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Vevay Sons of Temperance – Apr 1868

The following article about Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 9 Apr 1868 – Page 2, Column 2

The following officers for Vevay Division No. 477, Sons of Temperance, were installed on the 6th inst. By T. H. Downey, D. G. W. P.

  • F. Cox, W. P.
  • Alice Banta, W. A.
  • James Goldenburg, W. S.
  • Emma Weals, W. A. S.
  • Thos. J. Northcott, W. F. S.
  • Mary A. Strain, W. T.
  • Geo. Protsman, W. C.
  • Alice Shaw, W. A. C.
  • Oliver Burns, W. I. S.
  • Augustus Weaver, W. O. S.
  • Rosa Anshutz, W. Chap

Meeting every Monday evening at the Lodge Room of Indiana Lodge I. O. of O. F.


Vevay Sons and Daughters of Temperance – Oct 1867

The following article about Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 10 Oct 1867 – Page 2, Column 1

At the last meeting of the Sons and Daughters of Temperance of Vevay Division, No. 477, the following persons were selected to fill the various offices of the Society:

  • W. P.—W. G. Shaw
  • W. A.—Rosa Anshutz
  • R. S.—George Kennedy
  • A. S.—G. P. Tinker
  • F. S.—Archer Shaw
  • T.—Hannibal Greenlief
  • C.—A. C. Weaver
  • A. C.—Nora Johnson
  • I. S.—Thomas Northcott
  • O. S.—F. J. Waldo
  • Chap.—F. Moro

The institution has 86 members, and is in a flourishing condition.

Vevay Sons and Daughters of Temperance – Jul 1867

The following article about Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 4 Jul 1867 – Page 2, Column 3

The following are the officers of Vevay Division No. 477 Sons and Daughters of Temperance:

  • W. P.—Lewis F. Works
  • W. A. –Mary A. Rous
  • R. S.—George P. Tinker
  • A. R. S.—Mary A Strain
  • F. S.—Wm. R. Protsman
  • T.—Robert S. Bristow
  • C.—George Protsman
  • A. C.—Alice Banta
  • I.S.—Ella Northcott
  • O.S.—Robert Smiley
  • Chaplain—John K Pye
  • F. J. Waldo, P. W. P.
  • T. W. Downey, D. D. W. P.

The Division is in a flourishing condition. It meets every Tuesday night.

Fairview Sons and Daughters of Temperance – May 1867

The following article about Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 30 May 1867 – Page 2, Column 1

Cary Division, Sons and Daughters of Temperance, was organized at Fairview, in this County, on Monday evening, May 27th, by G. D. Thos. H. Downey, of this place. The officers for the present term are:

  • David Lee, W. P.
  • Hannah Murphy, W. A.
  • John Murphy, W. S.
  • Isabel Newton, W. A. S.
  • Wesley Heath, W. F. S.
  • Ace Newton, W. T.
  • W. Long, W. Chaplain.
  • Frank Smith, W. C.
  • Ann Clark, W. A. C.
  • Helen Murphy, W. G. S.
  • J. W. Lewis, W. D. S.
  • S. R. Tinker, P. W. P.

C. R. Clark is the W. Deputy for the Division. The Division has 36 members.

Switzerland County Sons and Daughters of Temperance – Apr 1867

The following article from Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 25 Apr 1867 – Page 2, Column 1

Sons and Daughters of Temperance.

Joseph Cheaney, D. G. W. P. of the Sons and Daughters of Temperance of Indiana, is delivering temperance lectures and organizing Divisions of the order in this State and Kentucky. He is a talented speaker, and is doing good work in the temperance cause.

Last Thursday he organized a Division at Florence. We have not yet learned the names of the officers.

On Friday evening he delivered a soul-stirring temperance speech at the Court House, in this place, and on the next evening, (Saturday,) organized a Division of thirty-two members. The following persons were selected to fill the offices:

  • F. J. Waldo, W. P.
  • Miss Emma Montgomery, W. A.
  • Lewis F. Works, R. S.
  • Miss C. Kesler, A. R. S.
  • Charles Protsman, F. S.
  • Thomas Downey, T.
  • Albert Golay, C.
  • Miss L. Fletcher, A. C.
  • Miss Ella Northcott, I. S.
  • James Park, O. S.

