Vevay High School Graduation – 1901

Vevay High School [Switzerland County, Indiana] graduation report appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 16 May 1901 – Page 5, Column 3


The Thirty-fifth Annual Commencement of Vevay High School was held at Metropolitan Hall last Friday evening, when a class of two young men and twelve young women received their diplomas and bid a final adieu to their school days.

While all the arrangements for the occasion had been made in concurrence with time honored customs, still every detail was marked with the progressiveness of the age, and the result was that public opinion pronounced this Commencement one of the most thoroughly enjoyable and successful ever held in Vevay.

Green and white—the class colors formed a pleasing contrast in the stage decorations, setting off to a splendid advantage the gilt letters composing the class motto: “Be What You Seem To Be.”

The audience was unusually large, many of those present coming from a distance. Prof. E. M. Danglande, Superintendent of the Schools, made a few well chosen remarks, and then in succession introduced the graduates. The orations, while necessarily brief, impressed the hearers with the thought, time and care that that had been used in their preparation, and the uniform case and oratorical power displayed by every member of the class was the subject of much favorable comment. Good music by a harpist and violinist was a pleasing feature of the exercises. Each minister of the city was accorded a place on the program, Rev. Tedford invoking the Divine Blessing, Rev. Christensen conferring the diplomas and Rev. Tedford pronouncing the Benediction. The following acted as ushers: Misses Clara Kiesel, Mary Orem, Nella Stucy, and Leila Thiebaud; Messrs. Craig Baird, Earl Brown, Charles Grammer and Clyde Culbertson.

The class of 1901 and their orations were as follows:

  • Mary Lanham, “Ever Onward.”
  • Perle Brindley, “Buds of Promise.”
  • Beryl Anderson, “Our Rubbicons.”
  • Laura Edna Hollcraft, “What Will They Say?”
  • Alice L. Orem, “Old, Yet ‘Tis New.”
  • Jennie M. Dupraz, “Voices That Speak To Us.”
  • Bessie Gretchen Reed, “Choose Your Timbers with Greatest Care.”
  • Alvan Burton Dodd, “Our Country.”
  • Belle Thiebaud Dufour, “Shakespeare’s Brutus.”
  • Pearl E. Haskell, “Wait a Minute.”
  • Grace N. Brindley, “A Plea For Simplicity.”
  • Elizabeth A. Houze, “The Sense of Nonsense.”
  • Anna Belle Sutherland, “Castles in Spain.”
  • Aime Todd, “Our State.”

The high school instructors are Prof. Ernest Danglade, Superintendent; Julia L. Knox, Principal; Grace Stepleton and Hannah Waldenmaier, Assistants.