Vevay Newspaper Index – 1860-1869

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, deaths and estates found in Vevay newspapers from 1860 to 1869. Visit the Vevay Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameTypeNewspaperIssue datePageColumn
LinnBoydDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186021
GeorgeRickettsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
Martha JClementsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
Wm CSweezeyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
MelindaClarkMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
BetterNorisezDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
Robert DAndersonDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
Frederick LLeveringDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Jan 186025
R DAndersonDeathWeekly News4 Jan 186023
Frederick LewisLeveringDeathWeekly News4 Jan 186023
IngoNorisezBirthThe Indiana Reveille11 Jan 186027
Clara AWadeDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Jan 186027
IsaacBlackfordDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Jan 186027
KnoxBirthThe Indiana Reveille18 Jan 186027
MiloGearyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Jan 186027
Louisa LHumbertMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Jan 186027
Jeser BLingenfelterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jan 186027
Lizzie EEgelstonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Jan 186027
MatildaFarrellDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Jan 186027
WilliamDementDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Jan 186027
DanielePrenticeDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Jan 186027
John FinleyCroweDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Jan 186027
GeorgeLarrisonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Feb 186026
Ann FHickmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille08 Feb 186026
MarySingerDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Feb 186025
Elizabeth JKnoxDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Feb 186025
Mary LGriffithDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Feb 186025
Edgar TKelloggDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Feb 186025
FrancesLavielleDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Feb 186031
A HErnstDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Feb 186024
Samuel JCockleheerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Feb 186026
Hevila EltiaDufourMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Feb 186026
JohnGardnerEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Feb 186036
ViennaWoodsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille29 Feb 186026
JohnWoodsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille29 Feb 186026
JohnGardnerEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Feb 186037
JamesMeadDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Mar 186025
ViennaWoodsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille07 Mar 186026
JohnWoodsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille07 Mar 186026
JamesWilkinsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Mar 186031
Hugh SMontgomerySaleThe Indiana Reveille07 Mar 186033
SidneyBledsoeDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Mar 186024
David SDemareeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Mar 186025
MinervaMcLelandMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Mar 186025
Hugh SMontgomerySaleThe Indiana Reveille21 Mar 186033
David HShaddyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
Melissa JaneLeapMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
Robert EFoltonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
Lucy EHuthMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
FrancesStepletonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
George FCraigDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
RachelDayDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
Wm HBissellDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
Abel CPepperDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
John LRobinsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Mar 186032
HenryCliffmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Apr 186024
LouisaDeppaMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Apr 186024
SilasDoddMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Apr 186024
Mary EBealMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Apr 186024
Henry AColeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Apr 186024
JaneEakinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille04 Apr 186024
JamesMeadDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Apr 186023
GriffinWalizMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Apr 186025
Mary AnnLegardMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Apr 186025
John MHaydenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Apr 186025
Martha JaneSnowMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Apr 186025
Edward SKelsoMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Apr 186027
Frances JGilbertMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Apr 186027
PogueDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Apr 186033
AmandaCottonMarriageWeekly News18 Apr 186025
GeorgeCraigMarriageWeekly News18 Apr 186025
JaneGilbertMarriageWeekly News18 Apr 186025
EdmundKelsoMarriageWeekly News18 Apr 186025
E HMooreDeathWeekly News18 Apr 186025
LemuelBledsoeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Apr 186032
Julia CStowMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Apr 186032
RobertKirkpatrickMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Apr 186032
ElizabethPhillipsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Apr 186032
Zarilda AHelmDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Apr 186032
JamesMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Apr 186035
Loring BStowDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 May 186024
JamesMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 May 186035
John SHumphreyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 May 186025
MargaretAldrichMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 May 186025
Hugh SMontgomeryEstateThe Indiana Reveille30 May 186025
HannahArmstrongDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Jun 186025
GiltnerDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jun 186023
CrimDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jun 186023
JamesSheppardDeathThe Indiana Reveille13 Jun 186031
ExanderDetrazDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Jun 186027
MarySpahrDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Jun 186027
Charles HSageMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Jul 186032
Mary LSeymourMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Jul 186032
EvaTompkinsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Aug 186025
James HCraigMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Aug 186025
Benjamin FEgelstonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Aug 186025
Sarah BelleWarwickMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Aug 186025
Mary CFarrellDeathThe Indiana Reveille01 Aug 186025
JamesMillsDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Aug 186025
William HThiebandDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Aug 186025
John WShortDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Aug 186032
Clara EMcCullockDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Aug 186032
BochmanDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Aug 186024
Old Aunt LizzyDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Aug 186031
AbbaFaucherDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Aug 186033
ElizabethTraferetDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Aug 186033
H HPavyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Aug 186025
ZereldaRobertsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille22 Aug 186025
JacobStraderDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Sep 186021
AllenMayDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Sep 186021
LucretiaBurnsDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Sep 186026
PeterVanbriggleEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 Sep 186026
Herekiah BSeymourEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 Sep 186026
JohnJohnsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Sep 186025
Herekiah BSeymourDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Sep 186032
WilliamMcHenryMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Oct 186032
ElizabethConnerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Oct 186032
Dewitte CMitchellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Oct 186032
Sarah LColeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Oct 186032
Lydia AWoodyDeathThe Indiana Reveille10 Oct 186032
Isaac MMillerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Oct 186025
Emily ALampkinsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Oct 186025
MaryGaudinDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Oct 186025
John ALarrisonEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Nov 186024
Will PWrightMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Nov 186031
Lizzie BUnglesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Nov 186031
John ALarisonEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 Dec 186024
Lillie GraceBornardDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Dec 186031
AnnO'ConnellDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Dec 186031
ElizabethPlewDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Dec 186031
Lewis HNobleDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 Dec 186031
FrancisAdkinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Dec 186031
Fannie ARobertsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Dec 186031
John TRaymondMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Dec 186031
LovinaGrahamMarriageThe Indiana Reveille12 Dec 186031
Frances WilliamJockellDeathThe Indiana Reveille12 Dec 186031
WalterBrookEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 Dec 186026
John LThiebandDeathThe Indiana Reveille19 Dec 186031
Sarah AnnStevensDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Dec 186023
Samuel ParkerShuffDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Dec 186023
Mary LucillaDubachDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 Dec 186023
WalterBrookEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 Dec 186027
Charles CMillerMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
Ann EMalinMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
Freeman RAldrichMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
AquillaWattsMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
James SGilbertMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
MargaretLeeMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
MirandaCourvoisierDeathThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
Ida MayGrisardDeathThe Reveille and News04 Jan 186126
FrankMenlgarMarriageThe Reveille and News11 Jan 186125
CarolineKralerMarriageThe Reveille and News11 Jan 186125
WilliamDailyMarriageThe Reveille and News11 Jan 186125
CatharineDavisMarriageThe Reveille and News11 Jan 186125
Andrew JPetersMarriageThe Reveille and News11 Jan 186125
CatharineGullionMarriageThe Reveille and News11 Jan 186125
John HAtwoodMarriageThe Reveille and News18 Jan 186125
Eliza JaneWisemanMarriageThe Reveille and News18 Jan 186125
RachelRichardsDeathThe Reveille and News01 Feb 186134
Elizabeth BGazleyDeathThe Reveille and News08 Feb 186125
Elizabeth BEmersonDeathThe Reveille and News08 Feb 186125
R DAndersonEstateThe Reveille and News08 Feb 186125
HenryLandDeathThe Reveille and News08 Feb 186133
Ohio BelleGolayDeathThe Reveille and News08 Feb 186133
Julia AnnSchenckDeathThe Reveille and News22 Feb 186133
George WGaudinDeathThe Reveille and News22 Feb 186133
James CPattonDeathThe Reveille and News29 Feb 186124
AlbertRonsDeathThe Reveille and News29 Feb 186124
HenrySedamMarriageThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
EllenParkMarriageThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
JosephSimpsonMarriageThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
HannahMitchellMarriageThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
JohnGrahamMarriageThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
AngelineSlawsonMarriageThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
MinervaEgelstonDeathThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
George WGaudinSaleThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
Aurelia MFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
JohnFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
Nancy ASchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
FrederickSchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186125
George WHizerEstateThe Reveille and News08 Mar 186126
George WHizerSaleThe Reveille and News14 Mar 186125
George WGaudinSaleThe Reveille and News14 Mar 186125
Aurelia MFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News14 Mar 186134
JohnFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News14 Mar 186134
Nancy ASchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News14 Mar 186134
FrederickSchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News14 Mar 186134
George WHizerEstateThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186126
George WGaudinEstateThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186126
StephenDayMarriageThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
MarthaSandifarMarriageThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
Dewitt CHagermanMarriageThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
Julia AAlcockeMarriageThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
PerretNewkirkMarriageThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
ArmeniaMitchelMarriageThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
George WHizerSaleThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
George WGaudinSaleThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186132
Aurelia MFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186134
JohnFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186134
Nancy ASchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186134
FrederickSchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News21 Mar 186134
JohnBirringerDeathThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186124
SamuelMcClintockEstateThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186124
Eliza JaneAtkinsonSaleThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186124
Charles EdwinWisemanDeathThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186125
HarryShawDeathThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186125
George WHizerSaleThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186133
George WGaudinSaleThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186134
Aurelia MFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186134
JohnFosterDivorceThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186134
Nancy ASchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186134
FrederickSchevelbeinDivorceThe Reveille and News28 Mar 186134
JonathanJenningsMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Apr 186123
MargaretHumbertMarriageThe Reveille and News04 Apr 186123
James FRobinsonDeathThe Reveille and News04 Apr 186123
HelenaJonesDeathThe Reveille and News13 Apr 186122
John RBrownSaleThe Reveille and News13 Apr 186126
Eliza JaneAtkinsonGuardianThe Reveille and News13 Apr 186127
SamuelMcClintockEstateThe Reveille and News13 Apr 186127
Elizabeth MLewisGuardianThe Reveille and News13 Apr 186135
Peter PLewisGuardianThe Reveille and News13 Apr 186135
ElizabethTaylorDeathThe Reveille and News18 Apr 186125
Eliza JaneAtkinsonGuardianThe Reveille and News18 Apr 186136
John RBrownSaleThe Reveille and News18 Apr 186135
JosephMurphyDeathThe Reveille and News02 May 186127
John RBrownSaleThe Reveille and News02 May 186136
Noah MMartinMarriageThe Reveille and News16 May 186125
Martha AFromanMarriageThe Reveille and News16 May 186125
ThomasFoxMarriageThe Reveille and News16 May 186125
CatharineTrimmerMarriageThe Reveille and News16 May 186125
GeorgeHookerDeathThe Reveille and News16 May 186125
GeorgeHookerDeathThe Reveille and News23 May 186133
GeorgeHookerDeathThe Reveille and News30 May 186134
Margaret JThiebaudDeathThe Reveille and News30 May 186134
JohnSigmanDeathThe Reveille and News13 Jun 186134
MarquisFesslerMarriageThe Reveille and News27 Jun 186126
AgnesAdamsMarriageThe Reveille and News27 Jun 186126
HoraceHolmesMarriageThe Reveille and News27 Jun 186126
PhebeKennettMarriageThe Reveille and News27 Jun 186126
NancyWilliamsonDeathThe Reveille and News11 Jul 186121
Hiram BDouglasDeathThe Reveille and News11 Jul 186133
MalindaBantaDeathThe Reveille and News18 Jul 186125
LouisaGreenDeathThe Reveille and News18 Jul 186125
Hiram BDouglasDeathThe Reveille and News18 Jul 186133
W GWhartonDeathThe Reveille and News25 Jul 186131
Wilber JPettitMarriageThe Reveille and News22 Aug 186125
Margaret LWileyMarriageThe Reveille and News22 Aug 186125
OliverOrmsbyDeathThe Reveille and News22 Aug 186131
Emma JOwensDeathThe Reveille and News29 Aug 186125
JosephBeattyDeathThe Reveille and News29 Aug 186125
VirgilDunningEstateThe Reveille and News29 Aug 186126
OwenOwensSaleThe Reveille and News29 Aug 186133
Wm SCampbellMarriageThe Reveille and News05 Sep 186126
SarahShepherdMarriageThe Reveille and News05 Sep 186126
DavidGrigsbyDeathThe Reveille and News05 Sep 186126
Daniel StogdaleMcKayMarriageThe Reveille and News12 Sep 186126
AnnieGoddardMarriageThe Reveille and News12 Sep 186126
VirgilDunningEstateThe Reveille and News12 Sep 186136
JamesStewartMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
SallieHendersonMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
Lewis DChafeeMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
Eliza BKincaidMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
WilliamPostenMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
OliveHarrisMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
Rowland EBlissMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
ElmiraRaylMarriageThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
Catharine EPorterEstateThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186125
James NWrightDeathThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186131
DavidGrigsbyDeathThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186136
VirgilDunningEstateThe Reveille and News19 Sep 186136
Angeline LMarchDeathThe Reveille and News26 Sep 186125
VirgilDunningEstateThe Reveille and News26 Sep 186136
Catharine EPorterSaleThe Reveille and News03 Oct 186125
DavidGrigsbyDeathThe Reveille and News03 Oct 186132
Catharine EPorterEstateThe Reveille and News03 Oct 186136
GordonTannerDeathThe Reveille and News10 Oct 186114
James MAllenMarriageThe Reveille and News10 Oct 186125
Nancy VTrowbridgeMarriageThe Reveille and News10 Oct 186125
IsaacTurnerMarriageThe Reveille and News10 Oct 186125
ClaraLewisMarriageThe Reveille and News10 Oct 186125
Catharine EPorterSaleThe Reveille and News10 Oct 186132
WilliamRousMarriageThe Reveille and News17 Oct 186125
Nannie MDufourMarriageThe Reveille and News17 Oct 186125
Samuel HWarwickMarriageThe Reveille and News24 Oct 186124
MaggieMcBrideMarriageThe Reveille and News24 Oct 186124
L LWoodyMarriageThe Reveille and News24 Oct 186124
AnniePattonMarriageThe Reveille and News24 Oct 186124
John MontgomeryPattonMarriageThe Reveille and News24 Oct 186124
B FHarveyMarriageThe Reveille and News07 Nov 186126
Eliza JWrightMarriageThe Reveille and News07 Nov 186126
Susan EHenryDeathThe Reveille and News07 Nov 186126
JacobConnerEstateThe Reveille and News14 Nov 186125
JacobConnerEstateThe Reveille and News21 Nov 186125
JacobConnerSaleThe Reveille and News28 Nov 186132
AaronHallgarthEstateThe Reveille and News05 Dec 186126
JacobConnerEstateThe Reveille and News05 Dec 186133
Daniel AJenningsMarriageThe Reveille and News12 Dec 186126
SusanCourtnerMarriageThe Reveille and News12 Dec 186126
JamesMorrisonEstateThe Reveille and News12 Dec 186126
AaronHallgarthSaleThe Reveille and News12 Dec 186126
AaronHallgarthEstateThe Reveille and News12 Dec 186134
Mary SRobertsDeathThe Reveille and News19 Dec 186124
JamesMorrisonEstateThe Reveille and News19 Dec 186124
AaronHallgarthSaleThe Reveille and News19 Dec 186126
AaronHallgarthEstateThe Reveille and News19 Dec 186135
JamesMorrisonSaleThe Reveille and News26 Dec 186131
AaronHallgarthEstateThe Reveille and News26 Dec 186135
ScottCarterDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186226
BowmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186225
JasRobisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186235
ElizaTappDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186225
William ThomasAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186225
HughColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186231
DavidBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186231
WmGouldDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186233
ScofieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186233
GreggDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186233
WillisDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186223
FallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186223
Wm MColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186223
HughColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186231
DavidBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186231
Caroline CWillardDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186234
Sylvanus APalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186236
Elizabeth AKennedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186236
Aurelius MHoldcraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186236
William AlbertDennisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 186225
HughColeSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 186231
William MColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186222
Samuel DFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186225
MarthaSmithDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186231
AnnaniasSmithDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186231
John NVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186235
JennieGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186235
MariettaColemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Mar 186235
WmArmingtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186224
DavidMeadEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186224
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186224
Samuel DFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186225
MarthaSmithDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186231
AnnaniasSmithDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186231
James NTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186235
V HMooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186235
Harriet JHoldcraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Mar 186235
John AHendricksDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186214
JohnAlfreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186224
DavidMeadEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186232
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186232
MichaelCookDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186233
JosephSigmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186233
HNengleDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186233
Isaac MFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186234
PhilenaClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186234
James AvlrySageDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186234
ElizaTappDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186234
Samuel DFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186235
DavidMeadSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Mar 186236
PerryWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186222
AlfreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186222
HendricksDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186222
DanielZoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186222
JosephNelsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186222
MarquisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186222
DavidMeadSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186225
DavidMeadEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186232
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186232
JohnAlfreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Mar 186236
PilcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Apr 186234
Charles PHunterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 186225
ConstantineHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 186225
Luther MHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 186225
AnnWhittenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 186225
Georger KHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 186225
Luctitia EGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Apr 186225
J WGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186222
JuliaDumontMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186222
LudisaCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186234
JohnAlthoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186224
JamesMcVeyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 186224
RobertSheldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 May 186226
Mary EKefferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 May 186226
JamesMcVeyDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 May 186242
JamesMcVeyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 May 186232
Edward OThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 May 186224
JamesCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 May 186224
ElizbethRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 May 186224
Martha HClaxonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 May 186224
SamuelHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 May 186224
JohnDrewDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 May 186224
JamesCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 May 186243
JohnBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jun 186224
JamesCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jun 186242
HenryClayDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 186221
JohnBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jun 186236
ScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 186225
WalterGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 186233
ElizaAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jul 186234
Oscar HMcNuttDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 186213
GotteibOlbbDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 186224
Eliza AClarksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jul 186224
GotleibOlbbDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jul 186233
CharlesButcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jul 186216
GotleibOlbbDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jul 186225
Josephine LMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 186224
Josephine LSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 186224
KiziahWaldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 186224
GotleibOlbbDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jul 186225
Joseph W HEblinDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Aug 186226
Josie LMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Aug 186214
LeliaAlexanderDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 186223
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 186224
RobertChandlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Aug 186224
RobertChandlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186224
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186224
Noah MGivensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186234
LizzieJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186234
John GBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186234
Martha AnnTuckerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186234
Wm FryHoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Aug 186234
Levi HTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 186223
KesiahHaydenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Sep 186223
William HBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 186223
SarahPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Sep 186223
JLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 186221
FollisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 186222
Emma LSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Sep 186223
JamesStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 186224
Pollie AVanhoutonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 186224
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 186224
RobertChandlerSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 186224
NelsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Oct 186233
MaryHarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 186224
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 186224
RobertChandlerSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Oct 186224
JohnsonEdwardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 186221
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 186223
MaryBarkisSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 186223
MaryBarkisSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 186224
RobertChandlerSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 186224
MargaretEgelstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Oct 186233
JohnDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
AddisonOlmsteadDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
JosephMurryDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
John WLongfellowDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
ElijahGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
Jacob MPadgetDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
Benjamin SColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186222
MichaelPlatzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
CarolineDuschMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
Isaac SHainesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
MargaretSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
Abraham BShatlinDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
ElizabethHamiltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
Charles EdwardBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
David LCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186223
Felix LRaymondDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186224
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186224
MaryBarkisSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186224
RobertChandlerSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186225
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Oct 186225
David LCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 186224
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 186224
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 186225
PerryCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 186235
SarahHulilyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 186235
MaryBarkisSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Oct 186236
David LCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Nov 186225
Rachel CLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Nov 186234
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Nov 186236
John CCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 186224
David LCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 186225
George CLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 186233
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Nov 186226
John CCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 186231
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Nov 186233
Sarah EMooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 186223
Mary FDunnDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 186223
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 186225
John CCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Nov 186231
Geo WSimkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186216
CharlesClementsEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186223
HenryLeviMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186223
Augusta AMaxwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186223
R COlmsteadDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186223
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186225
John CCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Dec 186231
John CCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 186231
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 186231
MaryBarkisSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Dec 186244
JamesDennisDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Dec 186234
CharlesClementsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 186232
J LYaterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 186234
MaggieWhatleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 186224
Sallie BellenWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Dec 186234
CharlesClementEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 186332
GordonTannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 186333
CharlesClementSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 186336
MaryBarkisSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 186344
JosiahHerbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 186336
ExperienceHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 186336
JamesWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 186336
MariaWainscotMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 186336
EmerPalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 186336
Mary FNortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 186336
Martha AnnAdamsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 186324
James AAdamsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 186324
Elijah FNuttallDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 186323
W TColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 186333
EliasReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 186333
MosesyDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 186341
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 186326
EliphaletCaseEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 186332
AlexanderWasherDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 186333
SilasWoollyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 186336
Wm TColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186322
EliasReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186322
HenryBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186322
Thomas GMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186322
Martha AnnAdamsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186332
James AAdamsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186332
EliphaletCaseEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186332
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186335
Mary JLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186336
Robert JLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186336
HenryBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186342
TheophilusColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186342
EliasReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 186342
Martha AnnAdamsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186332
James AAdamsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186332
EliphaletCaseEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186332
NicholasLongworthDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186333
Cornelius KHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186334
JaneBradfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186334
George MShortDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186334
FrankStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186334
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186335
Mary JLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186336
Robert JLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 186336
ElizabethHortonSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 186324
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 186324
EliphaletCaseEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 186324
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186326
ElizabethHortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186326
ElizabethHortonSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186331
ElizabethHortonSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 186331
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 186332
StephenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 186324
JacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 186324
Mary KGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 186324
EliphaletCaseSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 186332
Mary RGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186325
IraLindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186325
John ALarrisonSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186331
GeorgeBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186335
AlbertTompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 186325
Aurelia MFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 186325
John ALarrisonSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 186331
GeorgeStiversDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186335
Scott CCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186335
John FKilgoreDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186325
Cyntha ACintcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186334
John ALarrisonSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Apr 186336
John FKilgoreDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 186326
William AGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 186335
Mary JTompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 186335
Louise LTardyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 186325
Julia EGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Apr 186325
Luella ElizabethColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 186335
Francis MWaltersDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186321
GeorgeBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186321
Thos WGowDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186321
DanielBrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186321
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186324
John FKilgoreDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186326
Christopher PLeathermanDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186334
Francis RDuprazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186334
Julia LDumontMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186334
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186335
Edward RPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186335
Charles WLamunyonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186335
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186336
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186324
DavidKinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186335
Minnie BWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186335
Mary AHendricksDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186335
CharlesBaicherEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186335
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186336
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186335
Leanuel FHarrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186335
Georgianna FMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186335
LouisDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186336
ThomasLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186336
Martha LCollinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186336
Mary AnnHendrickDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186336
JohnsonTagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186325
LevinaBurruesDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186335
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186336
J HClevelandDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186321
HenryThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186333
JenkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 186316
John NClaphamDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 186334
JosephinePetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 186334
Nina IndianaMarshDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 186334
Cornelius AVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186325
CharlesLemmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 186322
PeterGlennDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 186313
Wilson BFarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186323
Lewis FDufourEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186325
GeorgeMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186335
JohnFarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186341
WmLandDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186341
SLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186341
CharlesLemmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186341
JohnsonTagueSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 186325
Lewis FDufourEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 186326
PeterBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186324
Cornelius AVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186324
JohnsonTagueSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186325
Lewis FDufourEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186326
ChasLemmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186316
WmHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186316
AugWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186316
JSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186316
PeterBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186321
JohnsonTagueSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186325
Lewis FDufourEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186325
SamuelLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186353
GeorgeMarklandEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 186324
WilliamBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 186324
ThomasAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 186324
JohnsonTagueSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 186324
Cornelius AVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 186325
JohnAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186314
James WGibbonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186314
James BRichsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186314
John AGurleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186322
Cornelius AVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186325
ThomasAdamsSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186325
JohnsonTagueSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186325
WilliamBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186325
GeorgeMarklandEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186326
ThomasAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186332
James ENobleDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186334
DavidCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186334
ThomasAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186332
Frank MRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186336
ThomasAdamsSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186336
MelvinaPicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186324
AndrewSampleDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186324
Elma EDuganDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186324
Elma EHinshawDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186324
ThomasAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186332
ThomasAdamsSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186335
GeorgeMarklandSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186335
WilliamBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186335
George WDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186334
HarrietThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186334
ConnelHendricksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186334
Mary VPicketMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186334
ElizabethMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186334
GeorgeMarklandSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186336
SimionBanksDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186324
CharlotteEnglehartDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186325
HenryEnglehartDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186325
SimeonBanksDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186341
E WMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186325
Sarah BHerbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186325
CharlotteEnglehartDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186325
HenryEnglehartDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186325
GeorgeMarklandEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186334
John EWeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186322
JohannaIllendenDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186333
Eugene ADumontMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186334
Mary FGouldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186334
Wm TLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186334
IsabelleBodieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186334
Willis GAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186334
MarthaLucasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186334
Thomas LPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
LouisaKnowlandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
HenryPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
Phebe JaneBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
James MDyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
CarolineColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
WmArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186335
DavidPeblerDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186315
Selden TGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186333
James MLemmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186335
Louisa JaneSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186335
David EWoolyDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186335
AndrewSamplesEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186324
H BShuttsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186334
Elizabeth MMaplesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186334
William HBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186334
Mary EKinneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186334
AnnPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186334
John FrancisRaymondEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186324
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186324
SylvesterPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186324
Martha GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186324
Sarah ElizabethThrelkeldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186331
Henry CThrelkeldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186331
AndrewSamplesEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186334
GeorgeWaltzSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186324
John FrancisRaymondEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186324
Selden TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186334
SylvesterPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186334
Martha GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186334
AndrewSamplesEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186334
M LHadleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
IsaacWilcoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
StephenOgdenDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
George WTontDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
RobtBostonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
AlfredColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
Robert BCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
AbrahamGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
ValentineTowersDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
Thos JHelpestineDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186321
GeorgeWaltzSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186324
John FrancisRaymondEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186324
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186324
AndrewSamplesEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186324
Sarah ElizabethThrelkeldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186331
Henry CThrelkeldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186331
SylvesterPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186332
Martha GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186332
Selden TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186332
AndrewSamplesSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186332
Julius PSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186335
JesseTeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186323
Charles EugeneMendellDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186323
Selden TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186331
Thomas DSmelleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186332
GeorgeWaltzSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186335
AlfredColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186322
Robert BCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186322
AbrahamGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186322
ValentineTowersDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186322
WilliamBradleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186324
EmilyRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186324
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186325
GeorgeWaltzSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186336
George HTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 186323
Mary AHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 186323
David GDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 186323
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 186325
Geo BGarlinghouseMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186423
SerenaCrusanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186423
Mary CWainscottDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186423
MaryDannerDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186423
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186424
JohnWrightEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186423
SarahCopherEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186423
NicholasLongworthEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186435
SamuelEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186435
Martha AnnEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186435
WmGibsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186435
George WHeadyEstateThe Indiana Reveille14 Jan 186435
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186423
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186423
VirgilDunningEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186423
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186424
Ann EDalmazzoSaleThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186424
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186425
SarahCopherSaleThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186425
Hester AnnKesslerDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186425
Julius FrederickThiebaudDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186425
Louisa EChatlinDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186425
NicholasLongworthEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186435
SamuelEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186435
Martha AnnEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille21 Jan 186435
Christopher CPeelmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186424
MelvinaGatesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186424
Steven RGerardMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186424
Sarah JCottonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186424
JesseTeatsEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186424
JohnMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186424
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186425
JamesDalmazzoSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186425
JohnGullionSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186434
SamuelEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186434
Martha AnnEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186434
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186434
VirgilDunningEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186434
WmGibsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186434
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186435
SarahCopherSaleThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186435
JohnWrightEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186442
SarahCopherEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186442
George WHeadyEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Jan 186442
AlfredColeDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186416
AbrahamGibsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186416
R BCottonDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186416
ValentineTowersDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186416
Joseph HLientsDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186416
AmasaHydeDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186416
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186425
JamesDalmazzoSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186425
WmGibsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186434
VirgilDunningEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186434
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186434
Frances MTruittDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186433
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186435
JohnMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186436
SarahCopherSaleThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186435
JohnWrightEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186442
SarahCopherEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186442
George WHeadyEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Feb 186442
Julius FThiebaudEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186424
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186425
JamesDalmazzoEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186425
PeterBosseauMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186432
SarahPickettMarriageThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186432
Marie JSchenckDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186433
SarahPlewDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186433
JesseTeatsEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186433
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186434
VirgilDunningEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186434
WmGibsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186434
WilliamWhiteEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186434
SarahCopherSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186435
JohnMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186436
JohnWrightEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186442
SarahCopherEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186442
George WHeadyEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186442
SamuelEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186446
Martha AnnEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186446
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille11 Feb 186446
JohnGullionSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186425
JamesDalmazzoSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186425
Lovina FColeDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186433
Jos DTinkerDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186433
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186434
VirgilDunningEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186434
Julius FThiebaudEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186434
JohnMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186434
JohnWrightEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186442
SarahCopherEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186442
George WHeadyEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186442
SamuelEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186446
Martha AnnEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186446
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Feb 186446
JaneKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186433
Edmond SKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186433
VirgilDunningEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186431
James WEblinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186434
Maggie FHallMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186434
Marie JSchenckDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186434
MargaretStieklerDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186434
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186434
Julius FThiebaudEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186435
JohnMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186436
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186444
JamesDalmazzoSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186444
SamuelEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186446
Martha AnnEppardsDivorceThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186446
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Feb 186446
Wm MadisonMayfieldMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186422
Nancy JPhillipsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186422
DavidCainMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186422
SusanBrayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186422
LorenzoOremSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186423
LucindaAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186424
JamesAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186424
JamesDalmazzoSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186424
WmBoydEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186444
JohnGullionEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186444
JohnRightSaleThe Indiana Reveille03 Mar 186446
AsahelFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186424
HarrietFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186424
Benjamin HOakMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186433
Lucy ALewisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186433
JaneKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186436
Edmond SKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186436
LucinaAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186446
JamesAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186446
LorenzoOremSaleThe Indiana Reveille10 Mar 186446
AsahelFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
HarrietFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
George WNashMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
LouisaWaldenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
JeremiahPlewMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
ZerildaFurnishMarriageThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
JohnMcMillenDeathThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186433
JaneKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186436
Edmond SKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186436
LucindaAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186446
JamesAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186446
LorenzoOremSaleThe Indiana Reveille17 Mar 186446
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186423
AsahelFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186431
HarrietFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186431
Oliver AColeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
Martha JHallMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
WilliamBeardMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
SarahBewiskaMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
MathiasBobleMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
CatherineReddMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
HenryMorrisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
MahalaCoutrneyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
Dallas FBantaMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
CharityTrobridgeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
ObadiahMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186433
JaneKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186436
Edmond SKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186436
LorenzoOremSaleThe Indiana Reveille24 Mar 186446
AsahelFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186431
HarrietFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186431
Isaac HPhilipsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186434
Emily EVaughanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186434
George PGarlinghouseMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186434
Sarah ECottonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186434
JaneKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186436
Edmond SKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186436
LucindaAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186446
JamesAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186446
LorenzoOremSaleThe Indiana Reveille31 Mar 186446
JamesHoggMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186432
EllaBraneMarriageThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186432
AsahelFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186431
HarrietFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186431
William HenryFergusonDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186434
LucindaAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186446
JamesAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186446
LorenzoOremSaleThe Indiana Reveille07 Apr 186446
MarthaMyersDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
Ellen ESmellyDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
EllenFowlerDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
Kate TSmithMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
PalemonWileyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
MarticiaMyersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
GeorgeFinleyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186433
LucindaAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186446
JamesAndersonDivorceThe Indiana Reveille14 Apr 186446
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186423
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186423
JamesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186423
AsahelFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186431
HarrietFoxDivorceThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186431
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186431
JerryJanssenMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186433
DrucillaGrayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186433
Sarah PrudenceHarrisDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186433
Mary JaneGrahamDeathThe Indiana Reveille21 Apr 186433
Joseph AKincaidMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186434
Eliza MCottonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186434
ElijahHolcraftDeathThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186434
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186445
JamesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186445
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille28 Apr 186445
L LWoodyDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186432
Isaac WBristowMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186433
Mary EEvittMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186433
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
Lewis FMarstonDeathThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
Benjamin FTruesdellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
MellissaMeadMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
ThomasSlaterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
HarrietFurnishMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
WmJoiceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
CarolineJonesMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
James PMitchelMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
Pheby JaneHallMarriageThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186434
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186445
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186445
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille05 May 186446
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille12 May 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille12 May 186445
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille12 May 186445
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille12 May 186446
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 May 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 May 186445
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 May 186445
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille19 May 186446
Jonathan HFisherDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 May 186415
Mary LBurtonDeathThe Indiana Reveille26 May 186433
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 May 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 May 186445
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Indiana Reveille26 May 186445
Angeline KAlexanderDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
Angeline KWaldoDeathThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
Coleman SDanielMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
EllenWrightMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
