Indiana and Indiana Territory

Indiana’s Gore became a part of Indiana Territory on 1 March 1803. Indiana was granted statehood in 1816.

1807 Territorial Census

Fraustein, Rebah Morgan. Census of Indiana Territory for 1807. Indianapolis : Indiana Historical Society, 1980.

Court Records

Indiana Territorial Court Orders (1800-1816) digitized by IUPUI (free)

Election Returns

Stemmons, John D. & E. Diane, compilers. Indiana Election Returns, 1809, 1812. Sandy, Utah : Census Publishing, LC, 2004. [From William Hayden English Family Papers, Indiana Historical Society, Collection #98.]

Franklin, Charles M. Indiana Territorial Pioneer Records, 1801-1815. 3 volumes. Heritage House, 1983. [From William H. English Collection at University of Chicago.]


Historic Indiana Law Project


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