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Sycamore School Report – Mar 1879

The Sycamore School [Switzerland County, Indiana] report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 3 Apr 1879 – Page 8, Column 1

Report of Sycamore School,
District No. 8, for the term commencing September 15, 1878, and ending March 13, 1879:

  • Number of pupils enrolled during the term, 30
  • Average daily attendance, 22
  • Number of days of school term, 120

Proficiency in Reading:

  • Class No. 1—Maggie Powell, Laura Houze
  • Class No. 2—Lydia Powell, Albert Liggett, Rhoda Lostutter
  • Class No. 3—Charlie Liggett
  • Class No. 4—Edith Lostutter, Anna Sachiehem
  • Class No. 5—Willie Traw
  • Class No. 6—Andie Detmer

Proficiency in Orthography: Laura Houze, Maggie Powell, Lydia Powell, Rhoda Lostutter, Anna Belle Wiley, Edith Lostutter, Marvin Powell.

Proficiency in Penmanship:

  • Between 15 and 21 years of age: Jennie Powell
  • Between 12 and 15: Willie Molique, Sammie Powell
  • Between 6 and 12: Anna Molique, Rhoda Lostutter

Proficiency in Map Drawing: Will Lostutter, Cornelius Powell

Proficiency in Elocution: Anna Molique, Maggie Powell

Regular Attendance: Anna Belle Wiley, George Lostutter, Will Lostutter, Charlie Liggett, Sammie Powell.

Pupils receiving the highest grade in the school: George Lostutter, Maggie Powell, Laura Houze.

ALICE FORD, Teacher.