Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Dec 1880

Proceedings of the December 1880 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 9 Dec 1880 – page 2, Column 5


Henry Ellinghausen vs. Sylvia Richardson. Jury fails to agree.

Ex parte Joseph Schnetzer. Final report of commissioner.

Barbara Schwegmann vs. Jos. Hammerle. Judgment vs defendant for $136.

Esther Beatty vs. James Haston. Judgment vs defendant for $235.

State vs. Edward Bowlby. Failure to sound whistle on engine. Dismissed.

Manchester township vs. Frederick Ralph. Judgment vs plaintiff for costs.

Phoebe Exley vs. J. D. Willis. Judgment vs defendant for $3,685.

F. Krietline vs. Barbara Krietline. Judgment vs defendant for $844.

Joseph C Vandolah makes final report as administrator of Estate of Jos. Lenover.

William Stone appointed administrator of the Estate of Wm. Ashley.

Edward Hayes appointed guardian of heirs of Nancy Freeman.

Joseph Haddock appointed administrator of Estate of Thomas Haddock.

Jacob Foshag appointed guardian of John M. Braunecker’s heirs.

Lawrenceburg Register – 16 Dec 1880 – Page 2, Column 4


James L. McMullen makes final report as administrator of the estate of Nancy McClellen.

Joseph D. Curtis resigns his trust as guardian of Betty Epstein, an insane person. George B. Fitch is appointed in his stead, and gives bond for $1,000.

James Cairns makes final report as administrator of the estate of Joseph Mangold.

John C. McCollough, Receiver of the Lawrenceburgh Wheel Company, brings into court $1650 for the use of judgment creditors. The Clerk is ordered to distribute as follows: George Beckenholdt, Martin Tittle, Gustav A. Kestner, Geo. Beckenholdt.

George Beckenholdt vs. Wheel Company and others. Judgment against defendants for $694.

George C. Robinson vs. Henry Walker. Judgment against defendant. The plaintiff is given possession of piano and allowed $5 damages.

Nancy Shingles vs. John Jackson. Judgment vs defendant for $90. The pl’ff is given possession of real estate.

Susie McInerney vs. Harry Jeffrey, guardian of Michael McInerny. Judgment against defendant for $661.

Jacob Schimpf vs. Agnes Frederick. Judgment against defendant for $57.

State vs. George Schabel. Fine $1.

L. Kupferschmidt vs. Zeph Heustis. Judgment against defendant for $189.

Charles Simonson, guardian of Martha Cloud, vs. Strawder Cheek. Judgment against defendant for $5,670.

Israel Crist vs. Samuel L. Yourtee and others. This is the case of the mechanic liens against the Stove Works. Judgment is given the several claimants. The defendants, Hart & Bacon, appeal to the Supreme Court.

M. A. Spooner makes final report as commissioner in case of Mary Lowe vs. Rachael B. Guard.

State on relation of Sarah Warner vs. Alfred M. Pate. Bastardy. Judgment against defendant for $600.

Hugh D. McMullen has brought suit against Ezra G. Hayes and Warren West, administrators of the estate of Joseph Hayes, for $3,500 attorney’s fees. The services were rendered in will contest.

M. H. Harding appointed administrator of the estate of W. W. Wymond, and gives bond for $16,000.

In the suit brought by John Kuhlmeier against his mother-in-law, Mrs. Wilhelmina Fensz, for board, &c., for two and a half years that she lived with him, Judge Givan decided for the defendant. He ruled that Mrs. Fensz was the guest of Kuhlmeier, and that therefore Kuhlmeier could not collect.

Kit Swales, blacksmith, and Henry Apparius, shoemaker, live neighbors in Bunkum. Some time ago Swales had his neighbor arrested for assault and battery, and Apparius had to pay about $12. Swales, encouraged by his success, sued Apparius for $1,000 damages. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant.

The suits of Francis Worley, administrator of Frank W. Cheek’s estate against the Travellers’ Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn., has been compromised. Cheek, it will be remembered, was drowned while bathing, about six months ago. He was insured in the above company for $6,500, and they vigorously kicked against paying. In the compromise, Cheek’s estate receives $1,600.

Thus speaketh Roe: “A transcript is being prepared in the case of The City vs. Pius Fredrick on an appeal to the Supreme Court. The case grew out of an alleged infringement by the defendant in encroaching upon the line of Main Street, and it was litigated in the Circuit Court three years, and resulted in a verdict for the defendant. The costs, amounting to about $200, have been paid by the city. The defendant, Fredrick, having died in the meantime, the widow is made co-defendant, and the chivalrous corporation makes war on the defenseless widow. The transcript will probably cost about $300, and with good prospects of the taxpayers footing the bill.”

Colonel Jacob Eggleston and Hon. John S. Matthews are two of the most conspicuous citizens of Clay Township. They live in or near Dillsboro, and are neighbors. In a neighborly way they had alternately owned a bull, and the neighborly bull had alternated between the respective dairies of the two respected neighbors. Finally, Eggleston and Matthews got mad at each other, so to speak, and the charges and countercharges were made for the efficient services of the bull. Mathews put in a claim for superior calves, and Eggleston harped upon superior milk (not the bull’s), and in this way the neighborly neighbor’s jangled before Squire Hess till at last the case was appealed to the Circuit Court, where Judge Givan rendered a decision in favor of Mathews. The judgment amounts to $1.50.

Court adjourned until Jan. 31, 1881.

Mrs. Mary Marshall and Eliza Jane Beatty, of Chesterville, filed on Tuesday their notice of contest of the will of Nelson Ketcham, who died a short time ago. Mr. Ketcham, who died a short time ago. Mr. Ketcham just before his death executed the will which is to be contested. In this will he divides his estate equally between seven of his nine children, thus cutting the remaining two off without a shilling. The contestants set forth that he was of unsound mind, and that undue influence was used.