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Switzerland County Teachers’ Institute – 1889

Switzerland County, Indiana, Teachers’ Institute attendance appeared in:

Vevay Reveille – 15 Aug 1889 – Page 5, Column 3

Switzerland County Teachers’ Institute convened last Monday morning in High School building. J. A. VanOsdol is President and Mrs. Mary A. Robenstein, Secretary. The first day every desk was occupied, and since then the attendance has increased, the room being well filled. Ninety-one are enrolled. Prof. T. G. Allord, of Indianapolis, and Prof. LaSeur, of Ohio county, are among the instructors. The following are names of those enrolled:

M. A. Robentein, Carrie L. Griffith, Lulu M. Roberts, Flora E. Lee, Marcella Martin, Viola M. Martin, Susie Lee, Daisy L. Dyer, Ada Hall, Sada W. Hall, Fenelon Taylor, Fannie Harris, Arletta Keeney, Harry W. Nash, Lucy Livings, Susie White, J. W. Neal, Harvey Ostrander.

Clara B. Waltz, Ice Snider, William Hastings, Mattie McKay, Anna Stratford, Glenn Culbertson, Julia O. Froman, Alice Ford, Abbie Coleman, Bertrice Rochat, Florence Farrell, Maggie Adams.

Mary Rogers, Susie Turner, Mollie Littlefield, Rosa B. Norisez, Finley Smith, Nettie Rutherford, Mary Dillman, Clementine Richey, May Spilman, Hattie E. Melvin, Mary A. Rous, Lou Oxley, Clara Dufour, Lizzie Dufour, Julia L. Knox, Nettie L. Knox, Hattie White, Ollie I. Oxley, Lou B. Protsman, Ellie B. Morrison, Eugene Stoops, J. H. Hanna.

L. E. Carnine, Geo. F. Hotchkiss, O. M. Given, Flora Lamb, Mattie Taylor, Rosa Carnine, Stella McKay, Scott McKay, Cora E. Kern, Della M. Kern, Alice Yonge, W. R. Gardner, Robert D. Jackson, Helen Gordon, Emogene E. Shadday, Fannie D. Shadday, Frankie Anderson, Lettie L. Dyer, Laura Lamson, Hannah Waldenmaier, Mollie Detraz, Anna Lanham, Ella Sharp, I. W. Richards, Anna Krummel, Dale VanPelt, Frank Konkle, T. V. Archer, Louis C. Protsman, Carroll C. Cotton, A. W. Freeman, Anna Protsman, Emma Miller, Bettie Vernon, Emma Vernon, Stella Miller, Eva McCallum, Lucy Richards, Minnie Simpson.

Vevay Reveille – 22 Aug 1889 – Page 4, Column 1

Last week we published a list of teachers up to Wednesday evening in attendance at Switzerland County Teachers’ Institute. Thursday and Friday the following additional teachers were enrolled:

Jennie Carnine, Henry E. Carnine, J. H. Voris, Kate R. Webb, O. C. Wainscott, Emma Goddard, Nettie Snyder, Julia Claghorn, Lizzie Diermiller, Mary Stewart, Ollie Patterson, Ella Miller, Della Orem, D. M. Mottier, Sadie James, Frank Eaton, Silas E. Ward, Della Rochat, H. H. Sheldon, H. H. Bodey, Wm. H. Madison, Carrie Huston, M. K. Huston, Tommie E. Likely, Anna Legg.

The total enrollment was 117, an average attendance of 77. There were also many visitors in attendance.

Vevay Teachers’ Institute – 1887

Attendance at the Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana Teachers’ Institute appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 18 Aug 1887 – Page 4, Column 4

At Teachers’ Institute—Eminent Home Talent and Distinguished Educators from Abroad.

