Vevay High School Exhibition – 1857

The 1857 Vevay High School (Switzerland County, Indiana) Exhibition report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 24 Jan 1895 – Page 4, Column 2

About Some Vevay Boys and Girls of 1857.

Miss Lucille Weaver, of Craig, has kindly sent us a printed programme of a School Exhibition in Vevay in 1857, which we regard as a good local matter, and therefore reproduce in full:

“Exhibition of Vevay High School, Wednesday, April 15, 1857.

Order of Exercises

  • Prayer.
  • Declamation, Introductory, “Ambition,” Walter Armstrong.
  • Recitation, “The Rainbow,” Anne Gerrard.
  • Dialogue, “Dr. Wisepate,” By the boys.
  • Song, “My Home is on the Prairie Lea,” Mrs. Moore.
  • Dialogue, “Foolish Pride,” Misses Prudy and Clara LeClerc.
  • Declamation, “Speech before the Va. Convention,” James Goldenburg.
  • Dialogue, “The Quarrel,” Thomas Thiebaud and John Teats.
  • Duett, Piano, “Squiree Polka,” Misses G. Miller and H. Johnson.
  • Declamation, “Phenomena of Nature,” Edmond Gale.
  • Recitation, “The Coral Grove,” Ellen Bryson.
  • Dialogue, “The Little Rebels,” By the boys.
  • Music, Piano, “Yankee Doodle,” Miss Georgia Miller.
  • Dialogue, “City Finishing,” Misses Hattie Hill and Anne Gerrard.
  • Declamation, “Marco Bazzaris,” James Grisard.
  • Recitation, “Joys of Heaven,” Miss Mattie Northcott.
  • Song, “O, had I the wings of a Dove,” Mrs. Moore.
  • Dialogue, “It never rains, but it pours,” Missess G. Miller and E. McCallum.
  • Recitation, “Hagar in the Wilderness,” Eusebia Rous.
  • Song, “The Mocking Bird,” Mrs. Moore.
  • Declamation, “Supposed Speech of John Adams,” Willie Baird.
  • Music, Piano, “Hail Columbia” with variations, Mrs. Moore.
  • Recitation, “Voice of Spring,” Miss Julia Dumont.
  • Dialogue, “The Irishman who spoke French,” By the boys.
  • Song, “O, I am in Love,” Misses F. Roberts and H. Johnson.
  • Declamation, “Eulogy on the North,” Willie Armstrong.
  • Declamation, “Eulogy on the South, Enos Littlefield.
  • Recitation, “The Home-Bound Greek,” Lizzie Lamb.
  • Music, Piano, “Les fetes des Gondoliers,” Mrs. Moore.
  • Dialogue, “The Yankee Marksman,” By the boys.
  • Declamation, “Rienzi’s Address to the Romans,” James Grisard.
  • Declamation, “American Flag,” James Goldenburg.
  • Song, “Columbia the Gem of the Ocean,” Misses H. Goldenburg and C. Kessler.
  • Dialogue, “Opening a New Term of School,” By the young ladies.
  • Song, “The Gipsey’s Festival,” Mrs. Moore.
  • Declamation, “Union of Church and State,” Walter Armstrong.
  • Recitation, “Thanatopsis,” Miss Hattie Hill.
  • Song, “I Would not Live Always,” Mrs. Moore.
  • Declamation—Valedictory, J. Crawford Rous.
  • Benediction.”

Walter Armstrong became a prominent attorney and died in New Orleans.

Anne Gerrard is now the wife of Mr. C. W. Henderson, a prominent business man, of Cairo, Illinois.

Prude LeClerc became a Universalist Minister and married a Mr. Haskell a minister of the same denomination; she is now dead.

Clara LeClerc became the wife of Julius McMakin, who died several years ago and a few years ago she married Mr. D. P. Bond, and resides at Anderson, Indiana.

James Goldenburg died in Vevay 21 years ago.

Thomas Thiebaud became a shoe merchant in Vevay, and died many years ago.

John Teats was a merchant in Vevay and died many years ago.

Georgia Miller married Mr. E. F. Hostetter and resides at Milltown, Indiana.

H. Johnson was a daughter of Rev. Johnson, of Kentucky, and was here studying music. She married a Mr. Fig, and has since died.

Edmond Gale resides on a ranch near Los Angeles, California.

Ellen Bryson became the wife to R. F. Holder, and both are dead.

Hattie Hill is the widow of L. F. Hatch.

James Grisard is a salesman in the Meader Furniture Co., in Cincinnati.

Mattie Northcott was a daughter of Rev. Wm. Northcott, deceased, and is dead.

E. McCallum married John Blunk, and is dead.

Eusebia Rous became a compositor, and was working on a paper in St. Louis, where she died.

Willie Baird is the proprietor of the Vevay Reveille.

Flora Roberts is the wife of James Grisard, of Cincinnati.

Julia Dumont is the wife of Mr. F P. Dupraz, near Vevay.

Willie Armstrong practiced law in New Orleans, where he died.

Enos Littlefield went to Texas, where he died.

Lizzie Lamb is the wife of Mr. Thompson, a prominent lawyer of Muncie, Indiana.

H. Goldenburg is the wife of Mr. O. S. Waldo, a prominent merchant of Vevay.

C. Kessler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kessler, and sister of Mr. Victor Kessler, is dead, as are all of the members of this family.

J. Crawford Rous resides at or near Jeffersonville, Indiana, where he was engaged in manufacturing cement and in farming.

Miss O’Neal, who had charge of the school, came from Rising Sun. She afterwards became the wife of Mr. Victor Kessler and resided here until her death.

Mrs. Moore came here from Rising Sun, a teacher in music.

As this exhibition was one of the first ever given in Vevay the impressions will never be forgotten by some of the pupils still living. “The Mocking Bird” was rendered in Vevay for the first time on this occasion.