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Randolph Township Expose – 1837

The Randolph Township, Dearborn County, Indiana expose for 1837 appeared in:
Rising Sun Times – 25 Mar 1837 – Page 3, Column 4; 1 Apr 1837 – Page 3, Column 4

Township Expose.
The Trustees of Randolph Township for the years 1836 and ’37, submit the following statement of allowances made during their term of service; also, the amount of township debt due on the 1st March, 1836, and the amount of tax levied in 1836.


  • John Hunter, services as supervisor, $3.37
  • George Johnson, services as supervisor, $3.00
  • Amos Hastings, services as supervisor, $3.00
  • John Wilson, services as supervisor, $2.25
  • John Tait, viewing and marking roads, $3.00
  • Samuel Fulton, viewing and marking roads, $3.00
  • Elijah Calkin, viewing and marking roads, $1.50
  • Philander McCardle, viewing and marking roads, $1.50
  • James Lewis, viewing and marking roads, $4.50
  • Benjamin Wilber, viewing and marking roads, $1.50
  • Wm. Morison, services as overseer of the poor in 1835-36, $8.50
  • James Boyle, services as overseer of the poor in 1835-36< $2.50
  • Abijah Bennett for services as overseer of poor in 1830, 31, 34 & 35, $17.00
  • Samuel Fulton, services as overseer of poor in 1830, ’31, $4.00
  • Martin Stewart, for assessing township, $6.00
  • A. E. Glenn, for advertising, $4.00
  • John Williamson, for notifying supervisors of their appointment, $4.00
  • John H. O’Neal, for listing in 1834, and notifying supervisors, $9.00
  • Wm. Patterson, services as trustee, $14.00
  • Abijah North, services as trustee, $14.00
  • Thomas Lindsay, services as trustee, $11.50
  • A. E. Glenn, services as clerk, $16.50
  • David Shaw, for clerk of elections, $1.50
  • Asa Sheldon, for clerk of elections, $1.50

Total, $145.37

Amount of township tax due on the 1st March, 1836, as near as can be ascertained, was $105.54

Which, added to the allowances as above, makes the sum of $250.91

Amount of tax levied in 1836, $222.59

By order of the Trustees,
A. E. GLENN, Clerk.
March 18, 1837.

BLM Tract Book Guide for Indiana’s “Gore”

Lands in Indiana’s “Gore” were sold at the Cincinnati Land Office. The Bureau of Land Management Tract Books are available for free in FamilySearch’s collection “United States, Bureau of Land Management Tract Books, 1820-1908.”

The collection is not indexed, but the images can be browsed. The lands in Indiana’s “Gore” are available in volumes 11-16 of the Cincinnati, Ohio land office. Download the guide below to make it easier to locate the entry of your ancestor.

Indiana Lands Tract Book Index (PDF)

Randolph County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Patrons

Randolph County, Indiana Patrons from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.