Vevay—M. C. Walden, Wm. Stratford, Anna Trafelet, Clara Waltz, Clara Stepleton, Josie M. Cole, Mrs. Jennie C. VanPelt, Kate McHenry, Lucy Livings, Nettie Northcott, Mary E. Tardy, Lula M. Roberts, James A. VanOsdol, Willie Freeman, Grace Stepleton, Mollie Hall, Lizzie Diermiller, Belle and Jennie Hatton, Hattie White, R. L. Thiebaud, Susie White, Sallie Northcott, Sadie Hall, Eugene Tardy, Americus V. Danner, James Waltz, C. R. Protsman, Claude Siebenthal, W. B. Holland, S. C. Protsman, Frankie Anderson, Hannie Waldemeir, Frank Stratford, Abbie Coleman, Lizzie McKay, Julia Knox, Mary A. Rous, L. E. Smith, U. G. Trafalet, Mattie McKay, Alice Smith, Mittie McMakin, Bessie Stratford, Carrie S. Griffith.

Patriot—S. A. Douglass, Anna Tait, W. D. Cunningham, M. K. Huston, Warren DeHart.
Florence—J. H. Daubenheyer, O. M. Given, J. F. Cousins, A. C. Willoughby, George W. Parker.

Markland—J. H. Hanna.

Mt. Sterling—C. E. Walden, Kate R. Webb, Letta S. Dyer, Grace Ogle, I. W. Richards.

Jay—Josie C. Horton, O. L. Voris, J. H. Voris, Lucy R. Horton.

Sugar Branch—Ollie J. and Lou Oxley, Laura McHenry, Flora C. Lee, Fanny M. Brown, Nettie Jagers.

Pleasant—H. E. Carnine, A. J. Peters.

Aaron—Jennie, Rosa and L. E. Carnine, Marion Glenn.

Ghent, Ky.—J. W. Morgan, Henry Hill, Jas. and Chas. H. Duncan, Frankie Heady.

Indianapolis, Ind.—Anna B. Stratford.

Chicago, Ill.—E. E. Smith.

Craig—Della Malcomson, Mollie Detraz, Lorena Brown, Stella McKay.

Moorefield—Carroll Cotton, Ella Sharp, Glen Culbertson, W. W. Clements, Mollie Hulley, Emogene Shadday, Eugene and W. A. Mercer, Carny and Della Culbertson, Ulysses J. Griffith, S. M. Rutherford.

Moore’s Hill—M. H. Adkison.

Rising Sun—F. A. Withers.

Brooksburg—Ella Miller, Emma F. Vernon.

Bennington—Jennie Voris, Ella McHenry, Florinda Orem.

Monticello, Ind.—F. M. Walters, J. E. Waters.

Mitchel, Ind.—E. F. Southerland.

Lamb—Alfred S. Orem, Mary Stewart.

East Enterprise—W. H. Madison.

Vineyard—Emma T. Miller, Stella C. Miller.

Allensville—U. Mille, May Jayne.

Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute – 1886

Switzerland County, Indiana, Teacher’s Institute enrollment for 1886 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 2 Sep 1886 – Page 4, Column 2

Enrollment of Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute,
Held in Vevay last week:

Mitchell—W. E. Lugenbech

Lafayette—E. E. Smith

Stoop’s Hill—James Gard

Carrollton, Ky.—Julia Hafford

Bascom—Mollie Littlefield.

Marble Corner—A. C. Willoughby

Brooksburg—Nellie L. Harvey

Rising Sun—Emma Wells, C. M. Marble

Home—Robert Tait

Moorefield—Anna Stewart, Ella Sharp, Carroll C. Cotton, Della Culbertson, Bella Culbertson, W. S. Danner, S. M. Rutherford, Glenn Culbertson, Eugene Mercer, Edgar Culbertson, Wm. Mercer, L. E. Smith, Emogene E. Shadday, Mollie S. Hulley.

Pleasant—H. E. Carnine, Mary Rogers, George E. Henry.

Bennington—Flora A. Orem, Della Orem, George F. Hotchkiss, Lillian A. Voris, M. D. Orem.

Aaron—E. E. Glenn, L. E. Carnine, Rosa Carnine, Jennie Carnine.

Jay—Josie C. Horton, J. A. Voris, H. B. Voris, J. H. Voris.

Sugar Branch—Temmie E. Likely, Flora E. Lee, Mary A. Smith, Lou Oxley, Silas E. Ward, Ollie I. Oxley, Fanny M. Brown.