Charles LDannerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
LizzieMalcomMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
HarveyWycoffMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
Hannah MColeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
D PAnshutzMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
L JennieVannaysMarriageThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186433
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille02 Jun 186445
SquibeHullyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Jun 186433
MatildaGoodwinMarriageThe Indiana Reveille09 Jun 186433
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Jun 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille09 Jun 186445
J DGriffithDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186421
O AEstheringtonDeathThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186421
John KLewisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
MargaretPattonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
JohnSharpMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
EffieJoiceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
Steven HColeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
MargaretWarfieldMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
WmDailyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
JaneNortonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille16 Jun 186424
PeterVorisDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Jun 186421
George WHarrisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Jun 186424
Mary BProtsmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille23 Jun 186424
James RShawDeathThe Indiana Reveille23 Jun 186424
Robert SDunningDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Jul 186422
WmStigerDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Jul 186432
Emma JChapmanDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Jul 186433
LewisNobleDeathThe Indiana Reveille07 Jul 186433
George WSimmonsDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jul 186423
BenjBledsoeDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jul 186432
Willy FrankShoffDeathThe Indiana Reveille14 Jul 186433
SidneyDumontMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Jul 186424
MaggieJacksonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille21 Jul 186424
Ervin WSmithDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Aug 186424
Maria FTrobridgeDeathThe Indiana Reveille04 Aug 186424
RobertRickettsEstateThe Indiana Reveille04 Aug 186424
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Aug 186425
BaronStowDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Aug 186432
HiramStowDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Aug 186432
LorenStowDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Aug 186432
Harriet AnnSchenckDeathThe Indiana Reveille11 Aug 186432
RobertRickettsEstateThe Indiana Reveille11 Aug 186442
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186425
Edwin EHaskellMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186432
Lottie EStavensMarriageThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186432
MosesColeDeathThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186432
RobertRickettsEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186433
RobertRickettsSaleThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186436
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille18 Aug 186436
Robert FRodgersDeathThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186413
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186425
HarveyBuchananEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186426
Wm H HTurnerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186432
Sarah EHallMarriageThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186432
RobertRickettsEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186433
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186442
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Indiana Reveille25 Aug 186445
ElijahHoldcraftEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186425
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186425
GabrielVorisEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186425
HarveyBuchananEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186426
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186431
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186442
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Indiana Reveille01 Sep 186445
HarveyBuchananEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Sep 186426
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Sep 186431
ElijahHoldcraftEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Sep 186441
GabrielVorisEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Sep 186441
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille08 Sep 186441
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Indiana Reveille08 Sep 186445
Geo WSpragueDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186425
GeoTaylorDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186425
DMcvayDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186425
James TNelsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186425
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186425
JohnHoustonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
AlrinaWoodyMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
Jas WJacksonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
ElizabethAdamsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
George WTorrenceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
Mellisa ORobertsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
MaryJohnstonDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186433
DavidMeadEstateThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186441
ElijahHoldcraftEstateThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186441
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186441
EdwardMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186443
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Indiana Reveille15 Sep 186445
William HKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186424
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186424
James TNelsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186432
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186431
James TNelsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186433
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186433
ElijahHoldcraftEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186441
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186442
James TNelsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186441
EdwardMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186443
HarveyBuchananEstateThe Indiana Reveille22 Sep 186445
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186431
George FPriceMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186433
EllaGolayMarriageThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186433
James TNelsonDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186433
HughTinkerDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186433
James TNelsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186433
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186442
EdwardMillerDeathThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186443
James TNelsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186445
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Indiana Reveille29 Sep 186445
John SMalcomsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
Emma JThiebaudMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
Joseph AHartMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
MelissaAdkinsonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
James KReddMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
Hester ARodgersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
Wm HMelickMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
ElanoraBlissMarriageThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186424
DavidBrownEstateThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186431
James TNelsonSaleThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186432
HenryShiversDeathThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186434
James TNelsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille06 Oct 186441
J BMorrisonMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
FloraBettsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
CharlesClarkMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
AnnLeeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
IsaacDannerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
LevinaRaymondMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
GeorgeSandersMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
JaneDunningMarriageThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186424
James TNelsonEstateThe Indiana Reveille13 Oct 186442
Nancy JTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186424
Josiah MDoanDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186432
EmilyLamunyonDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186432
HarrisonBuchananMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186433
LizzieRichardsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186433
Joseph MHammondMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186433
MalindaPitmanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186433
William HKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186444
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186444
HenryShiversDeathThe Indiana Reveille20 Oct 186445
NancyTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 186431
JamesPattonDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 186433
JosephGirardDeathThe Indiana Reveille27 Oct 186433
ThomasWealesDeathThe Indiana Reveille03 Nov 186432
NancyTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille03 Nov 186445
NancyTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille10 Nov 186445
NancyTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille17 Nov 186445
Stephen ADouglasEstateThe Indiana Reveille24 Nov 186422
NancyTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille24 Nov 186445
FrancisLivingsMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
Martha LHarrisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
Charles PHunterMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
AmericaKinnettMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
JohnKeerMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
Eliza JVandeverMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
LewisColeMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
Indiana SWykoffMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
JohnMillicanMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
ElizaTevisMarriageThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
GeorgeBerstardDeathThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186425
Elmore EMcCullochDeathThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186433
ChristianElsenbergEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186444
NancyTruesdellEstateThe Indiana Reveille01 Dec 186445
GeorgeBerstardDeathThe Indiana Reveille08 Dec 186433
GeorgeBerstardDeathThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 186433
RobertCarrDivorceThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 186435
CharlotteCarrDivorceThe Indiana Reveille15 Dec 186435
JohnRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
Mary BSwimMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
Wm AGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
Mary M CClendenningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
R MRiverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
HattieMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
ElizaClarksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186533
RobertRickettsEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186534
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186534
ChristianEisenburgEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186534
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186534
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186534
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186546
DavidBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186546
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 186546
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186525
EttaNobleDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186533
RobertRickettsEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186542
JohnDowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186542
ChristianEisenburgEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186542
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186542
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186542
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186546
DavidBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186546
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 186546
William HKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186526
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186526
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186537
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186542
ChristianEisenburgEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186542
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186542
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186542
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186546
DavidBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186546
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 186546
Francis WColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186521
SusanVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186521
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186525
William HKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186532
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186532
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186537
RobertRickettsEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186542
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186542
ChristianEisenburgEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186542
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186542
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186542
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186546
DavidBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186546
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 186546
George HRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186531
WilliamMelickDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186532
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186536
RobertRickettsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186542
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186542
ChristianEisenburgEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186542
Selden TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186542
WilliamBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186542
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186542
William HKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186543
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186543
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186546
DavidBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186546
JohnCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 186546
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 186543
William HKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 186543
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 186543
Amos TGoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 186524
Lorenzo DDailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 186524
Melisa ACaneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 186524
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 186543
William HKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 186543
Mary AKelsoDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 186543
Thomas AlbertBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 186524
Amos TGoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 186525
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 186525
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 186537
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 186544
LeanderClarkEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 186524
Julius DLindlyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 186524
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 186525
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 186537
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 186544
Amos TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 186544
Benjamin NDaviesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
Sarah EReusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
WebsterCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
Claricia JDyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
Charles W JHunterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
Matilda LWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
Amos TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186533
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186542
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186544
Amos TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186544
LeanderClarkEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 186545
Hugh HLambMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186524
Elizabeth AWalterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186524
AndrewBornandDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186524
Amos TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186532
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186532
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186542
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186547
LeanderClarkEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 186545
ElizabethMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186524
Eliza ALawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186524
LeanderClarkEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186532
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186533
Amos TGoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186533
CharlottCadwellSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186542
WilliamNorisezSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186542
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186547
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186547
ChristianEisenburgSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186547
LeanderClarkEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186545
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 186546
LeanderClarkEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186527
EllenMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186532
SylvesterNobleDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186532
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186532
Amos TGoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186541
MarienVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186541
CharlottCadwellSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186542
WilliamNorisezSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186542
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186546
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186547
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186547
ChristianEisenburgSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 186547
C CDoanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186532
Maggie AGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186532
CharlottCadwellSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186543
WilliamNorisezSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186543
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186547
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186547
ChristianEisenburgSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 186547
AgnesMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 186522
Peter WordenAldrichDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 186532
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 186547
VirgilDunningSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 186547
ChristianEisenburgSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 186547
Lawrence WGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 186533
CatharineJeffreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 186533
AgnesMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 186542
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 186547
ElieVineyardDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 186532
KateOgleDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 186532
James AStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 May 186532
AgnesMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 May 186542
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 May 186547
SarahCopherEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186525
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186525
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186525
JohnWrightEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186525
HattieRinerDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186531
James AStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186534
AgnesMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186542
MalcomsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 May 186547
James SMurphySaleThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186524
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186525
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186525
JohnWrightEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186525
Celecta ALinellDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186532
James AStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186534
AgnesMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 May 186542
MaryBarkisEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186532
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186532
James SMurphySaleThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186532
JohnWrightEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186532
James AStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186535
AgnesMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186542
SarahCopherEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 186542
Hugh TSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 186531
VirginiaCoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 186531
SarahCopherEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 186542
James SMurphyEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 186543
JamesRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186523
CarriaWealesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186523
JohnGullionSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186524
William HJonesEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186524
MaryPetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186524
JohnHoustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186532
WilliamDicksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186532
James SMurphyEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 186543
Geo HStoferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 186525
VicDeemongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 186525
MaryPetersSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 186525
MaryPetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 186532
JohnHoustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 186541
William HJonesEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 186543
MaryPetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 186532
MaryPetersSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 186534
William HJonesEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 186543
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 186546
MaryPetersSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 186534
William HJonesEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 186543
MaryPetersSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 186534
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 186524
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 186524
MaryPetersSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 186534
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 186525
Annie MPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 186532
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 186537
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 186545
Frank GordonEgelstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 186525
Augustus LLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 186525
GabrielPhilipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 186526
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 186532
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 186537
Levi DSchoonoverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 186524
Mary JGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 186524
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 186532
GabrielPhilipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 186535
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 186537
George WSimmonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
Thomas AMykinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
BordenWilcoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
Benjamin FTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
MichaelCookDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
JohnDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
HezekiahEllisDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
Newton JWadeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
JohnDayDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
DanielZophDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
JamesTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
JosephNelsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
John WLongfellowDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
ObediahMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
JosephMurrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
GeorgeTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
AddisonOlmstedDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
Jacob MPadgetDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
ElijahGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
Benjamin SColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
PeterLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
MichaelSchnetzerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
John HLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
EliphaletEllisDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
LouisHumbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
Robert FRogersDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
George WSpragueDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
DariusMcVayDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
WilliamWamsleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186523
JohnRenterDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186525
JosephKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186525
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186532
GabrielPhilipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186535
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 186537
GabrielPhilipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 186533
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 186537
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 186544
MarionVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186523
JohnAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186523
Jesse LSigmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186523
Robert BJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186523
HarrisonBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186523
JohnMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186523
James AAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
WilliamAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
HenryBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
GeorgeBuchannanDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
William TColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
James WGibbensDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
Archer SHarmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
AlexanderHaysDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
MichealHineDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
Newton JJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
Thomas GMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
JohnMcKinzelDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
AlphounPalmerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
EliasReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
Ansyal SReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
James BRolisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
WilliamThatcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
Herian BCooperDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186524
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186537
John ALarrisonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 186544
Elijah GManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 186525
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 186537
Frederick LGeorgelSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 186542
JosephHallgorthEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 186525
CharlesMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 186525
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 186537
Elijah GManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 186541
William OPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
John EKincaidMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
MargaretRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
C WHendersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
AnnieGerardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
L FHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
HattieHillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186524
JosephHallgorthEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186533
CharlesMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186534
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 186537
M WTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186524
EmilyBottensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186524
Hiram YHallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186526
FrancesHallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186526
William OPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186532
JosephHallgorthEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186537
Elijah GManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186541
CharlesMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 186544
Hiram YHallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 186524
FrancesHallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 186524
William OPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 186532
JosephHallgorthEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 186537
Hiram YHallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 186532
FrancesHallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 186532
W HAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 186537
E AHaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 186537
PerryLambertonEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 186533
William OPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 186537
WilliamTaitDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 186522
OmerColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 186531
PerryLambertonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 186535
William OPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 186541
LewisGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 186545
James TNelsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 186532
WilliamTaitDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 186533
William OPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 186541
LewisGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 186545
Seldon TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 186524
JohnMontgomeryEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 186524
StephenHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 186523
LochricheDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 186522
J GThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 186524
M COliverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 186524
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 186525
JohnMontgomeryEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 186533
Seldon TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 186533
JohnMontgomeryEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 186533
Seldon TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 186533
WhiteheadSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 186537
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 186537
WillieRonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 186523
PerryLambertonSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 186524
DavidStoutMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 186524
Sarah ERichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 186524
WhiteheadSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 186542
Seldon TGolaySaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 186543
ThomasAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 186522
JohnLauderbaughDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 186525
WhiteheadSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 186542
John NewtonVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 186513
WillieRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 186522
PeryLambersonSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 186544
PerryLambersonSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 186523
MosesHallgorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 186524
MelvinaPaughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 186524
PerryLambersonSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 186537
JCraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
Eliza FOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
CharlesProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
ClaraOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
James RReynoldsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
Ann EMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
John TBoultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
Margaret JLemmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
William HVincentMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
CeliaLewallenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186623
Susanne MGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 186624
MarthaNorthcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 186625
MargaretMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 186626
MargaretMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 186641
George MFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 186624
Emma MColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 186624
Kate LOrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 186624
MargaretMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 186641
Willie SBristowDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 186626
John JBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 186626
AmasWintizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 186622
SarahSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 186622
Geo WColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 186622
Rebecca JFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 186622
FrederickFinnupMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 186624
MinnieLohmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 186624
WalterScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 186624
John JBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 186633
Reed MMillsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 186623
James SNutterDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 186624
Samuel RMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 186624
Benjamin FGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 186624
Mollie EStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 186624
Henry ECrawfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 186626
JamesClanchDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 186622
JohnMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 186625
NeliganDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 186623
AndrewShuckDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 186625
F JGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 186625
James RHoffmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 186625
JamesWillisSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 186625
JohnLandiferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 186625
Mary EColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 186625
JamesWillisSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 186626
Mary JFambertsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 186625
Ann MMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 186632
William EMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 186632
Mary JFambertsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 186624
JosephBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 186624
JamesWillisSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 186632
Ann MMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 186633
William EMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 186633
JosephBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 186633
JamesWillisSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 186634
Anna MMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 186635
William FMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 186635
Mary JFambertsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 186641
Milton PDudleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186623
JohnJacobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186623
Esther BStoutMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186623
Wm JBurmsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186623
MargaretMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186623
JamesWillisSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186634
Anna MMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186635
JosephBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 186641
HilliardPitmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186621
EugeneMoreordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186624
ElizabethRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186624
Frederick ARussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186624
ElishaGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186624
MaryEblinDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186624
Anna MMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186635
William EMorganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 May 186635
McHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 186621
OliveRichardsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 186622
J BVoorhiesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 186624
Mattie EWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 186624
JamesMunnEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 186625
RobertEllisSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 May 186641
JosephVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 186622
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 186624
JamesMunnEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 186633
RobertEllisSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 May 186641
ZachariahMontagueEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 186622
VirgilDunningEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 186622
SilasFarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 186621
JamesMunnEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 186633
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 186641
OwenGuthridgeDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 186616
ElishaGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 186624
StephenHumpreySaleThe Vevay Reveille31 May 186625
JamesMunnEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 May 186632
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 May 186641
ElishaGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 186624
DavidPriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 186631
StephenHumpreySaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 186637
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 186641
ElishaGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 186625
StephenHumpreySaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 186633
JosiahDailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 186625
KateLancasterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 186625
MargaretSharpDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 186625
ElishaGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 186625
Alex HHendersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 186632
Eliza MCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 186632
Mary MRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 186632
Geo WFechnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 186631
EllaFaulknerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 186631
CharlotteDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 186631
J LinseyMoredockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 186631
Ella BWigalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 186631
HughRayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 186625
IsabellaWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 186625
J CHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186625
Laura MHardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186625
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186625
MariaMooreEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186625
Ella JHolderDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186633
HenrySockwellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186633
SarahMennetDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 186633
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 186635
MariaMooreEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 186635
DanielDayDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
HenrySockwellDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
EllaHolderDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
Mary LJockelDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
MinerJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
Rachel AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
LudwenaBaumgartnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
GeorgeBaumgartnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186621
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186635
MariaMooreEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 186635
WmHarperDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 186631
AmeliaBekDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 186631
LouisaPoindexterDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 186631
MargaretMedaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 186631
GDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 186631
William JBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 186624
AliceCharltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 186624
PeterVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 186626
JosephineWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 186626
Harvey BDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 186626
ElizaAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 186626
JohnAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 186626
Wm MWattDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186621
Mary A CWattDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186621
George ATurnerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186621
MaryTurnerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186621
DanielPrattEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186621
Henry RStatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186625
Laura MKempMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186625
FrancisJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186625
LucillaNewtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186625
ElizaAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186632
JohnAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 186632
JaneBurtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 186625
ThomasBurtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 186625
NancySabertonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 186625
JohnSabertonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 186625
ElizaAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 186634
JohnAtwoodDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 186634
Ira MalinLindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 186625
LouisaSchmirdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 186625
NancySabertonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 186641
JohnSabertonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 186641
PerryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 186641
MadisonPhilipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186626
LouisaFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186626
JaneBurtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186641
ThomasBurtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186641
NancySabertonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186641
JohnSabertonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186641
PerryLambertsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 186641
EugeneMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 186632
BellTuttleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 186632
Jas FPhilliasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 186624
Mollie ALarueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 186624
James HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 186624
CarolineKirthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 186624
ElizabethShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 186624
MargaretMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 186625
John FDufourSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 186632
FranklinPittmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186621
WmProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186623
James BWaldonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186624
JuliesMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
ClaraLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
JeffersonMcCulloughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
Alice ADoanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
AnthonyJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
Mary DColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
John RHastingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
Mary CMureyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
Frederick HKasebaumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
MattieVandeverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
WilliamProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186625
MargaretMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 186637
GabrielPhillipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 186621
MargaretMcKenzieEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 186637
JohnHunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186621
RobertMcCormickDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186624
DeardoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186624
Geo WCarrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186625
FinnieNighsongerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186625
WilliamCulbertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186625
MargaretMcKenzieSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186637
WilliamCulbertsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 186637
Joseph BSockwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
EuphemiaLindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
HarveySchroderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
MaryHawthornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
John BDanglausMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
Louisa JHendersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
H ATinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 186625
EdwardHartEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 186624
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 186633
Smith BWorsellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186632
Martha VHitchensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186632
HiramKenneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186632
Thomas LPleasantsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186636
LouisaPleasantsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186636
EdwardHartEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186636
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 186641
EdwardHartEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 186627
ThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 186632
JudithMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 186632
George WBartlettDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 186632
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 186625
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 186641
RobertTowerEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 186641
Elias MHumphreySaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 186711
JohnSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 186714
JohnJenningsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 186714
YoungHenningDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 186734
Morton DFugetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 186734
Sarah AnnWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 186734
ElijahPostonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 186734
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 186747
WilliamProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 186745
EleanorJagerDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186721
Henry ATinkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186726
EleanorJagerDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186734
Amie NRaymondDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186734
WilliamO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186734
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186747
WilliamProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 186745
H DBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 186726
WilliamO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 186726
Henry ATinkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 186736
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 186747
WilliamProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 186745
N PWillisDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186721
Wm JDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186725
Roxey JOaksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186725
WilliamWycoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186725
HarrietTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186725
WilliamWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186725
Henry ATinkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 186742
JohnBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 186721
WilliamProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 186725
Jacob JGoodnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 186734
LizzieBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 186734
WilliamWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 186736
Henry DBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186726
Samuel WFurgusonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186725
SarahMuretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186725
ElizabethWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186725
James SMedaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186725
WilliamProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186737
WilliamWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 186735
EliasStappDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186726
Henry DBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186727
WilliamProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186727
James WRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186725
CordeliaNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186725
William HLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186725
Clara LMennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186725
Joseph MProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186725
Ann ESigmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 186725
Henry DBantaSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186726
JamesAtheyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
MarthaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
Wm H HWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
MargaretMcWithyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
Benjamin FDrakeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
AliceGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
William TGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
Indiana MSlawsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
William JLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
MatildaGlennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186725
Henry DBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 186727
Samel C LVanduzenDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 186725
Stephen WmMooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 186725
Joseph WCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 186725
HesterAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 186725
JohnShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 186725
Wesley FStepletonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 186721
BelzoraStepletonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 186721
Henry ATinkerSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 186725
WilliamMontgomeryDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 186733
Orgillias DThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 186733
Mary HCunliffeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 186733
JohnShawEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186725
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186725
JaneBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186727
AndrewBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186727
Henry ATinkerSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186727
RobertHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
Nancy AMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
Thomas LPleasantsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
LouisaPleasantsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
SarahBosawDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
PeterBosawDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
JaneBurtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
ThomasBurtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 186733
JamesRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
James AHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
ElizabethRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
DavidDyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
NancyColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
JohnFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
LucyRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
HenryTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
SusanMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186724
JaneBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186732
AndrewBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186732
JohnShawEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186732
Henry ATinkerSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186732
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 186732
AdrianRagermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186724
FannieProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186724
Joel DDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186724
Sallie AChelverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186724
William AHendersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186724
JohnShawEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186732
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 186742
Mary AnnPicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 186723
JaneBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 186732
AndrewBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 186732
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 186737
Julius PSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 186723
WilliamCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 186725
CarolineRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 186725
JohnGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 186725
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 186725
JohnGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 186725
GeorgeWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 186741
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 186732
JohnGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 186733
Tobias SBradleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 186724
MarthaMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 May 186725
George WMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 May 186725
JohnGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 186732
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 186746
Wm JColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186721
Martha AColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186721
MarthaMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186725
George WMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186725
JohnGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186732
LewisBradfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
OliveButtlesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
George WGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
Sallie JMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
Ira MWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
SarahShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
MarionRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
FrancisKimbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
Joseph AWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186733
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 186746
JaneBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186721
AndrewBranderDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186721
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186725
MarthaMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186732
George WMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186732
PrestonChristieDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186734
JamesMcClellandDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186734
CyrusBettsEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186746
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 186746
Edward FBellamyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 186735
ClaraAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 186735
PhilipCaytonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 186737
MarthaMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 186744
George WMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 186744
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 186746
AnnPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 186734
PhilipCaytonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 186744
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 186746
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 186744
Charles DPotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 186725
Mary AnnClementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 186725
JoshuaSmithsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 186725
JoelCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 186731
JoshuaSmithsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 186721
JosiahOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 186724
Lydia EBlodgetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 186724
JoelCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 186731
MaryCustDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 186722
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 186724
AaronWindheiserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 186724
MarthaJoiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 186724
John WarrenDibbleDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 186733
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 186737
GrenetDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186721
FranklinMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186723
Jos HMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186725
MaryBorightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186725
JaneFoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186725
AmosFoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186725
Bell GGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186725
Winslow AGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186725
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 186742
MichaelHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 186742
Bell GGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 186746
Winslow AGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 186746
JaneFoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 186746
AmosFoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 186746
JohnPpewDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 186734
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 186736
Bell GGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 186746
Winslow AGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 186746
JaneFoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 186746
AmosFoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 186746
WilliamRubbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 186725
Phebe SRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 186725
Robert NJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 186725
ElizabethRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 186725
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 186725
JoshuaSmithsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 186732
John SGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 186725
EmmaGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 186725
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 186726
M CDuncanDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 186733
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 186726
John SGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 186746
EmmaGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 186746
JohnRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186725
Nancy AWhittamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186725
B FJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186725
John SGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186726
EmmaGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186726
John LLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186725
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 186732
MarthaHostetterDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 186723
JosephHostetterDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 186723
John SGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 186747
EmmaGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 186747
JamesWillisEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
JenningsEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
WmBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
JohnGullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
JohnMontgomeryEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
G SGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
MarthaMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
Geo WMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
DavidHinmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
MargaretHinmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
DavidSchoonoverDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
Mary JSchoonoverDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186722
DavidRayleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186725
Mary JBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186725
CharlesLeatherberryEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186725
Louisa MRossDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186726
Daniel HRossDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186726
Bell GGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186726
Winslow AGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186726
CharlesBeatyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186746
CordeliaBeatyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186746
John SGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186746
EmmaGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 186746
MiltonWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
ArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
WilliamConnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
BokerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
JacksonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
DavidSchoonoverDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
Mary JSchoonoverDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
MarieMooreEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
PeabodyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
MurphyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
VirgilDunningEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
Seldon TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
MarthaMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
Geo WMoultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
John JBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
Marcus LWellsEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
GullionEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
LorenzoOremEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186722
JamesMalcomsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186724
AmiliaWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186725
PeabodyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186725
Marcus LWellsSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186725
GullionSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186725
CharlesBeatyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
CordeliaBeatyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
Bell GGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
Winslow AGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
Louisa MRossDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
Daniel HRossDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
CharlesLeatherberryEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 186747
Samuel RJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186725
Mollie MRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186725
PeabodySaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186727
ArmillaWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186725
GullionSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186736
Bell GGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186747
Winslow AGreenDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186747
Louisa MRossDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186747
Daniel HRossDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186747
Marcus LWellsSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186745
CharlesLeatherberryEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186747
AmillaWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 186747
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 186726
PeabodySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 186736
ArmillaWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 186736
Marcus LWellsSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 186745
ArmillaWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 186745
LorindaWileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186723
RistonWileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186723
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186724
LorenzoOremEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186724
John JBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186724
AmandaNortonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186726
WilliamNortonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186726
Seldon TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186726
JohnGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186726
HarveyBuchananSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186726
ElizabethRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186733
LouisaGarrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186733
ArmillaWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186735
Marcus LWellsSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186745
ArmillaWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 186745
LucindaOlmsteadSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186724
John HDuncanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186724
MelissaGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186724
John JBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186732
LorenzoOremEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186732
LorindaWileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186735
RistonWileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186735
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186736
ArmillaWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186735
AmandaNortonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186742
WilliamNortonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186742
Seldon TGolayEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 186746
LucindaOlmsteadSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 186724
John JBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 186732
LorenzoOremEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 186732
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 186736
AmandaNortonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 186742
WilliamNortonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 186742
ClarenceOaklyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 186734
MiltonWileySaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 186736
LucindaOlmsteadSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 186732
Levi RBoothMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 186733
Mary ElizabethGoddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 186733
JamesLambertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 186733
S ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 186733
James HTitusDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186726
MaryWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186726
RachaelSamplesEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186726
ThomasColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
Sarah EWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
ThomasNelsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
CatherineBabingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
AlexanderPollockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
Hattie AStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
CheneyMungerEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 186725
R LTeaDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 186723
ArthurHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 186725
CheneyMungerEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 186726
RachaelSamplesEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 186726
CheneyMungerEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 186732
James HTitusDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 186734
James HTitusEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 186737
MaryCalkinEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 186724
ArthurHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 186724
DavidJaynesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 186734
Mary ElizabethElderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 186734
James HTitusEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 186737
HenryMcMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 186725
MaryCalkinEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 186726
ArthurHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 186732
ClintonBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186826
LouisaHayesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186826
WilliamLawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186826
AnnLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186826
AlbertSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186826
ArabellaFoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186826
HenryMcMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186831
MaryCalkinEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 186832
Emily JMcCartyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186825
CharlesMcCartyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186825
MelissaBennetDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186826
WilliamBennetDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186826
John KPyeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186833
Amanda MHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186833
DanielLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186833
Estella BSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186833
CincinnatusBradleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186833
ElizabethReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 186833
MinervaSilversDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186832
Thomas JBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186832
JohnLamunyonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186832
Clara ASullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186832
MelissaBennetDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186845
WilliamBennetDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186845
MahelaHayesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186845
JesseHayesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186845
Emily JMcCartyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186845
CharlesMcCartyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 186845
GertrudeThurmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186825
CatherineCollinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186825
Johney LeClercMcMakinDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186825
MelissaBennetDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186845
WilliamBennetDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186845
MahelaHayesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186845
JesseHayesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186845
Emily JMcCartyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186845
CharlesMcCartyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 186845
JohnGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186825
AngelineMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186825
James WTibbettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186825
Hester ARichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186825
W NDuncanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186825
MelvinaKirtlyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186825
John SEvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 186832
JamesParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 186826
ThomasLenchanDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186823
Wm BMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186833
ElizabethFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186833
JohnRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186833
LucindaDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186833
H BWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186833
VessaAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 186833
Daniel BSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 186825
Eliza ALesterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 186825
JohnAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 186825
EllenLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 186825
ThomasSaundersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186823
AlonzoHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186825
HarrietNewcombMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186825
JohnSticklerEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 186825
Mollie HKelleherDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 186825
JohnAndersonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 186825
HoraceMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 186833
W LFentonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 186833
JohnSticklerEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 186834
WmPriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186825
Thomas JCharltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186834
AliceRankinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186834
JohnAndersonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186844
Amos TCoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 186847
Thomas JGibbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 186833
Sarah JWillisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 186833
JohnAndersonEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 186844
Matilda BAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
William RJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
Zellie MHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
Theodore F HSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
EmmaCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
Thomas JPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
Mary ACreechMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
John JBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
MaryRiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
DavidHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
Rachel ALientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 186824
WilliamPriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 186833
Jane LAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 186833
Lottie SWoodyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 186833
Abram BDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186824
WilliamMachenyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186833
J JRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186834
Nancy AGillispieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186834
W CWestMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186834
LucyBickersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186834
Augustus CWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186834
EmmaWealsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 186834
PerryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186824
MaryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186824
George KWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186823
Sarah AnnTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186823
Eliza JBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186823
Geo HThompsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186823
Abram BDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 May 186845
Amos TCoylEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186822
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186824
SalliePresserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186823
Charles SHortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186823
PerryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186846
Abram BDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186845
MaryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 May 186846
MassaKonkleDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186823
DanielKonkleDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186823
DavidSchonoverDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186823
Mary JSchoonoverDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186823
JoshuaSmithEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186823
JohnMontonyeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186825
Rachael EValentineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186825
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186842
PerryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186846
MaryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 May 186846
AbrahamWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186824
Cynthia AWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186824
MaryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186825
PerryLambertsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186825
RobertAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186834
Mary APhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186834
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 186842
HannahMcDonaldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186824
FrankMcDonaldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186824
Nathan JWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186824
Mary JRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186824
AbrahamWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186837
Cynthia AWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186837
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 186842
Charles VEfnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186824
Mary ECourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186824
Charles FGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186824
Mattie WGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186824
AbrahamWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186837
Cynthia AWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186837
HannahMcDonaldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186842
FrankMcDonaldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 186842
HannahMcDonaldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 186842
FrankMcDonaldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 186842
JonathanFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186825
Martha AnnAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186825
CharlesAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186825
JosephineJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186825
Clarecy CHeadyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186825
AnnScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 186825
AliceCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 186826
Labbie CPaullDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 186826
MichaelHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186826
LeahCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186833
Alfred RHannaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186833
Emma CCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 186833
F CGaudinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 186824
JennieCoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 186824
HiramLuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 186824
Rhoda AnnWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 186824
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186825
BalthazarNoahEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186827
WmHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186833
Keziah DWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186833
George AlfredToddDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186833
John WFreemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 186833
James SKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186825
Lou ALeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186825
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186843
BalthazarNoahEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 186847
BalthazarNoahEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 186843
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186825
GeorgeWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186825
JaneGivenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186825
SusieDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186825
RobertCollinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186825
Alexander VWilcoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186825
W HRaymondDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186826
JohnMontgomerySaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 186843
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 186834
Clarissa BelleCrawfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 186834
E MHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 186834
Timothy WGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 186834
JamesMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186826
MaryBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186826
GeoGravesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186826
AnnieRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186826
ColumbusSuttonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186826
PhillipDeppeEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186831
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 186843
PhillipDeppeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186831
James CKirkpatrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186835
Annie DOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186835
GeorgeFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186835
James THallDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186835
George MRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186835
ColumbusSuttonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186836
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 186843
JamesEvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186821
ThomasJagersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186826
HannahJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186826
John DumontLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186826
Elisha WBeckwithSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186826
Sylvester GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186826
MarthaPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186826
PhillipDeppeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186831
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186843
ColumbusSuttonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 186847
StephenKossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186825
JaneColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186825
Sylvester GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186835
MarthaPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186835
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186843
ColumbusSuttonEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 186847
Elisha WBeckwithSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186831
Lizzie EStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186835
Sylvester GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186836
MarthaPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186836
JohnColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186843
ColumbusSuttonEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 186847
James MTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186825
SallieBonnellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186825
Francis MFloydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186825
MarySeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186825
NancyPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186825
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186825
Sylvester GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186836
MarthaPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186836
Elisha WBeckwithSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 186847
MichaelBoukeSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186826
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186826
Wm DBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186833
AliceVineyardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186833
JamesToddDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186833
Sylvester GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186836
MarthaPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186836
Elisha WBeckwithSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 186844
JohnMontgomeryEstateVevay Democrat22 Oct 186835
AlexanderThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186825
Eliza JDrewryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186825
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186831
Sylvester GPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186836
MarthaPowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186836
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 186835
Robert SBristowDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 186822
GabrielRobertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 186825
Maggie ERobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 186825
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 186836
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 186836
EmilyTruesdallEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186826
BenjTevisDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186834
John DWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186834
AliceBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186834
AlbertRicketsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186834
Georgia AAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186834
MichaelHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186836
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 186836
SarahJamesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186832
GeorgeJamesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186832
Jemimah SSpragueDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186832
Elisha CSpragueDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186832
RobertRoachDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186834
SolomonMcCallumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186834
Margaret CAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186834
EmilyTruesdallEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 186847
JuliaLeClercEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186832
J FDufourEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186832
JohnBolenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186834
NancyTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186834
Wm MDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186834
EmilyTruesdallEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 186847
JohnPlewMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186826
HarrietFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186826
Wm WallaceBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186826
AlexanderEvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186826
EmilyTruesdallEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 186847
JohnSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186824
DennisCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186826
MosesCarverDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186832
MichaelDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186833
ElizabethBrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186833
Polly MRayleDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 186833
JohnJenningsEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186824
DennisCarnineEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186831
JohnSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 186831
JohnJenningsEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186825
DennisCarnineSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186844
JohnSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 186847
IraLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186924
AnnaEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186924
William LWebberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186924
Margaret MCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186924
JohnWycoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
EmileMoranDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
JohnFannellDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
James WJohnDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
WallaceFerrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
William LJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
FarbarDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
RichardMarshallDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
BurtTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
MilesLoffromDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
ThomasCromesDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
DavidCollertesDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
ElijahDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
LukeBurnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
John HKingDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
CharlyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
Charles WSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
EdwardLinderDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
GriflinDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
DowinicZustDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
Georga WFannestockDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
ZodlieDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
JamesFieldsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
DouglassDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
WillisFloydDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
GeoColdeDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
H HBunkholderDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
HonyBrenichDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
MartinMcDermitDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
JamesVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186925
Elias WHumphreySaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 186947
John SColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 186935
AmandaCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 186935
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 186947
CrawfordRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 186924
Almira JHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 186924
Elisha WBeckwithEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 186945
Alexander WAldrichMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 186925
MelvinaHydeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 186925
Eliza ABuchananSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 186926
AliceBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 186935
AliceCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 186935
AliceBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 186922
John NWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 186934
Eliza ABuchananEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 186935
James BTandyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186925
Julia CarolineTeatsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186925
John NWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186925
ElizabethRugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186925
William HRugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186925
John NWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186934
Eliza ABuchananEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 186935
John NWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 186934
ElizabethRugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 186944
William HRugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 186944
Eliza ABuchananEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 186945
ElizabethRugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 186944
William HRugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 186944
Martha DCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 186925
PowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 186932
ReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 186932
ScottDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 186932
WileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 186932
PeterHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 186932
Mary EBodleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 186932
JamesRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 186932
HannahBillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 186932
GarrettPerkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 186932
AbramPlunkittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 186932
Margaret AMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 186932
JaneTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 186923
CatharineRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 186926
AlexanderRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 186926
William MCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 186925
EzraGilbertEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 186925
J BClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 186933
Mary BSigmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 186933
CatharineRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 186936
AlexanderRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 186936
LottiePattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 186925
AlexanderEvinsEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 186925
William MCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 186925
EzraGilbertEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 186935
CatharineRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 186942
AlexanderRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 186942
LottiePattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 186925
Perret JHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 186932
SylviaDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 186932
AlexanderEvinsEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 186936
William MCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 186936
O FMortonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 186933
AlexanderEvinsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 186937
MargaretProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 186932
W ALindsayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 186931
Nanie SBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 186931
EliasMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 186931
CindaDuschMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 186931
MorrisMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 186931
MontgomeryPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 186932
JaneHastingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 186932
JohnRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 186932
ZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
PowellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
McMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
StokesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
SolomonCarverDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
Jacob JRichterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
Martha EHartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
Francis JMoxleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
ElizabethLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186932
AliceCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186933
Samuel REatonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 186933
MargaretArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186924
EvaJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186931
ScottDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186932
RugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186932
WileyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186932
ReedDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186932
Alice MCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 186932
HaysDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 186931
MaryBeardDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 186931
Joseph MDakeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 186933
MargaretArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 186935
RugglesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 186921
MargaretArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 186934
Virgil WHearickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 186924
Maria JMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 186924
David MHaskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 186924
Josie HGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 186924
Charles WWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 186926
IreneSimmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 186926
Jennie MorganOrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 186932
ChasBascomDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 186926
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 186926
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 186926
John FHildrethMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 186934
Lottie CPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 186934
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 186925
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 186925
CatherineNieweddleDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 186934
DanielWilcoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 186933
BoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 186933
John GAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 186933
Lucy AnnRabornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 186933
Mary DHardinDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 186932
Mary SKnoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 186931
Geo PKnoxDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 186931
ThomasCharltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 186933
ElizabethHayseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 186933
LamunWillhoiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 186933
JosephineLagardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 186933
WilliamBradleySaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 186926
John JPaulDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 186933
WilliamBradleySaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186926
George WRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186934
RoxannaDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186934
Phillip CHollandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186934
Alanta AChittendenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186934
George KDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186934
E MHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 186934
AlexanderEvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 186921
WilliamBradleySaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 186936
George JDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186932
WilliamBradleySaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186934
PollyCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
BenjaminColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
Mary ECottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
John OMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
BelzonaColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
William HFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
Angeline EColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
AlfredRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
NettiePattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 186933
LeviSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 186934
MaryKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 186934
Henry WCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 186934
AnnieJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 186934
MoodyDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 186932
EmmaSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 186932
LemuelBledsoeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 186933
MollieAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 186933
E MLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 186933
A MollieGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 186933
A BMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 186933
Rebeca MOliverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 186933
P LDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
E LDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
WilliamDunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
RuelBeverleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
A PJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
Philo MBertramDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
LewisWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
DanielLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
Ignatius LRossiterDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
JohnWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
JohnGouldDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
BMcVeyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
PeterKrentzerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
JeromeSpraguesDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
ClaraDawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
JohnKennedyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
BradleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
JohnGearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
FrankDietzDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
GottliebHydeDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
AKitchenDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
William ASnyderDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
HenryBightDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
HenryCostorDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186925
BenjaminDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 186931
Ollie FKempDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 186923
BenjaminDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 186924
BenjaminDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 186923
MaryFaucettDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 186924
Elizabeth JaneSauvainDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 186932
W ADavisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 186924
Sarah JaneBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 186924
Sidney EHaighMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 186924
EmmaSchofieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 186924
Stephen CStevensDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 186923
CharlesPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 186933
Sarah APavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 186933
ThomasHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 186933
AlphaTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 186933
PerryKnodyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 186932
ElizabethKnodyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 186932
Faancis MRicketsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 186932
Mary CColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 186932
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186932
MaryLewisDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186932
JamesMitchellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186932
VanceEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186932
Arthur D PBristowDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
John SRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
FrancisSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
EvelineBeymerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
WilliamLawrenceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
ElizabethHalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
Amie RRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
Clara AEthringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 186934
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 186925
Joseph RSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 186925
Mary AJeffreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 186934
LourettieSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 186934
William PorterBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 186934
HaringDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186923
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186925
Joseph HSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186925
ValentineZangmeisterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
LouisaKrumelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
DavidBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
A BeaniceCosbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
HoraceShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
LizzieWhitlockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
Lemuel CHagemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 186934
John SRobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 186922
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 186947
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 186947
Amie LTitusDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 186932
John SRobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 186933
Amie LeClercTitusDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 186933
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 186947
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 186947