Vevay Newspaper Index – 1885-1889

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, deaths and estates found in Vevay newspapers from 1885 to 1889. Visit the Vevay Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameTypeNewspaperIssue datePageColumn 
LindaHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188514
WmButcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188514
John TLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188542
MaryShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188542
Wm HBilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188542
Susie EPlewMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188542
ThomasDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188542
EmmaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188542
HaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188544
James CMansfieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188552
VinaJarvisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188551
NewtManserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188551
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Jan 188553
Reuben RSpringerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188514
AliceStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
James AVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
Ollie LLittlefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
John ALongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
Sarah JaneWebberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
James WRorkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
MaryWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
David MHaskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
IndianaHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188544
BaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188545
Albert LBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188551
BettieCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jan 188551
JohnShullMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188543
Nancy CWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188543
EliClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188543
Richard PButlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188551
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Jan 188553
BernhardtWaldenmireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188542
HattieWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188542
TobiasGibsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188543
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188553
BaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jan 188553
LizzieWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
ThomasDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
EmmaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Newton JFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
JeannetteBickersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
JohnShullMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
OWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
JohnKenedyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
AnnieLindsayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Walter LBuschmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Sadie MFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
JohnKieselMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Louella MFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
William SGravesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Lida ECourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Philip MEtheringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Emma FHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Benjamin HOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
GazelleKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Frank GWolfMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
DicaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188543
Cyrus WTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188545
EllaDurbinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188545
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jan 188553
SalemSheldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188541
MarySeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188541
BernhardtWaldenmireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188541
EstherWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188541
William HSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188541
KateBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188541
SarahFordDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188545
AbigailLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188545
Lillie BHirdDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188545
Aaron MGerardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188555
Eliza EAkersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188555
BaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Feb 188555
James BMcCrellisEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188542
MaryBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
RyanDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
Hattie HulleyMitchellDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
HattieHulleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
Wm SGravesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
Lida ECourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
Willard FMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
Louisa JLinebackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188544
AbigailLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188545
ElizaMilesDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188551
ElmerHunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Feb 188551
RichardHawkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188513
SamuelThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188542
EmmaOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188542
Cyrenus WBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188542
LucyToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188542
Charles JTylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188542
Clara BSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188542
MatildaSummersuitDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
F PDuprazDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
MorrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
ClarenceWoodruffDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
Cyrenius WBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
LucyToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
John SHullMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
ElizabethLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188544
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188543
John SHullyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188546
LizzieLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188546
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188546
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188546
HoutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Feb 188553
William WWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188517
Lizzie JRiggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188517
JonathanHoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188517
Lewis FWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188542
MaryCofieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188542
ThosLambMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188541
Wallace OHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188541
Martha EHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188541
FrankSchnooverDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188541
CharlesTylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188543
ClaraSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188543
IndiaLandissDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188544
IndiaMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188544
RebeccaPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188543
BenjaminPickettDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188544
LolaRobbinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188544
AlthofDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188544
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188547
MitchellDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188545
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188546
AbigailLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Feb 188546
U PSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188541
William BGrubbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188542
Amie LSchenckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188542
JosephGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188542
VienaTowerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188542
FreddieLohrigDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188543
Carl CFranklinDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188543
W ScottAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188543
Philip MKrummelDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188543
AndrewNewkirkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188544
LizzieMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188544
SarahLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188546
LewisDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188547
AbigailDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188546
AbigailLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 188546
Maggie JCookDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188542
Fannie MPeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188542
WilliamMcClintockDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188542
FrancisPicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188542
MelindaStephensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188543
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188545
ElijahMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188551
NettieKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 188551
JacobKrummelDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 188543
Maggie HoffmanCookDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 188543
MargaretMitchelSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 188546
LizzieMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 188551
A FNewkirkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 188551
Sewall WLoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 188551
Wm BGrubbsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
AmieSchenckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Sanford LArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Rachel EJessupMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Joseph AGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
LarenaTowerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Elijah OMcCollochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
VenettieKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
JosephHorselyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
EmilyMorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
John WStamperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Annie FMillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
AmbroseReaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Carrie LHearrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Lemuel OStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
SusannaMcIntireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Anna FMillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
FrankWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Lizzie JBrownfieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Louis CProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
DoraRiceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188542
Willie AColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188543
Levina GCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188543
WillFiskDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188544
BaruchStoopsSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188546
MargaretMitchelSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188546
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 188545
WilliamBitcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
MalindaHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
Charles CLittellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
CarolineFoulkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
HenryDuganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
JanePateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
George RGillespeiMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
Margaret VVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
HarryStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
BeeSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188541
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188544
Eliza SArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
Walter HWellsDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
RichieTowerDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
RichmondDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
George RGillespieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
Margaret VVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
HarryStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
BeeSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
Charles CLittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
CarolineFoulkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188543
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188545
AnnieSultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188552
MarkSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188552
BWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188554
BaruchStoopsSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188555
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 188555
John TSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
Mary KBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
JamesCooksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
Charles FLemonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
BlissDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
EffnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
CourtneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
SamuelWaltersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
MaryAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
Celestine AGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188542
John TSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188543
Mary KBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188543
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188546
BaruchStoopsSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188547
Lillie PearlSparksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188552
Lewis AStoneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 188552
ElijahHigginsEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 188544
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 188546
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 188546
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 188547
AbigailShepherdDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 188551
JeffersonHizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
India VRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
Geo MStockdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
AtlantaGreenwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
GraceLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
LithaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
George RBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
Annie LMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188542
GraceLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
LithaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
Benjamin HLangefelsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
JosieSchueringMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
Harvey WClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
Littie MayRansonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
JacobSailerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
AnnieShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
Geo MStockdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
AtlantaGreenwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
JeffersonHizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
India VRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188543
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188544
ElijahHigginsEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188546
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188547
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 188546
AlgerFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188545
DrucillaHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188545
GeorgeWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188545
AnnieSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188545
RodolphSchoffnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188545
AlviraAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188545
George RBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
Annie LMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
John TLillieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
Cynthia ASturgeonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
AlgerFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
DrucillaHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
George HWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
Annie MSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
RodolphSchoffnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
AlviaAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188552
George BGarlinghouseDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188554
ScudderDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188554
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188555
MaryElmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188581
RobertEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188581
Ben KDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 188581
Wm HStevensDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188543
MargaretStevensDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188543
AddisonWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188544
JennieBoyleDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188544
AddisonWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
JaneBoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
William PKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
MaryOlcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
HenryHewittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
CatherineColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
WilliamLouranceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
ElizabethCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
AddisonWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
JennieBoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
WilliamLowranceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
Amanda ECroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
William PKeeneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
MaryOlcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188545
JosieCreaserDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188554
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 May 188582
John ACunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 188543
MaryGravesDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 188553
JennieGravesDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 188553
ZellieThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 188553
John ACunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 188553
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 May 188582
ArnaldFishDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188542
HughMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188542
Rebecca FHeadyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188543
Geo HHeadyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188543
Edward CHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188544
HughMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188544
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188545
EliasMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188551
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 188582
CourtneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188516
I BShermanDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188542
JamesSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188543
SamuelBrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188543
FranciskaSchulerDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188545
Edward CHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188546
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188546
JosieCreaserDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 188554
Minnie MayFriedleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188513
JosIbachDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188513
Frank WDaltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188544
LuellaSeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188544
Harry WMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188544
Emma GEmersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188544
NealNorrelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188544
AliceJenkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188544
Jacob RHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188545
Mary GLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188545
JohnRogersDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188545
ElizabethFarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188545
AlbertSampleDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 188545
Jacob RHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188514
Ida MEllisDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188542
Ealy AHowardDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188542
BurtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188544
Edward CHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188546
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188546
ElizaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188552
F MReaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 188552
ElibabethSeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188514
AbigailShephardEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188544
Edward CHeadyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188546
JohnMcNuttDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188547
James WBattsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188552
Hattie BDunawayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188552
WilliamHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188552
Rosa MMcDonaldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188552
John ECrozierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188552
AntonetteBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188552
ChristopherWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188554
Charles WGrantDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 188554
SamuelJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
Minnie MaySissonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
Hugh SBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
CarrieKleesettallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
BenjaminStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
MaryBonnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
AlbertMerrillDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188542
WarmusBirthThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188544
Stephen RBradleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188545
AbigailShepherdEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188556
Edward CHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188556
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 188556
Henry DGrossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188514
Addie LMcDeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188514
JuliusMuretDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188541
Sarah AWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188554
WmMcKimEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188554
George EDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188554
Mollie WellsCriswellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188554
Ida MBonnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188553
Herman HKnothenbergMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188553
Smith PWorstellDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188555
Edward CHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188556
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 188557
EllaGouldDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 188541
JohnHoganDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 188541
AbigailShephardEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 188556
BenjaminLamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188541
Ela AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188542
Mary ElizabethSalyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188543
SusieFishDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188543
JohnRarjenDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188543
AbigailShephardEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188552
MattieHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188554
W JFrenchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188554
ArthurDanglassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188581
MarHughsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188581
BowersBirthThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 188516
Charles HLubbeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Martha JHallgarthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Dan BHalonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
BeatriceLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Robert MSmileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Angie NHornsbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
OliverLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
MaryBatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
DanielJohnsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
ElizabethCurtinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Henry ECarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Rebecca JRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
William EForwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Martha AnnTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188542
Henry ECarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188543
Rebecca JRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188543
WmLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188543
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188546
SamuelBearEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188545
DavidMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188551
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 188552
AbsalomHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188541
Mary DHickmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188541
Jacob SLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188541
Elvira VRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188541
CharlesMorrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188543
ElizaHunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188544
AbsalomHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188543
Mary DHickmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188543
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188546
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188545
SamuelBraySaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188547
ECadfieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188551
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 188552
David PBowenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188543
Cellia WardRaymondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188543
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188545
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188546
ThomasBlissEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188545
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188547
SmitheBirthThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188551
SamuelLamptonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 188556
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188542
WmWallickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188542
EllaRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188542
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188543
Daniel HBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188551
John ABealDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188551
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188554
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188555
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188555
SamuelBraySaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188556
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 188582
Wesley HAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
EllenMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
EllaJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
Eugene WBurgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
MaryLeepMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
MaryMcClanahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
LizzieBatesDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
LizzieOwensDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188542
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188543
HattieRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188543
ElsieHerrickDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188544
Wesley HAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188545
MaryMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188551
EdwardLockeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188551
CharlesAdkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188551
FerriterBirthThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188551
EddieProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188551
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188554
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188554
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188555
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188555
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 188582
JosephMillsDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188516
ToddBirthThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188516
LockwoodBirthThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188516
EPurdyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188542
ElizabethAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188542
Milton RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188545
SusanTowersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188545
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188554
AaronSturgeonSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188554
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188555
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188555
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 188582
Rollin CCharltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188545
Mattie EEatonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188545
M SMendallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188545
Eliza GMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188545
D CWeaverEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188545
David ClarkGardnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188552
Lucy GChanceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188551
DPritchardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188551
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188554
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188553
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188555
Ely AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188555
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Sep 188582
Robert TReynoldsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
Julia EKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
William TFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
AnnaLawrenceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
Merit HBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188541
Hezekiah BSeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
Sadie DNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
Merit HBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
JamesPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188542
Merit HBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188544
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188554
MoredockDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188581
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 188581
Reno SWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
Ana TSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
Frank BBromwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
EmilineEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
B FThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
AliceLambersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
SilasToldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
LillieStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188542
Merit HBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188544
Anna MaryMayerDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188544
LucyCarverDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188543
ButtlesDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188543
GeorgieHuffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188543
DanielMixDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188543
NormanHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188552
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 188553
John RRossDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 188541
Merit HBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 188544
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 188554
CharlesThatcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188514
Anna FSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188514
James HBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188514
ViolaBovardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188514
William MCopelandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188514
ClaraBruningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188514
Merit HBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188544
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 188554
CaorlineLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 188542
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 188544
ClarenceWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 188552
LucretiaAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 188551
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 188555
C BGoddardDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188551
MaryPelserDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
Ira LNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
GraceLostutterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
LewisParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
EmmaHorsfallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
MarionMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
EvaTiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188552
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 188557
Henry JDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188542
LuellaPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188542
ClarenceGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188542
VadaKerthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188542
SusanPeelmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
IraPeelmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
NancyLamptonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
WilliamLamptonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
SamuelLauschnerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
EmmaLauschnerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188544
ElizaButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188543
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 188557
HarrisonMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 188542
AnnieBonnellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 188542
ManuelReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 188542
IdaMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 188542
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 188546
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 188557
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188517
DavidRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
AdaLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
W H HPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Mary AliceHuffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
FrankPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Edith MCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
ManuelReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
IdaMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Robert JCoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Emma JBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
John BBreedenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
NoraConstantineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Frederick ATilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Ella MJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
R EHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
LudwickFarrarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Lulu BCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
DanielRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Ada MLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
MinorPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188557
Henry WShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188581
JoshBillingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188581
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188517
EKirtleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
HarvyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
John LMuretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Emma BellStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188541
Amanda CGivenDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 188552
John AllenLesterDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 188556
John BZeiglerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 188581
Flora BTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 188581
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188542
EKirtleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188552
Samuel LDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188554
Mary ELockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188554
WilliamSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188554
EmmaLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188554
John LMuretMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188554
Emma BelleStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 188554
LucianEvansDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 188514
DavidScudderEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 188545
MelissaManserDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 188553
MelissaBovardDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 188553
UlyssesBorelDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 188557
PendletonLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188542
Buena VShrepshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188542
A FDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188552
Minnie EStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188552
DellaMoxleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188552
George ETeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188552
MayHatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 188552
Charles EDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188541
Mary ECainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188541
Harvey BScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188541
MaryCoyleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188541
MargaretMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188543
EKirtleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188543
DanielMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188552
ElizabethBascomDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 188554
MargaretMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188543
Francis RDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188554
JennieBornandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188554
JohnArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188555
Abbie FreemanLamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188555
John AGaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188581
Sue FSanteeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 188581
Celestine HSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188542
JohnArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188542
MargaretMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188543
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188543
JohnArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188552
John MManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
ClaraPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
Eugene EJaynesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
Ollie LBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
RodneyO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
MollieBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
Alexander BFisherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
MaggieDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
William HBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
Eliza JJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
LavinaWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188553
AugustSchillingDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188581
A EBurrusDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 188581
MollieWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188514
ManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188514
AddieSheildsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188514
GeorgeBrysonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188514
GeorgeBeebeDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188514
LutherHolcombDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188514
Cornelia StonePorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188544
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188543
MargaretMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188553
SmithTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188553
EllenWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188553
CorneliusScroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188553
Mary DScroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188553
IsaacMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188555
B FBonnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188581
MaryWoodsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188581
D POakDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 188581
B FrankBonnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188614
Mary HWoodsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188614
WmFultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188615
AmandaFultonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188615
StearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188615
Stephen AWalcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
EmmaFultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
Augustus PSheltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
Nannie AHaskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
Robt WScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
Hannie BCrandellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
Anthony BCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
GracieAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
John BGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
JoanSocwellDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
Edward MRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188642
RobertBaylesDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188644
DelilahKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188644
C HSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188645
MariaCurrieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188652
JohnPalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188652
LouTruittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188652
FrankLeethamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188652
MargaretMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188653
ChristopherNollEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188656
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 188655
MargaretMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 188616
Frank RHardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 188642
Ella WHeddenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 188642
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 188655
HettieMarshDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188644
AmosChaceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188645
HarrietAndrewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188645
Stephen ERyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188645
EmmaRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188645
Samuel JRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188645
BarbaraHartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188645
AlfredWadeDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188652
ElmerEdmonsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188653
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 188655
RobertDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 188644
MaggieRobinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 188644
LouisaBorightDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 188644
LouisaLeatherburyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 188644
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 188645
FrankHigginsDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 188681
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188616
NelsonYatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
MinnieGibsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
EdwardAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
MattieBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
Herman FBuddeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
JennieSwadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
AmosChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
HarietAndrewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
Robert ADayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
Maggie ERobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
John BMuichMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
Mary MDonnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
Theodore EColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
Rosey ETurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188641
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188644
PerleCokerDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188644
Ella LouetteThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188644
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188645
JepthaSkidmoreDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188652
PleasantsBirthThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188653
ShermanGriffetDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 188681
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188616
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188644
AbigailLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188644
BelleWattsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188643
AndySchaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188643
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188645
MaryPendryDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 188652
BenjaminWelchSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188616
James ADunaventMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188643
CarrieMarrowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188643
HenryKrummelDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188644
SamuelFullerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188644
WillFoxBirthThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188644
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188645
Winfield ScottHancockDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188653
AbigailLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188655
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 188657
ElizabethDoddDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188644
LuciesRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188644
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188645
JohnCarpenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188651
AgnesElderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188651
JohnGibbonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188652
OllieSaddlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188652
AbigailLongEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188655
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 188657
ZachariahColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188641
WmHowardDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188644
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 188657
JaneGillDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188651
Charles JRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188652
JeannetteScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188652
Sallie BLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188652
RobbieHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188652
Neal HPowellDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188652
JohnMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188653
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 188657
BrazilDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188614
AnnaMellonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188614
Caroline AGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188642
Ella PSpencerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
FannieCarrDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
FannieNighswongerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
ArnoldWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
William PLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
George TVanpeltMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
JuliaWolfMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
HendersonMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
Mary LWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188643
JohnKindarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188652
IdaRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188652
William PLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188654
RebeccaDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188682
RobertHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188681
EllenWadeDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 188681
MorrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188615
DurhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188615
J SJelleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188641
Millard FSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188643
Olive HNorthcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188643
EllaWorstellDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188643
BaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188643
PotterBirthThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188654
John AMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 188681
BaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188645
Daniel WCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188654
Clara LColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188654
Ira HPattersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188654
MaryDaubenheyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 188654
AlonzoMcClellenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188652
ElizabethGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188652
John OStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188652
Ella PLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188652
BettieBelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188653
EuniceSeymourDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188682
HezekiahBaylesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188681
HannahCousinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 188681
T JeffersonVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188643
BenjaminWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 188644
John GKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188616
Lewis FWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188616
James BWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188644
Janie FGribbenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188644
John OStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
Ella ELockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
Francis MPerkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
IsabellaChapmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
John MPlatzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
AngelineBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
SamuelHaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
MaryGravesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
WrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188643
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188645
BeardslyDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188682
JohnDormanDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 188682
NelsonTarboxDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188644
JohnWiggamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188644
JennieBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188644
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188645
SaddlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188652
StephenRossDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188652
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188654
Stephen HRossDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 188653
LoraWeathersDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188644
StellaHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188643
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188645
MargaretMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188646
WalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188651
HerbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188651
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188656
Mary MMontayneDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188681
B FLeatherburyDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 188681
Thos SBeardDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188642
ClaraBeardDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188642
AlfredBaucumDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188642
FrankWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188642
Stephen RBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188644
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188645
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 188656
Nancy HClineDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188644
Alfred VBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188644
Minnie LHollerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188644
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188645
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 May 188656
LauraHarwoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188641
ElizabethMcKaySaleThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188645
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188645
Clara MAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188653
Marion FGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188653
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188656
MathiasStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 188681
ElizabethMcKaySaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188655
LidaMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jun 188682
ElizabethMcKaySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188611
ThomasJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188614
LewisDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188651
AnnaAlthoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188651
Joseph OSchofieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jun 188652
ElizabethMcKaySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188611
CarterSmileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188642
Joseph AKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188642
Jane A GiffinHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188643
Jane AGiffinDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188643
Martha ATysonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jun 188645
Dillard RDrakeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188645
Mary DowClementsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188645
FarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188645
PerryTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 188652
Geo WCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188644
NettieHathornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188644
James SebureHuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188644
Clara MarieJockellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188644
Dillard RDrakeDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 188651
MahalaJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188654
EugeneEverettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188654
CarrieMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 188654
HenryCutterDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188641
J FBristowDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 188651
SarahSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188616
WilliamMcNuttDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188616
T DSalyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188641
LouHanksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188641
GoodnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 188682
GeorgeBurroughDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188616
HunniwellHaskellDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188642
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188642
Charles WesleyMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188642
Charles WesleyMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188644
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188644
JamesGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188644
HesterGibsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188644
CraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 188645
SarahDriverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188642
MarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188642
SarahRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188642
MattieWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188646
Amie MHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188646
Nettie AWellmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188645
John WTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188645
Mary SKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188645
CharlotteOgleDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188645
Charles WesleyMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188646
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188655
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 188655
Mary SpotswoodKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188646
CharlesOgleDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188646
Mary SpotswoodHarwoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188646
JennieBoyleDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188651
AbijahSeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188651
WhitmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188651
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188651
Charles WesleyMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188656
Clara BClementsDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188682
Clara BDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 188682
Charles WMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188647
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188647
Charles WesleyMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 188656
LouisHilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188614
WilliamWatkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188614
Eliza BChaffeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188644
Eliza BKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188644
Charles WMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188657
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188655
Charles WesleyMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 188656
WatkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188615
ScottFranklinDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188641
MortonRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Ollie BRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
HiramBohannonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
LouisaBeldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
JessePearceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
MaryBoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
MortonRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Ollie BRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
William RArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
ArabedeMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
George WBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Mila ALinebackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Ada WMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Mary LLinebackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
John OWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Caddy BEastonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
AlvinMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Nannie JWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Thomas WCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
RosaDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
BrookingFugittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
SissyParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
WilliamMorganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
NannieWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
HiramBohannonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
LouisaBeldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188643
Selena EDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188651
LeviAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188652
JohnLoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188655
Charles WMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188657
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 188656
ThomasCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188614
RosaDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188614
RosaPitmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188614
Wm HMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188614
GracieLientzDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188645
Diana RHoffmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188645
Robert AInnisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188652
JennieArcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188652
EBaldwinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188652
M EHastingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188652
HenryHeiselDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188653
Charles WMitchellSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188657
AaronSturgeonEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 188657
James WHouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188614
Lizzie BKittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188614
PercyCleavlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
ClarenceLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
Mary AnnRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
Mollie AJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
Amos CWilloughbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
LizzieParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
E SPoindexterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
MaggieBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
A BMeadowsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
AbieKistnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188643
Diana RHoffmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188644
MeritBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188645
Will LGibbsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 188654
MaryBennetEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188642
ThomasWelshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
LillieFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
John RTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
JennieHyseeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
JohnBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
Phoebe EStraughanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
HarryEglestonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
IoWaldoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188651
Elkana JKennedyDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188654
McClannahanDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188653
EdColemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188653
CarrieTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188653
MeritBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 188682
John FPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188642
U PSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188642
George EdwardSieglitzDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188644
Lula FlorenceGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188644
SchroederBirthThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188645
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188645
LeeBrightwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188652
LucyWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 188652
ScottLientzDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188643
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188644
HarrietPogueDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188643
AbigailShepherdEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188647
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 188656
Henry C WMcMakinDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Edward SKernDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
ElizabethHortonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
AWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
ElmerHopkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
OpheliaBrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
CottonSheetsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Mary OCopherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Oliver P MOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
ClaraSheetsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
EllsworthCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Ida MGerardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Frank SVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
DoraSplitzgerberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
JamesWintizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
LauraThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Ellsworth BCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Ida MGerardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
James OGriedlyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
EmmaWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
John SJarvisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Mary EJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
William BPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
CarrieAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Bruce BWhithamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Mary EBocockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
DBournMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
AmieFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
WillisTravisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
NancyMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
HenryTiemannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
MaryNeihizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
CottonSheetsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Mary OCopherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
OliverOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
ClaraSheetsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Oscar WBowmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
AmadaMixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
Wm LMottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
MaryO'BrienMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188643
SusanMcClanahanSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188647
AbigailShepherdEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188652
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 188656
Phoebe AUlreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188615
FreddieClendenningDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
Will MSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
EllaLamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
Thomas STurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
Harriet LLagardeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
M DBournMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
AnnieFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
Samuel LScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
BelleHulettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
Alvie SBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
Lillie DMaskersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188644
ElizaBarkerSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188646
SarahWigelDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188651
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 188656
Julia LDelVecchioDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 188645
George WSabertonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 188645
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 188656
SamuelBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 188645
AndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188642
WilliamDalgleishDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188644
Charles SWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
Eliza JNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
Sidney MSwetmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
Anna RHearnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
JosephAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
MaggieBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
GeorgeLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
Virginia VBibbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188646
SamuelBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188645
AnnieLawsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188651
EverettShockleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 188651
Frederick LGrisardEstateVevay Democrat11 Nov 188653
SamuelBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188616
Martin AColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
RebeccaCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
Ulysses GNayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
Susan ELeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
RodolphBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
LeonraEadesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
John ASnodgrassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
AnnaDeguireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
William HHastieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
Jennie MBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
JamesLucasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
LulieWatsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
JosephKelserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
RuthShippMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188642
MaySchneitterDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188643
MayBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188643
SidneySmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188643
ZadigRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188643
OtisMillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188652
EllaMillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188652
John ASnodgrassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188652
AnnieDeguirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 188652
ZadigRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188642
MadgeRousDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188642
LoweryBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
James TDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
Anna LauraPriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
MargaretWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
MargaretFowlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
JamesLucasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
LulieWatsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
JosephKelserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
RuthShippMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
IHowarthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
MaybelFoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188643
FreddieMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188644
HarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188644
Will PSparksDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 188652
Benjamin NBartonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188642
Eliza JaneBartonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188642
JosephReddDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188642
Harriet NReddDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188642
Isaac CNewtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188644
Lucy EMcLeanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188644
WmWitherspoonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188644
IdaShaddyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188644
JamesAlexanderDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188681
JosephBeckettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188681
RobertKiddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188681
SamuelBlodgettSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 188684
Jennie BSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
MollieHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
Margaret JBoultonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
Margaret JLemonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
DavidBowinDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
William LLyonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
AlmedaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
JohnBurgessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
Emma LThomsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
Chas OSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
Rosa EWalcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188643
Catharine ClarkDurhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188652
CatharineClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188652
B FGaumerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188651
C OSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188651
RosaWalcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Dec 188651
CharlesDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
LizzieBrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
William LLyonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
MedaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
JohnButrowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Mary ERobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
RobertGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Harriet RManuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Charles OSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Rosie EWalcottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Jefferson DMcEwingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
ArbellaMcComickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
JohnBurgessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Emma LouisaThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
SherySteeleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
MaryLittlejohnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
RobertHattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
Nora TSatchwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
CharlesDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
LizzieBrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188643
JamesCulbertsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188651
GraceMcLaughlinDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188651
LizzieStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188681
FrankChurchillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188681
SamuelBlodgettSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 188684
Andrew JBoggsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188643
Eliza BMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188643
ThomasWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188643
SherrySteelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188643
MaryLittlejohnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188643
RuthAyresDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 188644
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188644
Martha LJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
John FDoanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
Lincoln LAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
OliveBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
Theophield DOakleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
Mary EDementMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
LincolnMeansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
LottieAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
Walter DArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
AnnaJockellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188643
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188645
George WDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 188651
CharlesWhitsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188741
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188744
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188744
John FDoanDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188744
EvaWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188751
RogerLoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188751
GaultDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188751
NormanJennerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188752
Alvira GLangwillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188752
Frank NKirkpatrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188752
FannieNelsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188752
James MWatersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188752
AddieRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188752
John ALoganDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 188751
George HDittgenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
Frank NKirkpatrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
FrancesNelsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
James WWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
Lillie MHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
SamuelHutchinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
Mary AnnSharpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
SamuelLauschnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
MarySuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
Walter SCarracoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
FrankieHightchenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
John AWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
Annie KWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188744
E ELongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188747
DoraCarringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188747
AlbertBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188747
LucyGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188747
AlbertTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188746
ElizabethFarrellEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188747
James WWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188746
Lillie MHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188746
GeorgeSnyderDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188751
PeterMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188751
WilliamChasseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188781
TemperanceSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 188781
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188742
Elmer EHuffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188742
Emma GraceBuckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188742
Mary AnnDeHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188744
Mary AnnGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188744
AugWintersDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188745
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188745
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
BertPatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
KatieLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
JohnSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
Anna LizzieBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
Elmer EHuffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
Emma GBuckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
SamuelLauschnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
MarySuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
SamuelHutchinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
MarySharpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
Albert SPuglseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
Etta CWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188747
NatWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188751
JohnBillingsleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188751
CarrieCloudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188751
JohnMcNuttSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188757
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188757
ElizabethFarrellEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 188784
SimpsonHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188714
Daniel RLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
DoraLeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
Harvey HBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
Mary SSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
JohnSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
Anna LizzieBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
WilliamJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
LydiaRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188741
J HenryThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188744
CarrieNashMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188744
HarveyBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188744
MarySmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188744
WilliamJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188744
LydaRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188744
Harvey HBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188743
MarySmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188743
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188745
Mary LouisaSchmiedDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188752
Mary LouisaBorelDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188752
Mary LouisaHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188752
JohnMcNuttSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188757
SarahMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jan 188757
Emma AnnHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188715
McLaneDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188743
Ruth AndrewsTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188743
WycoffBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188746
TurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188746
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188747
JohnMcNuttSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188756
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188757
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 188757
Scott BManserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
MargaretCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
ThomasJacobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
Abbie PGibonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
Charles WGrimesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
Sophia BellFloydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
GeorgeUnserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
MattieSimMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
James WEliottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
Rosa BLittellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188741
U PSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188743
CortezEwingDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188744
MargaretStaffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188746
MargaretGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188746
ThomasJacobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
Abbie PGibbensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
Charles WGrimesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
Sophia BFloydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
James WElliottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
Rosa BLittellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
Thomas EBairDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
David PAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188745
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188757
J CCorderyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188782
JohnMcNuttSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188784
W JAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 188783
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188716
Providence HWallickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
Mary BMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
JacksonShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
Martha AManuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
Irvin M DShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
IndianaColemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
Lewis JAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
LizzieLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
Wm HWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
SarahSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188742
Lou HendersonDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188743
Irvin M DShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188744
IndianaColemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188744
DickasonBirthThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188746
AlexanderHastieDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188752
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 188785
ViolaMcLaughlinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188742
Silas JMcLaughlinDivorceThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188742
William SRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
America ViolaLearingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
Laurence NTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
Mary EmmaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
George WSternsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
ElizabethWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
Joseph DRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
Maggie SOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
James ManlyCrossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
America RMcClintickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188741
Phillip ABettensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188742
LaramieDewessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188742
WilberHizerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188743
WilliamRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188743
ViolaZeringMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188743
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188745
Lewis JAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188746
LissieLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188746
George WSternsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188746
ElizabethWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188746
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 188745
Mary EShaddayDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
FoglemanShaddayDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
Joseph CDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
Annie DHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
William CShirvinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
SallieRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
Andrew WRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
Rosa BelleTibbettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188742
RobertEllisDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
Mary AnnDeHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
James ManlyCrossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
America RMcClintockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
LawrenceTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
EmmaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
Jefferson AHowardDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188744
Joseph DRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188751
Maggie SOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188751
Charles LMoredockDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188752
Mary AnnDibbleDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188751
Mary AnnDeHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188751
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188756
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188757
WoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 188782
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188716
LeslieSleetDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188742
HarryGroseDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188741
GroseDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188741
JamesPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188741
Joseph CDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188744
Annie DHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188744
GracieJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188745
SmithBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188745
Frank BRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188745
JamesWeedDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188745
Lou J HendersonDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188745
LilithPendryDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188745
David PAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188753
ParkerRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188753
PhoebaRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188753
A WRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188754
Rosa BTibbattsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188754
FrankManserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188754
Mary JMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188754
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 188755
DraperDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188716
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188716
John BHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188742
Francis MManserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Mary JaneMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
JackRaylsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
ElizabethDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
ThomasScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
ClaraMainsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
BeniahBeldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Clara IreneCarpenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Wm HStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Mary EShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Oliver MBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Mary EDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
JamesColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Mattie VGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
James IrvinBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
Anna LStileMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188741
BeniahBeldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
Clara IreneCarpenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
JamesColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
Mollie VGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
Wm MBrocksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
SusieArmingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
James HMcCannellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
SallieAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188744
JeramyColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188751
GriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188751
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 188784
EugeneScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
EdithDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
William RWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
Beulah WHymesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
Morton RStoutMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
Estella EDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
William TBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
LulieJacobyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
Willis RO'BanionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
FannieKemperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
John HSwadeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
GraceBuddeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
James AWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
PhoebeDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188741
LydiaHannaDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188744
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188745
W m HTerrillDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188782
BeniahHymesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188782
William RWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 188782
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188744
William ALailMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188743
Mary ALeClercMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188743
AuzieGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188743
BessieBersotMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188743
AnnaDeHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188752
ThomasWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188751
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 188784
ElizaBarkerEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188716
Munce EGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188741
NancyThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188741
JonathanTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188741
Munce ZGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188743
NancyThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188743
IdaBenedictDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188743
RittnourDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188746
Thomas RWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188753
Thomas AJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188757
JosiahHurbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188756
ColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188782
JohnnieMoodyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188782
AnnieDeHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 188782
LeslieMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188742
LauraMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188742
FranklinMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188742
Leora ETaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188742
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188742
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188745
MinnieLeatherburyDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188751
Lesley KMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188753
LauraMcClearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 188753
SamuelBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188747
Clarence ACraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188752
Rosa AMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188752
Albert MGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188753
Edward HRogersDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188753
Alexander SRiceDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188753
ColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188753
DanielWilcoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 188753
William SHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Mary EManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
James PWeldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
LulieHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Silas JMcLaughlinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
FannieJenningsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
GeorgeMadaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Mary MBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Clarence ACraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Rosa AMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Frederick WEichelbaumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Mary CPearceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
WilliamFranklinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
CarrieToliverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
John PurcellCarterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
Jennelle MaryThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188741
George DMadaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188742
Mary MBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188742
Fleming JSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188742
NelsonGriffithDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188742
SusanMcClanahanSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188743
Mary TMasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 188751
Hamilton SMcReaDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188742
J WGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188742
Mary EStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188744
SmelleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188744
Robert TNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188744
MaudBurkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188744
John PCarterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188744
Jenelle MaryThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188744
Eliza MDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 188752
Francis VirginiaEaglinDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188744
AnnieBovardDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188744
William GMadisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188744
JosephJockellDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188744
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188745
SusanMcClanahanSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188745
KatieCaseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188752
JosephThamannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188752
CharlesVanDorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 188751
BertholdSeeholzerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
LouisaCrawfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
GeorgeBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
Hattie AStillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
Robert HWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
MaryLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
HarryMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
SarahScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188753
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 May 188754
HoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188751
CharlesVanDorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188754
Jonathan WGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188781
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 May 188782
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188716
W OLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188715
JosephBosawDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188741
RichardColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188745
Charles DKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188751
EloinePattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 188751
MarchDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188741
GilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188741
AmieNelsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188743
Florence ICrouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188743
Charles DPostelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188743
DacillaAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188743
Andrew JPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188743
Mary EmmaThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188743
BudBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188745
CarrieShepherdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188745
AmieNelsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188751
Florence ICrouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188751
Andrew JPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188751
Mary EmmaThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188751
Arthur JWilkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188751
PerleRousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188751
OliveBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188753
IreneAldrichDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188753
GilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188753
MarchDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188753
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 188784
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188716
Oliver DCunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188743
Annie CCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188743
CharlesSchmiedDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188744
McElfreshDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188752
Oliver DCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
Anna CCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
CharlesPostelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
DucillaAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
JaneMarshDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
MortonPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
MarthaHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 188753
Charles OliverWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188743
Alma AOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188743
HoraceEddyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188743
Eugenia MSchenckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188743
George LHowardDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188744
AlbertWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188744
CharlesSchmiedDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188751
FrankColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188754
JohnHouzeSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 188782
John WCrandallDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188741
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188745
MortonPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
MarthaHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Oliver DCunninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Anna CCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Charles OliverWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Alma AOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Virgil MCoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Mary ElizabethJumpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
William AndersonCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
Cora AnnBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
WilliamVanDorinDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 188751
WilliamWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188741
MaggieArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188741
Joseph CLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188741
AlfeoriaHamptonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188741
John HMcCarterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188741
BettieEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188741
WilliamWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188742
MaggieArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188742
Joseph CLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188742
AlforiaHamptonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188742
AnnBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188744
John WCrandallDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188744
ThomasArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188745
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188745
J WCrandallDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 188752
SusannahVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188714
SusannahColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188714
AnnBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188715
WellsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188743
David ASmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188743
AnnBlodgettDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188743
AnnFarowDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188743
ThomasArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188743
LucySeymourDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188744
LucyHicksDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188744
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188745
ThomasArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 188752
ClayLeatherberyDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
C LKeeneDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
SamuelAndresMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
OpheliaTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
Thomas JBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
JuliaEdmonsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
J HMcCabeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
BeatriceEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
WilliamFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
Ida GFitchenerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188743
Thomas JBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
JuliaEdmonsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
WilliamFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
Ida GFichtnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
SamuelAndresMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
OpheliaTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188745
AnnBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 188782
John WBaxterDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188716
A BHainesDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188742
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188744
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188744
WilliamGleenDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188743
HeathBirthThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188745
Sallie DOtterDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188752
A DGoldsmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 188752
AnnBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188717
HogeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188746
MerritDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188746
James WWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Mary BellMinorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
William GKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Sarah MJosephMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Lewis ACainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Carrie AShortMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
CatharineGivenDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Mary MMadaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Mary MBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 188745
Mary MMadaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188715
Mary MBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188715
AnnBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188717
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188742
JohnGillDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
James WWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Mary DellMinorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
John WarnerHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Amanda BellCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Wm GKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Sarah MargaretJosephMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Lewis ACainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Carrie AShortMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Edward MJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
HessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
John WilsonGlennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
Nancy ClarindaRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
JamesMoirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
HannahSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188743
JamesMoirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188746
HannahSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188746
John BGordonSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188745
JohnGlennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188753
NancyRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188753
JasMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188753
HannahSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188753
ElizaMcLainDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188753
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 188782
RichardGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188745
May MJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188745
WilliamMountsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188745
AnnieThatcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188745
Harriet BGraceEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188753
John ABrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188753
EmmaClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188753
ArmourStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188781
John BGordonSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188782
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 188782
PhebeWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188745
NancyColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188745
Lewis ACainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188746
Carrie AShortMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188746
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188745
ElizabethMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188782
John BGordonSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 188783
ClaraSloanDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188751
ClaraRobbinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188751
JohnLickingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188751
AliceMcLainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188751
E HBascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188781
JennieMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188781
E HBascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188782
OrphiaEdwardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188781
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188782
John BGordonSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 188783
Edward HBascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
Jennie LMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
John HiramCornsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
IdaMcMillenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
Lewis VLeachmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
AlmiraGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
WilliamBungerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
Margaret LDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
JohnBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
AlvinaScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
Raphael CSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
Dollie SSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
AlonzoSturgeonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
EffieBiggersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
Geo LTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
ViolaGertomillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188742
IdaMcClellanDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188745
Allie CLanhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188745
JohnBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188745
AlvinaScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188745
WmBungerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188745
LulaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188745
HenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188752
RichardsBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188751
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188782
John BGordonSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 188783
GriffithDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188744
JuliaJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188744
BoggsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188744
HenrySimpsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188744
Charles WMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
TobithaHenryDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
TobithaRobertsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
John IHenryDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
John RMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
Ollie SCurryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
Davenport SLockwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
Nina BCrutcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
ClarenceMcClellanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
OrenaScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188743
AngieGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188744
Charles WMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188745
SallieJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188781
SallieMontgomeryDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188781
ElizaHunterEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188782
John BGordonSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 188783
Newlin DVaughnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188744
FloraBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188744
J RMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188744
Ollie SCurryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188744
Mary JDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188745
AmericaSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188745
SamuelDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188745
HollerDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188745
JohnHammellDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188751
Charles WMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 188782
JohnCarneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188741
OscarLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188741
CarrieRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188741
BruceOaksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188741
CarrieBroganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188741
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188745
NettieBarrettDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188752
Mary AnneLorchDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188752
Charles WMitchellEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 188782
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188742
ElizabethMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
EdithFurneauxDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188744
EdithHerrickDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188744
FerdinandCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
Mary JMorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
JasperGoodnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
Anna EElfersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
James MGauntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
Sallie LCainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188743
FerdinandCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188744
IndianaFishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188744
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188745
HessieBuckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188753
JunePeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188753
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 188782
A RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188715
OliveCliffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188715
JunePeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188715
HessieBuckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188715
Benjamin FranklinHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188742
Martha EllenMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188742
William SFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188742
Mollie DLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188742
Elhanan WShuffDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188743
Benj FHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188747
Martha EMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188747
ZachariahColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188753
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188782
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188783
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 188783
JohnHaggardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188742
SallieSalyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188742
CharlesBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188742
Martha MWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188742
Dixie PGexDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188743
IndianaColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188743
MarthaLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188743
LucyLivingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188743
LucyNortonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188743
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188782
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 188783
Jesse VOakleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188753
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 188782
AnnaWoollenDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188716
AugustineStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188741
CharlesHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
NarcissaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
Elmer EJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
RachelWashmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
BlantonBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
JennieSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
William AStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
Maggie CJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
Albert CO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
AnnaMeffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
ErastusSuterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
SallieO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
Ulysses GOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
Cora ECarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
CorneliusBurnsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
MarselliaPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
Harry CShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
JosieLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
William LMennetMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
RillieNorisezMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
BlantonBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
JennieSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188751
RobertSchofieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188752
MargaretDittgenDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 188754
IsaacMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
James RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
EllaCorsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
SylvesterWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
Strilla CChittendenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
DayLesterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
OlivaWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188741
R JOwensDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188743
Mollie BeldenColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188743
IndianaAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 188754
AmieBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188741
SamuelBowenDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188741
William EHunterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188741
Delia AMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188741
John NHodgesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188741
Nancy AHortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188741
ThomasOgleDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188743
BelindaKellyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188743
HinsonBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188743
CarrDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 188754
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188744
JackieGoodnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188743
ArthurAbbottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188743
LottieScrantonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188743
William JDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188743
KatieSchaunlauwMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188743
William JDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188745
KatieSchaunlauwMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188745
JohnHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188745
BelleHolmesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188745
ElizabethColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188745
JosephCowanDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188745
Oliver GWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188782
Mollie ATibbalsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188782
Alfred ABedgoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 188782
BourneDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188714
KitsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188714
William MRoseberryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188743
Maggie JKaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188743
WilliamDawsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188743
MinnieLigonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188743
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188745
RobertJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188751
CatharineHigginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188751
WilliamDawsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188751
MinnieLigonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188751
JohnSchnatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188751
CarrieManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188751
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 188786
WilliamPinkertonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188741
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188745
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188751
JohnMcNuttEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 188782
DunningBirthThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188745
SimeonHicksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188751
DoraMorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188751
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 188753
WilliamWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
MaryPalmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
John WMoxleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
Phebie ENaveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
Nathan AVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
WilliamTwinehamDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
JenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188751
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 188782
E WMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188715
InezFieldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188715
Emlen PDangladeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
AbbieAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
Oliver P MWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
Alma LNortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
Charles BSeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
LenaVannatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
James RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
ViolaPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188742
LewisThatcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
E JRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
JaneKinderDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
Oliver P MWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
Alma LHortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
EmmaRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
EmmaDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188751
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 188753
George HDitchenDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
ThomasRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Thomas JBairDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
JamesPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Smith JBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
CorkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
IdaBenedictDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
ElizabethColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
DanielWilcoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Fleming JSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
HartfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Eliza MDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Francis VEglinDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
JosephJockellDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
WmRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
JaneMcCorkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
ThomasMcCorkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
JosephBosawDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Olive MBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
CharlesSchmiedDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
CharlesJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
MarshalTraviceDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Jesse JDayDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
ThomasArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
LongDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Sallie DOtterDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
SmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
LeonaBurgeDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
PhebieWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
LizziePetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
BoggsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
AmericaSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
MaryLorchDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
SammieCheatumDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Jesse VOakleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
DitchenDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
NettieWakefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
HinsonBrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
BelindaKellyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
AmieBennetDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
GordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
LillieJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
EmmaRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
William DBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
Margaret EBrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
GlenSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
LouMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
AlexanderSuttonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
SusieCalvertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
HenryDillmooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
JennieFletcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188842
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188844
Emma DRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188851
Emma DDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 188851
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188843
James AMonroeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188843
Priscilla WBowenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188843
HenryYatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188843
MaryNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188843
LouisiaHoffmyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188843
F WMarquettDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188844
OvidStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 188852
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188816
MargaretScholleEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188844
James JBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188844
IndianaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188844
CephaliusBranhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188844
CharlotteBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188844
JacobBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188843
James JBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188851
IndianaAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188851
Emeline BBledsoeDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188853
CharlesWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 188853
MargaretScholleEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188815
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188816
MargaretScholleEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188843
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188843
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188844
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188844
John HDiermillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188844
AnnaGramerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188844
Samuel BMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188844
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188852
Jacob EVandiverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188852
MarthaAndressMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188852
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 188852
HotchkissBirthThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188815
JacobVandiverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188815
MarthaAndersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188815
MargaretScholleEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188816
Samuel BMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188844
WilliamGlennDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188846
HamiltonLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188846
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188846
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188847
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 188847
RichardsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188814
Edward TDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188816
HenryMatheyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188844
Loring SStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Nannie MMadisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
James APriorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Carrie LVanHoutenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
RobertSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Catherine LSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Martie BHoffstadtMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Martha ERobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
KinneyPerryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
IlaSuapeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Alva BLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Minnie PDaviesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188843
Loring SStoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188845
Nannie MMadisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188845
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188847
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188847
DickRussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188845
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 188852
JamesSniderDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188814
CarrieVanHoutenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188815
PryorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188815
Merit HRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188842
MariaTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188842
William FKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188842
AliceParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188842
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188846
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188847
Merit HRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
MariaTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
Charles ESabertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
ElizabethWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
John HPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
AnnaLittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
William FKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
AliceParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188845
CorneliusColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188851
AgnessLangwillDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 188851
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188843
ElizabethRomerillEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188843
PollyShaddayEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188843
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188843
DanielMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188843
Harmon BBaxterEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188843
BelleSheetsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
Charles ESabertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
ElizabethWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
John H CPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
Anna LLittellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
RobertFarrerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
CoraKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188846
GeorgaBatesDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188845
JnoCopelandDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188845
PriorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188852
CarrieVanHoutenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188852
ElzoraGibbsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188852
RobertFarrarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188851
CoraKrutzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188851
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188855
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 188856
EstherSchwabDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188844
Augustus ESmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188844
JosephCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
Nancy JStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
EstherSchwabEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
George WHeadyEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
SamuelBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
Dillard RDrakeEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
Oliver PCainEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
RebeccaPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
John FDoanEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
IdaCornsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
JohnCornsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188843
Wesley MGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
ChatherlesStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
Charles ELemmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
Mary SChittendenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
Robert IStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
Lillian HVaughanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
LewisButtsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
IanthaVoriesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188846
Robert IStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188845
Lillian HVaughanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188845
JohnStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188845
JosieEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188845
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Mar 188856
Amanda CWindhizerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
JamesWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
TedCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
MollieJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
Abraham RBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
OralCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
JohnStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
JosephineEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
GeorgeGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
OllieWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
TedCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
MollieJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188843
EmmaMilesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
AntonyMilesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
Rosanna JSearcyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
Stephen JSearcyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
Jane BWorksDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
AddisonWorksDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
EstherSchwabEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
Samuel BHydeEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188851
MahalaLarisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188853
SearcyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Mar 188853
JosephCowenEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Mar 188847
JosephCowenEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188814
PrestonWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188844
JuliaPennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188844
William HTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188844
LucillaRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188844
Calvin LDoddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188844
Eva EHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188844
LucretiaBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188845