Allensville—May Jayne, Laura Livings, Anna Elfers, Hattie M. Gary, Alice Ford, J. R. Houze, Mary E. Myers, Jennie Myers, O. P. Sedam.

East Enterprise—Nannie M. Madison, Carrie J. Melick.

Patriot—Antoinette Snyder, Mrs. M. A. C. Watt, D. M. Mottier, Wm. Lowe, W. D. Cunningham, Warren DeHart, C. P. Gurley, Morton K. Huston, Minnie O. Searcy, U. M. Stewart, Frank Eaton, Anna Legg.

Quercus Grove—Letta Keeney, Emma Goddard, J. A. Wilson, Edward P. Goddard.

North’s Landing—L. G. Wilson.

Florence—J. F. Cousins, O. M. Given, George W. Parker, A. G. Bettens, Bertha Bettens.

Markland—J. H. Hanna.

Vineyard—Emma Miller, Stella Miller, Ella Miller, N. Miller, Maggie Plunkett.

Craig—Mollie J. Detraz, Nannie Shaw, Della Malcomson, Merrit S. McKay.

Lamb—Mary Stewart, Alfred S. Orem, Stella McKay.

Mt. Sterling—Anna Craig, Lettie Dyer, Kate R. Webb, Flora Lamb, C. E. Walden, Grace Ogle, I. W. Richards, Fannie Hageman.

Center Square—Hal Hall, Charles E. Hall, Wallace Cotton, Eva Hall, Edith Dodd, Anna Protsman, C. L. Dodd.

Vevay—Frankie Anderson, A. Hildebrand, Nettie T. Northcott, Lucy Cole, Hannie Waldenmier, Mattie McKay, R. S. Northcott, A. L. Trafelet, Belle Hatton, Jennie Hatton, Lulu Roberts, Abbie Coleman, Carrie J. Griffith, Sadie W. Hall, Grace Stepleton, Mollie Hall, Lizzie Diermiller, Clara Stepleton, Clara Waltz, James Waltz, Freddie M. Boerner, Lide N. Griffith, Josie Cole, M. C. Walden, Josie Leap, Mary Dement, Alice M. Smith, Anna Stratford, Minnie H. Simpson, Ollie H. N. Smith, Mary A. Rous, Mary E. Tardy, Julia Tardy.

Vevay Teachers’ Institute – Sep 1885

Vevay [Switzerland County, Indiana] Teachers’ Institute for 1885 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 3 Sep 1885 – Page 1, Column 4

Enrollment at Institute.

The names of the following persons were enrolled at the recent session of the Teachers’ Institute:

Cincinnati—W. H. Venable.

Indianapolis—J. M. Olcott, W. A. Bell.

Pleasant—Mary Rodgers, J. B. Lewis, H. E. Carnine.

Moorefield—Edgar Culbertson, Mrs. Jennie C. VanPelt, Carroll Cotton, L. E. Smith, Ella V. Sharp, Emma Stewart, Anna Stewart, J. W. Crandell, S. M. Rutherford, Eugene Mercer, Carrie Culbertson, Bella Culbertson, Hannah B. Crandell, Della Culbertson, Emogene E. Shadday, W. S. Danner.

Bennington—M. Emory Smith, M. O. Orem, Lizzie A. Horton, Della Orem.

Vineyard—Helen Gordon, N. Miller.

Brooksburg—Ella Miller.

Patriot—M. H. Jones, C. P. Gurley, H. A. Burman, Alma Lucas, Anna Legg, Minnie Searcy.

Allensville—Hattie M. Gary, Anna Eders, May Jayne, Mary E. Myers, Alice Ford, Fannie Harris, Laura Livings.

Mt. Sterling—W. M. Walden, I. W. Richards, E. L. Danner, C. E. Walden, Letta L. Dyer, Lillian Craig, India Hizer.

Florence—J. H. Daubenheyer, Geo. W. Parker, Emma Goddard, J. F. Cousins, O. M. Given.

