Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jan 1880

Proceedings of the January 1880 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 1 Jan 1880 – Page 3, Column 5


Before Judge Downey appointed special Judge—Joseph Cuts et al vs. John Cabel Jr. et als. Foreclosure of chattel mortgage. Verdict for plaintiff for $204.

Elijah Coombs vs. John F. Haseman et als. Foreclosure of mortgage on real estate.

Before Judge Givan—George Meyer vs. Wm. McClure. Judgment vs. defendant for $50 and costs.

Andrew Vetter vs. Elijah Christopher, sheriff, et al. Judgment vs. defendant for one cent and costs.

Andrew Vetter vs. George W. Keen, administrator et al. Judgment vs. defendant for one cent and costs.

Barney Simonson vs. John Essert. Judgment vs. defendant.

Christopher Fackler vs. D. W. C. Fitch. Verdict for plaintiff in sum of $300 and costs.

Louis Weitzel, adm’r, vs. Jacob Schue. Cause dismissed and stricken from the docket.

Exparte, Frank W. Marsh et als. Petition for partition.

Barbara Diel vs. Martin Johann. Judgment for plaintiff for $10.00.

John Eisel vs. Franklin T. Nevitt et al. Finding for plaintiff in sum of $780.08.

Bulah Lowe, admx., vs. Abiah Hayes. Vs. plaintiff for costs.

Bulah Hayes vs. Abiah Hayes. Vs. plaintiff for costs.

George Leggett vs. Sarah Leggett. Divorce granted.

S. Vater & Co. vs. C. W. Rice. Dismissed.

J. Crets et al vs. J. Gabel. Judgment vs. defendant for costs.

Ex Part Nancy E. Swales et al. Commissioner’s report filed.

Leopold Kupferscmidt vs. John Dorr et al. Judgment in favor of plaintiff.

Andrew Bartholome vs. Lawrenceburg township. Judgment vs. plaintiff for costs.

Ex Part Harvey R. Marsh et al. Partition granted.

Ex Part Emaline Moody et al. Commissioners final report.

State vs. Warren Watts. Concealed weapons. Bond $100.

Aurora Valley Furniture Co. vs. Paramore & Sedgwick. Judgment vs. defendants $260.25 and costs.

David Kaster vs. Aaron Huffman. Judgment vs. defendant $6 and costs.

James Stevenson vs. John S. Mathews. Vs. defendant $230.90 and costs.

George Bechenholdt vs. Lawrenceburg Wheel Co. Vs. defendants for $2600 and costs.

Gustave A. Kastner vs. Lawrenceburg Wheel Co. Vs. defendant for $713 and costs.

Martin Tittle vs. Lawrenceburg Wheel Co. Vs. defendants for $1032 and costs.

Benjamin Simonson vs. John Essert. Vs. defendant for costs.

German Lawrenceburg Building Co. vs. J. L. Spanagel et al. Foreclosure and judgment for $665.

Mary Benson vs. Charles Henegan et al. Judgment. Foreclosure.


Guardianship of Wilber E. Ewbank, minor heir of Levina Ewbank, deceased; Edward C. Ewband appointed guardian.

Guardianship of Sarah B. Nevitt, an insane person. Deed for sale of real estate by guardian approved.

Estate of Wm. G. Ransdall, deceased. Partial report of executor filed and approved by the court.

Estate of Henry Bueta, deceased. Final report of administrator filed—administrator finally discharged.

Estate of Joseph Griffin, deceased. Additional inventory filed.

Following guardianships continued until next term for report: Guardianship of Jane E. Hayes; guardianship of the heirs of John W. Rabb; guardianship of Carrie Rowe.

Estate of Henry Dammeyer, deceased. Sale-bill of personal estate filed.

Following estates continued for report until next term: Estate of Elias Taylor, deceased; estate of Hugh F. Smith; estate of Mary Dill; estate of Franz Fischer.

Following estates stricken from the docket subject to be reinstated on motion of any party interested: Estate of Christopher Braun, deceased. Jacob Braun appointed administrator “de testament.” Guardianship of Mary Swales, a minor; R. E. Slater appointed guardian. Estate of Henry Swift, deceased—will probated.