Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Apr 1878

Proceedings of the April 1878 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 25 Apr 1878 – Page 3, Column 3

Circuit Court.

Court convened on Monday, with Judge Roberts on the bench.

The following grand jurors were impaneled: John P. Walker, Foreman; Joseph Buchert, Leonard Harbaugh, Milton Jackson, Michael Tracy, and Thomas L. Baker.

State vs. Pereival Henderson. Petit Larceny. Defendant makes default, and his bond of $25, with Nathan Stedman security, was forfeited.

Rosiana Falter vs. John Tucker, judgment against defendant for $25.

Mary Siemantle vs. Dearborn Furniture Company and others. Judgement against defendants for $150.

Margaret Sherbaugh vs. Daniel Sherbaugh et als. Petition for partition. William Donlan, Commissioner, appointed to sell real estate, made his report, which was approved.

William Donlan made final report as executor of Bridget Dowling.

Hugh D. McMullen has brought suit against E. G. Hayes for $1,500 for attorney’s fee in the last Hayes will case.

The most of Tuesday was taken up in getting cases at issue.

Lawrenceburg Register – 2 May 1878 – Page 3, Column 4

Circuit Court.

Michael Weibel, executor of Nich. Singer, vs. Adam Foltz. Judgment for $604.33, and decree of foreclosure.

John William Ewbank vs. David W. Marsh. Receivership, &c., dismissed.

State vs. Pat Feeney. Provoke. Dismissed.

Marie Schwartz vs. Dearborn Furniture Co. Judgment against part of company for $185.32.

Katherine Roth vs. same. Judgment for $180.60. (Proceedings in both the above continued in the attachment against said Co., in which Mary Siemantel is plaintiff.)

Wm. McDunn, adm’r &c., vs. George Tousey, executor of Isaac Dunn’s will. Satisfaction for $50,000 entered in $333.33.

Same vs. same. Satisfaction for $3000 entered in $333.33.

John P. Dunn and other vs. George Tousey, executor &c., and four others; contest of will. Judgment against plaintiffs, and “no right of action.”

Matthew Haring vs. David Marsh and others. Foreclosure on $2330.24. Judgment for same.

State vs. John Casson. Assault and battery. Plea of guilty. Fined $2 and costs.

Abram Epstein vs. Joseph Mooney Jr. Cognovit. Judgment confessed for $2800 and costs.



Probate of will of Ann L. Slater, deceased.

Estate of Anton Schott. N. Vogelgesang, executor. New bond, $2800.

Mrs. Sarah E. Brewington, guardian of Charles Smith. Failure to make report for eight years. Citation.

Estate of James Cox. Claim of Thos. and J. W. Gaff for $2834.58 filed, and Thos. Gaff appointed administrator.

Transcripts filed: From Justice Hess: Aaron Nester vs. Henry Ruhlman. Claim of $100, for failure to contribute to, and keep in repair a partition fence.

From Justice Carbaugh: State vs. Edward C. Christie. Attempt to provoke an assault by Theresa Miller.

Lawrenceburg Register – 16 May 1878 – Page 3, Column 4

Circuit Court.

Mary M. Johnson et als vs. John F. Cain et als. George M. Roberts makes report as Commissioner which is approved.

Ferdinand Kuhlmeyer vs. Andy H. Masch et als. Civil action. Foreclosure of mortgage. Judgment against defendant for $858.

Millie A. Voshell vs. Alfred R. Voshell. The plaintiff is restrained from disposing of certain personal property.

Gaylord J. Hart is admitted as a member of the Dearborn county bar.

Joseph H. Burkam et al vs. Samuel McElfresh, Receiver et als. Jury assess the damages of the plaintiff at $650.

L. G. Hurburt et als vs. James Burdette et als. Judgment against defendant for $90.

Alex Long vs. M. A. and J. B. Vail. Judgment against defendants for $4141.18, and that plaintiff is entitled to the possession of one grand piano now in the hands of the defendants.



E. H. David appointed administrator of the estate of William Brewington with will annexed. Bond $24,001.

A. P. Daughters made final report as administrator of James Wills.

Lawrenceburg Register – 30 May 1878 – Page 3, Column 3

Circuit Court.

Mary Ann Bruce vs. David Nevitt. Judgment against defendant for $2226.40 and costs.

State ex rel Elsenheimer vs. Rupert Grill; surety of the peace. Dismissed, and discharge of Grill from custody on payment of costs.

Mary A. Worley et als vs. Zeph Heustis; still in progress. This cause increases in interest, and in the matters developed by the evidence; will occupy the attention of the Court for the week.



Elizabeth Vogelgesang appointed Administratrix of the estate of George Vogelgesang, deceased. Bond $1600.

Mary A. Ewbank appointed Administratrix of the estate of Jacob S. Ewbank, deceased.

Mary Sawdon; probate of will and codicil.