Center Square—Emma McCulloch, E. R. Clevenger, R. B. Smelley, Fanny Hageman, Eva E. Hall, Anna D. Hall, Edith Dodd, C. L. Dodd, C. R. Protsman, Anna Protsman.

Lamb—Stella McKay, Mary Steward, A. S. Orem.

Joy—John C. Lanham, H. B. Voris, J. H. Voris, Josie C. Horton, O. L. Voris.

Sugar Branch—Ollie I. Oxley, Tenne E. Likely, Mary A. Smith, Nettie Newton.

Aaron—Rosa Carnine, Jennie Carnine, L. L. Adkinson, Lorin E. Carnine.

Vevay—Lucy Cole, Hannie Waldenmire, Julia Tardy, A. Hildebrand, E. E. Griffith, Sada W. Hall, L. R. Melcher, Lizzie Diermiller, Josie Cole, Alice Smith, Frankie Anderson, B. F. Thiebaud, Carry Nash, Nannie Bell, Mollie Detraz, Mary Dement, Ollie Northcott, Abbie Coleman, Lawrence Welch, W. C. Dow, Nettie T. Northcott, Clara Stepleton, Mary A. Rous, Grace Stepleton, Sallie F. Burrows, Mary Tardy, Anna Jain, L. W. Smith, Josie Leap, Mattie McKay, M. C. Walden.

Bascom—R. W. Fish, Mollie Tyler, Mollie Littlefield.

Rising Sun—F. A. Wethers, C. M. Marble, Edith Lindsay.

Greenburg—F. M. Walters

Marble Corner—A. C. Willoughby.

Mt. Vernon—P. P. Stutz.

Newton, Illinois—Belle Hageman.

Madison—Kate C. Kochran.

Thorntown—James R. Hart.

Cross Plains—Jos. W. Whitham.

Vevay Teachers Institute – Aug 1883

Vevay Teachers Institute [Switzerland County, Indiana] report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 23 Aug 1883 – Page 4, Column 3

Who Were Here.

The following teachers attended the Institute held in Vevay last week:


  • T. G. Alford
  • Lizzie Diermiller
  • Bettiei Cooper
  • Ella Anshutz
  • M. J. Cox
  • Alice M. Smith
  • Anna Jaine
  • Nettie Northcott
  • Linnie Turner
  • Lillie M. DeBarth
  • Mary A. Rous
    Mattie McKay
  • Carrie Woollen
  • J. R. Hart
  • Carrie Nash
  • Mamie Kessler
  • Abbie Coleman
  • Laura B. Robertson
  • D. W. Trafalet
  • Jennie Lewis
  • Ollie Northcott
  • Lucy Cole
  • Viola Graham
  • Wm. C. Dowe
  • Anna Stratford
  • Rosa B. Norisez
  • Blanche VanPelt
  • Addison Works
    Josie Cole
  • Mollie Hall
  • Sadie Hall
  • Kittie Dickason
  • Sallie F. Burrows
  • Maria P. Torrance
  • Freddie M. Boerner
  • Hannie Waldenmier
  • Carrie Griffith

Rising Sun:

  • Mary Oglevee
  • Io Waldo
  • Wildred Perkins
  • F. A. Withers
  • J. R. Mitchell


  • Henry E. Carnine
  • T. N. Carnine
  • O. L. Voris
  • P. V. Voris

Sugar Branch:

  • John L. Stewart
  • Mary A. Smith
  • India V. Rous


  • M. D. Orem
  • W. S. Call
  • S. E. Ryan
  • W. F. Valentine

Xenia, Ohio:

  • W. E. Coussins


  • J. E. Coussins
  • John H. Daubenheyer
  • Bertha Bettens

Center Square:

  • Edith Dodd
  • Charles Hall
  • Hal. Hall
  • Anna D. Hall
  • Wm. W. Clevenger

Quercus Grove:

  • Emma Goddard
  • Lettie Keeney


  • Julia B. Brown
  • Susie L. Peak
  • L. E. Carr
  • Wm. M. Lewis


  • Mollie Detraz
  • Merit S. McKay

North Bend, Ohio:

