Vevay Town Council – 14 May 1868

The Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana town council proceedings appeared in:
Vevay Reveille – 14 May 1868 – Page 2, Column 1

Proceedings of Town Council.

The Town Council met at the Court House last Friday evening, for the purpose of transacting Corporation business.

The Trustees elected for the ensuing year were qualified and took their seats.

Isaac Stevens was reelected President of the Council.

The following bills were allowed:

  • Hinson Bright, for removing dead hogs, $3.50.
  • David Fursel, work on streets, $1.50.
  • Wm. Smith, superintending Cemetery, $42.12.
  • Wm. Goldenburg, services as Treasurer, $25.00.
  • F. A. Boerner & Bro., keeping town clock in order, $15.00.
  • J. K. Pleasants & Co., lumber, $15.51.
  • W. J. Baird, printing, $16.00.
  • G. P. Tinker, services as Clerk, $11.50.
  • Stevens & Son, stationary, $1.40.
  • J. W. Gray, judge election, $2.50.
  • J. Armstrong, judge election, $2.50.
  • Isaac Stevens, judge election, $2.50.
  • A. Rous, judge election, $2.50.
  • Robert Smiley, gravel on Washington street, $79.95.

Adjourned until next Monday night.


Monday Evening, May 11.

The Clerk, Treasurer, Marshal and Assessor, having filed their bonds, were qualified and took charge of their respective offices.

The following committees were appointed:

  • On Claims—Messrs. Hall, Gill and Teats.
  • On Wharfs—Messrs. Gill, Teats and Phinip.
  • On Streets and Alleys—Messrs. Gilbert, Phinip and Boerner
  • On Cemetery—Messrs. Gilbert, Hall and Phinip.

Wm. Smith was appointed Superintendent of the Cemetery.

Adjourned to meet Monday evening, May 18.