On Sunday he organized a Division of eighteen members at Mt. Sterling, which meets on Friday evenings. The following are the officers:

  • J. S. Scofield, W. P.
  • Miss Elizabeth Silvers, W. A.
  • David Boyd, R. S.
  • Miss Mary Cotton, A. R. S.
  • A. C. Webb, F. S.
  • Ralph Cotton, T.
  • John Banta, C.
  • Miss Tillie Cotton, A. C.
  • Miss Josephine Silvers, I. S.
  • Samuel G. Cotton, O. S.

Monday evening he visited Ghent and organized “Evening Star Division.” The following officers were elected:

  • T. W. Flag, W. P.
  • Mrs. Jessie O’Neal, W. A.
  • J. C. Johnson, R. S.
  • Mattie Poindexter, A. R. S.
  • M. C. Johnson, F. S.
  • Ira Bursott, T.
  • John J. Orr, C.
  • Rowena S. Orr, A. C.
  • Bettie Ellis, I. S.
  • Jos. W. McCan, O. S.
  • Rev. Wm. Johnson, C.

There is a general temperance revival throughout the country, and its friends have cause to rejoice. Let the good work go on until every slave of intemperance is freed from his chains.

Patriot Temperance Protest – June 1856

The Patriot, Switzerland County, Indiana Temperance Protest appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille – 11 June 1856 – Page 3, Column 2.


WE, the citizens of Patriot, having for a long time witnessed the evils resulting from the free use of intoxicating liquors, and as law abiding people, wishing to promote the good of society,–do solemnly protest against the selling of all kinds of intoxicating drinks, to be used as a beverage; and ask the retailers, in the name of virtue, and everything dear to society, to desist from such an unholy and demoralizing business, and engage in some calling less detrimental to the inhabitants of our town and vicinity;–and, as forbearance has ceased to be a virtue with us in this matter, we are determined, for the good of our town, to abate this evil first, and then attack others, which some of us think are of greater magnitude. If the vigor of the law should fail to protect us, we must protect ourselves.

  • Sylvanus Howe
  • W. P. Campbell
  • E. H. Johnson
  • Wm. A. Johnson
  • Solomon Hicks
  • B. F. Herrick
  • Asahel Carpenter
  • C. W. Munger
  • Wm. R. Vandorin
  • S. R. Bradley
  • Josiah Herbert
  • Reuben Berry
  • Ira Keeney
  • S. J. Herrick
  • Geo. Werkerly
  • A. Gazley
  • Wm. Mead
  • H. R. Herbert
  • Bela Herrick
  • Mrs. Ellen Wade
  • Elizabeth Gazley
  • Amanda Faulkner
  • Phebe Fletcher
  • H. D. Gibson
  • C. C. Johnson
  • Frances Larison
  • M. N. Scott
  • Elizabeth Fortune
  • Ann Love
  • M. O. Watts
  • Sarah James
  • Ann F. Carpenter
  • Charlotte Hedrick
  • Ann Johnson
  • Sarah E. Herrick
  • Sarah B. Bradley
  • Julia Scranton
  • Eliza A. Gale
  • Ann M. Ormsby
  • S. A. Coffin
  • Maria Hicks
  • Mary E. Chandler
  • S. A. Campbell
  • Eliza Vanhouten
  • Emily Mead
  • L. Dean
  • Miss Mary Baxter
  • M. Donaldson
  • Ellen Herrick
  • Fannie G. Hoyt
  • Polly Vanhouten
  • M. A. Carpenter
  • S. Q. Howe
  • Andrew Hobbs
  • Jesse Brookway
  • Wm. Gibson
  • Charles Carpenter
  • A. G. Herrick
  • E. H. Vandorin
  • Jabes Vandorin
  • James Buck
  • Cheney Munger
  • Jacob Hunsiker
  • John Allen
  • Samuel Wade
  • S. B. Baxter
  • Wm. Taylor
  • Collin McNutt
  • E. S. Gale
  • James Faulkner
  • Mrs. Amy Emerson
  • Lucy Gill
  • Margaret Heston
  • Esther E. O’Brien
  • M. J. Wiley
  • A. S. Reidell
  • Pallace Green
  • Catharine King
  • M. A. Facemire
  • Mary Taylor
  • Hannah Watts
  • Elizabeth Ross
  • Alice Herrick
  • Elizabeth Yarnell
  • Mary J. Moredock
  • Mary Newton
  • Hannah Munger
  • Rachel Deewese
  • N. Tait
  • Polly Gray
  • M. A. C. Jackson
  • S. Lee
  • Sarah A. Herrick
  • Sarah Gage
  • E. F. Campbell
  • Abigail McHuron
  • Martha M. Keeney
    Charlotte S. Foster
  • Miss Hattie Emerson
  • M. A. Hutchinson
  • Martha Herrick
  • Grinke Gage
  • M. W. Carpenter
  • Lizzie Mead
  • Mary A. Tait