NameResidenceBusinessNativityCame to StatePost OfficeTownship
Arthur, JeremiahRidgevilleWool ManufacturingMaryland1872RidgevilleFranklin
Hammerle, I. K.RidgevilleBrewerAt Sea1833RidgevilleFranklin
McKew, A.Section 1FarmerOhio1819RidgevilleFranklin
McKew, A. & Son[blank]Farmers[blank][blank]RidgevilleFranklin
Barger, PhilipSection 3Farmer & Co. Com'rOhio1838FairviewGreen
McKinney, J. B.Section 9FarmerOhio1837FairviewGreen
Clark, E.MorristownMerchantOhio1851ParkerMonroe
Davis, J. S.FarmlandMerchantOhio1841FarmlandMonroe
Gench & ReedParkerPhysicians[blank][blank]ParkerMonroe
Gench, CharlesParkerPhysicianOhio1876ParkerMonroe
Karns, L. H. MorristownPhysicianOhio1855ParkerMonroe
Moorman, John A.FarmlandInsuranceNorth Carolina1822FarmlandMonroe
Reed, W. B.ParkerPhysicianOhio1875ParkerMonroe
Engle, WilliamSection 6FarmerNew Jersey1842BloomingportWashington
Hornaday, JohnSection 25Farmer & TrusteeOhio1861TrentonWashington
Hamilton, R. W.LynnPhysician & SurgeonVirginia1832LynnWashington
Jackson, G. H.LynnPhysicianOhio1839LynnWashington
Mull, W. H.LynnShoe DealerOhio1870LynnWashington
Beeson, M. H.Section 20FarmerIndiana1827TrentonWest River
Bright, JosephHuntsvilleTeacherIndiana1844TrentonWest River
Cropper, DanielHuntsvilleHotelKentucky1833TrentonWest River
Farquhar, I. J.Section 33FarmerOhio1839TrentonWest River
Johnson, LeviHuntsvilleMerchantWest Virginia1857TrentonWest River
Lewis, John H.Section 17FarmerIndiana1825Cerro GordoWest River
Miller, Robert & SonSection 2Farming[blank][blank]TrentonWest River
Miller, Robert, Sr.Section 2FarmingIreland1825TrentonWest River
Miller, HenrySection 2FarmingIndiana1842TrentonWest River
Sedgwick, IshamSection 32FarmerIndiana1846TrentonWest River
Slack, GeorgeSection 10Farmer & MerchantPennsylvania1850Cerro GordoWest River
Swain, IraSection 5Farmer & J. P.Tennessee1815TrentonWest River
Commons, J.Union CityPublisher & PrinterIndiana[blank]Union CityWayne
Gullett, AlexanderUnion CityAttorneyIndiana1844Union CityWayne
Gray, Isaac PUnion CityAttorney & ex-SenatorPennsylvania1855Union CityWayne
Lambert, L. D.Union CityAttorney & MayorIndiana1827Union CityWayne
Masslich, B.Union CityPublisher & PrinterPennsylvania1859Union CityWayne
Powell, G. W.Union CityPhysicianOhio1874Union CityWayne
Smith, J. D.Union CityJewelerIndiana1839Union CityWayne
Ault, LeeWinchesterSchool SuperintendentOhio1869WinchesterWhite River
Browne, Gen. T. M.WinchesterU. S. AttorneyOhio1843WinchesterWhite River
Brice, J. G.WinchesterEditorOhio1841WinchesterWhite River
Campfield, A. G.WinchesterContractorNew Jersey1875WinchesterWhite River
Cartre, J. D.WinchesterDry GoodsIndiana1842WinchesterWhite River
Colgrove, W. L.WinchesterCity MarshalIndiana1842WinchesterWhite River
Hodson & BeesonWinchesterPrinters & PublishersOhio and Indiana1852WinchesterWhite River
Hirsh, J. C.WinchesterDruggistGermany1863WinchesterWhite River
Herron, A. P.WinchesterDentistOhio1866WinchesterWhite River
Kizer, W. D.WinchesterCounty AuditorIndiana1847WinchesterWhite River
Keller, G. G.WinchesterGrocerGermany1855WinchesterWhite River
Keller, G. W.WinchesterGrocerOhio1855WinchesterWhite River
Kizer, T. W.WinchesterGrain DealerIndana1824WinchesterWhite River
Lesley, DanielWinchesterCounty SuperintendentIndiana[blank]WinchesterWhite River
Monks, L. J.WinchesterAttorneyOhio1843WinchesterWhite River
Morrow, R. B.WinchesterMerchantOhio1865WinchesterWhite River
Miller, Daniel B.WinchesterFarmer & ex-JudgeConnecticut1816WinchesterWhite River
Moorman, JamesWinchesterBankerNorth Carolina1822WinchesterWhite River
Neff, H. H.WinchesterLumber DealerOhio1834WinchesterWhite River
Pomeroy, P.WinchesterCo. Sur. & Civil EngineerNew Hampshire1865WinchesterWhite River
Reinheimer, P.WinchesterHotelPennsylvania1859WinchesterWhite River
Stone, Gen. A.WinchesterBankerOhio1839WinchesterWhite River
Thompson, W. A.WinchesterAttorneyIndiana1840WinchesterWhite River
Woolverton, C. W.WinchesterShoe DealerPennsylvania1855WinchesterWhite River
Way, F. M.WinchesterPostmasterIndiana1830WinchesterWhite River
Watson, Enos L.WinchesterAttorneyOhio1850WinchesterWhite River

