Phillip A. Bettens and A. F. Moore were then admitted on card.

Date of charter May 2d, 1866.

Charter members: Nicholas Jorgenson, John F. W. Thomas, C. H. Albro, Green Bondurant, Wm. Emmerson, Andrew Shafer, C. T. McKibben.

Names of Past Grands and dates of office:
[See newspaper for term details.]

  • Nicholas Jorgenson
  • John F. W. Thomas
  • L. Bledsoe
    Phillip A. Bettens
  • C. T. McKibben
  • [illegible] John Mullen
  • A. F. [illegible]
  • C. H. Albro
  • John M. Dunn
  • Robert Kline
  • A. Givens
  • James Schmeid
  • Henry Easman
  • William Woodruff
  • W. C. Armstrong
  • Fred Luck
  • W. C. Robinson
  • G. W. Land
  • John M. Dunn
  • L. Edrington
  • E. J. Robinson
  • John F. McCreary
  • Ira Land
  • Thomas Carver
  • L. Edrington
  • J. E. Bonnell
  • Green Bondurant

Names of officers for present term beginning January 1st, 1880:

  • Dorwin Schmeid, N. G.
  • Thomas Wiley, V. G.
  • Wm. Woodruff, Per. Secretary
  • L. Bledsoe, Treasurer
  • J. E. Bonnell, Warden
  • A. Givens, Cond.
  • A. F. Moore, I. G.
  • Thomas Carver, R. S. N. G.
  • C. F. Schmeid, L. S. N. G.
  • Clinton Packenham, R. S. V. G.
  • John F. McCreary, L. S. V. G.
  • Amos Chase, R. S. S.
  • George Wells, L. S. S.

Total number of members at present in good standing, 36. Total number admitted to Lodge since institution, 69.

Switzerland County Odd Fellows Officers – 1878

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 17 Jan 1878 – Page 4, Column 2

Indiana Lodge No. 126, I. O. O. F., installed their officers Jan. 2, as follows:

  • N. G.—John D. Works
  • V. G.—John W. Moxley
  • Secretary—George F. Jackman
  • Treasurer—Charles F. Green
  • M. W. Tague—D. D. G. M.

Phoenix Lodge No. 182, I. O. O. F., installed their officers Jan. 7, as follows:

  • N. G.—W. B. Owens
  • V. G.—R. S. Northcott
  • Secretary—P. T. Hartford
  • Treasurer—F. L. Grisard, Jr.
  • M. W. Tague—D. D. G. M.

Naomi Encampment No. 13, I. O. O. F., installed their officers January 4th, as follows:

  • C. P.—John D. Works
  • H. P.—James W. Gibbs
  • S. W—W. P. Hall
  • J. W.—F. L. Grisard, Jr.
  • Scribe—F. J. Hollcroft
  • Treasurer—R. F. Grisard
  • M. W. Tague—D. D. G. P.

Vevay Odd Fellow Lodge Officers – 1876

The following article about Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 15 Jan 1876 – Page 4, Column 2

Officers of Odd Fellow Lodges.

The following persons were recently elected officers of Odd Fellow Lodges in Vevay.

Naomi Encampment, No. 13.

  • J. W. Faulkner, C. P.
  • F. L. Grisard, Jr., H. P.
  • Wm. Keisel, S. W.
  • Charles Bettens, J. W.
  • C. F. Green, Scribe
  • R. F. Grisard, Treasurer

Phoenix Lodge, No. 182.

  • Thomas Gordon, N. G.
  • C. E. Long, V. G.
  • M. W. Tague, Sec’y
  • F. L. Grisard, Jr., Treasurer

Indiana Lodge, No. 126.

  • F. J. Holcroft, N. G.
  • Thomas E. Kincaid, V. G.
  • F. J. Drake, Secretary
  • C. F. Green, Treasurer
  • James W. Gibbs, Warden
  • John W. Banta, Conductor
  • John W. Moxley, R. S. to N. G.
  • W. B. Perry, L. S. to N. G.
  • John Bear, R. S. to V. G.
  • Henry Weaver, L. S. to V. G.
  • John Mullen, Chaplain