  • Clement Reichey


  • Carrie Livings
  • Anna Sedam
  • Mattie M. Gary
  • Alice C. Ford
  • Fanniei Harris
  • Anna Elfers
  • J. R. Houze


  • Emogene E. Shadday
  • Jennie C. VanPelt
  • Ida R. Shadday
  • Scott Danner
  • Glenn Culbertson
  • Della Culbertson
  • Carrie Culbertson
  • Mollie Hurley

Mt. Sterling:

  • Wesley Walden
  • R. F. Heady
  • Marion C. Walden
  • Grace Glover
  • Kate R. Webb
  • I. W. Richads
  • Cudie H. Rous
  • Charley Walden


  • Frank Eston
  • I. B. Sherman

Eureka, Ind.:

  • M. L. Richmond

Brooksburg, Ind.:

  • Emma Vernon

Kingston, Ind.:

  • Ely Allen

Carmel, Ind.:

  • John F. Haines


  • J. W. Holcombe


  • S. W. Conboy


  • Lillian H. Vaughn
  • Lucilla Rogers

Terre Haute:

  • J. H. Martin
  • O. E. Arbuckle
  • Geo. P. Brown


  • Stella McKay


  • Robert Tait

Vevay Teachers’ Institute – Aug 1869

The following article about the Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana Teachers’ Institute appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 26 Aug 1869 – Page 3, Column 2

Teachers’ Institute.

The Fourth Annual Session of the Teachers’ Institute is in session at the Vevay High School Building, in this place. The attendance is large and much interest is manifested.

It was organized by calling Prof. R. F. Brewington to the Chair and electing Mr. T. J. Charlton Recording and Miss Susie Pitts Enrolling Secretary. Several Committees were appointed and all present were requested to enroll their names.

In the afternoon the subjects of “Decimal Fractions” and “Who is responsible for the cleanliness of the School Room” were discussed.

Miss Mary A. Rous gave an interesting lesson in Oral Spelling, by numbers.

In the evening a Social Reunion was held at the residence of Zadig Rous, Esq., at which many were present. All seemed to spend the evening pleasantly.

On Tuesday morning the Institute was opened with singing and prayer by Rev. Mr. Baldwin.

Prof. W. A. Bell lectured on “Physiology” and “Primary Teaching.”

In the afternoon Prof. Bell lectured on “Grammar.” He was followed by Prof. Brewington.—Mr. T. J. Charlton then proceeded to lecture on “Geography;” illustrating the subject by drawing maps on the black board.

In the evening Prof. Bell delivered a lecture at the Court House. Subject: “Antonomasia,” or “What’s in a name.”

On Wednesday morning the Institute was opened with prayer by Rev. Geo. L. Curtiss. He also delivered a Lecture on “Physiology.” He was followed by Prof. Bell with a Lecture on “The Proper Method of Governing Schools.”

In the evening Rev. Geo. L. Curtiss delivered a Lecture in the Court House on the subject of “Civilization, its Origin and Causes.”

The following persons are attendance; about three-fourths of whom are Teachers:

  • Alice B. Shaw, Vevay
  • Josie M. Detraz, Vevay
  • Annie Patton, Vevay
  • Annie Knox, Vevay
  • Julia D. Lamb, Moore’s Hill
  • Wm. Protsman, Vevay
  • C. S. Ward, Aberdeen
  • F. Damon, Sugar Branch
  • T. J. Charlton, Hanover
  • L. M. Tait, Patriot
  • Mary D. Whippo, Vevay
  • V. R. Brewington, Vevay
  • Anna C. Thompson, Vevay
  • Mary Jain, Vevay
  • Mary F. Anderson, Craig
  • Mary A. Rous, Vevay
  • Lizie T. Gleen, Pleasant
  • Maria Torrence, Vevay
  • Olive Northcott, Vevay
  • Ella Northcott, Vevay
  • Alice Smith, Vevay
  • Anna P. Dickson, Vevay
  • Jennie R. Ward, E. Enterprise
  • A. E. Ward, E. Enterprise
  • Mary A. Norisez, Vevay
  • Harvey Culbertson, Moorefield
  • F. Heady, Vevay
  • Mary S. Heady, Vevay
  • Mary A. Calhoun, Vevay
  • Wm. McNutt, Patriot
  • R. R. Butler, Patriot.
  • C. E. Golay, Vevay
  • John A. Voris, Pleasant
  • G. W. Nash, Mt. Sterling
  • Wm. H. Lamb, Craig
  • N. J. Adkinson, E. Enterprise
  • W. Weaver, Craig
  • R. R. Anshutz, Vevay
  • Lizie McGregor, Pleasant
  • Magie Adams, Pleasant
  • Annie Miller, Vevay
  • L. Jackman, Vevay
  • Mary Webb, Vevay
  • Mollie Weals, Vevay
  • Julia B. Brown, Vevay
  • Ella Cole, Vevay
  • I. W. Richards, Craig
  • W. H. Wells, Florence
  • Theo. Livings, Vevay
  • W. J. Baird, Vevay
  • Will M. Smith, Vevay
  • R. F. Brewington, Vevay
  • Jennie Miller, Vevay
  • Cora Rawl
  • Clara Powell
  • Ema Wells
  • C. Koplar
  • Hallie Hulley, Moorefield
  • J. W. Colton, Craig
  • V. Kesler, Vevay
  • C. C. Duncan, Rusiaville
  • R. R. Baldwin
  • Bettie Wordon
  • M. A. Shaw
  • Jane Brown, Mt. Sterling
  • Geo. L. Curtiss, Greensburg
  • Mollie Weaver, Craig
  • Angie Clark, Craig
  • Julia Thompson, Vevay
  • Bell Demint, Vevay
  • Magie Shaw, Vevay
  • Sophia J. Thompson, Vevay
  • W. A. Bell, Indianapolis
  • M. Wetherspoon, Moorefield
  • Lizie Drumond, Vevay
  • Ella Dimick, Princeton
  • F. B. O’Neal, Vevay
  • Lucie D. Pleasants, Vevay
  • Rena Miller, Vevay
  • Laura Keeney, Quercus Grove
  • Fred. Boerner, Vevay
  • Thos. Northcott, Vevay
  • Mary Dickason, Vevay
  • Sallie Smith, Vevay
  • Mrs. J. D. Harwood, Vevay
  • Mattie A. Pavy
  • C. C. Mercer
  • Hattie Wells
  • G. D. McCullough, Jacksonville
  • Geo. E. Mancar
  • Mary Wells
  • A. J. Works, East Enterprise
  • A. S. Rogers
  • Thomas Griffith, Moorefield
  • R. L. Mercer
  • George C. Protsman, Vevay
  • Dr. Ben R. Smith, Vevay
  • Angie Bellamy, Craig
  • Sarah E. Bellamy, Craig
  • Chas. J. Robenstein, Craig
  • Lizie Shaw, Vevay

Switzerland County Normal Institute – 1866

The details about the Switzerland County Normal Institute appeared in two articles below.

Vevay Reveille – 13 September 1866 – Page 3, Column 1

Switzerland Co. Normal Institute

The Institute went into session on Monday, August 27th, with the following Officers, Instructors, &c.

  • President—H. S. McRae
  • Secretary—J. V. Gilbert
  • En. Clerk—Emma Montgomery


  • J. M. Olcott—Theory and Practice
  • John Hancock—School Organization, Oral Grammar
  • Daniel Hough—Primary Instruction
  • J. B. Hurty—Physiology
  • Gertrude Thurman—Illustrative Object Lessons
  • Standing Committee—O. D. Thompson, A. M. Works, L. J. Fish, Mary D. Whippo, Josie Detraz
  • Editorial Committee—Mary Rous, Maggie Shaw, Anna Tait, J. V. Gilbert

Number enrolled, 59. Visitors, 100.

At intervals, the Superintendent, gave instruction on Arithmetic, History and Geography.