Patriot, Ind., June 2, 1856.

Switzerland County Temperance Convention – April 1856

The minutes of the Switzerland County, Indiana Temperance Convention appeared in:
The Weekly Reveille – 9 April 1856 – Page 2, Column 2.

Temperance Convention.
MT. STERLING, April 5, 1 o’clock.

County Temperance Convention met. The President and  Secretary being present, the meeting was called to order. The minutes of the last meeting not being present, were not read.

The following resolution was passed:

Resolved, That in conformity with the recommendation of the State Convention, we organize this county by the appointment of a committee of five from each Township—the Chairman of each to constitute a Central Committee for the County—and said Committee shall see that Temperance meetings are held throughout the county in every school house, and all convenient places, until after the election.

The meeting resolved itself into a committee of the whole, and appointed the following Township Committees:

Craig.—John Weaver, George Muer, Walter Scott, Perry Cotton, Wm. R. Cotton.

Jefferson.—Wm. Shaw, Enos Littlefield, R. N. Lamb, Jas. M. Cotton, James Brown, Geo. McCulloch.

Pleasant.—Hugh Adkinson, John Orem, P. Vannuys, Dr. Perdy, Luther Hotchkiss.

York.—Dr. Cheever, Ibzan Jackson, Benj. Robinson, James Campbell, R. T. Goddard.

Posey.—Peter L. Davis, J. A. Powel, Collin McNutt, Bela Herrick, A. Gazley.

Cotton.—L. Wiley, C. H. Stow, D. Lee, S. Washer, P. S. Sage.

It was moved and carried that should vacancies occur in the committees, they shall have power to fill such vacancies.

It was Resolved, That the Secretary forward a copy of the above appointments to the chairman of each committee, with a request to organize immediately.

Resolved, That the Secretary forward a copy of the proceedings of this meeting to the Editor of THE WEEKLY REVEILLE, with a request to publish.

There were several speeches made, and the convention adjourned with the best of feeling.

JAMES BROWN, President.
H. A. TINKER, Secretary.

Vevay Temperance Protest – February 1856

The protest of women in Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana for temperance appeared in the following newspapers:
The Weekly Reveille – 27 Feb 1856 – Page 3, Column 3; 5 Mar 1856 – Page 3, Column 5; 12 Mar 1856 – Page 3, Column 5


HAVING learned that it is in contemplation to set up in our midst an establishment for the vending of intoxicating liquors, for purposes which we conceive to be highly inimical to the morals, the peace, and the prosperity of the community, we, the undersigned, Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters of Vevay and vicinity, in the name of virtue and religion, –as  we would preserve the peace and happiness of our homes, the virtue and security of our Fathers, Husbands, Brothers and Sons, SOLEMNLY PROTEST AGAINST ANY SUCH PROCEEDING. And we furthermore declare, that, if in the face of our protest, such an establishment should be set up, we shall not fail to employ every proper means to destroy and hurl it from the community:

  • Mrs. S. Harwood
  • Mrs. Julia L. Dumont.
  • C. Gerrard
  • D. Goldenburg
  • C. S. Chafee
  • Eliza Durnall
  • I. R. Dumont
  • E. S. Armstrong
  • Jemima Protsman
  • Margaret Kincaid
  • Mary A Miller
  • Eliz. Knox
  • C. Crutcher
  • R. Littlefield
  • Marietta Lamb
  • Eliza Kessler
  • Eliz. Clarkson
  • K. M. Dufour
  • Justine Schenck
  • Mary L. Detraz
  • Mary A. Turner
  • M. A. Moxley
  • Sarah A. Smith
  • J. Craig
  • K. Aldridge
  • –. Faulkner
  • Mary A. Shaw
  • Lizzie Courvoisier
  • J. C. Teats
  • M. J. Lemmon
  • L. A. Boyd
  • Euphemia Lindley
  • E. B. Sullivan
  • A. Stowe
  • A. Gilbert
  • Z. C. Grisard
  • H. A. Malin
  • Ann E. Dufour
  • Lucy Nutler
  • Mary   Torrence
  • Ann Pleasants
  • Charlotte Pleasants
  • M. Rutherford
  • M. Peelman
  • Eliza Patton
  • J. Mansfield
  • A. S. Hathorn
  • L. Hall
  • Hannah Armstrong
  • Miss Mary E. Sparks
  • Eliza B. Kincaid
  • Lizzie Durnall
  • Louisa Poindexter
  • Julia L. Dumont
  • Maggie Shaw
  • Celestine A. Golay
  • Sallie A. Tague
  • Eliza M’Cord
  • Louisa J. Sullivan
  • Lou. Golay
  • E. Newkirk
  • M. Patton
  • M. A. Rous
  • Mary Stowe
  • Izolene Leclerc
  • Char. L. Keeney
  • Martha E. Waldo
  • B. R. Wason
  • C. Kincaid
  • S. Anderson
  • J. F. Dufour
  • Margaret Wiley
  • Nancy Price
  • Mary J. Detraz
  • Lucilla Jagers
  • Mary A Roberts
  • H. M. Tardy
  • E. J. Malin
  • Sarah J. Rous
  • Effy Stewart
  • C. A. Henderson
  • M. D. Campbell
  • M. Tibby
  • C. A. Northcott
  • M. A. Eblin
  • Sarah Eblin
  • Jane Moen
  • Clara Morerod
  • Ann M. Todd
  • N. W. Gale
  • Ellen McCallum
  • E. White
  • M. A. Mansfield
  • S. A. Patton
  • M. J. Torrance
  • J. A. Doan
  • A. A. Noble
  • E. A. Goodwin
  • Belle D. Grisard
  • S. W. Webb
  • Mary Rous
  • Mary Todd
  • Eliza Vandever
  • Sallie Hall
  • M. Brison
  • M. A. Hatch
  • S. Bornand
  • Mary S. Knox
  • Lucretia Roberts
  • M. Adams
  • Eliz. Danner
  • Sarah Tague
  • M. J. Morerod
  • Miss Caroline Protsman
  • Jane E. Kincaid
  • Hetty Goldenburg
  • Irene R. Miller
  • Julia Wiley
  • Collumb. Kessler
  • Josie L. Schenck
  • Ann E. Anderson
  • Manora Vanbriggle
  • E. Henderson
  • Zelia C. Grisard
  • E. Patton
  • Lizzie Rous
  • Caroline Wooley
  • Hattie Henderson

Vevay, Ind., Feb. 27, 1856.

Ohio and Switzerland Counties Temperance Convention – December 1853

Details of the Temperance Convention for Ohio County and Switzerland County, Indiana appeared in:
Weekly Reveille (Vevay, Indiana) – 1 December 1853 – Page 2 – Column 2.
See newspaper for full details.

Temperance Convention.

At the Convention of friends of Temperance from Switzerland and Ohio counties, assembled at Mt. Sterling, Nov. 26, 1853. Dr. P. S. SAGE was called to the Chair, and Rev. H. WASON appointed Secretary pro tem.

On motion, Messrs. J. B. Lathrop, S. Washer and A. S. Kingsley were appointed a committee to nominate permanent officers.

