Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Apr 1889

Proceedings of the April 1889 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 4 Apr 1889 – Page 2, Column 3


Henry Roudebush et al vs. Charles E. Dair, Trustee, &c.; to modify judgment. Judgment for defendant on demurrer.

State vs. John Clark; surety of the peace. Dismissed.

W. C. D. Stevenson vs. estate of Francis M. Miles, deceased; on note. Claim allowed, $324.86.

State ex rel Commissioners of Decatur county vs. Edward D. Moore, Auditor, &c.; mandate. Judgment for defendant on demurrer. Appeal to Supreme Court.

State vs. Maggie Shank—(3 cases). State vs. William Vansickle; petit larceny. State vs. Charles M. Carter; seduction. Dismissed by Prosecuting Attorney.

State vs. Robert Shepherd; assault and battery. Trial by jury and defendant acquitted.

Carl G. Walter vs. the unknown heirs of Robert Piatt, deceased, et als; to quiet title. Decree and judgment for plaintiff.

George A. Smith vs. Nathan G. Daniels et als; foreclosure. Decree and judgment for plaintiff for $1,525.12.

State vs. John Morgan; petit larceny. Trial by jury and defendant acquitted.

Louis Ott vs. Squire Osborn; slander. Dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Emma Spangler vs. Clarence Spangler; divorce. Decree of divorce granted plaintiff.

Charles H. Conaway, of Dillsborough, admitted to practice at this bar.


The Union Loan and Building Association vs. Frederick Studenburg et als. Foreclosure.

Alex B. Pattison vs. Sanford Tuthill et al. On note.

Virgil Dowden, administrator, vs. Joseph Vaughn et al. Foreclosure.


Hamilton Conaway vs. estate of Francis M. Miles; on account. Claim allowed, $10.

J. Marshall Barkley vs. estate of Aaron Purcell; on account. Claim allowed, $187.38.

Oliver T. Canfield vs. Aurora Iron Co.; on order. Claim allowed, $28.10.


Estate of John H. Hargitt.

Estate of Mathias Clore.


Estate of Michael Radspinner; Levi P. Chance, administrator.

Estate of Franz H. Pottebaum; John H. Donselman, executor.

Estate of Frederick H. Kamping; Frederick Schulenborg, executor.

Estate of Sarah A. Southard; Wilson H. Swales Jr., administrator.

Estate of Henry Klein; Mary Klein, administratrix.

Guardian of Arthur F. Garrison, William B. Miller, guardian.


Guardian of Isaac Swift et als; Lineaus R. Swift, guardian.

Guardian of Katie A. Klein et als; Mary Klein, guardian.

Estate of Henry Klein; Mary Klein, Administratrix.

Estate of George W. Johnston; George E. Johnston, Administrator.

Guardian Charles W. Orndorff et als; Columbus Johnston, Guardian.

The will of William B. Miller was probated.