Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Jan 1888

Proceedings of the January 1888 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 5 Jan 1888 – Page 2, Column 3


State vs. Charles Taylor; pointing and aiming firearms; trial by jury and defendant acquitted.

State ex rel Edith L. McKay vs. John P. Jackson; bastardy; settled and dismissed at defendant’s cost.

State vs. Michael Rupp; selling to minor; trial by jury and defendant acquitted.

Joseph Sater vs. George Shoobridge, executor; foreclosure, final report and discharge of receiver.

The Franklin Bank of Cincinnati, O., vs. Julius Severn; on bill of exchange; trial by jury, and verdict and judgment for defendant; appeal to Supreme Court.

George W. Griffin Jr. vs. estate of George Griffin, deceased; dismissed, each party to pay his own costs.

Leonard Vogt vs. John Vogt; damages; settled and dismissed at defendant’s cost.

Levi F. Jackson vs. Melvina Lindsay et al; foreclosure; judgment and decree for plaintiff for $2,820 and costs.

McFarian Carriage Co. vs. Thomas O. Lindsay; on account; trial by Court and judgment for plaintiff for $173.48 and costs.


G. C. Florea, Connersville, Ind.

Nicholas Cornett, Versailles, Ind.


James Lambertson vs. Elijah Huffman; for receiver.

Joseph Buhr et al vs. Henry Zoppe; attachment.

Charles Lods, Administrator, vs. Chris Oelker et al; foreclosure.

Frederick Probst vs. John Walker et als; foreclosure.

Stoddard Manufacturing Co. vs. Erastus S. Downey; on notes.

Mutual L & B Association et al vs Thomas Watts et al; foreclosure.

South Bend Iron Works vs. Erastus S. Downey; on account.


Estate of George Sutton—Harley W. Sutton, Administrator.

Estate of Rudolph Zaug—Joseph Lorenz, Administrator.

Estate of Henry Hillman—Margaretha Hillman, Administratrix.


Guardian heirs Rachel E. Johnson. George B. Tebbs, Guardian.

Estate of Henry Beck—Louise Beck, Administratrix.

Guardian Louisa Libbert—Fred Walker, Guardian.

Guardian James N. Greer (insane)—Benj. Vail Jr., Guardian.

Guardian heirs of Benj. F. Mills, deceased—Edward Maney, Guardian.


Vincent & Chaplin vs. estate Margaret Lang, deceased. $9.65.


Will of Maria M. P. Squire, deceased.

Will of Thomas Rice, deceased.