Research Services

Are you looking for a someone to help you find your family history, assist you over a brick wall or find a way to organize your research?

My name is Tina Lyons and I am a professional genealogist. You can read about some of the services that I offer below. Please contact me at to discuss your project.

Visit my professional website to learn more about me and my services.

Record Requests

Digital copies for records found on the Indiana’s Gore website. The exact book and page number is needed for record requests. Visit the Record Requests page to learn more about what records can be requested.

Record Searches

A search for a particular name within a date range is available in some records from Indiana’s Gore. A complete report of findings and digital copies of relevant records are provided. Visit the Record Searches page to learn more.

PERSI Requests

Digital copies of articles found in the Periodical Source Index.

Record or Literature Survey

Searches in books and microfilm available at the Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Center.

Research Guidance

Do you have a research problem and want some advice on where to search next? Contact me to learn more about how I can help you develop a research plan, analyze a record, or review your current research.

Research Projects

Are you looking to hire a professional genealogist to research your family? Contact me to discuss your research projects.