Vevay High School Graduation – 1895

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation for 1895 appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1895 – Page 4, Column 4


The 29th Annual Commencement of the Vevay High School was held in the Opera House last Friday eve.

Notwithstanding the unpropitious weather quite a large and appreciative audience was present. The stage was tastefully decorated in the colors of the class—pink and white—and blooming plants and soft lights. At the back of the stage upon a white background, hung in guilt letters, the motto of the class, Acti Labores Jucundi.

At 7:30 the graduates took their places in a semi-circle upon the state with Professors Trafelet and Danglade in the center, and the exercises commenced.

The graduates all delivered their orations in a highly creditable manner, their essays showing much thought and literary skill in composition. The program as rendered was as follows:

  • Music, Lead on March.
  • Invocation—Rev. Smith.
  • Music, Overture—The Silver Bell.
  • Year Chases Year—Clarence LaRue Banta.
  • Little Things—Joe Danner.
  • The Staff of Life—Wilhelmina L. Brockschlager.
  • Music, Princess May—Schottishe.
  • Before and After Taking—Alfred Shaw Barnett.
  • Moth—Mary Owen Siebenthal.
  • Music, Daughter of Love—Waltz.
  • The Legacy of the Ages—Amie Louis Joyce.
  • Carbon—Edwin J. Lanham.
  • Five Talents or One—Lela Barnett.
  • Music—The Peacock Stride.
  • Conditions of the Air—John Dickason Golay.
  • Valedictorian, Deeds are Fruits—Theodore Lawrence Bear.
  • Conferring Diplomas—Prof. Trafelet.
  • Benediction—Rev. Rhetts.
  • Music—Woodsocket Galop.
  • Music by Prof. Bush’s Orchestra, of Madison.