During the Term, Lectures were delivered at the Court House, which for their thoroughness, eloquence, and beauty, were highly appreciated by the intelligent audience who heard them:

J. M. Olcott—Subject, “True Basis of School Reform.”

John Hancock—Subject, “Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Teachers.”

The meetings of the Institute were enlivened from day to day with contributions of most delicious music by Misses Mosier and Fisher.

Before final adjournment, resolutions were adopted, expressive of hearty thanks to the Instructors for their valuable services, and to the citizens for the interest and kindness manifested by them during the session.

After the close of the Institute, a Teachers Association was formed, and the following officers elected:

  • President—H. S. McRae
  • Secretary—J. V. Gilbert
  • Enrolling Clerk—A. M. Works
  • Chairman Executive Committee—J. F. Fish

The association will convene on the third Saturday in October at Vevay.

H. S. McRae, President.
J. V. Gilbert, Secretary.

Vevay Reveille – 20 Sep 1866 – Page 3, Column 4

Switzerland Co. Normal Institute.

H. S. McRae, Superintendent.
J. V. Gilbert, Secretary.
Emma Montgomery, En. Clerk.


  • J. M. Olcott, Theory and Practice.
  • John Hancock, School Organization, Oral Grammar.
  • J. B. Hurty, Physiology.
  • Daniel Hough, Primary Instruction.
  • H. S. McRae, History, Geography, and Grammar.
  • Gertrude Thurman, Illustrative Object Lessons.


  • Anderson, Mary F., Craig
  • Adkinson, Nannie, Enterprise
  • Brown, Julia B., Vevay
  • Bell, Bettie, Vevay
  • Bellamy, Sarah E., Craig
  • Banta, Alice, Vevay
  • Bristow, Sarah, Vevay
  • Cotton, Eliza, Vevay
  • Calhoun, Mary, Vevay
  • Crutcher, Josie, Vevay
  • Detraz, Josie, Vevay
  • Dickason, Anna, Vevay
  • Drummond, Lizzie, Vevay
  • Dufour, Eliza, Vevay
  • Elder, Mary E., Vevay
  • Fisher, Fannie, Vevay
  • Hatch, Zella, Vevay
  • Jagers, Lucilla, Vevay
  • Kessler, Col., Vevay
  • Mosher, Ollie E., Vevay
  • Miller, Anna, Vevay
  • Norrisez, Mary, Vevay
  • Malcomson, Sallie, Craig
  • McKay, Mattie, Craig
  • Protsman, Fanny, Craig
  • Price, Jennie, Craig
  • Rous, Mary A., Craig
  • Roberts, Sarah, Craig
  • Shaw, Alice, Craig
  • Shaw, Lizzie, Craig
  • Smith, Sallie, Craig
  • Thurman, Gertrude, Craig
  • Thompson, Anna, Craig
  • Tait, Anna, Patriot
  • Tait, Liua, Patriot
  • Worden, Bettie, Vevay
  • Wyant, Mattie, Vevay
  • Fish, James F., Craig
  • Griffith, Marion, Moorefield
  • Ogle, Albert, Center Square
  • Works, A. M., Allensville
  • Bellamy, J. F., Craig
  • Cotton, Joseph W., Craig
  • McHenry, Indiron, Enterprise
  • Thompson, O. D., Vevay
  • Shaw, Lucien, Vevay

1865 Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute

The details about the 1865 Switzerland County, Teacher’s Institute appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 Nov 1865 – Page 3, Column 1

Switzerland County Teacher’s Institute

According to previous announcement, an Institute was organized and successfully carried on during five days of last week. There were in attendance over fifty Teachers, or persons preparing to become such.

Considering that this is the first attempt of the kind ever made in the county, we regard it as a decided success. As will be seen by the minutes, the Teachers have organized a permanent association, to meet semi annually, which we expect to have a beneficial tendency. It is to be hoped that the school officers throughout the county will encourage by every means in their power the spirit that is manifested by Teacher’s in endeavoring to elevate the standard of their profession.

The following list is the roll of persons in attendance at the Institute.

