Vevay Newspaper Index – 1895-1899

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Newspaper Index is split into multiple parts. This section gives births, marriages, divorces, deaths and estates found in Vevay newspapers from 1895 to 1899. Visit the Vevay Newspaper Index page to learn more about the index and how to access the newspapers.

Digital copies of the newspapers listed in this index are available through the Record Requests Page.

Given NameSurnameTypeNewspaperIssue datePageColumn
MaryRusseDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189544
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189544
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189544
Lena MTowerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189544
VictorKesslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189544
CharlesWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189551
SusannaWainscottDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189552
ColeBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189552
AbeJohnsonBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189552
Lorenzo DHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189554
JessieMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
ClaraGrimesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
OrsonaPotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
EllaMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Daniel HHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
AbbieVan DorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
James JWakefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Callie FAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Albert MFancherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Maggie JSheatsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Irvin LMontagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
SusieBleeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
William TWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
EllaRiemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
GeorgeDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Lydia APowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
Jessie LBradleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
InezWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
CharlesWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
LizzieDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
George MRuiserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
JennieConnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
WilliamRomansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
MalindaRomansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
William MShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
KateMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
TurnerTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
FrankieFlynnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
LittlefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189554
ManserDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189553
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189554
CorneliusVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Jan 189556
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189515
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189515
MaryRusseDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189541
KateMcHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189542
W MShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189542
AlfraStucyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
JohnPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
JuliusMuretDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Eliza SMuretDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
WilliamMcCoreleDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
BowmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
WilliamFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
OliveMitchelDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
JaneCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
JohnCornesDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
KittyLostutterDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
KirthDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
ThomasMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
John DDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
HenryHatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
ColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Frank RAlcotDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
LesleyColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
HattieLawrenceDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
SpivyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
JacobKirthDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Marie CGrisardDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Clarence NDittgenDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
MaryMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
MattieRiggsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
AgnesClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Nettie EthelShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
DrakeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
LillyWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
HerveyCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
BoahiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
AlgaTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
SmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
GrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Lilly PJoyceDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
CarrolSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
William FGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
RobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
ElvessaColemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
JohnMelcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
PriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
EliasCooperDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Hester JWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Andrew JElderDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
WalterReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
A CAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
WilliamStrainDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
GeorgeAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
EmanuelBowmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
LittlejohnDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
FrankPriceDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
VictorKesslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Lena MTowersDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
EdwinOlmsteadDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189545
Etta HLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189551
Etta HWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189551
SlackBirthThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189553
GeorgeDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189554
LydiaPowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Jan 189554
Louis HDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189542
James BTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189543
Henry ScrantonTowerDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189543
LuluMarchandDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189554
Ulysus GSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189553
Icey VGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189553
William HenryWiseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189553
Bettie LeeGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189553
LuluWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189554
StewartBirthThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189553
MaryCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189554
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189556
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189556
AliceHankinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189555
Eugene LMcMakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Jan 189555
James BTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189541
Catherine FrazierWallickDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189544
James BTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189543
AnnArmstrongSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189545
SarahLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189552
SarahTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189552
EstherBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189554
ElizabethBennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189554
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189555
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Jan 189555
ElizabethAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189541
JamesBeckDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189541
WmAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189545
MaryCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189545
AnnArmstrongSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189545
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189583
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Jan 189583
ElizabethAnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189542
ElizabethWagnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189542
Mary EWilsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
PeterNicholsEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
Lavina JGriffithEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
James CParkEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
Charles WClementsEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
GeorgeAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
OscarLeapEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
WilliamDriverEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
PickettBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189541
Albert JWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189542
D ClintonMcMakinDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189543
MaryRusseDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189544
AnshutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189543
AnnArmstrongSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189546
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189546
MarieMooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Feb 189554
AnnArmstrongSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 189546
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 189545
LettaDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 189552
Pheba ARileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 189581
Pheba AColdenDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Feb 189581
DimplemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189543
AgustusBarkhauDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189543
BelleFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189543
BelleNewtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189543
C OHastingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189543
Fannie StevensGravenerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189543
JarvisDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Feb 189554
ElizabethAnschutzDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189541
James AlbertCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
Francis ElizabethCarterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
Braxton IrvinScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
NettieGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
Jasper NPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
Lizzie JBradyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
AbramPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189543
ChasAlthoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189551
AdaWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189551
B FNorthcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189554
Menzo CJarvisDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189554
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Feb 189582
ReedeBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189515
DavidHeddenDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189542
FrankFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189544
RudySiebertDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189544
Henry HudsonSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189544
Jasper NPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189544
Lizzie JBradyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189544
LillianTwinehamDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Mar 189553
John LCarterDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189543
Andrew JBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
Minnie TPetitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
Benjamin FPoeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
EllaCarsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
Jerry MRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
LizzieArnoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
George WHillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
AnnaSalyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
HarryOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
StellaLaytonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
James MJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
Agnes CSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189544
DavidHeddenDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189543
VioletDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Mar 189555
JesseCopherDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 189515
Luther TGravenerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Mar 189543
JosephNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189515
MooreDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189515
EddieMottierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
EmmaDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
FredRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
IdaLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
Wesley WRomansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
AliceBraytonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
David HParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
Julia ALeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
John WHaskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
Mary AHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
CharlesMedaryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
CoraBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189542
SarahGrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189551
VandeverDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189552
Alice RFouttyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189552
DavidCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Mar 189553
Charles OHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
FannyGravenerEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
Henry HudsonSmithEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
ElmerDeHartEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
Edward PGoddardEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
JohnDibbleEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
ElizaMuretEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
Lavina JGriffithEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
PeterNicholsEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
GeorgeDibbleEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189541
D BWallaceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
JuliaMarshallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
HenryBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
Thomas GReevesEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
JamesReedEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
JamesBeckEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
CorneliusVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189542
RachelSulzerDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189554
AlliePattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189554
ConkleBirthThe Vevay Reveille04 Apr 189554
JohnChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
AmandaChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
IndianaShaddayDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
Irvin M DShaddayDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
ChimenaTrautmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
JohnTrautmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
MalvinaCourtneyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
ElzaCourtneyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
HiramJenningsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
Susan MJenningsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
PearlKizerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
JohnKizerDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
Susan KLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
SylvesterLanhamDivorceThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189542
ClarenceHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
Sarah ODayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
Edward TBirkemierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
Lizzie ABittleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
MiltonMoreillionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
MarySedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
ThomasHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
OllieBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
WilliamBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
LizzieMayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189544
O ESeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189554
EvaBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189554
RachelManfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Apr 189554
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189541
DavidHeddenDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189541
BonnerBirthThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189541
NewtonFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
LizzieMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
JesseJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
FlorenceIcenogleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
CellaBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189554
MiltonMorrillionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
MarySedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Apr 189551
BoddleBirthThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189544
NewtonFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189545
LizzieMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189545
Edwin ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189545
Mary ACarnineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189545
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189552
Joseph BPepperDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189553
Eva ElizabethLeapDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189553
TheodorePicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189553
Emma MSmileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Apr 189553
Zella BirdaWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189543
Worth MarionTippyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189543
TheodoreMossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189544
PearlWomockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189544
Wm MStampesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189544
Anna BGoodrichMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189544
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189546
John BLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189551
Susan MargaretGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189551
WalterBairDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189551
Charles EWalkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189551
Robert SNorthcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 May 189554
EmmaLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 189545
Richard EdwinSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 May 189551
Nancy AnnMillerEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 189553
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 May 189553
MaryScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 189552
RosetteeLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 189554
RosetteeAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 May 189554
Nancy AnnMillerEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 189585
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 May 189585
Zella BirdaWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189542
Marion WorthTippyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189542
WilliamBrittonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
NancyMoodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
John HGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
Lucy BSamuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
Worth BTippyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
Zella BWardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
Charles JFrankMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
DoraHartsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189544
IsaacDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189554
Nancy AnnMillerEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189585
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 May 189585
Walter QGreshamDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 189541
CorneliusVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 189552
MargaretScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 May 189554
Nancy AnnMillerEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 189585
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 May 189585
Henrietta HarwoodBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 189554
HenriettaHarwoodDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 189554
CorneliusVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jun 189582
RobertSmileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189542
LouisaBurgessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189542
James HarvyHankinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189542
EllaJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189542
GeorgeKendallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189542
DoraLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189542
EffieColenDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189552
James AlbertLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jun 189553
JohnPattonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189542
CharlesOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189542
JohnBeattyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189542
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189542
CorneliusVandeverEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189542
Nancy AnnMillerEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189543
HenryStucyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189543
WilsonDriverEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189543
ThomasDelaneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189543
Oliver ADayEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189543
JohnPattonEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189543
WilliamFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189545
JaynesDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189545
LauraBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189545
Johnny NKigerDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jun 189553
FrankEancherDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 189542
Charles LymanWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 189544
JosephineThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 189544
Albert WBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 189544
Emma HMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 189544
CarterRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jun 189582
Albert WBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
Emma HMcCullochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
Jesse PIrwinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
RosaBenoitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
James WNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
Cornelia HHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
Charles LymanWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
JosephineThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189542
DunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189544
Lorenzo DHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189546
DunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189554
DowneyBirthThe Vevay Reveille04 Jul 189553
Lorenzo DHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189515
Julia ELeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189541
FrankWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189544
Cavoline JWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189545
ByranDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189545
DickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189545
Cordelia ACharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189552
Cordelia AAndrewsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189552
DibbleDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jul 189552
Lorenzo DHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189515
Betsey W HNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189541
Betsey W HHaffordDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189541
NetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189542
MoreillonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189541
FurgersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189541
Eliza LWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189541
LloydBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jul 189542
Martha ABantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189542
Martha AVanceDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189542
Wallenstine DalmazzoFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189542
NetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189542
William HenrySmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189522
JuliaLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189543
HattieVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jul 189553
Caroline JWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189512
DavidDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189541
JosiahFreackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Birda EllenBoazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Joseph TSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
JennieMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Thomas JHockdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Clara BAshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Elmer AHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Bessie BCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
CharlesEdringtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
Phoebe JPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189544
John CAtkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189552
DavidDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189552
WarrenCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189552
N HNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Aug 189553
WilliamWoodallDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 189541
EmmaHeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 189543
Henry SPeacockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 189543
FredrickPaveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 189552
NolaRandallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 189552
DavidDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Aug 189553
FrederickPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
NoraRandallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
RichardBrouroMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
IsabellaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
Martin LeviMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
Rosa EMcCormickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
TyronAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
RoseSpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
John ESnyderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
AmandaBirkemeirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
Joseph CReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
AnnieFiskMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189541
EmilPhillipsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189544
EddieTruittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189551
MableSteeleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189551
Nathan HNorthDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Aug 189553
JamesMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189541
John HSnyderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189541
AmandaBerkemireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189541
William JSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189542
ClaraDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189542
CharlesWisemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189551
KrutzBirthThe Vevay Reveille22 Aug 189554
AnthonyKleesattelDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189542
AndieGivenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
Mary JaneRaylsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
ChristieTevisDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189544
JohnHutchinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
MaggieClosserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
NathanielHanksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
NannieBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
Alexander FFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
MeliaWintersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
AndrewGivensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
Mary JaneRaylsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189543
CharlesWisemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Aug 189545
BenjaminSebastianDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189513
David DManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
Estella MVandorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
RoudOuanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
KatieEddinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
EverettWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
AnnaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
George HCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
MillieKingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
Rodolph LThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
Rebecca LWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
ElijahBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
LulieJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
John ARomansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
LuellaScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189542
David DManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189554
EstellVandorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Sep 189554
John JDumontMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189543
SiebenthalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189543
John JDumontDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189544
ElijaBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189551
LuluJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189551
Clair MHulleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189551
MarthaMcKeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Sep 189551
JamesSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 189544
Cornelia HumphreyNoelDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 189545
CorneliaHumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 189545
JamesSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 189551
HenryDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 189552
NellieSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Sep 189552
Charles BHollingsworthDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189541
Myron LBarbourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189543
Carrie MReamyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189543
David BLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189542
MaggieFisherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189542
Henry ADowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
NellieSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
John HCornsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
LucyBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
MileyBaileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
Amie DCootonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
RobertJamesonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
MarthaCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
ErnestEarlyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
FloraGarveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
John WHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
Lora EPowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
RistonWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
DoraScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
David BLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
Maggie DFisherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
WilmerKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
Lizzie AHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189551
TruesdallBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 Sep 189553
ChasOhneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189542
MaymeHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189542
AnnBlodgettDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189541
Harvey St ClairSeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189544
ClaraMcDanielMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189544
JohnFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189544
Sarah EBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189544
Charles ERickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189544
Ida MBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189544
WilsonDriverEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189545
JohnStopherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189552
PowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189552
LockwoodBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189552
HoraceVannatterDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Oct 189551
MaggieLeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 189541
MaggieDannerDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 189541
Sarah HCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 189544
WilsonDriverEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Oct 189554
Sarah HCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 189511
WilsonDriverEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 189511
TylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 189552
NannieStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 189552
CharlesScrantonDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Oct 189552
Sarah HCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189511
MacIntyreBirthThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189514
WilliamHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
EllaRiderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Daniel EGrimesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Mary JRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Elisha FBryantMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Alpah BCaplingerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Prestice EWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Minnie DPateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Wilson DTylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Nannie MStowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
John WNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
SusieBearMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
EugeneLamkinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Nettie GMellenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
OliverJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
MattieJusticeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
LeonardLostesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Fannie LVanDorinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Cornelius HAbbottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
JennieCaytonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Albert TLearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Minnie DEdwardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
B FrakTrafeletMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
EllaHildebrandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Julian FLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
IsabelleDuprazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Edward RWelshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
NanieHillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
ThomasRoswellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
SallieO'BanionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Robert E LeeTiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
Naninie ERousMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189542
JacobKerthEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189544
Julian FLampsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189543
Isabel DDuprazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189543
FrankTrafeletMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189543
EllaHildebrandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Oct 189543
Sarah ECottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189511
SarahPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189542
Samuel DStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189543
Ruth AWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189543
JennetteStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189543
JennetteAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189543
SarahPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189543
SarahScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189543
Henry BGentryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189544
GraceClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189544
John FPateEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Lorenzo WHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
WilsonDriverEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
WarrenCottonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
David PBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
MarthaRamseyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Merit HBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Sarah APetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
HenryBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
AlgerStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Sarah ALongEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
John CAtkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Nancy JStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Annie ADickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Caroline JWelchEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
LucyConboyEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
JamesSullivanEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189552
Samuel DStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189553
Ruth AWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189553
GeorgeBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189553
Mary AEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Oct 189553
Robert E LeeTiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189512
Nannie ERouseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189512
AlphonsoMcIntyreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189544
MaudeLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189544
ElizabethNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189543
William AllenBledsoeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189544
Mattie LeeGainesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Nov 189544
Martha ARickterDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
Jacob JRickterDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
EllaBucheitDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
JacobBucheitDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
WilliamMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189543
MaryHolbrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189543
AddieNewkirkDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189543
MargaretSeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189543
LulaMareeDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189543
ArchidileEdringtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
LemuelEdringtonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
Livingston LTillerEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189544
DavidArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189543
FloraSchnaitterDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189552
FloraMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Nov 189552
David KautzArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
LucindaMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
LucindaJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
BerthaRettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
John NewtonFisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
Mary EWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
KonkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
Eli SRichmondDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
BantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Nov 189544
Robert AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189542
Philander JRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189544
LucretiaSabertonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189544
William GThorntonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189544
Mary EAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189544
Eli SRichmondDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189552
IsaacRichardsBirthThe Vevay Reveille28 Nov 189552
LehmanKronbergerDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
Percy RousSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
ElizaWakefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
MalissaGarardDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
B FGaumerDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
AggieManfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
Robert AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189544
Lucilla AJagersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189544
Lucilla AJagersDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Dec 189543
Benjamin SDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189542
Emma HardinGrisardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189541
Michael ArthurBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189541
WilliamShaddayDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189541
Robert AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189545
WilliamShaddayDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189545
WilliamShaddayDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189546
Benjamin SkuylerDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189545
CharlotteSchmeidDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189545
GeorgeBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189546
Mariam NoalScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189546
Jacob SStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189546
EmmaElliottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189546
Jacob CStephensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189545
EmmaElliottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189545
Benjamin SDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189551
RebeckeDorrelDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Dec 189552
Robert AndersonKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189542
Mary CChittendenDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189543
Mary CColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189543
FrankDarlingDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189543
SarahSchoonoverDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189543
SarahhGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189543
DavidPeabodyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189543
B FGaumerDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189545
RobtKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Dec 189552
VictorKesslerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 189546
Louisa JDayDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Dec 189551
William BElrodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
HarrietBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Michael ArthurBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Emma HardenGrisardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Thomas FSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
SadieKingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Charles WLindsayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Cora GouldArnoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
EdwardDevotaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
LuluSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Cornelius AVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Susan ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
ReubenCrutcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Lyda EHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
CharlesDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
EvaHarmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Henry FWihmeirMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
MaggieThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
CharlesRichlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
GertieCoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Edward WLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Fannie MClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Herman HBodleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Katie GSteffanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
EdwardBurkeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
LillianMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Edward FSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Myra AMinishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
ReubenCrutcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Lyda EHeathMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
AmieMorerodDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
AlbertProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Edward WrightLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
Fannie MayClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189641
ProtsmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189645
WilliamFordBirthThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189645
JacobKerthEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jan 189646
Frank BHitchcockDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189641
AsaNewtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189643
BowenDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189643
John MGilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189644
Adriel SKingsleyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189644
Roxey JaneKingsleyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189644
Roxey JaneAldrichDivorceThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189644
Robert AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
PaxtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LouisDangladeDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
H ScrantonTowerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JessiePetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JamesBeckDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
PhebeRileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
ButterworthDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
AnschutsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
AlbertWaltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LettieDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
D CMcMakinDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
GravenerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
AbrahamPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
RudySiebertDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
FrankFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
BairDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
PeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Luther TGravenerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JohnScudderDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Lucille AJagersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189645
AliceFoutyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
AlethaPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
EllaSmileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
TheodorePicketDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
MilesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
WalterBairDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LeachDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
GeorgellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
CarterRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
GuyBelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
MoxleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
PeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
BrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
DickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
AndrewElderDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
DayDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JaynesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
WmFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LauraBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
GrocerRaylDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JuliaLeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
FrankWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Betsey HNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
WallenstineFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
MarthaBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Wm HSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
DavidDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
WmWoodallDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
MedneyOakleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JamesSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LesliePhilipsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
EthelPeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
SarahPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
David KArmstrongDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
KonkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JustiBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Bertha WRettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
LucindeMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
RobertKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Lucille AJagersDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
MaryKonkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
CharlotteSchmeidDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
WmShaddayDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
BenjaminDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
PercySiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
Robert AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
AmandaFeslerDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189646
JacobKerthEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Jan 189654
Robert AndersonKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189644
PhoebaWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
John PDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
FlorenceHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
ElizabethNewtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
ElizabethFlynnDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
L BMarstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
BessieSelveeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
John HeneyPeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
EmmaFultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189645
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Jan 189655
Harriet SBlissDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189644
Adriel SKingsleyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189644
Roxey JaneAldrichDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189644
Roxey JaneKingsleyDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189644
PhoebeDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189643
PhoebeWorksDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189643
KnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189644
HulleyGriswoldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189645
Clara EGriswoldDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189645
Susan AColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189645
Milton RColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189645
WilliamHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189652
HeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189652
FlorenceHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189652
John CTowerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
EmmaLamunyonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
George WLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
Sarah EDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
RobertWarrenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
ClemeniaHeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
GeorgeLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
SallieDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jan 189653
Robert AKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189641
Durid WAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189644
Frankie EStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189644
John FRossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189644
CoraStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189644
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189646
Frank MDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189645
DavidHigginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189654
LizzieRutherfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189654
AndrewCarnineDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189653
Clara PearleConkleDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189653
PaulleyBirthThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189653
MorrisonBirthThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189655
HumphreyDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jan 189655
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189616
Jeannette ILoringDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189641
Jeannette IYongeDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189641
RobertKnoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189644
J ILoringDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189646
ElizaBrokswellDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189652
ElizaFisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189652
MarillianBirthThe Vevay Reveille06 Feb 189653
CottonBirthThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189615
FrankNortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Susan OVorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
John FRobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Alma CoraStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Durard WAandersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Frankie EStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Clarence WMontanyeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Allie MDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
WilliamBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
Mary EllenBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
WillEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
LenaLatelleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
ManyDaltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
LizzieEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189642
McKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189645
MinnieDalmazzoDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189645
GeorgeWeberDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189645
EmmaParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189645
EmmaHollcraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189645
AlviraMuretDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189645
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189646
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189646
LydiaMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189653
LydiaBrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Feb 189653
GeorgieMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189642
John AMullenDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
GorgieMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
Edward SJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
Eva EstherPaulMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
HarryScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
AnnabelScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
MontRichardsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
Eliza AGoodnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189644
ClustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189646
LydiaMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189645
EphraimMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189645
FrankHartonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189646
VorisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189646
GeorgiaMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189645
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189654
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Feb 189655
McCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189644
MeritMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189644
HarryBalesDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189644
Lenora EstelleTardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189643
John SalathielLukensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189643
BalesDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189645
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
William OProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189654
LeoBakesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189654
John MScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
NannieSiebenthalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
John HMehrhoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
LizzieBeckmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
Charles CIcunogleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
Sarah ADouglassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
FredOakleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
Maude EJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189653
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Feb 189655
Edgar WNyeDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189614
GroverHastingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189641
James HStarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
EllenBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
AugustBramierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
LouisaGutschowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
John SLukensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
LenoreTardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
George MStockdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
Christie TSpillmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
AndrewSeaversMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
MinnieLoyedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
John WHewittDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
PayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
HavlinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189643
GroverHastingsDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Mar 189651
TruittDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189644
GriswoldDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
WmSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
HowardMalletDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
BelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
BernhardtWaldenmaierDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
Francis MTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
Eliza CooperTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
DuncanHaskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
LomenaBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
WilliamCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
LizzieSauvainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
JosephMarksbayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
FannieGrossMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189643
WilliamSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189645
JennieWellsDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189652
GoddardBirthThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189652
PeakBirthThe Vevay Reveille12 Mar 189652
DickensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189642
SarahBlishDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189642
George WBeattyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189641
Lizzie MayCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189641
JennieWellsDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189644
CottonBirthThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189645
CharlotteSchmiedSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189646
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189646
WesleyBungerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189652
MirahDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Mar 189652
Charles FRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189642
Lulu BLeepMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189642
ClarenceKrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189644
LizzieAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189644
ClarenceKrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
LizzieAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
E TParkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
Nora EWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
Stephen FMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
PearlMalcomsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
EdwardRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
MamieGeishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
Catharine ATruittEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
HDorrelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189645
MollieConawayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189645
KatherinElfersDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189645
AmyWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189645
CharlotteSchmeidSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189646
ClarenceKrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189654
LizaAllenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189654
RobertStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Mar 189682
CharlotteSchmeidSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189615
Carrie DBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189615
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189615
Catharine ATruittEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189615
JuliusDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
JamesHustonEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
GreenBondurantEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
MaryWhiteEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
HannahCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
JeremiahMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
RebeccaCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
Jacob CBakerEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
John BHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
FrankFancherEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
John MDunnEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189645
Catharine ATruittSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
Henry FLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
Allen EWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
PeterNicholEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
WmNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
John BHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
David KArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
Hugh LNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
Julia HMcCormickEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
Sarah ALongEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
CharlotteSchmeidEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
DavidBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
JamesReedEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
HenryBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189646
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Apr 189655
CharlotteSchmeidSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189615
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189615
Catharine ATruittEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189615
AnnaSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189642
AnnaJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189642
JohnHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189642
JohnCarnineDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189644
ElizaMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189646
ElizaAdkinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189646
David KArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189645
James HRichardsEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189645
Wm TWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189645
FordDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189653
McCrearyBirthThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189653
Catharine ATruittSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189656
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Apr 189655
Julia MarshallWallaceDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 189642
ThomasPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 189645
BerthaLauderbaughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 189645
Catharine ATruittSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 189646
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Apr 189646
EdwinWesterhoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189642
James WBaileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189641
Stella MAndrewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189641
Ann FKlenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189641
JohnHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189644
WilliamDetrazDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189652
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189653
Catharine ATruittSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Apr 189654
JohnathanMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 189644
ImogeneRussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 189644
ImogeneDyerDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 189644
BuchananBirthThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 189646
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Apr 189646
ElanorSkidmoreDeathVevay Democrat6 May 189612
JohnHouzeMarriageVevay Democrat6 May 189616
RoxyPhillipsMarriageVevay Democrat6 May 189616
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 May 189614
ScottBuchananDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 189643
ElizabethJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 189652
MarieBrinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 May 189653
HenehenBirthThe Vevay Reveille07 May 189653
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189613
Ulie GrantBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189641
NettieLathrigdeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189641
Jasper SRecordsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189641
RachelFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189641
Frank MMurpheyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189643
HarrietSeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189643
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189646
John GAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189645
Hannah AMalinDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189645
IdaMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189651
C EManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189651
AnnaMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189651
AnnaShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 May 189651
LydiaO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
CurtisTharpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
HazelCrawfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
ArchieJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
RebeccaWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
W RSaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
NellieNanasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
JamesTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
MableGriffinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
Andrew RPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
Zellie GBowmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189645
EttaMullenDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189651
UrsulineMcMakinDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189652
Andrew RPorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189654
Zellie GBowmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189654
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189656
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 May 189655
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189616
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189616
David FletcherGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189644
SallieDavisDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189645
NancySmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189645
Rebecca JShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189646
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189646
EllaHaskellDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189651
EllaMadaryDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 May 189651
Rebecca JShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189616
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189615
LucyLivingsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189645
Charles FilmoreChisholmMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189645
Rebecca JShortSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189645
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189645
JamesRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
MalindaEberleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
J DSamuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
DaisyCarpenterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
Francis MStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
Sarah ASedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
F BCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
KatieCouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189651
FrankStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189653
SarahSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189653
BrookDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189654
AshaelCarpenterDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Jun 189655
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189615
OrvilleWilliamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189643
Lulu B WardSpencerDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189643
Lulu BWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189643
JosephRobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189643
ThomasRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189643
JennieColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189643
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189646
LillieAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189651
DilverDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189651
ThomasRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189652
WmCochranDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189651
J WesleyPowellDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189651
JacobBuchettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
EllaBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
LeeWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
AnnaCannonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Orville HCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
LuellaGridleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
John WWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Sue LBealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Dilver EDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
F LillianAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Peter RShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
IdaOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Fred HGrousmeyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Caroline LMilligusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189656
Sewell RWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Jun 189681
Rebecca JShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189616
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189615
Lewis PRomerillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189644
EvaWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189644
GeorgeHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189644
RoseAcraMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189644
JaneMixDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189645
William MPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189645
Mary AMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189645
Mary ASandersDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189645
W WCofieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189645
Lulu WardSpencerDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189653
RobertPlunkittDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189653
Rebecca JShortSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Jun 189655
Rebecca JShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189616
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189615
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
RuthButlerEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
NancyStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
MaryHayesEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
HenryBoydEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
JacobKerthEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
Angeline WelchThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
William TWilleyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
Hugh LNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
MaryWhiteEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
JamesReedEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
HannahCarverEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189642
CalvinOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189651
Susan AnnHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189651
RushPlattMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189651
LauraSpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189651
EliakimStoopsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189654
FrankHeadyDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Jun 189653
Rebecca JShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 189616
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 189615
SusieAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 189651
Horace BMcNellyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 189652
Joseph AHinmanEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Jul 189652
BrownieGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
MattieMortonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
Rod CHussungMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
AliceFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
WilliamCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
MaryDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
W HRaisorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
OniskeyAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189644
CarrolWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189651
FrancisGreenDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189651
RickettsBirthThe Vevay Reveille09 Jul 189653
JohnHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 189613
WilliamHarperDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jul 189681
Amie GBettensDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 189615
McLellanDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 189646
PhilipBonelineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 189653
SallieEstusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 189653
HarryDamothMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 189653
WillieBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jul 189643
WmBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
JosephPeelmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
John HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
LulieTompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
Percy CBushamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
Annie BFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
Henry FStruatmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
Mary LHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189645
MarthaPeaslieDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jul 189651
Ira MTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 189644
Della JBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 189644
DonaldBascomDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 189675
PetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Aug 189675
GeorgeTandyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
MellieNettlesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
WilliamKoonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
KateChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
Ira MTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
Della JBlissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
WalterGibsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
MaggieHanksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
AlbertLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
NoahNoelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
WillSalyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
EmmaDunlopMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189643
CarolineTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189644
JohnBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Aug 189644
CharlesMorganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189644
AnnieRheaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189644
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189644
Julia CarolineTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189645
John WWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189645
MottierSiebnthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189645
J OMarshDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189645
VirgilColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189645
ClelandBessDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189645
WilliamDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189646
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189646
VirgilColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189651
Caroline JTandyDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Aug 189653
WilliamDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 189646
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 189646
HannahMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 189654
HannahHarrisonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 189654
JohnWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Aug 189653
ElizabethSmithDeathVevay Democrat9 Sep 189612
ElizabethWestcottDeathVevay Democrat9 Sep 189612
John TWhiteMarriageVevay Democrat9 Sep 189615
Eliza JBeattyMarriageVevay Democrat9 Sep 189615
RebeccaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189616
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189616
WilliamDetrazSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189616
Samuel WWadeDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189643
ElizabethSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189643
ElizabethWestcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189643
WardBirthThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
Otis AWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
PrudenceSheldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
John TWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
Eliza JBeattyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
Tunis VArcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
Jeanette SCulbertsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
ThomasJacobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
ArtieShaferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
EdwardJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
Emma TCarletonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189672
EllakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Sep 189673
Nancy JBosawDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 189645
WilliamMcGuffinDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 189646
MarthaMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Sep 189672
Luther HHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 189645
Anna MaudeArrowsmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 189645
B DufourFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 189645
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 189645
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Sep 189645
RoyWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 189644
EliakimStoopsSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 189655
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 189655
John PStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Oct 189682
EliakimStoopsSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189616
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189616
Hugh LNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189646
MaggieAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189675
AldineAdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189675
MadisonBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189675
EnglishDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189675
LoweDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189675
DuegonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Oct 189675
EliakimStoopsSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189616
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189615
YagerBoazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
ReneyDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
BucknerDawsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
BirdieWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
Irvin HJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
Alice ECarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
ThomasLakinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
LydaJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
Albert EHaighMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
Carrie AgnesMeyerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
August JBarkhanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
BettieTieleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
James HHemingMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
GertrudeFoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
E EScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
BlanchMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
JohnathanBrinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
SusanRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 189646
Hugh LNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Oct 1896102
Hugh LNorrisEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 189616
John WBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 189644
John WBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 189645
James MCrawfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 189645
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Oct 189646
CharlesGrammerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 189644
Oscar HWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 189644
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 189646
PlumeStappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 189673
Roswell RWaltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Oct 189673
Oscar HudsonWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 189644
John WBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 189645
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Nov 189646
Nancy MDyerSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 189646
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 189646
John WBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 189651
Oscar HWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 189651
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 189652
LeonaTylerDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Nov 189653
EdwardOlmsteadEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
AlgerStewartEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
BaruchStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
DavidCowanEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
Hugh LNorisezEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
RebeccaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
CharlotteSchmeidEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
David KArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
LauraStoopsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
AlvaStoopsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
HezekiahBalesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
Hannah EBalesDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
AnnaArmstrongDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
Walter DArmstrongDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
JosephBelchDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
Eva LBelchDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
AlcanaHouzeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
CelilaHouzeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
JaneDuganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
HenryDuganDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189642
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189644
Nancy MDyerSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189644
CharlotteSchmeidEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189644
