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Switzerland County Orphan’s Home Donations – 1889

The following article about Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1889 – Page 5, Column 3

Editor Vevay Reveille:–We desire, through the columns of your paper, to express our thanks and appreciation of the kindness and benevolence of Switzerland county friends, now of Fresno, California, who, while basking in the sunlight of the Golden State, have not forgotten the poor unfortunate little waifs, who are left fatherless and motherless. California people never do anything by halves. A few days ago the “Orphans’ Friends,” of Vevay, received a letter containing a check for $51.50, written by Mrs. Julia L. Madary, signed also by Miss Lizzie Heath and Mr. W. H. Dow, to assist them in the work of establishing an “Orphan’s Home.” They have the thanks and gratitude of each member of this society for the liberal donation of the work. Below is the list of the names who subscribed:

  • Charlie Dish, $1.00
  • David Cowan, $1.00
  • Amie Dow, $1.00
  • Virian Gray, $0.50
  • Edwin Mennett, $1.00
  • W. C. Dow, $1.00
  • Archie Madary, $1.00
  • Lizzie Heath, $2.00
  • J. A. Cole, $2.00
  • F. M. Chittenden, $1.00
  • H. H. Holland, $1.00
  • W. Shaw, $1.00
  • D. C. Dow, $1.00
  • A. W. Peters, $1.00
  • W. Bray, $1.00
  • Joe Dish, $1.00
  • Mal. Miller, $1.00
  • S. H. Cole, $5.00
  • B. B. Craig, $1.00