Union County – 1876 Indiana Atlas Business Directory

Union County, Indiana Business Directory from:
Andreas, A. T. Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana. Chicago : Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876.



  • W. H. SUMPTER, Attorney at Law.
  • J. W. CONNAWAY, Attorney at Law.
  • J. F. HAWKINS, Boot Maker, Manufacturer of the finest Boots for Gentlemen, and Wholesale and Retail Dealer.
  • JOHN PYLE, Boots and Shoes, Custom-made for Ladies and Gentlemen. All work warranted to fit or no sale. Prices lower than any.
  • CHAS. ZUTTERMEISTER, Bakery, etc.
  • JOHN CLARK, Blacksmith and Raiser of Imported Bees.
  • WM. CAMPBELL, Civil Engineer.
  • B. S. FOSDICK, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, etc.
  • L. M. BEAVER, Druggist and Dealer in Oils, Paints, Dyestuffs, etc.
  • D. BEAVER, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Perfumeries, Window Glass, Stationery, Garden Seeds, etc., etc.
  • S. H. BALLINGER, Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps and Notions.
  • J. W. SHORT, Editor and Proprietor Liberty Herald, and independent newspaper, devoted to Literature, Politics, Local and General News.
  • T. C. BALLINGER, Grocer, Wholesale and Retail, s. e. cor. Main and Union sts.
  • JAMES McMANUS, Harness Maker.
  • EZRA CRIST, Hardware, Queensware, Glassware, Farm Implements, Mechanics’ Tools, etc.
  • E. B. GOULD, Harnesss, Saddles, etc., also Sheriff of Union County.
  • SAM’L SEVING, Hotel, Proprietor “Indiana House.”
  • J. H. JOHNSON, Justice of the Peace.
  • H. C. FREEMAN, Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable.
  • J. W. GREER, Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable.
  • E. W. SEEDS, Miller, Proprietor “Cornucopia Mills.”
  • L. P. CULLY, Merchant.
  • W. C. SHRINER, Pianos and Organs.
  • S. D. KELL, Physician.
  • M. JONES, Sewing Machines, Organs and Pianos.
  • H. C. PETERS, Stoves, Tinware, House Furnishing Goods, etc.
  • W. W. SNYDER, Stoves, Furniture, etc., Undertaker. The finest hearse in the county.
  • JOE LANDIS, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, etc.


  • G. A. SIGLER, Physician and Surgeon.


  • J. M. STANTON, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, etc.


  • ANDREW CRAWFORD, Blacksmith.
  • J. M. FREEMAN, Blacksmith.
  • C. D. SUTTON, Carpenter and Joiner.
  • MISS E. E. MALONEY, Groceries, etc., Postmistress.


  • J. M. BRANDENBURG, Blacksmith.
  • E. M. GOODWIN, Physician and Druggist.


  • J. MONTGOMERY, Groceries and Dry Goods.
  • J. C. GILMORE, Hotel, Proprietor of “Gilmore House,” Ticket and Express Agent.
  • A. D. HAWLEY, Physician and Surgeon.


  • ABRAHAM ROSE, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc.


  • L. M. GROYNNE, Attorney at Law, Center tp.
  • W. M. CLARK, Farmer and Banker, Center tp.
  • JOHN COLSON, Farmer and Blooded Stock Raiser, Harmony tp.
  • SMITH WOOTERS, Farmer and Blooded Stock Raiser, Harmony tp.
  • ISAIAH DUBOIS, Farmer and Blooded Stock Raiser, Harmony tp.
  • ELI STANTON, Farmer and Miller, Harmony tp.
  • A. G. GARDNER, Farmer, Physician and Dealer in Molasses, Center tp.
  • JOHN MOSS, Farmer and Raiser of Fine Blooded Bulls and Grade Stock, Harrison tp.
  • ISAAC HARRIS, Farmer, Stock Raiser and Miller, Liberty tp.
  • T. S. WOODE, Farmer and Saw-mill, Harmony township.
  • B. L. GOODWIN, Groceries and Dry Goods, Center tp.
  • S. J. LEONARD, Saw-mill, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Center tp.