Randolph County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Randolph County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • I. K. HAMMERLE, Brewer of Beer and Lager Beer. Maltster.
  • JEREMIAH ARTHUR, Woolen Manufacturer.


  • KARNS & CLARK, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, General Merchandise and Notions. Also Grain Merchants.


  • J. S. DAVIS, Dealer in Dry Goods, &c.
  • JOHN A. MOORMAN, Insurance Agent.


  • L. H. KARNS, Druggist.
  • GENCH & REED, Physicians and Surgeons.


  • W. H. MULL, Boots, Shoes and Shoe Findings, Manufacturer of and Dealer in.
  • G. H. JACKSON, Physician and Surgeon.
  • ROBERT W. HAMILTON, Physician and Surgeon.


  • DANIEL CROPPER, Hotel, Proprietor “Trenton House.”
  • LEVI JOHNSON, General Merchandise.


  • IRA SWAIN, Farmer and Justice of the Peace.
  • GEO. SLACK, Farmer and Dealer in General Merchandise.


  • ALEXANDER GULLETT, Attorney at Law and Prosecuting Attorney of Twenty-fifth Judicial Circuit.
  • L. D. LAMBERT, Attorney, Mayor and Real Estate Agent.
  • ISAAC P. GRAY, Attorney at Law and Colonel Fourth Indiana Cavalry.
  • JOHN D. SMITH, Jeweler, Watches, Clocks, Fine Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Notions, &c.
  • G. W. POWELL, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
  • J. COMMONS, Publisher Union City Times.
  • B. MASSLICH, Publisher Union City Eagle.


  • WATSON & MONKS, Attorneys at Law.
  • THOMAS M. BROWNE, Attorney at Law.
  • W. A. THOMPSON, Attorney at Law.
  • JAS. MOORMAN, Banker, Receives Deposits, Discounts Paper, Deals in Exchange, Pays Interest on Deposits by agreement, and particular attention paid to Collections; New York Correspondents: Winslow, Lanier & Co.
  • A. STONE, Banker, President First National Bank, Receives Deposits, Discounts Paper, Deals in Exchange, Buys and Sells Gold and Silver, and does a general Banking business; New York Correspondent: 9th National Bank.
  • C. W. WOOLVERTON, Boots and Shoes, Manufacturers of and Dealers in.
  • A. G. CAMPFIELD, Contractor and Builder.
  • PHINEHAS POMEROY, Civil Engineer and County Surveyor.
  • J. C. HIRSH, Druggist, Drug and Book Store.
  • DR. A. P. HERRON, Dentistry, Dental Surgeon, Mechanical and Operative Dentistry.
  • I. D. CARTER, Dry Goods, Notions, etc., General Dealer in.
  • R. B. MORROW, Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Millinery, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, etc.
  • JAS. G. BRICE, Editor Winchester Herald.
  • T. W. KIZER, Grain Dealer and Farmer.
  • G. G. KELLER & SON, Groceries and Provisions.
  • PETER REINHEIMER, Hotel, Proprietor Franklin House.
  • H. H. NEFF, Lumber Material.
  • HODSON & BEESON, Printers, Proprietors Winchester Journal.


  • A. McKEW & SON, Dealers in Grain, Stock, Milling and Farming, Franklin tp.