On motion, the following persons were appointed to draft resolutions to be presented to the convention, viz: Messrs. J. C. Bunham, R. Cotton, J. Dumont, H. Littlefield, W. French and W. Speakman.

On motion, Messrs. Wm. French, U. H. Stow, Dr. Gillespie, R. N. Lamb and E. Hafford, were appointed to nominate delegates to the State Temperance Convention, to be held in Indianapolis the second Tuesday of next January.

The Convention then took recess until one o’clock, P.M.


Convention met, and called to order.—Prayer offered by Rev. J. B. Lathrop.

The committee on permanent officers reported as follows:
P. S. SAGE, President.
RALPH COTTON, Vice President.
WM. FRENCH, Secretary.

The following persons were reported by the committee, and chosen by the Convention as delegates to the State Temperance Convention, viz:

From Switzerland County,–J. R. Harris, Bela Herrick, E. M. Cheever, B. Robinson, T. Armstrong, Jas. H. Campbell, P. S. Sage, U. H. Stow, S. Washer, J. C. Bonham, H. A. Tinker, John Dumont, J. B. Lathrop, H. Wason, Enos Littlefield, George McCullough, A. S. Kingsley, Wm. Shaw, F. H. Stewart, James Stewart, Wm. Hewitt, James Ferguson, Walter Scott, E. Purdie, John Weaver, David Cain.

From Ohio County,–J. C. Powers, S. R. Record, Benj. Dennis, E. M. Gould, Ezra Lampkins, Dr. Medaris, D. H. Jessup, W. F. White, Allen Wilbur, W. S. Speakman, W. M. French, B. F. Shelden, W. Gillespie, T. H. Gilmore.

[Various resolutions passed]

The committee to nominate township committees reported as follows:


Jefferson Township.—J. B. Lathrop, H. Wason, J. J. P. Schenck, J. M. Cotton, E. Littlefield, G. McCullough, E. G. Carrington, Wm. Gleason, R. Hatton, G. Markland, J. B. Sparks.

Cotton Township.—P. S. Sage, S. Washer, U. H. Stow, J. C. Bonham, H. Tinker, C. A. Garey, H. Littlefield, L. W. Mallett, W. McMillen, A. S. Downey, David Lee, H. Bane.

Posey Township.—E. M. Cheever, Jacob Harris, Ira Keeney, Bela Herrick, A. Gazlay, Harris Keeney.

Craig Township.—John Weaver, Walter Scott, E. Hafford, John Cowan, James Shaw, David Cain, James Brindle, B. Goddard, E. Keervis, John C. Cotton.

Pleasant Township.—Dr. E. Purdy, James Stewart, J. C. Claighorn, James Furguson, T. H. Stewart, Wm. Hewitt, John Oran, L. Atkinson, John J. Adams.

York Township.—B. Robinson, James Campbell, T. Armstrong, J. Robinson, H. Kelso, Wm. D. Finton, Garrett Kelso, J. Froman, B. Stoops, E. Stoops, G. Stoops, John Gullion.


Randolph Township.—Wm. French, I. Kelso, W. Gillespie, W. Speakman, Thomas Plummer, Dr. Haines, Rev. Mr. White, B. F. Morris, B. F. Sheldon, Jas. Hastings.

Cass Township.—J. K. Read, Israel Lampkins, John Scranton, John Vanausdoll, E. W. Gould.

Union Township.—J. C. Powers, Dr. Lamb, J. R. Kent, Moses Turner, S. Record, Samuel Walker, R. J. Milligan, S. Kittle, T. Milligan.

Pike Township.—Peter Pate, Joseph Johnson, Darius Ford.

It was moved and carried, that the names of the committees, so far as reported to the Convention, be published with its proceedings; and the fractional committees be requested to complete their number, and all of them to fill their own vacancies.

On motion, a committee of three in each county was appointed to examine their records for the purpose of learning and publishing the amount of tax each county has had to pay within five years on account of the liquor traffic.

Committee for Switzerland—John Dumont, H. Wason, and J. B. Lathrop.

For Ohio—John R. Ross, W. French, and J. J. Hayden.

[Final Resolutions]