Vevay High School Graduation – 1896

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 14 May 1896 – Page 4, Column 3


Last Friday night Commencement of Vevay High School was held at Metropolitan Hall.

The stage was artistically decorated with flowers.

The music was furnished by Genter’s Orchestra, of Madison.

The graduates numbered fourteen.

The following was the program:

  • Music.
  • Invocation.—Rev. G. W. Anderson.
  • Mucis.
  • Salutatory, “An Ideal Woman,”—Louisa Nora Kincaid.
  • “Cuba Libra.”—Walter A. Trafalet.
  • “Going, Going, Gone.”—Florence Norma Fisk.
  • Music.
  • “The World’s Battlefield.”—Gertrude Eugenia Curry.
  • “One Hundred Years of Civilization.”—Augustus Clyde Weales.
  • “Electric Lights.”—Edna Josephine Griffith.
  • Music.
  • “Music the Language of Heaven.”—Florence Kendall.
  • “Waterloo and Gettysburg.”—Chester Philip Drake
  • “The Path to Success.”—Mary Elizabeth Rozenberger.
  • Music.
  • “The Coming Woman.”—Leora Felostin Kendall.
  • “What Career?”—Clarence Frederick Brown.
  • “Life’s Golden Chain.”—Anna Margurite Jain.
  • Music.
  • “Be Your Own Diploma.”—Mary Elizabeth Bowen.
  • Valedictory—“The Eve of the Nineteenth Century.”—Charles Emory Thiebaud.
  • Benediction—Rev. L. A. Retts.
  • Music.

The large hall was crowded, many standing.

The graduates acquitted themselves creditably, and there is every reason to believe will make talented, good and useful women and men.