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Patriot Public Schools Promotions – 1895

Patriot Public Schools [Switzerland County, Indiana] promotions for 1895 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 Apr 1895 – Page 5, Column 2


List of Promotions in the Patriot Public Schools, April 5, 1895.

Promoted to A Class, Room 1.—Smith Rice, Robert Emerson, Watts Schafer, Willie Cook, Wilber Mellen, Bennie Long, Frank Snyder, Evert Snyder, Genne Broadwell, Walter Cook, Stanley Spencer, Charley Humphrey, Ida Bair, Sara Hayes, and Anna Stevenson.

To Class C, Room 2.—Earl Vauters, Clarence Starker, Loren McHuron, Pryor Scott, Harry Green, Kay Emerson, Lena Humphrey, Nettie Taylor, Nina Dibble, Sarah North, and Emma Scott.

To B Class, Room 2.—Clara Schroder, Jane Worth, Elmer Stephenson, Alice Pate, Gussie Taylor, Florence Snyder, Gertrude Fletcher, Grace VanDorin, Willie Rice, Guilford Humphrey, and Charlie Bair.

To A Class, Room 2.—Beulah Foster, Carroll Richards, Anna Coy, Orville North, Flossie Edrington, and Harry Hickman.

To C Grade, Room 3.—Albert Cook, Violet Moredock, Eddie Cook, Homer Eaton, Mitchel Taylor, Callie Williamson, Eddie Brown, Sadie Lamkin, and Robert Starker.

To B Class, Room 3.—Anna Schroder, Gertie Mellen, Kittie Graham, Fenton Emerson, and Floyd McHuron.

To A Class, Room 3.—Pearl Abbott, Clara Rice, Minnie Schroder, Leonard Wade, Glenn Coy, and Tommy Gockel.

To C Class, Room 4.—Laura Miller, Clara North, Rachel Moredock, Helen Mead, Edwin Emerson, Glenn North, Bruner Foster, Ephraim Williamson, Joe Baker, Frank McHuron, and Chas. Starker.

To B Class, Room 4.—Maud Buck, Grace Sheldon, Grace Harris, and Helen Emerson.

To A Class, Room 4.—Bessie Fletcher, Avery Huston, Pop Green, Mary Dibble, Bertha Harris, Fred Schroder, Herbert Broadwell, George Moredock, Nola Humphrey, and Daisy Dibble.

R. L. Thiebaud, Principal.