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189644
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189644
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189644
HatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189652
William HLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189651
StellaWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189651
JanieSchroderDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189653
Harriet LucyHatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189653
Harriet LucyHillsDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189653
SimonRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
AramintaHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
William HDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
MaggiePetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
John LBallardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
LauraHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
BennyBinghamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
MaudHughesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Geo WRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
NannieSippleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
S MTappMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
LazellaChildersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Frank MBrandonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Della MLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
HarryWilsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
StellaButcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
TomDangerfieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
EmmaAugburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
CharleySmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
OvaBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
AlbertWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
MattieMasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
FrankBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
NoraCouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
B FPoteelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
LuluCouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Elmer EFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
MariaSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
BenMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
ElvaStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Charles FTietzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Vaola AMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
William HLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Stella OWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
AlexanderHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Fredricia GertrudeMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
J ESulivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
JessieSebreeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
RobertTaltMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
Isadore LShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
IsaacWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
EmmaSpillmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
WiltWizeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
MaryRockholdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Nov 189656
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189644
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189644
HarryShuffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189643
JosephineSchlhorstMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189643
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189644
RebeccaShortSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189644
SidneyCarrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189652
MahalaMayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189652
LudBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189652
BettieDeanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189652
JamesBrindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189654
RobertTaitDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189654
Isadore LShaddayDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189654
EthelDiltzDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189654
Eliza JBruceDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189654
MaryJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189654
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189656
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189656
Nancy MDyerSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Nov 189656
William PDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189642
Thomas FMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189642
Elizabeth RBinfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189642
Edgar DRandolphMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189642
Fannie JBinfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189642
Clarence DStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189642
JohnReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189643
Mary JThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189643
Mary JJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189643
Thomas FMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189653
RebeccaShortSaleThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189655
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189655
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189655
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189655
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Dec 189655
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189616
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189616
William PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189644
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189644
Mary JThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189643
Wm HScottEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189651
RebeccaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189655
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189655
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Dec 189655
RebeccaShortSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189615
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189616
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189616
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189615
William PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189616
Thomas AKentMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
Martha EPowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
James FAsherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
JuliaColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
Arthur KSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
Della BMalcomsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
John PDorelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
Mattie BBurrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
G RJamiesonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
AdalineBoedenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
CorneliusWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
ElizaMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
ShermanWhitkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
FloraTingleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189643
ReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189644
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189646
J LThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189653
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Dec 189683
RebeccaShortSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189616
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189616
William PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189616
James MTwinehamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189642
Julia OWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189642
Charles AGrenatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189642
KatieCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189642
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189644
William PDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189644
JamesTwinehamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189643
ClymWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189643
John LThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189643
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189646
JennieWebbDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189652
Charles AGrenatMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189651
KatieCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189651
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189653
MaryHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Dec 189653
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189612
William PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189616
Marrion FRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
Mary AliceDemareeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
OliverMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
LauraWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
PerryDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
Mollie GDowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
FredScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
LulaMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
HenrySmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
Nettie LWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
RobertLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
NettieBlackburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
John LMorganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
OraBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
M KKirtleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
LulaJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
MitchelDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
Mary FAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
LucianHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
JanetteJamisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
Emery JVaughnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
Delia EScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189642
William PDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189644
ElizaAdkinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189644
Susie BellJaynesDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189643
SarahHessDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189643
SarahJaynesDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189643
David ToddWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189643
John LTheibaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189646
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189646
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189646
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Dec 189682
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189712
MaymeAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189715
MitchelDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189715
ElizaAdkinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189716
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189716
William PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189716
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189716
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189716
William PDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189715
R BCaldwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
LenaBoultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
WillieNoelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
BessieNoelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
WilliamPlatzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
HattieRaylsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
John CBufordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
AnnaGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
Fleeta IreneFallisDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189751
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Jan 189782
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189712
ElizaAdkinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189716
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189716
William PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189716
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189716
William PDickasonSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189715
WilliamDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
LunettaWelchDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
SamuelWelchDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
Oscar HWebbEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
CarrieSchroederAdoptionThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
CharlotteSchmeidEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
Rebecca JShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189763
Samuel HCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
ThomasLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
DavidHinmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
JodeBodleDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
CarrollWebsterDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
James DGlennDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
CharlottMyersDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
CharlottConnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
EllenSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
CharlotteSchmiedSaleThe Vevay Reveille14 Jan 189766
CharlotteSchmiedSaleThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189716
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189742
Theodore HWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
Emma AStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
WilliamBocockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
LettieMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
JacobMeffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
EvaBallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
BernhardKlenburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
HattieWaldemeierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
BarnardKlenburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
GeorgeOwenDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
JeanetteMalcomsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
Samuel HCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189764
DemmickBirthThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189771
TheodoreWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189771
EmmaStephensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189771
Lela BelleRichardsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189771
GrahamBirthThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189771
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jan 189773
JohnRaylsDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189715
ElizaAdkinsonSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189716
CharlotteSchmiedSaleThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189716
HLambDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
AndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
AngelineGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
AngelineSlawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
George TVanPeltDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
FlorenceLostutterDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
J RHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189745
AiryDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189745
Simon KScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189745
EmmaArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189745
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189746
JannetteMalcomsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189751
JannetteShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189751
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jan 189755
Nancy DickasonHighamDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189744
ColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189744
EdwardAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189744
LenaWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189744
RobertScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
Mary JDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
LouisSailorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
CarolineLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
FrankBrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
SarahMorganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
OraWilhoitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
JuliaHartwickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189745
ShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189746
Angeline HManserDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189752
Angeline HSlawsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189752
Angeline HGrahamDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189752
OliverAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189753
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189755
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189755
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189756
CharlotteSchmiedSaleThe Vevay Reveille04 Feb 189783
John JBrayDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 189743
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 189773
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 189773
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 189775
EdAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 1897101
LenaWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 1897101
CharlotteSchmiedSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Feb 1897103
JohnSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189746
John GMcCallumDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189751
TylerBirthThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189754
Eliza AnnGardDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189753
Eliza AnnMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189753
JohnByramDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189753
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189755
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189782
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Feb 189783
PhilipsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189744
ReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189744
AdamsDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189744
WilliamDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
Maggie BCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
GrantPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
Anna ECarteeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
Benjamin FSatchwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
EmmaRickettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
GeorgeMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
MinnieBuschnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
Perry MNewkirkDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189743
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Feb 189772
RoyGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189743
StellaStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189743
CelestineDahmenBirthThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189743
AllenMarklandDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189745
ParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189745
ProctorDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189745
ColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189745
ElwoodMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189745
BealDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Mar 189745
Sarah AnnBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189745
FultonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
Albert RGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
Stella AStucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
John FSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
RosaTruittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
OrvilleWeslerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
ViolaHumbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189752
BrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Mar 189751
OrvilleWebsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
ViolaHornbeekMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
James HGibsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
Harriet LSearcyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
Charles WBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
LenoraKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
Aldred DDunningMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
HannahLambMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189742
CharlesBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189743
Ida LenoraKiethMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189743
Paul BremanColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
BascomDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
JasperBailyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
PerryCourtneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
BodleDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
DewesDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
IdaWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189744
CharleyValentineDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189746
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189745
SamuelBonnettEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189745
CharleyVannatterDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Mar 189746
Willie TGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
Mary FWaldenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
SmithArmstrongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
MaryLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
HezekiahBalesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
Clara AThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
John WTitusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
DaisyBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
WilliamMcLawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
ArtiaDunwoodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
B FWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
MinnieCarltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
Albert MPriceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
Nellie GLanhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189742
WilliamFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189743
RachealKinnettDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189744
RachealJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189744
LorinOhneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189744
Kate RWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189744
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189746
SamuelBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189746
Charlie DValentineDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Mar 189771
Charles EPangburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189742
Fannie MDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189742
LewisOhneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189742
KateWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189742
JessieBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189742
MinnieCopersmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189742
MitchellBirthThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189746
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189746
SamuelBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189746
LeoColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189745
MinnieDayDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189745
MinnieDayDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Apr 189753
CharleySauvainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
Lulu AAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
HenryYatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
CharlotteHarrisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
W HMoreillionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
Lucy MBakerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
HerbertPostonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
Neva BLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189741
Juda AnnMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189744
Lunetta SockwellDaviesDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189744
Catharine ATruittEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189746
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189746
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189746
SamuelBonnettEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189746
JamesNoelDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189752
CharlesPangburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189753
FannieDouglassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Apr 189753
Charles AMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189741
GertrudeAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189741
BenLangsdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189741
EuniceHearneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189741
JohnBakesDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189746
George WLivingstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189746
JesseBellamyDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189746
Henry HarrisonBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189746
ElizabethBakesEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189753
RoxanaDennisDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189754
Catharine ATruittEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189755
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189755
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189755
SamuelBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Apr 189756
WillieFancherDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 189743
Wm TDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 189746
TwinehamBirthThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 189746
William WesleyTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Apr 189781
William SHolmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189741
WilliamHavemannMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189743
MaryLorchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189743
CharlesRockwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189743
AzorraLiggettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189743
Wiliam WTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189744
Samuel ESmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189745
OstrumBorightDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189745
WilliamBradfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189745
Wm TDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Apr 189746
RalphCottonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
JuliaCottonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
JamesBostieDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
FrancisBostieDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
LauraSkidmoreDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
JepthaSkidmoreDivorceThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
Martha AShaddayEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
ElenorCourtneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
George WArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
AnnArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
AndrewAdamsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
OscarLeitridgeEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189742
SarahPetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
Francis MGrahamEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
RebaccaCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
Julia HMcCormickEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
Grover HHastingsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
CatharineTruittEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
Charles AThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
ElizaAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
HoraceVannatterEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
Mary EWilsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189743
AugustusWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189772
MarySimpsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189772
PaulGriffithDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189772
JamesConboyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189772
Ida AReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 May 189772
Wm TDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 May 1897102
Andrew JDewittDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189741
Agnes DDewittDivorceThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189741
JohnsonBirthThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189741
MylorBirthThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189741
WilliamHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
MattieJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
ForestTolbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
AdaSettleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
AlbertKeithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
Ida MLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
John GLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189744
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189746
John GLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189752
DrakeColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189752
Dillard RColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 May 189752
JennieKrallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189744
EdwardKrallDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189744
AugustusWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189744
John GLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189744
PhillipWebberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
ClaraTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
JohnAllcornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
CharlotteCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
FloatBeagleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
IdaDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
JamesBosticMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
Rundie ABaileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
ReubenJacksonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
JanePostonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189745
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189746
WmVaterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189752
John GLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 May 189781
Mary A CulbertsonVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189746
Alpha JennieCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189746
Alpha JennieBantaDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189746
Pleasant RVernonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189746
AugustusWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189746
John GLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189745
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189746
BruceMorrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189752
LawrenceColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189754
MinnieLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189754
StevensonBirthThe Vevay Reveille27 May 189754
AlonzoParkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189744
EffieMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189743
AmericusDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189743
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189746
RalphCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
Alpha JWebbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
SamConnellyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
AthaleenRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
LawrenceColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
MinnieLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
Warren ABenedictMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
Ralph MCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
EdithGoldenburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
Americus VDannerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
Effie BMorrisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 June 189745
EmoryMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
Ada LNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
EdwardArmandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
Mary ABriggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
Will HSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
Nannie JPotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
W B PTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
HannahLamunionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189743
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189746
William HSedamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189745
Nannie JPotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189745
Kate VCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189745
Warren ABenedictMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189745
KateCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189771
WarrenBenedictMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 June 189771
ParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189743
DavidAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189743
Angeline JMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189743
Lulu BelleProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189743
Charles PerkinsGougarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189743
Benjamin NBartonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189744
VirginiaHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189744
David JAtkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189744
Angeline JMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189744
MargaretParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189744
MargaretSharpDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189744
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 June 189782
Noah MMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 189745
RobertClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Jun 189751
EllaOtterDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189743
EllaFaulknerDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189743
Mary CulbertsonVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189744
Charles PerkinsGougarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189743
Lula BelleProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189743
Robert LClarkDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189744
W JAlbroMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189752
EmmaBarkhawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jul 189752
LannieColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189772
GraceMcKenzieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189772
J EMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
HattieStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
RowanMorganMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
LucyThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Clarence EVallentineMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Rena GCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Charles PerkinsGougarMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Lou BelleProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
John WAlbroMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Emma LBarkhauMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
AndersonJuniusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
LillieYatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Warren RSebreeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Jessie BSebreeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
E WSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Anna BAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
JasperMixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
LorenaTackettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Philander RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Olive GTackettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
J LRansdellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
Anna GStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jul 189774
W SFrancisDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 189751
MaryBodleDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 189751
IsabelleCooperDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 189751
Helvesia DetrazSmockDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 189753
PhillipStrainDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jul 189753
GeorgiaCoulterDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 189745
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 189754
Andrew JBaldwinDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jul 189754
UlyThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
Cora FWeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
TildenColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
EstellaBorightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
StanleyHolcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
BessieRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
JohnOremDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189743
ClaraLangsdaleDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189751
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189751
MargaretBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189755
BarrenStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189755
MinnieRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189755
John JMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jul 189781
EdwardMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 189746
Frank BCookDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 189745
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 189753
LeonSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 189754
OllieHillasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 189755
W HFullerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Aug 189755
John WWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 189741
AlmaWigalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Aug 189741
WilliamCooperDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189714
Charlotte MurretWileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189714
CharlotteMurretDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189714
RebeccaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189746
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189746
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189746
H WCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Aug 189752
AnnaSchofieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189743
AnnaPattonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189743
NelsonHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189752
RebecaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189754
Mary ERobertsSaleThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189754
Palace FishHunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189753
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Aug 189756
IrvinFredenburghMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189741
Savannah BLoveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189741
JohnWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189741
MarySchroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189741
George BGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Jennie BBlackburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
John MWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
AlmaWigalMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
James CEllisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
MelindaHelmMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
CarrieMayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
James WHolmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Ada MForceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
B CWhiteheadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
LinaSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Charles EAldredMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
HelenMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
JamesForceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
ElizaCarverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Geo DLogmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
FloridaMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
JohnWisemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
MarySchroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
ClarenceAntrobusMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
GeraldinCarterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
JohnLandramMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
IsaVanarsdallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
LonnyWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Addie BHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
IrvinFredenburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Savanah BLoveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
HerbertEaglinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
LeonaJenningsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
William WWoodsworthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
Minnie OSearcyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
JasperStaffordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
MattieJacobsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
WilbreGarnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
SusieTachettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
George WDickinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189743
RebecaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189754
Mary ERobertsSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189754
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189754
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Sep 189754
IrvinVaughnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189743
ZellieHolcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189743
Cassius CHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189743
MamieRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189743
RobertSteeleDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189744
Mary EMalcomsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189746
RebecaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189754
Mary ERobertsSaleThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189754
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Sep 189754
MargaretPowellEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
JennieColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
JohnPetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
HarveyRaylEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
William PCooperEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
Wm TDetrazEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
Sarah APetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
RebeccaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
Wade HJackEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
LorettaOutcaltDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
FrankOutcaltDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
AbramBoggsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
OrelBoggsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189744
F JHollcraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189746
WealesDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189746
LyleLeviDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
BertAndrewsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
WilliamJenkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
HenryShutterDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
CliffordGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
Mary AnnBrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189746
Frank JSnyderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
KateLuckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
ThomasRusselMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
ElizaMennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189745
GivenBirthThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189772
ElizabethPetersDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189771
RebecaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189773
Mary ERobertsSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189773
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Sep 189773
Fredrick LKoontzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189741
CelestineProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189741
HiramJenningsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189741
Susan MJenningsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189741
Mary AnnBrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189746
John BLoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189752
JaneOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189752
Clara GrayKeeneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Sep 189752
WmDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
Wm PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
IsaacMcKayEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
Mary AnnBrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
OstriumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
David KArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
RebeccaShortEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
SarahPetersEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
PeterNicholsEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
JeremiahMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
John CAdkinsonEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189741
Frederick LutherKoontzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
Celestine CampbellProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
James HHichensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
Maud SMcIntireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
J WLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
NinaEvansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
Silas VMcHuronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
Mary MAbbettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
William BSippleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
LulaStamperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189743
JamesHitchensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189745
MaudMcIntireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189745
BuchananBirthThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189745
F JHollcroftDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Sep 189783
CarlTardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189741
MinnieKieselMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189741
Wm HManuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189741
Hattie CColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189741
AbrahamTinkerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189744
VictorNorisezDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189744
GeorgeMcNuttMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189744
MaryAbbottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189744
AnnePleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189743
NewtonTebowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189743
Darius JMcGuireDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Oct 189752
OliveWatterhouseDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 189742
OliveVineyardDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 189742
AnnaPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 189746
NewtonTebowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 189746
Mary AnnBrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 189746
RebeccaRogersDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Oct 189752
LevoniaWelchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189741
James CLeeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189741
RudolphDuprazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189743
JuliettBellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189743
HessBirthThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189745
GoldieHessDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189745
JohnKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189771
AliceGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189771
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Oct 189772
PurdyDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189744
Louisa ConboyHartDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189745
ArthurRookDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189745
William MBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189745
JohnReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189751
MaymeBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189751
Mary AnnBrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Oct 189756
LewisMillerDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 189744
L MHotchkissDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 189745
Nettie AGardnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 189745
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 189746
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 189746
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Nov 189755
LarkinJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189742
AmosChaseDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189742
ConnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189743
AmosChaseDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189743
Lewis AMillsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189743
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189746
Luther MHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189746
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 Nov 189746
Silas VMcHuronMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Mary MAbbottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Cassius CHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Mamye ORichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
William GSatchwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
CarrieGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Wm BSippleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
LulaStamperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
CarlTardyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
MinnieKieselMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Wm HManuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Hattie CColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
PaulFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
TresaCastellaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
NewtonTebowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
AnniePleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
John WDowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
AlphaTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
RodolphDuprazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
JulietteBellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
UzielHoldcraftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Grace GDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
John HKonkleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Sarah AGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
WillWheelerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
BertieRuddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
ChasDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
NettieGlennMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
ThomasBodleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
DaisySweezyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
BirtKirkpatrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
MollieBuchananaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
LucianLamkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Mary DFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
EdwardBawerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
SusieShemburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
RobertGillochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
LizzieHochensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
GeorgeBrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
AlphaPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
James HClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Emza CKrallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
FrederickHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
MarietteFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Earnest PMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Mary EPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
ElzaCouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Cora JBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Frank FScottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Susie FHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
GeoHopkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
MollieSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
William CScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189743
Thos FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189746
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189746
FredHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189752
MaryFromanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189752
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189756
Luther MHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189756
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Nov 189756
RubyWoollenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189742
J AlfredMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189742
EvelynCraigDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189742
Guy PBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
EllaWorstellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
W RRolandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
KateRansdellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
WilliamThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
LenaNinheiserMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
IraHustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
MinnieScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
ErnestOsburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
KateCroxtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189743
AnnHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189746
Thos FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189746
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189746
Mary ERobertsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189756
Luther MHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189756
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Nov 189756
AlvenMcGuireDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189744
RobinsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189744
BersottDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189744
GeorgeKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
EliakimStoopsEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
William TWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
JennieSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
LewisSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
ElizabethMarshDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
ElbertMarshDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189745
ElbertJordanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189752
BlanchGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189752
George WKrallEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189756
Luther MHotchkissSaleThe Vevay Reveille02 Dec 189756
James LBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 189712
BethHarveyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 189712
HarrySchmeidDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 189743
DavidDubackDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 189743
JamesCowanDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 189743
JoeRaylsDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 1897101
Bessie GillGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Dec 1897101
JamesCowanDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
AlbertGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
BlancheGrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
LutherSwangoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
SusieBruceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
ChrisSailorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Eliza JReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
AlvaMcGuireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
NoraRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Clinton FBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Clara BLandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Charles CColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Oma GPendryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Benjamin FCoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Nanie BPerkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Morton EDowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
IndiaWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
J WilmerSigmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
JesseCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
Willie EHughesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
JessieFibleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
W LGreenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
MyrtleStevensonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
MiltonPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
NettieStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189744
CleeterBirthThe Vevay Reveille23 Dec 189755
Samuel EShuffDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 189742
J HSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 189744
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 189746
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Dec 189746
HarryMontayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 189813
AgnesLivingstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 189813
John GTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 189842
John HarbertSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 189844
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 189846
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Jan 189846
PriceBirthThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 189844
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 189846
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 189846
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 189845
JennieFisherDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jan 189882
Ellis GYongeDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189843
EarlLeatherberryDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189843
ScottCarterDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189843
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189846
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189846
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189846
StephenGerardDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189851
SteeleDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189851
AlexanderKirkpatrickDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189843
OpalSedamDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189844
JaneBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189843
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189846
CharlotteSchmiedEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189846
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jan 189846
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189846
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189846
WilliamBrandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189851
MelvinaColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189851
EllenMelonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189851
JamesGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189851
GeorgeKennettDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Feb 189852
William HBrandonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
MelvinaColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Joel TKemperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
ChloeRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Jas HGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
EllenMellenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Elliott KLangsdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Anna LPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
ArchieJamesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Rosa MayLoveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Amie ATilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Katie OMcGuireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
Marion BSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
MattiePeakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189813
JaneBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189814
MariaDunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189842
Eli TOgleDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189844
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189851
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Feb 189851
HenryBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 189841
AmandaCrumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 189841
WilliamAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 189841
OrlenaShafferMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 189841
WilliamSchurmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 189841
Rosa BPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Feb 189841
OttoThomasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
Sophia MReaperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
TildenRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
BelleClevengerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
LutherHawkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
Clara BMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
MattScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
ClaraHagemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
LoringDufourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
DoraWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
GoodlawBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
AnnaRomerillMarriageThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189843
GeorgieKennetDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Feb 189846
William DWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189842
EbenGrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189841
LucyGrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189841
AngelineThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189841
John WBantaEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189841
Nancy MDyerEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189841
SlipDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189854
EdithAdamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189853
LorenSeymourMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189853
Betsey Abigail BlissMelickDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Mar 189854
Wm DWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 189844
GiddeonStevensSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 189846
Mary AnnBrunerSaleThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 189846
WilliamButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 189846
AnnaGleasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Mar 189851
WilliamBroadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
KatherinHartmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
PeterLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
MayBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
JohnFightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
AnnaBowmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
WinchesterFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
Mary DKernMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
John NGirardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
SusannaPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
ElijahRameyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
MaryDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
John RBowmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
FannieTandyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189842
DellaKernMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189844
ChesterFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189844
WmButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
JennieSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
SerenaSchroderEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
LewisSchroderEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
Sarah ALongEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
Thomas FMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
CharlotteSchmeidEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
MaryWhiteEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
Merit RAldrichEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
HenryLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189843
MaryKerthDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189844
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189846
GiddeonStevensSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189846
William DWardDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189845
Mary AnnBrunerSaleThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189846
WilliamButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189846
SchoonoverBirthThe Vevay Reveille17 Mar 189851
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 189846
GiddeonStevensSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 189846
Mary AnnBrunerSaleThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 189846
WilliamLutcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Mar 189846
Sadie AVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189844
Lucius EPotterDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189844
EstherRodgersDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189845
ClemmieTagnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189846
Mary AnnBrunerSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189854
GiddeonStevensSaleThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189854
Samuel WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189854
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille31 Mar 189854
Margaret ShawBrewingtonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 189843
LouisHoffmierDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 189851
SamuelGullionDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 189852
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 189854
Wm PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille07 Apr 189854
JohnBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
Clara PBowenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
Henry WBerkemierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
LizzieButcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
Charles LDavisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
MaudeMeyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
WilliamAcieMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
LoraSteeleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
AbrahamBoggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
AnnaWasoMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
George WLakemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
EllieOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
OscarJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
MaudeSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
ArnoldColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
PearlMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
AndrewPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
LauraLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189844
ScrantonBirthThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189845
AndrewPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189851
LauraLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189851
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189854
Wm PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Apr 189854
A CDowneyEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 189843
Anna GraceKirkpatrickMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 189844
Joseph CLamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 189844
Wm PDickasonEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Apr 189854
TinkerBirthThe Vevay Reveille28 Apr 189845
Saml WWadeEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189843
John LThiebaudEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189843
ElvessaColemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189843
James DRichardsEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189843
AimePetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
JuliaFordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
AlexanderLockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
StellaO'DayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
F JMitchelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
LouFallisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
Geo DBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
ArabellaGilsterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
Agnes CochranPattieDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189844
James WShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 May 189845
WilihemeniaJockellDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
RodisCoyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
MalvinaGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
HarryDaltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
LettaOldhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
Edward SPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
Mary GCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
MartinShaddayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
MattieLeatherburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189842
LumVanOsdolDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 May 189851
Charles StevensMaltbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189841
Mary LelaBarnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189841
BillieShawDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189843
LongBirthThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189851
EdwardPickettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189851
GertrudeCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189851
JamesCampbellDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189851
HenryCleeterDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 May 189851
Clara GolayWorstelleDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189843
HarryDaltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
LettieOldhamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
Edward SPicketMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
Mary GCampbellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
JamesFurnishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
NorahWaltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
David LBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
EdithMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189844
JacksonBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 May 189845
EstellaFloydDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189812
Clara JWorstelleDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189843
Clara JGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189843
Orlinda RickettsDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189844
Raymond LBrookDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189851
JasperSadlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189851
NannieAndersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189851
Annie VinnieSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189881
Annie VinnieVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Jun 189881
Lizzie PickettBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
DavidLostutterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
MargaretGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
CharlesRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
AliceRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
LewisDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
MinnieMyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
WalterSebastianMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
TillieMettsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
BonnellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189845
BodleBirthThe Vevay Reveille09 Jun 189851
Anna MennetJainDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 189844
WalterSweazyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 189852
JainDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Jun 189852
Chas PHunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189813
LamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189842
Chester ALelandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
Nora ELientzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
OttoWasmuthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
AnnieMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
J CPerryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
EvaQuisenburyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
ClarenceMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
Pearl RebeccaWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
Ben FDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
Lucy EMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
FrankKnoleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
GraceRamseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189841
Coleman SDanielDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189843
ClarenceMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189843
Perle RebeccaWilliamsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189843
HowardMontgomeryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189845
LillyWeinlanderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189845
LovellBirthThe Vevay Reveille23 Jun 189845
Mary AFergusonDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189844
Uriah HMeansDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189844
LauraFurnishDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189844
CharlesGoldenburgDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189844
MariettaHydeDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189846
StephenRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189846
ArchieMcConnellDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189845
StephenRickettsDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Jun 189852
Joseph HHannaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 189846
GertrudeRectorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 189846
CharlesHollerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 189846
IdaBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 189846
PruittMcDonaldDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 189845
GeorgeFindleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Jul 189845
HiramWasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 189845
Carrie J MelickPostonDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Jul 189846
John LStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 189842
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 189846
DaisyBoydDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Jul 189882
Sallie AWaltersDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189843
Sallie ACottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189843
William PWrightDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189843
Susan M ChalfantCarterDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189843
IdaEllisDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189852
ZearingBirthThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189853
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Jul 189854
JesseRomansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
ClaraTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
Martin LBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
GraceKendallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
Thaddeus CrossWhiteMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
BessieJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
PearlWarnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
EmmaLikelyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189841
Merven BSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189843
W MayWycheMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189843
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189846
StellaMilesDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189851
W WVan NuysDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189854
Philander JRileyDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189854
RebeccaMcGeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189853
ClarisiaMeadDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189854
CharlesSabertonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 Aug 189854
Howard LDowneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 189843
Nellie GTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 189843
A MHawkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 189843
DelliaRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 Aug 189843
GeorgeFrazierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189843
LouDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189843
RebeccaMcGeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Thomas BDowDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
James WQuinnDeathThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
John FArnoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
LucyThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
GeorgeFrazierMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
LouDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
JohnRainsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Mary MHughesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Harry PToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Della DRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Jesse PCurryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Anna BProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
ThomasProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Mary BManuelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
GeorgeBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
EllaGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
ErwinJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
LillieFoleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189844
Mary ABrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189846
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189846
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille18 Aug 189846
JohnMullenDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189813
LewisColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189845
MaggieDitgenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189845
Mary ABrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189846
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189846
Mary OraMennetDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189871
McHuronBirthThe Vevay Reveille25 Aug 189874
LouisHilkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
EmmaSchroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
Albert THussongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
Jantha JRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
George TMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
AnniePettyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
LouisColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
MaggieDitgenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
AlgerButlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
EllaRicketsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189841
McCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189843
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189846
Mary ABrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189846
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189846
RobertsBirthThe Vevay Reveille01 Sep 189852
AntoinetteRussellDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189844
MaryColesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189843
G WSnodgrassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189843
Oliver EdwardThiebaudMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189843
Estella MayMontagueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189843
Lucian SLottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189843
SadieLittlefieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189843
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189846
LeapBirthThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189852
DanMcKayDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189852
EmmaPostonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189852
PercyLyonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189852
PearlTylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189853
JamesSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189853
MaymeDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189853
BVannatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Sep 189853
JamesSandersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
PearlTylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
Simon LPeelmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
Anna MShelbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
Charles PLyonsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
EmmaPostonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
BenBatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
AliceSalyersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
R BVannatterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
MamieDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
AlbertPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
JuliaEadsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
Wm MEatonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
Minnie DBenedictMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
WillardHornbeckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
MaryStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
OttoHornbeckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
OllieWhittikerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189842
Robert PCopelandDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189844
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Sep 189846
LucyJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189844
Pemberton DPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189844
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189846
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189846
JohnHighamEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
JosephJacobsEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
Samuel EPleasantsEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
Mary AnnBrunerEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
Wm PLockEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
Elias MHumphreyEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
SophiaJohnsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
JohnJohnsonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
MissouriPeelmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
JuliusPeelmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
LydiaMottierDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
JohnMottierDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
Ada ERickettsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
Jonathan CRickettsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189845
RobertCopelandDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189852
HouzeBirthThe Vevay Reveille22 Sep 189851
AbijahArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 189846
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 189846
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 189846
ColeBirthThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 189852
PickettBirthThe Vevay Reveille29 Sep 189852
KiziahJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189811
KiziahFromanDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189811
HarveyJarvisDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189812
LewisBrandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
LauraGleasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
JosephKeeneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
SallieToddMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Harry EColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
FloraMcIntireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
A NJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
IdaJungMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
John MLauderbaughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
JessieO'NealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Charles WDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Carrie BPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
AlvaBaxterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Nannie JBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
AdaThatcherMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Grace BWellsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Pemberton DPleasantsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
LucyJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
ElwoodChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
JennieMellenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
George NScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
JessieBoydMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Benjamin HarveyNorthcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
Edward PParkDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189842
JosephJacobsEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189846
AbijahArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189846
James DGlennSaleThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189846
MaryHaskellDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189845
CarriePeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189851
CharlesDickasonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Oct 189851
AlijahArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 189846
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 189846
B HNorthcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 189845
JosephJacobsEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Oct 189854
JohnFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189811
KateBellamyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189811
Ed HPotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189812
MinnieBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189812
Willard STylerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189812
BascomMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189812
Sarah MJohnsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189843
KateBellamyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189844
J WFarrellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189844
Mary BantaThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189844
Charles FGreenDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189845
Archie TLeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189846
Lillian ALeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189846
JosephJacobsEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189854
AbijahArmstrongEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Oct 189854
SusanJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
SusanSchaumDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
WillieHensleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
JamesCulbertsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
HowardStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
MaryWisemanDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
JaneHastieDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
MarshallClarkMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Lillian VPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
EdwardColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
PearlSmootMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Edward HPotterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Minnie HBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
A LStrawbridgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
ElizabethManfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Naner CHumphreyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
LuellonGoodnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Richard IBriggsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Della ESmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
John IBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
Minnie APorterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
KerthleyDormanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
OraBlanfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189843
HarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189846
BlissPostonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189852
LucianHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189852
MaryGribbensDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189852
AnnaJainEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189852
Archie TLeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189852
Lillian ALeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189852
JamesCulbertsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Oct 189851
EttieSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 189844
MortenBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 189844
PhilipGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 189844
Archie TLeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 189851
Lillian ALeapDivorceThe Vevay Reveille03 Nov 189851
Mary BThiebaudDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 189814
BairdBirthThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 189815
GraceDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 189851
ChasDibberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 189851
AnnaJainEstateThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 189856
Harris BlissPostonDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Nov 189881
KitleyDormanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
OraBlanfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
FredTevisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
JennieCastlemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
MortonBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
Flora EttaSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
W TSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
N BLaffertyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
Charles LDebberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
Mary GraceDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
John AGarrettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
LillieAkeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
William MortonPetitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
RhodaRazorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
EllaGoinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
MinnieChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
William JBakesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
Lovina GCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189841
MaryAldredDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189844
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189846
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189846
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189846
AnnaJainEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Nov 189846
HenryBeckleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189842
ZellaHeathDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189843
FlorizelleMurphyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189843
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189846
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189846
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189846
PhilipGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Nov 189854
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189813
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189813
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189813
W SSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189841
WilliamButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189841
Ettie FWelchDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189843
William PLuckSaleThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189846
OraPaughMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189852
LennaHarmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189852
EvaMcIntireDeathThe Vevay Reveille01 Dec 189855
DanielMelickDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189813
VictorCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
EmmaGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
James ELazenbyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
SusieWrightMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
Alva MHessMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
Effie MProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
Wm CVenableMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
KatieTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
FrankAndrewsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
NettieWashingtonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
Lunma AHarmonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
OraPangleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
James GSeaverMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
Maud SDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189843
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189844
Justine ACookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
J F TWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
Sophia MThiemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
William HTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
Wm TWileyEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
FlemingCousinsEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
LucyConvoyEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
RobertDannerEstateThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
William HStewartDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
Mary EStewartDivorceThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
OvidHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Dec 189851
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189815
GideonStevensEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
James DGlennEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
Luther MHotchkissEstateThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
ArchieLeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
LillianLeepDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
WalterJenningsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
Anna BJenningsDivorceThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189842
AlbertConawayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189843
Sarah TDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189843
MellieLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189854
SardaRandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189854
HoraceStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Dec 189854
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189816
JosephJacobsSaleThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189844
JohnHighamEstateThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189843
UlyBrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189844
DaisyLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189844
UlyBrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189852
DaisyLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189852
SmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189852
BrandonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189851
ColdenDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189851
HitchensDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189851
PhilipGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Dec 189881
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189816
Rosa DWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189842
ArthurShirleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189842
EmmaLeapDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
AmieLeapDivorceThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
E LBatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
LuluMcDowanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
John ACraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
Emma MBromwellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
AdolphusReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
BerylBoonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
CharlesSchivelbeinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
Jennie VMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
James MScudderMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
Della MMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
Isaac WMellonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
AntoinetteMcSwainMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
Arthur WShirleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
Rose DWilliamsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
JosephJacobsSaleThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189844
MaggieJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189843
ChasSchievelbeinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189851
JennieMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189851
NoraMitchellDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189853
FloraDenniesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189855
AlbertConawayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Dec 189855
Betsey RWasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 189941
Betsey RAbbotDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 189941
Isabella ATitusDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 189943
Isabella ALeClercDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 189943
JosephJacobsSaleThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 189946
HizerBirthThe Vevay Reveille05 Jan 189945
Junie LurretteMcHenryDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189944
JeremiahPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189944
James BPowellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
Ida EStevensMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
BrunerFosterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
SaydaLampkinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
Ira GBamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
HallieLindseyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
JosephJacobsSaleThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189946
EatonCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189952
EatonCottonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189954
DollieScrantonDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189953
HenrySteffenDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189954
Harriet PlummerOlcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189955
Harriet PlummerJordanDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Jan 189955
SallieHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189942
HenrySteffenDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189944
Frederick HenrySteffenDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189943
GeorgePalmerDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189944
Harriet POlcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189945
EarlColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189951
JosephJacobsSaleThe Vevay Reveille19 Jan 189955
OliverJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
SallieDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
John FStrentenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
LenaNienhisorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
WillieKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
NellieBoultonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
Thomas JHagemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
EffieCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
ChasCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
AnnaFiskMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
Albert CGriffithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
Clara GLesterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189941
John IO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189944
DoeSwangoDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189943
SallieHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189944
SallieSingerDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189944
LampkinBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189952
Phoebe JonesPalmerDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189952
PhoebeJonesDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189952
GeorgePalmerEstateThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189953
JeremiahPlewDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Jan 189981
Samuel SMullenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
EvaSimpsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
NoreneBowenDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189941
CharlesDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
AnnaMitchellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
Ulysses SPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
Elsie GRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
Holland NPhillipsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
MinnieStoopsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
HarveyWaveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
AddieChatumMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
ClayCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
LillianOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189942
SallieSingerDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189941
SallieHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189941
Austin CAdkinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189941
EmmaMastersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189941
Mary ThelmaCunninghamDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189944
ChasCookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189943
AnnaFiskMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189943
T JHagemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189952
EffaCochranMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Feb 189952
LillieOgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189942
ClayCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189942
WmSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189943
MitchellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189943
CottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189951
OgleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189951
John WBarnesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189951
FannyLamsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189952
ElsieRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189953
UlyPetersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189953
FannyCollinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Feb 189953
RalphBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189942
CatherineStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189942
JamesAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189942
PaulineWegelinDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189942
PaulineSiebenthalDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189942
OmerHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
MattieBladenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
FrederickLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
MaryGordinerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
Joseph DLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
AdaRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
DemseyScudderDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Feb 189943
BailyBirthThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189915
JamesPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189942
EthelHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189942
James PCoxDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189941
JaneRutherfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189943
SarahSchroderDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189943
AveryHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189945
MollieGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189951
FredLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189951
SusieVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189951
JaneRutherfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189951
JesseLynnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189952
MaggieDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189952
EstellaPeabodyDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189953
EthelHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189953
JamesPavyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189953
CathrineStowDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189954
CathrineManserDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Feb 189954
Joseph DLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189915
AdaRyanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189915
Fred CLewisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189915
MaryGardnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189915
RutherfordDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
James SAndersonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
IzellaBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
IrvinRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
DanielDavisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
DoraBirchfieldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
DavidNixMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
AmandaPaytonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
Hiram JPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
Lillie DColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
Alfred SBabbittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
MaryRogersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
EmmaLeapDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
AimeLeapDivorceThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189943
John JMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189945
Richard JCaytonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189951
Della RCaytonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189951
Lillie DColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189953
JohnPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189953
LillianColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189953
JohnPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189953
Avery WHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Mar 189981
MaryFarrellDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189942
RobertCourtneyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189941
AlmaHullMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189941
NorvinCoatesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189941
DaisyWillsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189941
John MHollcraftDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189943
FannyMartinDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189943
LewisSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189943
SerenaSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189943
JennieSchroederEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189943
JamesReedMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189945
CoraGordonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189945
John JMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189945
Temperance MunsonJamesDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189952
Temperance MunsonVanhoutenDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Mar 189952
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 189946
John JMcCrearyEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 189946
PeterVorisDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 189955
SusanPaulleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 189955
LucyGibbensDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Mar 189955
DellaRochatDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189942
DanHankinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189943
Harriet CTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189943
Henry WSchirmerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189943
TemperanceVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189946
PeterVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189946
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189946
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189945
LewisHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189953
NelliePeasleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Mar 189953
SusanVanniceDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189911
SusanPaulleyDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189911
MosesPorterDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189941
EdnaBrookDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189944
WmRobinsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189943
MariaRansonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189943
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189945
TemperanceVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189945
PeterVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189945
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille30 Mar 189945
HarveyHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 189911
Lillie BRomansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Apr 189911
Jacob JTalboxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
EmmaRileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
Milton JLoveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
Eliza AFredenburgMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
AlfredAldredMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
OliveMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
HenryGarnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
Sallie BQuellsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
JohnRobertsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
EmmaJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
HarryEliMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
JennieBaldwinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189911
CoraWaltersDeathThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189943
WalterRalstonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189943
LizzieShawMarriageThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189943
MargaretWitherspoonDeathThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189943
CoraWaltersDeathThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189943
PeterVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189945
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189945
TemperanceVanhoutenEstateThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189945
William PLockSaleThe Vevay Reveille6 Apr 189945
Elwood GGriswoldMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189941
Alice MCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189941
MaggieDoanDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189941
SusanBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189941
Samuel MBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189945
PeterVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189945
MargaretMilesDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Apr 189955
ElizabethReddDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189942
ClarenceDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189944
BelleSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189944
FrankMainsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189943
MaggieSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189943
ClarenceDennisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189943
BelleSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189943
DanielBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189943
EmmaLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189943
Samuel MBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189945
PeterVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille20 Apr 189945
ElizabethReddDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189913
ElizabethLaGardDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189913
CarlBrayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
VennieJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
Harry DSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
Julia DBlochMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
EdwardDorrelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
SophiaTinkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
HarrietLucyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
CharlesChristensenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189943
Wm HTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189944
MatthewBrownEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189944
Samuel MBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189946
PeterVorisSaleThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189946
JohnTateDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189952
OlcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189952
W AOlcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189953
McCormickDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Apr 189954
William AddisonOlcottDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189911
NanNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189944
ClarenceWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189944
MaryGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189944
WilliamBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189944
John JMcCrearySaleThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189946
Samuel MBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189946
WmBuchananMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189945
Mary FGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189945
Clarence OWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189945
NannieNorthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189945
AlfredAldrichMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189952
OllieMooreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189952
CatherineThurstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189952
CatherineGoffDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189952
FulcherDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189951
SquirePaughDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189953
OttoJarvisDeathThe Vevay Reveille04 May 189953
WilfredHolbrookMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
MayCobbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
JohnGraceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
Rosa BLambMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
ChasEarleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
MarthaBrownMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
Clem RAmbroseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
CordeliaBrindleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189941
Sidney EHaighDeathThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189943
DavisBirthThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189944
ChasChristensenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189943
Harriet LucyMarrsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189943
Samuel MBonnellEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189944
JennieColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189944
John JMcCrearySaleThe Vevay Reveille11 May 189946
John JMcCrearySaleThe Vevay Reveille18 May 189946
HenryBuddenburgDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
KateBuddenburgDivorceThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
Otis SWaldoDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189943
D HeddenBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189943
GraceTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189943
WallaceHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
IdaWaltersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
ChasHallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
TessaBillsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
HeddenBairdMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
GraceTilleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
LanhamDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
LeachDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
GilbertDeathThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189944
O SWaldoEstateThe Vevay Reveille25 May 189943
IdaWaltersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 189912
WallaceHarperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille01 Jun 189912
John WHouzeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189916
Mollie CWycoffMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189916
Edw ILaRueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189916
Nettie GraceStewartMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189916
ScottRaylesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189916
StellaNealMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189916
EdwardGordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189941
James FTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189942
Ora HelenaAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189942
BelleTeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189945
BelleDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189945
MatildaBonnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189945
MatildaJohnstonDeathThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189945
WmWadeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189952
TillieGutaffelMarriageThe Vevay Reveille08 Jun 189952
James FTaylorMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
OraAndersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
Wiliam TPoeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
CordieSimmsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
J HenryHuesemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
SophiaNewhizerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
EdwardDuvallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
Ella PProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189941
FannyHustonDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189942
J HNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189943
Joseph HankinsNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189945
ElizabethOsbornDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189952
EdwardDuvallMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189954
EllaProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189954
BelleTeatsDeathThe Vevay Reveille15 Jun 189954
GordonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189913
JosephTurnerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189941
Zella VWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189941
J HNetherlandDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189944
ChasHoustonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189943
Anna MHuntMarriageThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189943
MaryHighamDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189944
MaryDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189944
ReevesDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189944
MaryHighamDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189953
MaryDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille22 Jun 189953
Jennie EKincaidDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 189944
RollinBrownDeathThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 189945
HarrySmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 189952
RuthBlackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille29 Jun 189952
Sanford RWilsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 189943
EleanorKalbMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 189943
George ConstantGolayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 189943
Amanda L RuterDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 189944
Amanda LRuterDeathThe Vevay Reveille06 Jul 189944
William HLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189943
Keziah BPerryDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189943
SiefertDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189943
W MO'NealDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189943
Clarence WSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
Gertrude EMartinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
James WRutherfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
Katie PLeapMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
HomerSmockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
AliceMcKinleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
Benjamin FHenryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
FloraMcDanellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
JamesElsrodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
MollieGivenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
CurtisJumpMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
Mary MHoweMarriageThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189944
WillLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille13 Jul 189953
Amanda Louise RuterDufourDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189913
Amanda LouiseRuterDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189913
MyrtleCraigMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189943
WillMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189943
WilliamButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189944
George GDubachMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189943
Arie KRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189943
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189944
Ida MCushardDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189951
WilliamLongDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189952
RaylsBirthThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189954
James HHatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189955
GilbertJarvisDeathThe Vevay Reveille20 Jul 189982
JosephSturgeonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189941
MaggieMcCrearyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189941
Charles JRyanDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189943
WilliamButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189944
Henry WBerkemierDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189943
NancyBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189943
Margaret StoryScottDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189943
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189944
GilbertErieDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189945
J AHatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189952
GilbertErleDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189953
HenryColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille27 Jul 189953
MarcellaColeEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189914
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189914
WilliamButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189913
FestusFlinnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189941
GraceProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189941
DavidRuthMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189941
KatieO'BrionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189941
James AHatchDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189943
EstaRobertsDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189943
PearlStevensonDeathThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189952
GraceProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189954
FestusFlinnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189954
GraceProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189953
FestusFlinnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189953
GrahamBirthThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189954
Chas JRyanEstateThe Vevay Reveille03 Aug 189955
CharlesMarshallDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189941
ErnestPickettDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189941
AmyRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189942
HowardGrahamMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189942
John WOrrMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189941
MinnieJustisMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189941
B FMcPhersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189941
LilliaParishMarriageThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189941
Elmer BrooksMerryDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189943
Cora RousGlennDeathThe Vevay Reveille10 Aug 189944
MarthaStratfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189942
MayhewMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189942
MatildaLyonsDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189944
SimonHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
EssieBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
Isaac NRobbinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
ChristianHensleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
JamesBennettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
AdeliaSchievelbeinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
PhilipGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
OlaChaseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
Perry CJonesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
BerthaAcreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
JerryDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189943
M SophiaThiemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille17 Aug 189945
HenryRosenbergerDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 189941
JeremiahDowneyDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 189944
RhodaWebberDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 189952
Benjamin WillisWatersDeathThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 189951
M SophiaThiemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille24 Aug 189982
Orville BHeadyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 189914
Maud CRaburnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 189914
JosephSullivanDeathThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 189944
FlorenceColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 189946
S BJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille31 Aug 189946
McCoslinDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189942
BoernerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189942
WillieSnodgrassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
JuliaSullivanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
LesterNollMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
EllaLynnMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
HenryJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
HattieJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
David THughesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
Gracie TWalkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
MarcellaSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
NannieJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189945
RosellaStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189951
RosellaBerkshireDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189951
Wilbur LeonardHewittDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189952
JakeEdmonsonDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Sep 189952
AllenBeverlyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189941
BelleAdkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189941
MalcomCowanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189941
DellaHopperMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189941
SilasToldDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
Robert BruceLittlefieldDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189943
Silas SToldDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
AugustusFrazierDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
SarahFrazierDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
MiltonColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
SusanColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
WmButcherEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
Lucius EPotterEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
JohnHighamEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
James AHatchEstateThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189944
SedamBirthThe Vevay Reveille14 Sep 189952
HenryCharltonDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 189944
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Sep 189945
Joseph HNetherlandEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189913
Julia HMcCormickEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189913
RebeccaCampbellEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189913
Wm PEadesEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189913
David PBlodgetEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189913
LucyConboyEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189913
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189944
RobertScrantonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189951
TenaBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189951
WainscottBirthThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189952
AaronFancherDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189953
Milton RColeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Mattie ETompkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Noble SGividenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
CeliaBarnesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
GeorgeTheodoreMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Anna EEichlerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
John BClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
EllaUtleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
EphriamSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
LizzieSteeleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
AdolphusSpencerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Ivy AOremMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Robert AScrantonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Selius TenaBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Sep 189954
Achilles OgleProtsmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189942
Ada MayWoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189942
JohnSaddlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189942
DariusStevensDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189942
William TDailyDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189942
WilliamBairdDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189942
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189944
SaddlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189952
RobertArchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189952
LizzieDayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189952
DariusStevensDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189952
ChasRyanEstateThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189951
GupManuelDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189952
Silas SToldDeathThe Vevay Reveille05 Oct 189981
SandersBirthThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189951
ConnerDeathThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189951
ZellaStoutMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189951
Roy EHayesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189951
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189954
AmandaChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189954
JohnChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille12 Oct 189954
John AndersonStewartDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189911
MariamHowardMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189942
CareyDriskellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189942
Joseph MDavisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
Mary ERichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
Hiram FPettitMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
RuthChamberMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
WalterMainsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
Fannie LDetrazMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
FloydCammachMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
SallieOsbornMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
CharleyOakMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
GertrudeStoryMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
Silas GTiltonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
EmmaCrouchMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
WilliamBrooksMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
TharisaBreedenMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
WillardO'BrionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
Minerva MQuireMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
ElijahHankinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
MayBrambargerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
JosephReedDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189944
Orilla MHortonDeathThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189943
AmandaChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189946
JohnChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189946
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille19 Oct 189946
TilleyBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189942
Cyntha HatchGolayDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
George WHewittDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
MartinFunkDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
YeagerBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189943
LeranderHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
HunterDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
EvaBailyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
Early DPerkinsDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
ColeBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189943
JamesSissonDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189944
AmandaChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189946
JohnChapmanDivorceThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189946
PorterBirthThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189953
William WilsonMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189954
Mary WhiteMcCrearyDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189954
MaryWhiteDeathThe Vevay Reveille26 Oct 189954
FallisBirthThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189942
HannaBirthThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189942
Henry DKelleyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
Katie MDouglasMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
James ASaeisonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
MaggieFaulknerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
Charles FKuhueMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
Lulu CGroesbeckMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
WalterHollcroftMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
Lizzie BRaylMarriageThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189943
MaryDickasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189944
MaryDunningDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189944
John WesleyTappDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189944
EllaLeepDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189944
JamesTaylorDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189944
LawsonBirthThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189953
SusanBarkisDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189981
SusanVandeverDeathThe Vevay Reveille02 Nov 189981
JohnClendenningDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 189941
Fred KennethColeDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 189941
NellieLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 189943
RalphBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 189943
SeeDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 189952
JohnClendeningDeathThe Vevay Reveille09 Nov 189953
JohnSaddlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189913
Martha JaneHallDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
SusanPickettDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
FredGleasonDeathThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
CharleyJohnsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
MarthaHudsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
GeorgeHigginsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
MaggieMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
Robert KSlateMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
Cora ElizabethRichardsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
John WGriffinMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
GayHotchkissMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
Ben BGullionMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
CoddiaJacksonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
PorterGarnettMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
NoraBrockMarriageThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189943
Mary BWisemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189951
MohlBirthThe Vevay Reveille16 Nov 189955
Thomas LParterMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
Florence OWorstelleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
J BColemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
NoraDuncanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
Harry BGilbertMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
JennieMillerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
Albert KClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
Mamie ASmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189944
SadieAllenDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189951
HarveyHarrisDeathThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189951
HessBirthThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189953
CurryBirthThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189953
ThomasPattersonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189953
FlorenceWorstelleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189953
Mary BWisemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille23 Nov 189956
M SophiaThiemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
EbenGrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
LucyGrayEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
Jos HNetherlandEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
Wm HTurnerEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
Robt BLittlefieldEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
PeterVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
JohnJacksonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
Hannah PJacksonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
VirginiaBartonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
Benj NBartonDivorceThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189941
Mary BWisemanEstateThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189943
EttaBonnellMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189952
SalemBradfordMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189952
AmandaChapmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189951
Benjamin FranklinSmithDeathThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189951
MaymieSmithMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189953
Albert KClementsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille30 Nov 189953
ScottMckayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189942
HelenJewittMarriageThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189942
Alice MBakerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189941
MaryDowlerDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189941
RichardPittmanDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189941
IzoraMcchamDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189951
IzoraHowellDeathThe Vevay Reveille07 Dec 189951
EllGrobesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
JennieHowMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
BruceBantaMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
Cordelia BWainscottMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
WmBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
Mary HDibbleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
PhilipMarklandMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
EdithLangsdaleMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
JesseRodgersMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
ClaraMcAteeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
James CSandefurMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
AbbieThompsonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
AliceShuffDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
RoseDoddDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
MaryMarshDeathThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
StellaColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
TildenColeDivorceThe Vevay Reveille14 Dec 189943
Ben FCowansMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Anna JIsaacsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Ralph MBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Nellie GillLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
HarryHopkinsMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Jennie LTandyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
GeorgeWilhoytMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
NellieWilhoytMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
ElmerWileyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
MamieMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
JamesStrackMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
HelenMeadMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Earnest RMarseMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Lizzie BMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
Effa MayHessDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
HiramJenningsDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189941
AliceRansomDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189943
AliceShuffDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189943
Nellie GillLongMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189961
Ralph MalcolmBarkerMarriageThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189961
Alice MayBakerDeathThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189972
PeterVorisEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
HenryCharltonEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
Jos HNetherlandEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
OstrumBorightEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
SarahNaveEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
Jonathan CRickettsEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
JohnPorterEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
JosephJacobsEstateThe Vevay Reveille21 Dec 189971
SchievelbeinBirthThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189913
ErnestMarshMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189952
LizzieMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189952
AnnaPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189952
YoungMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189952
Frank SYoungMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Anna HPeabodyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Thomas BEtheridgeMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
AddieKnoxMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
William HFarwoodMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
MaryBoddyMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Fred WSchroederMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Mary NKnowlmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
TheodoreDouglassMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Grace MSheldonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
UlaKrawllMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Nellie TTwinemanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Benny EdwardDiltzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Stella MaudHinmanMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
HenryCottonMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
MaudMontayneMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Ed EMcKayMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
AlvinJoyceMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
CarlMilesMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
LizzieAldredMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Fred HGrieveMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
Lula MMountzMarriageThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
ChauncyRichardsDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951
AliceMarshDeathThe Vevay Reveille28 Dec 189951