Charles TTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Mar 188851
James DLairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188843
Sarah ARileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188843
Anna C ScottMagloneDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188852
JohnGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188852
CraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188854
JosephCowenEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Mar 188856
Philip CAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188844
EllieBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188844
AugustineStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Apr 188843
JohnGriffinDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188816
ChristenaCraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188847
JamesHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Apr 188854
James WHillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188844
Calla BReeseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188844
George LJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188854
Lillie MStoopMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188854
James WHillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188854
Calla BReesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Apr 188854
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188841
FredDishDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188844
AlfredTappEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188845
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188845
ElizabethWaldenEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188845
JohnKerrDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
MargaretScholleEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188845
RosettaCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188845
John SMeadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
Clara EHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
JamesNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
Letha JSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
GrantWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
AmericaWoldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
Granville GBaileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
Hallie LHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
George WMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
Ella NoraSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
William JWhittonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
IdaNewtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188847
Wm GDeHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188845
William HDalgleishDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Apr 188852
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188843
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188843
AaronWindheaizerEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188843
Squire HGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188844
Clara EVanosdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188844
Squire HGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188847
Clara EVanosdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188847
Mary EVanosdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188853
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 May 188855
MargaretMcMakinEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
Jno BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
ArthurEfnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
NewburryGleasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
John FPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188843
OwenPerkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188846
Mary AChapinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188846
WalterJenningsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188846
Anna BShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188846
Anthony KBrinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188847
WilliamGloverDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188855
Wilford LowryWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188855
NettieBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188855
ElizaDemareeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188855
George WNealDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188855
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188882
HulleyGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188884
LizzieVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188884
Elizabeth VanOsdolSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 May 188883
ColumbusBennettEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
JohnRodgersEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
ElizabethBrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
Benjamin FGravesEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
WesleyAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
MarthaLeapEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
ElizabethMyersDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
Charles EMyersDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
CharlesHenryDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
NarcissaHenryDivorceThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188843
Ira BMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188845
Julia AJagersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188845
William EStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188845
Estella MJackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188845
Anthony KBrinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188854
EdithChittendenDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188853
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 May 188882
ChristopherNolleEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188842
AlfredTappEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188842
JosephRutherfordEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188842
JosephCurryDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188844
JohnFisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188843
WilliamCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188844
SheetsDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188844
I BMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188844
JuliaJagersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188844
Anthony KBrinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188846
Wm EStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188855
EstellaJackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 May 188855
Content LouisaHastingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188842
Anthony KBrinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 May 188846
JohnFisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188847
William BDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188847
AlfredDunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188847
HannahCarverDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188852
AlbinaSpencerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jun 188881
DellsStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jun 188852
William EKempleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
Annie BBallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
EddieThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
MinnieEngelkeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
Oliver P MWorksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
AnnieAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
HenryJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
Lillie FOakleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
JamesFergusonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188843
CharlesCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jun 188853
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188844
FisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188851
WalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188851
AnnieFishDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jun 188855
Clyde AHardenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188844
Sarah LCarterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188844
John FWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188845
RachelSigmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188845
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Jul 188847
EllaLanhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188844
WalterClementsDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188844
Wm AThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188844
JuliaEldredMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188844
John FWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188844
HumphreyVawterDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188846
Jesse ECooleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188854
Bessie BJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188854
Ira MStillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188854
Lucy EBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188854
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Jul 188883
HarveyGoddardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188841
Cora ELacyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188841
Ellison MMcGuireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188841
Aletha JHattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188841
HarryGoddardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188843
CoraLaceyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188843
Clara CSimmonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188843
ButlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188843
GarretKelsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188843
FlorenceMunnDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188843
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188846
FordDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188852
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Jul 188883
Mary E ToddHattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188844
Sarah BFisherSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188845
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jul 188883
MaggieRossDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
Clara FrancesThuenemannDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
JosephMcCaskeyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
ColinMcNuttDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
RossDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
OrrDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
HarryCliftonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
Mary MRomandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
Daniel WSpannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
Laura CArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
JeffersonSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
JaneLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188844
HallBirthThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188845
Sarah BFisherSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188845
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Aug 188883
IsaacHannaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188852
IndianaRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188852
ThosBaileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188852
NannieBramletteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188852
Sarah BFisherSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188853
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Aug 188883
ClarissaAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188846
Colombiae MKesslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188845
ChistoperWisemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188845
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188846
AnnBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188846
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
AnnBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
Franklin GHickmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
Nancy JMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
Benjamin FBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
RosaReamerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
Joseph WReddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
EmalineSabertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
Joseph CBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
MaggieBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188854
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Aug 188883
Charles EJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188846
AnnBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188846
Sarah BFisherSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188855
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Aug 188883
Richard MCaldwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
AckiaBrambletteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
James HGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
Sarah AWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
Frank V WColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
Susan MHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
Edgar HSnetcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
Addie ELewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
John LSearcyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
AnnaHainesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188844
Francis WColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188846
Sussie MHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188846
JohnMcCormicDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188853
CliffordBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188853
Louis OSchroederDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188853
HarrietSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188853
AnnBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Sep 188856
Charles HDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
Estella VHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
MiltonPennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
PhebeBurtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
HarrisonChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
Pruda LMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
Lyman BSlawsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
Electa EMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188852
Geo FSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188851
KateArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188851
John HAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188851
LockwoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188853
FerdLuckDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Sep 188853
Henry MFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188845
CharlesPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188845
Robert DFoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188845
LockwoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188845
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188846
AllanCorransMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188852
LizzieSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188852
Lyman BSlawsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188852
Electa EMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Sep 188852
AllenCorransMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188844
Elizabeth LSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188844
Lincoln MJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188844
Sarah EPetitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188844
James AAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188844
Susannah KManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Sep 188844
Edward EricElfersDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188846
Thomas JRussellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
ImogeneDyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
FrankShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Lucy NFarwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
WillieBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
LucyMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
John LEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
EllaWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Lauer JButlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
KateLanninghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
George TBledsoeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Lucy ADouglessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
JasperNoelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Martha JHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
William LWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Amy BMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Charles WClemensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
EmmaTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188845
Mary EGriffithDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Thos JGriffithDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Martha IBearDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
John RBearDivorceThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
ElizabethWaldenEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
John FPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
JeffreyMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
JohnHarmonEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
AlexFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
James FBistowEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
BarachStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Merit HBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Mary JDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
R FGrisardEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Stephen RBradleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
ZachariahColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
AlfredTappEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
AnnBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
MarshCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
John BScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
PhillipMuretEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
WmLeeEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
RebeccaPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
ChristopherNollEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188852
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Oct 188883
George WParkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188852
Lillie CFarrerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188852
William HScothornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188852
Sarah CBrinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188852
William EBenedictMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188852
KateTruittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188852
TonyFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188853
DavidAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188853
George MGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188853
DavidLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188853
ColombineKesslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188853
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Oct 188883
John TClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188846
NoraBurroughsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188846
JohnBowieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188852
EmmaBoswellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188852
John TClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188852
NoraBurroughsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188852
Fred SBakesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188852
MayJayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188852
CeliaJamesDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188853
CottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188853
LawrenceTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188853
MarthaHinmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188853
FreemanAldrichDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188853
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Oct 188883
Mary GDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188847
Mary GPaveyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188847
Sarah JWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188847
Sarah JMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188847
LouisDralleDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188847
HarryMainsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
Abbie AHysellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
MarionChandlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
Nancy JCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
IraScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
Emma DMungerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
GrantMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
Estella EDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Oct 188851
Thomas FCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188852
LucyDelanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188852
Newton MVanOsdolMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188852
ClaraVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188852
David TWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188852
Lillie MWaldoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Nov 188852
Charles DKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
DellaRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
Michael SSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
Myrtle EWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
Lewis RHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
AdellieCorneliusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
WilliamRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
LouisiaSwansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
John WGribbensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
LucySullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
ThomasMoodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
AnnieDuncanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
JohnGerbrachtMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
Mollie DPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188844
VorisBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Nov 188847
Gardner PNashMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188847
MinnieBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188847
J WesleyColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188847
Mary ECooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188847
Mary JaneAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188847
Frank CPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188846
LullieSlackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188846
UlyssesStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188846
LillieMorillionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188846
JohnKigerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188846
Lillie PMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Nov 188846
HenryBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
Louisa MLaughridgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
David ACanseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
Alice KEwingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
JacksonStricklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
MollieBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
Erwin DDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
Lucinda MHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
EugeneRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
Sallie BLockwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188844
FannyHopkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188851
PrentisDriskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188851
EmmaGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Nov 188851
JamesBournDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188814
WmLostutterEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
MarthaLeapEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
CarolineGoochEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
EstherSchwabEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
Louis OSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
Nancy JStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
CarolineGoochEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
CarolineAshEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188842
AlbertSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
AddieVincentMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
RobertHerdonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
JennieLyonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
Victor FWayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
LenaCoghillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
Benjamin DKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
Mary APlatzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
John EPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
Nannie JTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188841
LawrenceTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188846
Louis OSchoederEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Nov 188846
MaryBlackburnDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188844
Joseph HClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
LillianMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
Mundey MFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
Mariam MFortnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
MartinShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
Lucy BLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
AbramScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
LeniSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
GeorgeGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188843
LawrenceTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188842
AmericaSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188842
LawrenceTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188846
LouisaPattieDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188852
WilliamBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188852
LogginsBirthThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188853
MartinShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188853
LucyLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188853
ValentineBirthThe Vevay Reveille06 Dec 188853
HughMeansDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188844
McCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188844
JamesStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188844
CatherineGerrardDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188844
WilliamBrindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188843
SusanMcClanahanEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188843
CarolineGoochEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188843
AnnBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188843
LawrenceTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188846
LawrenceTaylorSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Dec 188855
LydiaRowinDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188815
Newton JWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
AnnieCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
SimpsonMixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
Alice MNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
William BPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
Mary AElfersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
HenryJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
SelenaLittrelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
EdwardWygantMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
IdaRochatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
William BAshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
Mary OBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188842
W PEadsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188841
DavidAllenEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
AlexanderFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
LawrenceTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
Martha AHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
Eliza JBurnsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
AddisonWorksDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
Jane BWorksDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188843
Eliza JBurnsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188845
CatherineGerrardDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188852
Julia AMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188852
CrossBirthThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188853
LibbieHolmesDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188857
WilliamEakinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188857
LawrenceTaylorSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188856
Louis OSchoederEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Dec 188857
MamieHatchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188842
RobertKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188842
Louis OSchoederEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188854
JohnLittlefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188855
HannahBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188855
MargaretNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188855
JonathanMcMakinDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188855
AnnaMcCrackinDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188855
AnnaColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Dec 188855
Eliza JBurnsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188911
George WMarlettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
Nettie JMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
Thomas WBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
Lillie GHewittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
Oliver JGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
Laura BStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
Edwin RMeadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
NannieOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188934
AlbertRussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
S BMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
DoddDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
TandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
DickRussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
SarahSchwabDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
AWindheizerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
ScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
JamesSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
NettieBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
JosephCurryDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
ElizaJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
WmDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
JamesFergusonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
NettieWashingtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
KerthDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
RachelSigmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
J FWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
ClaraSimmonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
ClaraButlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
Joseph McCaskeyGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
Clara FThuenemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
ColombineKesslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
Mary LHathornDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
CharlesJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
JohnMcCormicDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
CliffordBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
LouisSchroederDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
HarrietSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
EadsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
CharlesPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
PerleOsbornDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
CharlesGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
EstellaSmeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
Charles JOtterDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
ToneyFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
DavidAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
UrnieOsbornDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
LouisDralleDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
MarguretHolcroftDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
LouisaPattieDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
CatherineGerrardDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
TandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
PrestonEadsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
HannahBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188933
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188936
Robert AJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 188955
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188912
Eliza JBurnsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188911
JohnLittlefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188913
LouisWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
MargaretCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
Levi HSeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
Alice DBrinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
ErnestKorbinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
Kate MThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
CharlesPicketMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
SophiaScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
Peter JSchaeferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
Mary CStreuterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
WmChaffeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
MatthewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188933
GardnerBirthThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188935
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 188962
John KPyeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188912
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188911
WalterWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188913
WilliamLawrenceDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188941
SarahSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188942
SarahHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188942
CharlesPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188944
SophiaScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188944
SarahHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 188943
JacksonLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 188944
HannahBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 188916
HannahBrownSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188916
ThomasArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188942
EphraimWilliamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188944
AliceJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188944
John APhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188944
JosephineRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188944
AllenReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188944
Angie NAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188944
James HCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188943
William PEadsEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188945
RubyWeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188951
DowneyBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188951
BruceMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188951
AnnaBurgessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188951
John APhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
JosephineRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
Henry CHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
M BHattonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
Robert BMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
AnnaBurgessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
AllenReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
Angie NAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188952
VantieRaperDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188982
JosieRaperDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 188982
Harry LJayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
Mary EMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
George SWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
MattieColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
GreenOwenDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
J EWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
AnnaBrowinskiMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188943
AgnesFoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188945
MarionRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188952
Mary ORichardsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188952
JosephRichardsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188952
Essie AHundleyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188952
Benj FHundleyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188952
HiramFromanSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 188953
JustineSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188942
DavidWeaverDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188941
JaneDrummondDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
NathanWaldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
JustineSchenckDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
DavidMcCormickDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
Jackson PSearcyEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
MaryBennettEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
PhoebeMeadEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
Ealy AHowardEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
RobertStearmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
SamBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188943
HiramFromanEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
George WLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
Malissa JBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
Joseph DCousinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
Ninnie MFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
GeorgeWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
MattieColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188945
WilliamGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188953
HiramFromanSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 188953
HaystetteBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
AlmaBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188943
JonathanCunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
NelsonCooperDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188943
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
Ulysses PSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
CoraMcGrewDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
Charles OMcGrewDivorceThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188944
ArmstrongBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188946
JeanBoyleDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188945
Thomas RCallahanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188946
AngelineWebberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188946
Geo RJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188946
Lizzie AHortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188946
CharlesBrooksDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188951
JamesBrooksDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188951
Marcus CWalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188951
RayHoldcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188952
DavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188952
WilliamGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 188955
StephenEllisEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Laura DJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Whit HVaniceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
LizzieTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
John AChittendenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Hattie ADavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
AndrewSailerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
JennieStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Harry KPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Sallie EThawleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
William MBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Mary EPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Will WLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
SusieDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188942
Thomas JWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188944
EmmaRitenourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188944
James OMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188944
AnnaWestMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188944
Thomas JJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188943
StephenEllisEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188944
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188946
JaneThurstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188952
JaneBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188951
HattieJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188951
JaneThurstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188951
WilliamGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 188955
NancyHuntDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
MarkSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
ThomasGriffithDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
John PNealDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
SallyTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
PollyMontayneDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
PollyHentryDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
Thomas JWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188943
Emma CRittenourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188943
Rodolph FGrisardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188943
Mary GYongeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188943
HarryPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
SallieThawleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
Rodolph FGrisardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
Mary GYongeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188944
JosephSchoopmireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188951
EllaVorhoesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188951
IcephineFiskDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188953
AaronJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188954
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188956
JohnStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 188982
Thomas WWoollenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188944
Nellie LouryHarveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188944
Charles CGillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188943
NettieDangladeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188943
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188946
Martha JCainDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188952
BetseyPhillipsDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188952
BenAlbroDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188953
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 188954
Andrew LMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
CatherineLaRueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
Charles BFultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
EudoraSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
Peter RLostutterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
Eliza JSimmonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
WilliamThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
AnnMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
John JAthaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
AliceWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188941
ConradVanDuzenDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188944
Francis JosephGrenatDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188944
Philip HollandWakefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188944
EnochDrakeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188946
WmThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188951
AnnaMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188951
Robert Leon VorheesEaleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188952
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188954
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 188981
ElmerReevesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
LuluMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
Jacob MWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
JennieBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
George MBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
LettieEadsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
Scott MPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
ChristineRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
Wm HLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
Etta MWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
Jas WChittendenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
EllaShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188941
JasperBlodgetDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188943
ScottPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188945
ChristineRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188945
Wm HLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188945
Etta MWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188945
GracieEssmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188945
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188946
BlodgetDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188951
Will HLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188951
EttaWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188951
JasperBlodgetDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188953
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 188981
J WJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188944
C OWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188944
Louis OSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188945
JosephCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188945
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188946
John TOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
AllieColliersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
FletcherBurressMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
MaryAndrewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
MortWhittamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
Clara BRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
ElmerReevesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
JuliaMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
Caroline PSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
JohnLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
Emeline MelickMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188952
George WHawthornDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
SarahBellamyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188951
JohnKonkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188952
James FBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 188981
William HScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188944
Lottie AOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188944
MortWhittamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188944
Clara BRichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188944
AbrahamWilliamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188945
WilliamKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188945
Lou GrenatCameronDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188945
LouGrenatDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188945
JohnKoncleEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188951
JosephCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188954
Louis OSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188971
Alexander BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 188974
Louis OSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188912
JosephCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188915
William TKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188942
NathanWaldenDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188944
JonathanMilesEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188944
JohnBeattyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188944
SusanBeattyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188944
George WFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188943
ElleLacockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188945
A CConawayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188945
JohnKoncleEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188946
George WFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 188952
JohnKoncleEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188912
CarleyBascomDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
Thomas GReevesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
PearceDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
WilliamHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188943
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
DavidAllenEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
JamesBristowEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
JoshuaSmithsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
AlexFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
AnthonyBrinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
Nancy JStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
C WOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
JStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
LewellaDeppeAdoptionThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
Lewella DeppePlewAdoptionThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
Eliza BRaylDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
JohnRaylDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188944
BessieMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188946
SmithBirthThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188945
CoonAyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188956
Rebecca CoffenMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 188981
LouisChapmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
PhileanKiethMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
Jessie VMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
Minnie BFarrerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
ElizabethTappEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
JosephCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
Louis OSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
JohnLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
ElizabethPhillipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
JustineSchenckEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
EmilyLoefllerAdoptionThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
Emily LoefllerKehlenbeckAdoptionThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
NelsonTarboxEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
JacobBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
JennieScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
CharlesPostelDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
DrucillaPostelDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
ElizabethWaldenEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188944
JohnKerrSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188946
JohnLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188946
ElizabethPhillipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188946
PleasantLittlejohnDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188945
Carley HBascomDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188951
LewisHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188951
Thomas GaryReevesDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188952
LewisHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 188953
CatharineMitchellDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188944
D NHaydonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188944
Mary EWorrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188944
LuteKelsoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188943
John KHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188943
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188946
JohnKerrSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188946
F BArnoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188945
Anna LBeardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188945
AmbroseCoatneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188945
AmandaShieldsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188945
JesseMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188952
MinnieFarrarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188952
KelsoDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188952
AlexanderTagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188952
JohnLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188955
ElizabethPhillipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188956
JohnLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 188956
JohnLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188911
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188916
ElizabethPhillipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188915
LeviMcCannDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188943
JacobConnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188944
Emma VMendellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188944
Rosa GibbsLeatherburyDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188945
RosaGibbsDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188945
LewisHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188945
Margaret JaneMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188945
H JAbbettDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188952
David NHaydonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
Mary EWorrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
JacobConnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
Emma VMendellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
Richard HBrebbermanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
Elizabeth MWellenkampMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
John WAndrewMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
Mary EMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188953
JohnKerrSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188981
JohnLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 188983
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188916
ElizabethPhillipsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188915
Thomas DCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188946
Ella MGestMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188946
MaxGenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188946
Jessie BWorstellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188946
SamuelButlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188946
StewartBirthThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188951
WolcottBirthThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188951
John WAndrewMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
Mary IMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
William AChittendenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
KateHariganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
MaxGenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
Jessie BWorstellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
HenryCurryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
Katie CHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
HarveySampleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
FlorenceMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