  • Anshuts, Ross R., Moorefield, Ind.
  • Anderson, Mary F, Craig P. O.
  • Adams, Maggie, Pleasant
  • Bellamy, Angie, Craig
  • Bellamy, Sarah E., Craig
  • Bell, Mary, Vevay
  • Bristow, Sarah, Vevay
  • Bristow, I. W., Vevay
  • Baxter, F. W., Vevay
  • Cotton, Eliza, Vevay
  • Crawford, Maggie, Moorefield
  • Crutcher, Josie, Vevay
  • Culbertson, Jennie, Moorefield
  • Charlton, Alice, Vevay
  • Detraz, Josie, Vevay
  • Dickson, Annie, Vevay
  • Dufour, Eliza, Vevay
  • Elder, M. E., Vevay
  • Fisher, Fannie, Vevay
  • Gray, Josephine, Vevay
  • Hedrick, Lou, Jacksonville
  • Harman, Rebecca, Bennington
  • Jagers, Lucilla, Vevay
  • Kellcher, Mary E., Vevay
  • Malcomson, Sarah, Craig
  • McKay, Mary A., Craig
  • McKay, Mattie, Carrollton, Ky.
  • Miller, Mary, Vevay
  • Montgomery, Emma, Vevay
  • Moxley, Ella, Vevay
  • Murphy, Catharine, Leavenworth, Ind.
  • Ogle, Annie, Jacksonville
  • Pettit, Maggie L, Sugar Branch
  • Price, Jennie, Vevay
  • Protsman, Fannie, Vevay
  • Rous, M. A., Vevay
  • Rous, John P., Vevay
  • Roberts, Sarah, Vevay
  • Shaw, Maggie, Vevay
  • Shaw, Lizzie, Vevay
  • Shaw, Alice, Vevay
  • Smith, Allen W, Moorefield
  • Smith, Alice, Vevay
  • Smith, Ben R., Vevay
  • Smith, Sarah, Vevay
  • Thompson, Anna, Vevay
  • Warden, Bettie, Bennington
  • Witherspoon, M. R., Moorefield
  • Whippo, Mary D., Vevay
  • Works, John D, Vevay
  • Works, Addison M, East Enterprise
  • Works, Andrew J, East Enterprise
  • Wyant, Mattie, Vevay

Proceedings of the Teacher’s Institute held in Vevay during the week beginning Nov. 6th 1865.

First Day.

The teachers of Switzerland County, and those intending to become such, met at the Public School Building, in Vevay, Monday morning Nov. 6th, in accordance with a notice given by the county Examiner, and organized a Teacher’s Institute by electing Mr. J. P. Rous Superintendent, W. H. H. Gleason Secretary, Miss Mattie Wyant Critic, Dr. E. R. Mullet Teach of Mental Arithmetic; Dr. Thompson, Physiology; J. P. Rous, Eng. Gram. And U. S. History; J. W. Picket, Reading; Miss M. A. Rous, Geography; Rev. Mr. Higley, Practical Arithmetic.

A committee on resolutions was appointed, consisting of J. W. Picket, Misses Maggie Shaw, and E. Montgomery.

The following persons were appointed by the Superintendent to write essays on subjects connected with teaching, and read before the Institute; viz: Misses F. Fisher, E. Montgomery, M. A. Rous, M. Wyant and M. Shaw, Mr. J. W. Picket and W. H. H. Gleason.

The following resolution was offered by J. P. Rous and referred to the committee on resolutions.

Whereas, The present Public School System of Indiana is such, that schools are taught in the greater number of our school districts, but three months during the year—thereby rendering inefficient in a great degree the labors of Teachers—however well they may be qualified to teach—therefore

Resolved, That immediate provision should be made by the Legislature to keep open Public Schools, at least six months in each year. The Institute then adjourned to meet at 1 ½ P.M.

Afternoon Session.

Institute called to order by the Superintendent. Classes were formed and lessons assigned in the different branches. The committee on resolutions, presented their report on length of school term.—After a short discussion the resolution was unanimously adopted.

The criticisms for the day were read by the special critic. After the reading of the Secretary’s report the Institute adjourned to meet Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock.

Prepared by Maggie Shaw.