Vevay Newspaper Index – 1870-1874

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, deaths and estates found in Vevay newspapers from 1870-1874. Visit the Vevay Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameTypeNewspaperNewspaper datePageColumn
Isabella ATitusDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
AdolphCostaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
Elmira MKnowlandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
MaryOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
EddieStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
ElizabethDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
Joseph MDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187024
EdwardGerardDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187035
ElizabethDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187037
Joseph MDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187037
John SRobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187037
Martha ADouglassDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187024
William ALewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187024
Anna ETurpinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187024
Emily JHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187026
Richard HHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187026
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187026
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187026
EdwardGerardDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187032
ElizabethDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187036
Joseph MDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187036
Harriet HPicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187026
John SScofieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187033
Anna MPattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187033
David MMoffatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187033
Mary JCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187033
Emily JHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187035
Richard HHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187035
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187035
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187035
Mary EScottDivorceVevay Democrat27 Jan 187024
William AScottDivorceVevay Democrat27 Jan 187024
Oliver ADayMarriageVevay Democrat27 Jan 187033
SusanWilliamsMarriageVevay Democrat27 Jan 187033
JohnSchofieldMarriageVevay Democrat27 Jan 187033
Annie MPattonMarriageVevay Democrat27 Jan 187033
Anna BPickettDeathVevay Democrat27 Jan 187033
MatthewWorstellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187025
MaryMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187025
VincentKirkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187025
Rillie EKelsoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187025
ElizabethAlfreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187025
J WMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187025
Emily JHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187035
Richard HHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187035
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187035
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187035
JohnRaylsMarriageVevay Democrat03 Feb 187034
LouisianaWilliamsMarriageVevay Democrat03 Feb 187034
ElizabethAllfreyDeathVevay Democrat03 Feb 187034
FremontFrazeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187032
Mollie VEatonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187032
DanielColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187032
Emily JHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187036
Richard HHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187036
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187036
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187036
Sarah RBornandDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
FrederickStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
AnnieGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
ThomasShenillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
Emmerine TDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
Charlie WGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
Lydia BHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187033
Emily JHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187036
Richard HHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187036
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187036
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187036
JohnLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187041
Ella HowardFentonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187024
DaisyBarkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187024
JamesRoachSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187025
JamesRoachEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187035
DanielColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 187026
CatharinePorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 187033
JamesRoachSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 187036
JamesRoachEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 187037
JohnPavyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 187041
OliverOrmsbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 187025
Albert BClementsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 187025
Lizzie OToddDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 187025
DanielColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 187035
JamesRoachEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 187047
JaneGilbertEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 187026
DanielColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 187035
JamesRoachEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 187047
SusanWardDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
Joseph DWardDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
ElizabethDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
Joseph MDufourDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
Eliza JGoodnerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
Wm WGoodnerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
Rhoda ALuttonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
HiramLuttonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187022
Mrs. SamuelPorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187024
George AJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
NancyStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
Joseph RBlodgettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
JosieMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
Albert BClementsEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187025
DanielColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187035
JaneGilbertEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 187035
JamesMontgomeryDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 187024
AmarillisBrookinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 187024
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 187025
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 187025
RebeccaFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 187025
JaneGilbertEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 187036
DorwinSchmeidMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187035
EmmaCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187035
TommieTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187035
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187035
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187035
Albert BClementsEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187043
RebeccaFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 187043
JimmyMontgomeryDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187016
AmarillisBrookinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187023
JamesMontgomeryDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187023
RebeccaFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187026
ThomasWallickEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187025
AmieDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187031
Thomas LPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
JeanieSellersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
TheodoreLivingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
Mary AJackmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
JohnBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
Harriet ASacthwallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
NorvalSparksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
Ella ACraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
ClintonPackenhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
Anna BellCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187032
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187036
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 187036
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 187036
Joseph BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 187036
ThomasWallickEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 187044
TaylorStepletonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187032
MaryBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187032
WilliamChandlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187032
AnnieCohrenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187032
NicholosSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187032
Shadrach HLanhamEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187036
ThomasWallickEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 187043
W PWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187021
John CWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187033
MaryNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187033
WmWorstellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187033
EllaHitchensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187033
NorwellMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187033
CharlotteMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187033
Shadrach HLanhamEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 May 187042
Wm PWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 187022
William RAnnessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 187025
Mary ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 187025
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 187025
NicholosSedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 May 187025
George WHagemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 May 187024
NicholosSedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 May 187043
NicholosSedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 May 187047
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 May 187047
David RRameyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187033
Mary JMuretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187033
NoahCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187033
ThomasHuffmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187033
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187042
George WHagemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187042
NicholasSedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187043
NicholasSedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 May 187047
Shadrach HLanhamEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187024
JamesMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187033
VKesslerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187033
O ECarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187033
JacobFrittenbachMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187033
AnnaNevoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187033
NicholasSedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187043
George WHagemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 187047
Mary EScottDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187031
Wm AScottDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187031
EuphemiaSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187031
Jos BSocwellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187031
ColeBirthThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187031
HimesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187034
StephenAultmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187034
JosephHimesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187034
W HBiggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187033
Sarah AHildrethMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187033
Benjamin FRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187033
EmmaRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187033
George WHagemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187043
Shadrach HLanhamEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 187047
DavidCainDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 187021
Shadrach HLanhamEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 187047
JamesMarklandEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 187025
Rispah ClareThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 187032
ThomasHoffmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 187032
Hattie EHendersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 187032
John BScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 187032
JamesMarklandEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 187033
HenryBlachDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 187031
M D ASteenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 187033
MaryFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 187033
HenryHillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 187033
Jennie HFrancesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 187033
John BScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 187034
CampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 187031
J SBlackwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 187033
EvaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 187033
Laura JBrookinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 187033
LuliaBrooksDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 187033
JohnMuretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
MaryJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
CharlesDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
GeorgetteO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
JennieHowardDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
ElizaForseeDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
ElizaTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187033
John BScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 187043
WillieFindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 187033
IsaacDunnDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 187033
GeorgeGreerDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 187033
CatharineSiemantelDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 187033
John BScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 187043
Albert EGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
Rose KAnshutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
NormanSloanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
SarahBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
StephenStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
Lydia AFrenchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
JosephRutherfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
AlexanderMcKimmensDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187033
John BScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 187043
James BRileyMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
Mary BHewittMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
CDanielsMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
AliceHardinMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
StephenStevensMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
Lydia AFrenchMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
AlbertGolayMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
Rose RAnshutzMarriageVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
Mary LHedgesDeathVevay Democrat4 Aug 187033
Nannie JBrysonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 187032
ThomasCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 187032
John BScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 187043
John CRaylEstateVevay Democrat11 Aug 187033
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187025
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187025
AdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187031
ChristianSlairethMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187033
ElizaSchoonoverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187033
Willie RCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187033
EllenHagemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 187033
ThomasCharltonEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 187025
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 187025
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 187025
JonathanHoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 187033
SummerfieldGareyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 187033
John WHawkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 187032
Thomas SWelshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 187035
LucindaJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 187035
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 187042
OliverOrmsbyEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 187043
W JHollingsworthMarriageVevay Democrat2 Sep 187082
MelethaFarrellMarriageVevay Democrat2 Sep 187082
JimmieRobertsonDeathVevay Democrat2 Sep 187082
John WMorrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187031
Edward MStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
EllaDimickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
W JHollingsworthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
MelethaFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
JamesAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
MollieThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
R GScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
Lizzie TGlennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
H HMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
MaggieShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187032
ThomasCharltonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187033
Ann EReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187047
James DReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 187047
ThomasCharltonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187025
AugustusLewallenDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187031
ThomasCharltonSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187032
WmTwinehamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187033
Susanna BWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187033
JohnJamisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187033
Mary APeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187033
JosephStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187033
HannahCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187033
Ann EReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187047
James DReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 187047
Thomas JLearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 187032
MaryKennadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 187032
Ann EReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 187047
James DReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 187047
AugustusLewallenEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 187025
Jeremiah BLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 187032
Mary JDemareeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 187032
Edwin ELongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 187032
KateGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 187032
AugustusLewallenEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 187034
Wm HBlissMarriageVevay Democrat8 Oct 187023
Martha JCourtneyMarriageVevay Democrat8 Oct 187023
Philander SSageMarriageVevay Democrat8 Oct 187023
Sophie LMcCullochMarriageVevay Democrat8 Oct 187023
John MJoyceMarriageVevay Democrat8 Oct 187023
ElizabethArmstrongMarriageVevay Democrat8 Oct 187023
James BMcCrellisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Addie WFrenchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
SimonCoisairtMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
LouDepperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Green LSeversMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
MargaretWadeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
AsburyStageMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Sarah EBrewingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Will WLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Eliza CCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Thomas HSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
Lewis FMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187032
AugustusLewallenEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 187042
ElizabethSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187022
WilliamHastieEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
AugustusLewallenSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
Louis AClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
ElizabethSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
Nanette BDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
FrankEatonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
NancyTateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187024
AugustusLewallenEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 187042
Mary ElizabethSauvinEstateVevay Democrat22 Oct 187031
FrankEatonMarriageVevay Democrat22 Oct 187071
SarahTateMarriageVevay Democrat22 Oct 187071
Nanrith BDangladeDeathVevay Democrat22 Oct 187071
Walter HArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 187032
AugustusLewallenSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 187035
Wm GHollandMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 187023
ElizaPierceMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 187023
RobertMcFaddenMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 187023
Fannie KOwensMarriageVevay Democrat2 Nov 187023
Clara ADelmazzoDeathVevay Democrat2 Nov 187023
DanielMcCrearyEstateVevay Democrat2 Nov 187032
AgnesLawrenceDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 187032
ClarenceKeeferDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 187032
DavidMcCormickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 187032
JuliaThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 187032
PeterWykoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 187032
LorindaWasherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 187032
KuhnsDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187021
EliasMcAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187021
Elizabeth JRiggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187021
JohnRalstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187022
KirtleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187022
JohnMcClureDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187022
Wm AEavesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187022
NancyMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187022
Robert MMcFaddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
Fannie COwensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
Wm GHollandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
ElizaPierceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
Charles JEdingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
MarthaHankinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
Lorenzo WHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
Mary MBascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
Clara ADalmazzoDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
AimeNorisezDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187032
AugustusLewallenSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 187043
Wm RNaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187021
EmmaSteinmetzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187021
Wm LRouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187021
ElizabethRutledgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187021
Sidney KSquibbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187021
Janette ABarrikelowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187021
James TSullengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187022
SarahDeanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187022
Lewis AClarkSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 187031
JohnBeilamyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
JennieSnyderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
AbrahamLozierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
CharlotteTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
AlexanderBurdsellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
Marry EDugleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
Heary GJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
LeonaJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
JamesCoghillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
OliviaFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
AndrewJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
MaryBishopMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
Wm JElliotMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
LizzieHollisterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
JohnBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187021
BalserNoaEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
Ann EReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
James DReynoldsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
Jay WBeldingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
Vina ECottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
NathanielFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
IsadorGleasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 187032
David SWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
Emma CHainesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
Thomas EWillsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
Melvina HFrancisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
SethSnowdonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
MaryMcKeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
AbelHaleDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
RobertManvilleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
MaryCarrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187021
ColeBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187022
C WStarbuckDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187025
DanielManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187025
MaryHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187025
MEdgarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187025
Eliza KReynoldsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187025
Thomas HSmithEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 187033
David GHaskellDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 187016
John JDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 187032
BellDementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 187032
Thomas HSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 187047
JohnDemareeDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 187021
Joseph MarionLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 187034
Mary LouisaStepletonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 187034
ElliottDriverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 187034
SarahClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 187034
GeorgePriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 187025
AnnCulbertsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 187031
SlaterDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187121
MooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187123
JaredWarfieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
Rachel AnnSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
Allen JDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
CharityHizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
Daniel BCochraneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
Ann MMcDowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
ThomasJagersDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 187133
CourtneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 187124
MirandaLientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 187125
JohnOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 187134
ElizaCollinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 187134
James WArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 187134
S SStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 187134
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 187125
MirandaLientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 187133
Robert APollockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 187134
BettieAikenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 187134
JamesCameronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187123
Lou JGrenatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187123
Alexander SRiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187123
EvaEmersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187123
BrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187132
MirandaLientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187133
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 187134
WilliamArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 187124
Walter HarwoodArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 187124
JohnDumontDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 187131
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 187133
W RStanleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 187116
JohnDumontDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 187121
HughesDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 187122
George EPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 187131
DanielMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 187131
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 187145
Lyman SColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 187125
Melvina JColenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 187125
LauraBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 187125
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 187145
Walter CScofieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 187132
Mary LWoodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 187132
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 187145
William HSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
HallieHullyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
Calvin RSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
NannieAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
John TPeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
SusanCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
JeremiahBennetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
MaryScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187126
HenryFrankaDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187131
HenryLohmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 187145
Charles HSheppardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 187124
Sarah KLindscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 187124
Tobitha JLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 187124
JohnDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 187142
George EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 187142
JohnDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 187142
George EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 187142
Thomas JThiebandDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 187131
Wm BHowlettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 187132
LizzieHendersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 187132
Thomas JThiebandDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 187133
JudithManserDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 187133
Benjamin STaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 187133
Sarah ARobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 187125
Daniel MRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 187125
DanielPrattEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 187125
MarthaWadeDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 187132
Walter HArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 187131
Otis BSappingtonEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 187123
HenryFrankaEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 187124
John NWycoffEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 187125
Sarah ARobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 187125
Daniel MRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 187125
DanielPrattEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 187125
NellieMcMillenDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187121
KerthDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187121
EdwardShullMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187123
C MCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187123
Sarah ARobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187126
Daniel MRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187126
FrankBrisbenDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187131
HenryFranksEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187133
DanielPrattEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 187133
AdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 187121
Charles AmieThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 187123
EbenezerDumontDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 187123
Charles AmieThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 187131
HenryFranksEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 187132
John NWycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 187134
DumontDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187117
Oliver WProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
Julia JReeceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
JohnJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
Mary EHollingsworthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
CharlesBanksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
MalindaGrimesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
Benjamin FLamkinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
Aleatha ALearnedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
Lawrence WGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
AliceTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 187132
JohnJoyceMarriageVevay Democrat29 Apr 187133
Mary EHollingworthMarriageVevay Democrat29 Apr 187133
CharlesBanksMarriageVevay Democrat29 Apr 187133
MelindaGrimesMarriageVevay Democrat29 Apr 187133
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 187125
Thomas JThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 187125
Henry HBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 187132
Sarah AHeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 187132
George WWillisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 187132
MaryO'BrienMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 187132
Lawrence WGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 187126
Thomas JThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 187126
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 187126
LulieJagersDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 187132
Lou BellJagerDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 187134
MrsSmithDeathVevay Democrat13 May 187133
Lou BellJagerDeathVevay Democrat13 May 187132
Thomas JThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 May 187133
John TDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 187133
AnnHinesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 187133
Lawrence WGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 May 187142
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 May 187142
JacobBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187125
RosaLostutterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187125
James HBoydeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187125
ElizabethDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187125
VanantwerpDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187131
Davis WClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187131
Lawrence WGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 May 187142
ClemensBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187122
McMakinBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187122
SusanHumphreyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187122
Hiram IPeabodyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187122
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187125
JohnGibbonsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187125
JohnProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 187131
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
Sarah ARobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
Daniel MRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
Emily JHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
Richard HHoffmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187132
Thomas TTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187133
Lucy DPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187133
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187142
JohnGibbonsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187147
JohnProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 187147
George ATorbetDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 187114
JohnstonWattsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 187122
JohnGibbonsEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 187145
JohnProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 187147
MirandaLientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187124
Jane EPeelmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187124
ChristopherPeelmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187124
VallandighamDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187132
RobertBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187133
PhilipRomerilMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187133
RebeccaMuratMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187133
John DPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187133
Jane AGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187133
JohnGibbonsEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187145
JohnProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 187147
Mary SHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 187125
James WHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 187125
SuttonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 187131
WilliamBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 187133
MaryStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 187133
Mary SHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 187136
James WHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 187136
MaryThorntonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 187122
Rebecca BAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 187134
Henry JDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 187133
Mary SHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 187136
James WHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 187136
W WTilleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 187122
George EPleasantsSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 187124
L JLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 187133
LouisianaMcCallumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 187133
Mary SHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 187136
James WHudsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 187136
PallasGreenDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 187132
PallasRuterDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 187132
G WVanpeltMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 187134
JannieCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 187134
W TSaundersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 187134
Mary UStiversDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 187132
ArthurScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 187133
Mary UStiversDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 187133
JosephAbdillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 187123
SarahMcKimmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 187123
Isaac WRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 187134
EmmaCowanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 187134
AlexanderEvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 187121
ReubenBowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 187124
Wm JBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 187124
MatildaDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 187124
Ellen GMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 187124
EvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 187117
James WRochatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 187122
ElizaPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 187122
GeorgeKeslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 187123
Thomas HOwensDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 187124
JuliaBenoitDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 187125
FrancisBenoitDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 187125
PhilipBumerillEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 187133
Joseph BMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 187134
James OWalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187123
Thomas TSmithEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187124
Daniel KNobleDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187123
JohnBakesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187123
ClaraBettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187123
AnnaLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187133
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187133
PhilipRumerillEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 187142
AnnaLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 187133
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 187133
AbijahBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 187133
Mary AGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 187133
John TPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 187133
Sarah ASpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 187133
Thomas TSmithEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 187136
William NRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 187133
MaryCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 187133
John LFrenchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 187133
Agnes LChannelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 187133
John HCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 187133
LizzieSilversMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 187133
ThomasGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
Martha JStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
Lewis CHuberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
EmmaToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
Mary AnnMooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
MelindaAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
Mary VKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 187131
CorneliusBradleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
LauraBradfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
Theodore FHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
Eliza AMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
Wm HBaileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
Mattie EMcConlleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
John ALockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
Corintha MBlodgetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
JohnathanBrinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
Anna MRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 187124
AlbertColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 187123
JaneBeebeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 187123
Benj PLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
Sarah EGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
Samuel DVailMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
Sarah AGriffinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
WmGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
Clara ASauvineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
HenrySauvineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
MatildaMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 187124
Amos SRowelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 187124
LoraineWilcoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 187124
MichaelStackDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 187125
NicholasLientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 187125
HannahBurnsSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187126
Nancy JBosawDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187131
DavidBosawDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187131
JuliaBenoitDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187131
FrancisBenoitDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187131
JaneTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187131
JohnDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 187131
MariaMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
CharlotteHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
David WGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
Josephene CGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
Joseph BRamseyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
CatharineHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
Fleming JSiebenthalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
SarahHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
VictorNorisezMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
Julia AStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187133
NicholasLientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 187144
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 187124
Lucille AJagerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 187124
William RProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 187124
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 187111
ThomasNewboldMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
Mary AnnSearcyMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
MeritMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
Mary GG[illegible]MarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
FrankOutcaltMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
Loretta GGravenerMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
JuliaBenoitMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
NicholasHirzMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
HaydenSmithMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
LeanthaWilliamsMarriageVevay Democrat30 Dec 187144
ThomasNewholeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
Mary AnnSeareyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
Adolphus EMeritMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
Mary PGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
David PBlodgetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
AarrietEtheringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
NicholasKirzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
JuliaBenoitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
FrankOutcaltMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
LorettaGravenerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187227
EusekiaRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187228
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 187242
JaneAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187228
Laura VHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187233
John FKewneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187233
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187231
AnnaLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187235
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187235
LarinaBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187235
ClintonBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187235
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 187242
VailDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187223
JohnDibbleDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187223
Benjaim EAddisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187225
PaulineFiskMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187225
James NPerkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187225
Hainel LSpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187225
LouisaBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187233
ClintonBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187233
AnnaLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187235
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187235
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187242
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 187242
HarrisKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187225
AnnTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187224
ThomasNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187226
Mary AChittendenDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187227
HaldaKislyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187228
JamesBurkeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187228
LizzieLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187228
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187235
LouisaBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187236
ClintonBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187236
AnnaLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187236
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187236
HarrisKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 187241
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187235
AnnaLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187236
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187236
LouisaBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187236
ClintonBoydDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 187236
SamuelVailDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187222
ClaraFarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187231
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 187243
CharlesFisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187232
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 187243
Cornelius HHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187227
George KMerriweatherDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187227
JohnLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187227
BaudleDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187232
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 187244
C HHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187224
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187227
George RMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
MaryBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
C LPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
ClaraMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
James BEblinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
Mary JSabertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
EzekielMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
Julia AJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
HenryStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
BarbaraMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
NancyDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
EddieFrancisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187233
SamuelPavyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187232
JamesMortonEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 187244
CatharineDicksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 187226
George HenryTardyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 187226
Eliza JHoldcraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 187226
Valeria RBrewingtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 187226
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 187227
SamuelBrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
RobertKennedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
Rhoda CWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
WilliamWintizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
LouisianaRayleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
Adelmore BDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
Mary EWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187226
RebeccaLittlefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 187224
JamesCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 187226
Harriet LNilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 187226
MaryStratfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 187226
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 187227
SamuelPaveyEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 187227
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 187227
Valeria RBrewingtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 187212
ArtaTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 187233
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 187233
SamuelPaveyEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 187233
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 187235
George SHulleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187233
CordieMercerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187233
RobertPhelpsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187233
FannieLancasterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187233
Martin LHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187233
Lucinda CBradfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187233
SamuelPaveyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187235
JamesHarwoodEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187235
Cornelius HHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187236
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 187236
ElizabethGibbonsSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187226
FrankHireenEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187226
Cornelius HHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
Benjamin RMalcomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
MaryScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
James PNelsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
Mary JKindalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
EliKeithDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
WadeHaffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
Ella AColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
Olive HSharpDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
BeverlyVawterDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
EdwinZookDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187232
SamuelPaveyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187235
Cornelius HHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187236
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 187236
JohnProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187227
EphraimWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
Margaret SFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
MelvilleMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
BellMcFaddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
John RAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
Mary AWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
SamuelPaveyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187235
Cornelius HHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187236
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187235
FrankGreenEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187235
ElizabethGibbonsSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187235
RoseanaWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
Wm GShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
JohnToddDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 187233
RobertTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187225
FrancesCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187225
Julius NMuretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187225
Sallie HLindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187225
FrankGreenEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187235
Cornelius HHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187236
ElizabethGibbonsSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187235
SamuelPaveyEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 187242
John RMorerodDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187224
Jacob BVanosdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
Charles AugustusLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
JemimaProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
Albert EDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
AbijahMendellDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
SusanBonesteelDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
John RMorerodDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
H JColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
Lucretia JRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 187226
JaneWeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 May 187232
ElizabethMalinDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 May 187232
WilliamMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 187232
KateMasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 187232
Oliver PDailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 187232
HannahBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 187232
John ChesterCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 May 187225
George WMendellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 May 187225
Susie WBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 May 187225
John NWycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 May 187226
NickKenserDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 187222
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 187226
John NWycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 187235
IraLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187222
JohnDumontEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187222
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187226
Ulysses PSchenckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187226
FloraHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187226
Wm CPearceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187226
Laura SFishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187226
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187227
J RMorerodEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187234
John NWycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 187234
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 187227
John NWycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 187235
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 187242
George TTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 187226
John RodolphMorerodDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 187232
John NWycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 187235
JohnToddEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 187242
AnnieLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 187227
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 187227
George TTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 187236
AnnieLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 187227
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 187227
Willie TJainDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 187233
Eugene MLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 187227
VandusenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 187232
AnnieLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 187235
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 187235
Eugene MLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 187233
AnnieLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 187236
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 187236
AnnieLiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 187235
John ELiddellDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 187235
DavidSteelEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 187227
James WThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 187233
Elizabeth ASkeenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 187233
J J PhilipSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 187233
Ella AnnMathewsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 187233
DavidSteelEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 187228
EdwardCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 187226
Angie BStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 187226
Francis WBaxterDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 187233
GeoMurdockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 187233
CoraPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 187233
James WGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 187233
KateSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 187233
JosephineScheweDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 187233
Eliza APorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187225
George GKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187225
JuliannCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187225
SarahCulpDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187225
Alton RClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
AddieWhippoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
JesseBowrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
RebeccaWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
Theodore CMontanyeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
HattieBrowningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
EnosLittlefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
Mary AWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 187232
Susie CarieBeagleDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 187226
J LThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 187226
Mary JJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 187226
Julius DLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 187226
Henry CPicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 187234
Donald MDunbarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 187234
Fannie LGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 187234
Will MSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187218
AnnaMacDonaldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187218
EdwardBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187218
AnnVandeverDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187218
Anna PDicksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187226
Robert AlvieGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187226
Thomas WNorthcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187226
Mary LNewtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187226
H CPickettDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187225
Julius DLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 187227
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 187226
Julius DLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 187227
Joseph MDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 187233
Dora MAvelineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 187233
John J PSchenckEstateVevay Democrat12 Oct 187271
DavidHaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 187225
HannahSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 187225
Mary CorneliaRussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 187225
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 187227
Julius DLindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 187228
PeterMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
LizziePatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
Napoleon BReynorsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
Harriet ENoyesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
John TFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
JoannahHalbenstadtMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
Mabel FSunmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
JohnDorohDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
I IWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
JaneSimmsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
James HMaddoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187223
JacobWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187226
HannahScofieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187226
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 187227
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 187228
SpauldingRansomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 187232
Mary ADoanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 187232
ThomasLazenbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 187226
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 187228
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 187228
AllenCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 187233
ClementineBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 187233
JerushaStropesEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 187225
JerushaStropesEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 187226
HarrietGatesEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 187226
NancyMadisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 187231
HarrietGatesEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187228
Alpheus GHunterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
Pallas GFishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
CorneliusOnderdonkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
UzillaArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
LawrenceSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
MaryRobbertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
TheodoreMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
KateBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
DavidDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
AlicePyeDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
F WBaxterDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187232
JerushaStropesEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 187233
LucindaPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 187228
John DPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 187228
HarrietGatesEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 187232
JerushaStropesEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 187245
JuliaCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187218
Wm EKennedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187218
HannahSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187218
Henry BPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187223
Nannie BHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187223
WmLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187224
LucindaPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187225
John DPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187225
HarrietBatesEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 187228
LucindaPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 187211
John DPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 187211
Cyrus ABrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
Loviey MCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
ElijahBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
GeorgeStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
StoperDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
LRileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
Mary EPorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
WilliamDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jan 187333
Johny WHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 187334
JohnCraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jan 187334
ElizabethLaycockEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 187325
Elijah LBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 187325
GeorgeChapmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 187333
John GCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jan 187333
Elijah LBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jan 187328
Elijah LBoydSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 187326
Elijah LBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Feb 187333
VandorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187323
AgnesBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187323
Joseph MDuprazDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187321
Mary JRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187325
Daniel RRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187325
JosephMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187324
HarrietGatesSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187326
Elijah LBoydSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187326
WycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187325
Elijah LBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Feb 187341
Mary JIsgriggDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187324
WillieTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187324
MenorahJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187324
AaronWintizerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187324
MiloHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187324
HannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187324
JohnProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187325
Elijah LBoydSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187327
HarrietGatesSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187327
WycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187328
Mary JRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187338
Daniel RRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Feb 187338
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187326
JeffreysMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187325
MargaretTwinehamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187325
CharlesStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187325
AngieWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187325
WycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187328
Mary JRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187338
Daniel RRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Feb 187338
WycoffSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 187328
Mary EllenHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 187332
HenryKoocherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 187331
Mary JRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 187338
Daniel RRameyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 187338
CatharineVanosdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 187325
Roswell SHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 187325
Martha ARobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 187325
JohnProtsmanSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 187327
Thos EBlasdelDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 187334
JosephWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 187346
MarthaSeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 187346
MosesCrawfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 187346
JosephineGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 187346
Jane ELongDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 187346
Oliver SAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 187346
LoreniaWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 187346
Jacob PRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 187346
MaryGrisardDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 187346
WmAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 187346
Thomas LAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 187346
Lizzie LHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 187346
John SOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187346
Jane ELongEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187346
John SOlmsteadDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187345
Elkanah FRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187345
James WilliamJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187345
F JHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187345
EllaJagersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 187345
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187344
Lawrence WGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187344
LientzEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187344
WmScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187344
JamesKincaidDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187344
MarthaKincaidDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187344
Charles AlfredThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187345
JaneKeithDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187345
John SOlmsteadSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187352
Jane ELongEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 187353
Charles AlfredThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 187343
Charles AThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 187344
John SOlmsteadSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 187352
Jane ELongEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 187351
RichardStaplesDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 187333
Charles AlfredThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 187343
Benjamin FStucyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 187351
JosephJayneDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 187351
Mary PallasMeritDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 187351
AmyBlachDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 187351
SarahNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 187351
SarahMcIntireDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 187351
Hugh SPicketMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 187351
SusanPelserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 187351
RobertNashDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 187342
Charles AThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 187355
Anna BellHollcroftDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 187345
MargaretHicksDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 187345
MargaretHoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 187345
DavidGaudinDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 187345
Charles AThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 187355
Will JCrislerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 187343
Eliza JStaggMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 187343
ElhanahHulleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 187343
JennieNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 187343
Mary LouiseBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 187351
Lelia JessieWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
JaneSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
JaneDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
SophroniaCoffinDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
JamesAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
Catherine EThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
Charles AThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187345
G CAlfredDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 187344
JamesAndersonMarriageVevay Democrat31 May 187334
Catherine EThiebaudMarriageVevay Democrat31 May 187334
HevilaDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 187315
SylviaDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 187315
David SGaudinEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 187345
C AThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 187345
LouisaCanbyDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 187315
RachelBornandDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 187343
C AThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 187352
David SGaudinEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 187313
W HarrisonCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 187343
LouvinaWaitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 187343
MaryAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 187343
W HarrisonCunninghamMarriageVevay Democrat21 Jun 187333
VinaWaitMarriageVevay Democrat21 Jun 187333
Clara AfraTrafeletDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 187345
Neil CameronHardinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 187345
EttaMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 187345
OwenReddDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
Sarah JReddDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
Geo SJamesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
SarahJamesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
LucindaPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
John DPerkinsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
Mary AChaseDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
ColumbusChaseDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
TabithaChillisDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
RobertChillisDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
HenriettaFranklinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
ThosFranklinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
ThomasJagersEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
JohnGibbonsEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187315
JaneLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187352
ZachariahMontanyeEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 187354
JaneLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 187352
ZachariahMontanyeEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 187354
HenryFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 187343
AnniePeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 187343
TobiasGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 187343
FredBurmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 187351
ZachariahMontanyeEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 187353
George WNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 187351
Mary ESmockDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 187351
John WManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
CatherineKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
ElwoodBovardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
Phoebe AnnRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
HenryHechermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
MargaretHemsathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
HenryFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
AnniePeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
CharlesTappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
CeliaDuschMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
James ADoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
Elizabeth PMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187342
SarahHelmEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187344
MarthaSampsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187345
AlphaHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187345
Bettie AllenBledsoeDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187345
Lulu LPeabodyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187345
ZachariahMontanyeEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 187353
AlphaHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187313
M ABarnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
Alice BShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
Hannah JHartleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
LucienShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
ArchibaldShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
Hannah VFitchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
John WManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
CatherineKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
AlonzoLapoolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
AmandaMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187343
SarahHelmEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187344
Mary AGrantDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187344
MalindaWilliamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 187344
Richard BSmockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 187351
HelvetiaNobleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 187351
MartinWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 187351
AbbieTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 187351
Robert TReddDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 187351
Marcia AnnEtheringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 187351
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 187344
SarahHelmEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 187346
Henry JBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 187351
SarahBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 187351
McNuttDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 187343
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 187353
SamuelAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 187351
WilliamShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Aug 187351
Madison DMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 187342
WmShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 187342
Joshua RCrouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 187352
Mary JDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 187352
George TMcCoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
Carrie MHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
Randel BMorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
Sarah BOlmsteadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
James AMorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
Mary EClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
ElizabethReddDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187351
Madison DMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 187381
Wm PLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 187343
SallieBristowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 187343
WilliamFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 187344
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 187313
JohnHastingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 187341
Charles EVan PeltMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 187343
Alice MWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 187343
WilliamFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 187353
CorneliusLamunyonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
EdwinNorisezDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
Mary BClementsDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
Mary BSigmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
William PPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
KateStrainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
Lewis FGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
IdaBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187343
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187344
WilliamFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187353
IsaacSluderDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187363
WilliamFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 187381
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 187353
George ENewboldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 187351
Hattie MBradleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 187351
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 187353
LottNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 187342
GeorgeKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 187342
MaryShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 187342
George HKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 187343
MaryShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 187343
Joseph FSchmiedDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 187343
HenriettaFranklinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187341
ThosFranklinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187341
Edward PDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187341
MargaretDunningDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187341
NorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187342
R T FAbbettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187342
HelenOlmsteadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187342
RoseBlachDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187344
Wm WVanosdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187344
Martha AnnSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187344
WilliamHamiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187344
EllenParmMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 187344
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 187341
MaryCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 187341
Zeno RClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 187342
NannieLogginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 187342
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 187344
Rodolph MLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 187343
NettieAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 187343
CharlesWadeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 187343
Mary ELyonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 187343
Ann SCooksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 187344
J CWillisDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 187351
John SOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 187344
David BLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 187351
Mary HGibbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 187351
E PWhallonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 187351
Nellie MKitchelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 187351
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 187354
John LPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187343
RosettaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187343
Wm BMoffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187343
Sallie FWestMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187343
Andrew CarlGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187343
John SOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187352
EdwardViolettEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 187354
Joseph BLepperDeathVevay Democrat6 Dec 187333
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 187313
Edward BMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 187351