Thomas DCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
Ella MGestMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188953
JohnKerrSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188981
JohnLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 188983
SarahShaferDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188946
CharlesHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188946
StowBirthThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188952
PerryGilchristDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188951
William HKeeneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
HattieJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
AlbertCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
Eliza BMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
Morton JBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
Fannie MRichterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
George WMcClellandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
Sarah AClossenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 188956
George CraigPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 188946
BenNealDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 188945
Anna WaltzLittlejohnDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 188951
BowmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 188956
HollcroftDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 188956
ZacariahMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188944
CatharineSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188944
George WRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188944
Amanda CWindheizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188944
AlexanderMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188944
OllieJohnstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188944
George CPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188943
NoblePerryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188945
LenaDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188945
ClarrisaColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188946
LeonardSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188945
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188946
Samuel JLewisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188945
George CPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188951
LittlejohnDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188953
WaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 188953
RoxaWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
AnnMalinDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
John DGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
SallyGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
JosephJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
RhodaBrowningDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
CarolineBerrymanDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
Israel WDunnDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
HelvetiaDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
MarceliusDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
CorneliaClarksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
JeremiahWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188942
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188944
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188946
NoblePerryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188945
LenaDouglassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188945
FestusMoreheadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188945
Grace LeeSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188945
ClarrisaColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188946
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188946
Edwin MLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188945
Emma MWoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188945
HenryMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188951
BelleAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188953
Edwin GrantConklinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 188953
John BGrantEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188915
Wesley MCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188941
Mary AMerrillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188941
LeviSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188945
WesleyCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188945
Mary AMerrillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188945
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188946
FrankPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188954
ClarrisaColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 188982
William JKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188945
Levi ASedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188945
ElmerLemmonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188945
JohnKerrEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188946
Henry CPettyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188951
ElizaStarkeyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188951
Wm JKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188981
LeviSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188981
ClarrisaColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 188982
HenryWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188943
B CLepperDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188943
TunnemanBirthThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188945
LeahPlattDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188945
LeviSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188952
George WDorseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188954
MarySmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188954
William JCunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 188954
JohnPeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188944
BruceGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188944
MalindaLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188944
Fred CKoonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188944
Mary MArcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188944
Levi ASedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188946
AnnaPeakDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188951
AnnaWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 188951
Courtland EWhitsitDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188914
ThomasEadsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188944
Mary ERichmondMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188944
Harvey FLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188944
FlorenceHinesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188944
AbsolemSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188944
Nancy AWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188944
Levi ASedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188954
MaryCowenDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188954
MamieEtheringtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 188953
William HWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 188945
Annie EPerryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 188945
William IGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 188945
Nancy MHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 188945
Levi ASedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 188946
JamesDuncanDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 188954
William JKeeneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188942
J NWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188944
BenjaminJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188944
Nannie EDuvallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188944
William WCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188944
Lulu EDrakeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188944
JamesCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188946
LoulieDrakeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188946
JaneSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 188954
James RWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 188942
AliceHankinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 188942
William JKeeneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 188946
Phebe JSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 188951
Levi ASedamEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 188954
AbrahamShipmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 188954
William HWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Zella JVaughnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Robert BBanesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Elizabeth BGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
EmersonScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Margaret AGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Joseph MLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Annie EWhitmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
JohnBoyleDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
DavidBlodgettDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
John HEllisDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
Joshua MScrantonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188945
William JKeeneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188946
GrovalineMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 188951
MikeFriedmannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188943
Florence MKincaidMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188943
Joseph MLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188943
AnnaWhitmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188943
GrovelinaMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188944
WilliamFeslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188944
WilliamShermanDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188943
JeanBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188946
J MLientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188951
AnnieWhitmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188951
Joshua MScrantonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188954
JohnBoyleDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 188953
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
MarthaHindmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
WilliamLawrenceEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
WilliamBrindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
William PEadsEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
JeanBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
JohnBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
Jacob FLeatherberyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
Martha ACainEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
StephenEllisEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
Sarah BFisherEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
Lizzie BGoldsmithEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
DavidAllenEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
JaneThurstonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188942
John WTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
Anna MGaudiaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
Michael PGoughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
AnnieDunnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
John TLynnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
Nannie EWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
TheophilusMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
Iona JMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
John MDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
Mary ESedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188943
ClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188944
JeanBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188946
William HWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188945
Zella JVaughnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188945
William PEadsEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 188945
DoraSheltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188944
JamesHouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188944
BettieBramletteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188944
Robert LThorpeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188944
HattieJettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188944
JohnBoyleDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
EdHastingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
William WHustonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
David PBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
GrovalinaMeadEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
John BGordonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188943
JeanBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188946
JohnBoyleSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188945
Levi ASedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188945
David PBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188945
William WHustonEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188945
William PEadsEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 188945
Henry SStucyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
Edith BStucyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
Stephen JSearcyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
RosannaSearcyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
DanielMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
William CKincaidEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
CarolineGoochEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188942
DoraSheltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
JonasMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
William TBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188943
RoseldaStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188943
James GPerryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188943
MaryVistonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188943
CatherineFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
TheophilusMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
IonaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
William TBerkshireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
RoseldaStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188944
Levi ASedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188946
JohnBoyleSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188946
David PBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188946
William WHustonEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188946
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188945
William PEadsEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188946
RobertTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188952
Joshua MScrantonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 188954
DavidBlodgettSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188944
James MCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Flora ELittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
GeorgeGaudinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Julia WMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
ThomasSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Anna BWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Kit CPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Sarah JPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Charles FCollinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Elvira NHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
John WEvettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
LorindaBoomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Francis AJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
CharlotteEakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Joseph CEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
OnieStephenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
WillardDorrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Libbie GMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
James FTagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
Mary FGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
JohnBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188943
William JKeeneySaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188944
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188944
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188946
William PEadsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188945
Levi ASedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188946
JohnBoyleSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188945
David PBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188945
CatharineFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 188952
Levi ASedamSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188911
William JKeeneySaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188911
David PBlodgettEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188911
WillardDorrelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188946
Libbie GMarbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188946
Lizzie BGoldsmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188952
ThomasDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188955
JoshuaSmithsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188955
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188955
DavidBlodgettSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188956
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188981
William WHustonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 188983
William JKeeneySaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188912
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188912
LydiaLamunyonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
MaudCraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
SarahGoddardDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
SarahSmithsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
DeanWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
NoraHaydonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
James HArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
Lucy BWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
LewisHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
AnnaBoldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
PerryWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
NettieWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
JamesMcAlisterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
StellaCooperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
WilliamLamptonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
Jane MHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
JamesBovardDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188943
BovardDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188945
RobertCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188946
AlfredWaltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188946
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188945
LeahPlattSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188945
SarahSmithsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188953
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188981
WilliamGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 188952
William JKeeneySaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188912
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188912
Argus DCarnineDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188942
JacobHardzDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188944
Argus DCarnineDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188944
BenLeaDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188944
IraTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188944
WilliamLamptonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188944
Jane MHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188944
William TLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188945
Fiera AOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188945
Sidney FCartnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188945
KatieRoberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188945
LeahPlattSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188946
BenjaminLeaDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188952
WilliamLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188954
FloraOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188954
ElizabethPhillipsDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188954
DavidBlodgettSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 188955
LeviDickinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188942
Mary JWeldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188942
Lewis NPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188942
BelleCainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188942
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188941
WilliamTurnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188944
Harriet LFergusonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188944
SchwanholtDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188951
MarthaHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188954
LeahPlattSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 188981
Thomas JCurryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188942
EllaMurphyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188942
JamesPotectMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188942
LenoraWinoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188942
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188943
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188944
StoutDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188944
JamesCurryDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188944
PollyProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188944
Ira MFlemingDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188944
ClaraPyeDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188944
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 188946
PollyProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188916
NewtonVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188941
PollyProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188942
PollyCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188942
AnnaKennedyDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
MagdalineMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188944
PollyProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188944
CatharineFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188944
NettieNewtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
H HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
Charles HOliverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
LizzieMadaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
Henry HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
AntonetteNewtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188943
MixDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188952
JohnAndrewsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188952
EdVanDorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188951
ButlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188951
Robert DFoxEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188952
BertieMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 188953
John WWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188942
WilliamPlunkettDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188944
Armittie BMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188944
HenryToddDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188944
John WWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188944
JacobFillmoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188951
SallieCastlemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188951
AlexStaffonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188951
JennetShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188951
NewtVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188982
PollyProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188982
CatharineFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188982
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 188982
Lawrence NTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188944
MinnieDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188944
John WWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
Mary DrummondTorranceDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188944
NoahBabbsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
JosephMorrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
AnnaBrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
Charles BGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
Maggie LRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
Thomas CShueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
MinnieButtsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
Charles BFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
Lillie NGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188943
TagueDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188951
PollyProtsmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188982
CatharineFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188982
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 188982
Henry DLockDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 188953
Benjamin AMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
LottieBryantonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
FredSlackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Anna MMelickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
James LMorganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Lora LJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
James EBlackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
MargaretCrawfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
GeorgeStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Sara AWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Charles LBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
KateBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
NewmanBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
FannyBosawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
James MPogueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Mary IPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Joshua LBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Clara LJaynesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188942
Benj FGravesEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
LawrenceTaylorEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
JamesFergusonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
LeahPlattEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
ElizabethWaldenEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
AnnaMountzDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
WilliamMountzDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
JohnWisemanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
AliceWisemanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
Melisa AMcCrearyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
AlsolomMcCrearyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
HenryPendryDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
Phoebe JPendryDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
ChristianWisemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
Jacob FLeatherburyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
ThomasArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
JohnHouzeEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
JohnBoyleEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
WmBrindleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188943
AngiaCalahanDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188951
GeorgeStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188953
SarahWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 188953
MarianDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 188914
MarianWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 188914
HannahBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 188944
CatharineFallisEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 188944
George WArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 188953
Eva MPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 188953