Nancy LFanarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 187351
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 187313
Mary AWallDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 187341
Henry CPickettEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 187344
MargaretDavisEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 187344
John BBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 187351
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187313
Oliver CAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187341
JennieAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187341
Wm MBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
Elizabeth LJackmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
James WilliamDrewryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
Hannah BAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
AlexanderWasherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
Nancy AnnHankinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
JohnVan NuysDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187351
MargaretDavisEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187381
Henry CPickettEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 187384
WmBrownMarriageVevay Democrat20 Dec 187334
Elizabeth LJackmanMarriageVevay Democrat20 Dec 187334
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187413
C OThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
EmmaHarringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
Will FNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
Abbie AHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
Benjamin THeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
Sarah EAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
Jeremiah GLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
CynthiaScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187444
MolliePleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187452
MargaretDavisEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187484
Mary AWallDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 187484
JohnVanniceEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 187442
BellSandsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 187452
BellTompkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 187452
Napoleon BWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 187452
JohnVanniceEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187414
EdwardViolettSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187442
William RCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187442
JohnVanniceSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187453
MaryCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187451
WeaverBirthThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187451
Thomas SFullerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187452
Emma CKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187452
George AHotchkissDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187452
Mary EmmaGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187452
CharlotteShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 187452
JohnVanniceEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187414
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187441
DanielConnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187441
ThomasJagersEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187441
WilliamShawEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187441
Henry CPicketEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187441
Virginia AGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187442
Solomon PGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187442
Martin GHannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187452
Elizabeth JMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187452
William RCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187452
JohnVanniceSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 187486
JohnVanniceEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187414
James HGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187443
Isaac WBristowDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187443
CharlieGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187443
George AHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187443
James HGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187441
William RCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 187454
Wm JBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187443
Sallie SHeddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187443
George AHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187445
George AHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187444
Virginia AGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187445
Solomon PGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187445
DanielConnerSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187444
BenBrummellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187451
LizzieHaysMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187451
ClaraFortuneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187451
EdwardViolettSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187452
John EKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187451
William RCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 187454
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187443
George AHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187445
Virginia AGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187445
Solomon PGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187445
Charles HDohertyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187444
CharlotteDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187444
JeremiahManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187454
George AHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 187482
EmmettVandeverDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187416
Walter SCrawfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187441
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187444
JeremiahManfordSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187444
M CGarberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187444
BlancheGodieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187444
W CShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187452
JeremiahManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187454
George AHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187455
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187481
George AHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 187482
GeorgeTardyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 187445
JeremiahManfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 187445
George AHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 187482
JohnVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 187482
Thomas SFullerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Emma EKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Martin CHaunMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Elizabeth JMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Benjamin T FBromwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Mary ElizabethHayesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
HustonEdwardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
MaryWhitesideMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
AbrahamWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Mary ElizabethCurreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Woodford CDeHartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Emma LNewboldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Charles HDohertyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
CharlotteDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
PercyChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
MaryCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
GustineStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Nancy JRobinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
James WMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
SarahHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
SamuelFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
LouisaOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
ThomasJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
LouisaBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
John WProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Lottie AOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Abijah SHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Mary BScrantonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Charles WJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Rebecca EPittmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
WilliamParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
Sarah EFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
OscarRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
LevinaAyresMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
CharlesVandorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
GracieHerrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187441
WilliamParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187452
Sarah EFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187452
John FMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187452
PrudaHolmesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187452
WmCunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187452
ElizabethVan NuysDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187451
ElizabethHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187451
JeremiahManfordSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 187482
BernheartSchaffnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 187444
Elvia APhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 187444
LizzieArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 187452
WmMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 187451
JuliaRaylDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 187451
WilliamMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 187451
SullivanBirthThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187441
WrightBirthThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187441
ElizabethVan NuysEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187445
JosephKlugDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187452
MosesBronsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187452
ArdenHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187452
JohnHehnEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 187481
WhiteheadEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187442
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187442
CotmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187442
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187442
MaryCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187442
ArdenHeathEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187444
JohnHehnEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187445
ElizabethVan NuysEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187446
PollyToddDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187444
John ASmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187452
Emily JColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 187452
Martha EFecknerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187442
George WFecknerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187442
Virginia AGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187442
SolomonGoodmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187442
Francis SLindlyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187441
ElizabethVan NuysEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187446
Francis SLindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187444
Hattie ETrowbridgeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187444
JohnHehnEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187456
ArdenHeathEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 187456
JohnHelmEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 187444
ArdenHeathEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 187445
EmilyTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 187444
JoelCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 187442
JoelCraigEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 187441
JohnHelmEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 187444
ArdenHeathEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 187445
Joseph FGrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 187441
MartinBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 187442
MartinBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 187444
SusannahDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 187452
JohnHelmEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 187454
Joseph FGrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187441
John IFrenchDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187444
ThomasLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187445
Hettie LWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187445
OliveBradfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187445
OliveBlissDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187445
WilliamFiskSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 May 187452
GeorgeManuelDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 187444
Israel RWhiteheadDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 187444
S BDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 187453
S BPateDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 187453
WilliamFiskSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 May 187413
AddisonBookwalterDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 187415
Joseph FGrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 187483
George HHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187445
James WGarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187452
HenriettaAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187452
FritzGilsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187452
LucyAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187452
James WSearcyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187452
AnnaHolcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187452
Joseph FGrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 187483
David PAnshutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 187454
NannieHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 187454
EllaGleasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 187454
Eliza AnnBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 187454
George HHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 187483
Charles FPutnamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 187443
LouisaCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 187443
George HHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 187483
CunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187443
ButlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187443
Hugh INorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187443
MarindaFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187443
John PClementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187443
SareptaMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187443
George HHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 187483
Tillie JDumontDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 187453
JamesSocwellDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 187452
Thomas LPleasantsDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 187452
John FCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 187452
MaryTevisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 187452
SusannahRichardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 187452
JohnDisboroughDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 187445
CincinnatusBradleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 187445
Felix MDemunbrunMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 187445
Mary AHallstedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 187445
GeorgePercellsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 187426
EmmaLindenschmidtDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 187452
JacksonGoodnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 187454
Elizabeth JWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 187454
Eugene RoyGillDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 187454
LewisDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 187445
Azora ABascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 187445
GeorgeHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 187452
AmieJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 187444
DanielGoodpasterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 187444
Mary AnnReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 187444
JamesBradenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 187444
MaryWilhoiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 187444
JamesEastDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 187444
Amie MGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 187444
Sophie EDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 187444
DetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 187444
John WMalinDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 187443
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 187444
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 187445
Thomas BCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 187416
MartenaBradfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 187416
DavidFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 187443
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 187444
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 187445
DavidLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 187452
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187445
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187445
AdamHoldcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187452
BellzoraChandlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187452
Lucinda JBristowDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187452
IsaacRichardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187452
JosephineGarlinghouseDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187452
Alice DellTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187452
DavidFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 187454
SeaversCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187443
BelleBoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187443
Lou ACraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187444
GeorgieMalinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187444
JnoAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187444
Fannie HAbbottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187444
WmJainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187444
Mary ANorisezMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187444
DavidFiskEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187454
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187482
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 187482
A GBakesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 187445
Mollie LMinorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 187445
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 187482
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 187482
Sarah AMeansDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 187452
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 187482
Sanford WMendellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
Sarah MCulpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
David HStappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
Jennie BMeritMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
J EWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
Julia ELeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
Jacob SCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
Anna BelleBoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187443
DavidStappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187442
JennieMerritMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187442
Frank ALoganDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187442
LoisGrimesEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187482
HenryWeistEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187482
JerryPicardDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 187481
Edward PDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187443
SallieWoodruffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187443
Mary LDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187443
Stephen HLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187443
CharlesGaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187443
Eliza JSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187445
GeoHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 187452
JaneMcCardleDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187413
Eliza JSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187446
T TWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
WmHunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
C WKeeneDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
ThomasCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
Joshua FWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
ElizabethLanhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
B FStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
SarahSneitcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 187444
F JBellamyDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187441
James WDrewreyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187443
Hannah RDrewreyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187443
Eliza JSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187446
Orsen APotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187444
AnnieMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187444
Alurod CHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187444
Susan MRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187444
Samuel ODoolittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187444
SamanthaEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187444
Eliza JSheetsSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187445
David CKeaneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187445
Flavius JBellamyDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 187451
W B MWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
Alta CColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
Alexander CRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
EllenDemarceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
JosephBenhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
LucindaPendergastMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
WilliamHappenstockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
AuroraWinklerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
ChasBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
EllenBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
RebeccaRaylDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
JohnRaylDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
JohnStropesEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Geo WDiehamerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Stoughton GLeonardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Carrie LBarthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Lewis MDemarceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Rachel MBrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
John LBlakeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Margaret AThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
James DGlennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Jennie HCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
Wm H HCopeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
MaryCallowayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
FrankArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
SarahMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187442
SheltonOddsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
LucySullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
MooreBeldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
RosaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187443
Eliza JSheetsEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187446
ElizabethLewisEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187445
David CKenneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187445
T LMcDonaldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187452
MaryMcCannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 187452
Flavius JBellamyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187415
FannyZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187443
Henry HZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187443
WilliamMcFaddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187443
David CKenneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187444
ElizabethLewisEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187444
Eliza JSheetsSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187445
Rilla MayJamesDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187451
AndrewEmmersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 187451
ThomasBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187416
HenryMyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
SamuelHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
Emma MStormMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
JohnWilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
Sarah MWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
AndrewLambertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
BelleRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187442
WilliamMcFaddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187445
David CKeeneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187446
FannyZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187446
Henry HZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187446
JosephBromwellEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 187481
WalterOakleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187416
IsaiahGibsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187416
NannieSouthlandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187416
JamesDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187442
RudicyMendellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187442
David CKenneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187444
WilliamMcFaddenEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187445
FannyZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187446
Henry HZearingDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187446
JosephLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187453
BenjaminHopkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187453
NannieRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 187453
Mary LDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187413
Dora BellOaklyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187443
MatildaPhilipsDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187443
ThomasTurpinDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187453
HenryMyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187453
John AVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187451
LucyAtkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187451
ThomasDurbinDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
RandolphMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
MaryHousemireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
HughMonroeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
MelissaMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
J EHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
LindaCraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
JamesGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
Sarah AnnFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
B FBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
Fanny BScogginMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
David CBailyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
Mary ElizabethBirdsellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
JamesPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
ElizabethLutherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
Henry EMeirDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
Samuel HCorryDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 187481
JamesFoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187415
FishDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187416
CatherineCregDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187416
GeorgeMellickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187416
MatildaByramMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187416
HannahHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187443
JohnTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187442
Jacob SRobbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187444
ViolaNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 187444