Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – May 1867

Proceedings of the May 1867 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Aurora Commercial – 25 May 1867 – Page 1, Column 3

CIRCUIT COURT.—The Dearborn Circuit Court, Judge Wilson presiding, convened at Lawrenceburg last Monday. The following cases have been disposed of:

State vs. Thompson and same against Sweir for illegal voting. Indictments quashed.

State against some parties for perjury. The defendants were both acquitted.

State vs. Michael Ropp. Assault and battery. Plea of guilty, and fine of $5 assessed.

Default was taken in the following cases, all of which were of a civil nature:

  • Silas V. Hayes and Isaac Hayes vs. D. M. Hayes and Job Hayes.
  • Thomas Drum vs. Mary Brown and Jacob Orghal.
  • David T. Hunter vs. Vietus Radspinner.
  • Lawrenceburg National Bank vs. William B. Cox et al.
  • Levi Sohl et al vs. John B. Vail.
  • Omer Tousey vs. William Glardon and Mary Ann Glardon.
  • Elias Abbott vs. Thomas K. Scudder and Oliver S. Scudder.

In the case of the State vs. Rev. J. C. Schneider, the jury rendered a verdict against the defendant, and he was fined $300.

Aurora Commercial – 1 Jun 1867 – Page 1, Column 4

CIRCUIT COURT.—The following cases have been disposed of since our last issue:

Ex-parte proceedings for the adoption of a child by Stephen Paramore. Court ordered that the child could be adopted by the name of Anna Catharine Paramore, to be known by that name, and entitled to all the rights of a child of said Stephen Paramore.

In the matter of Jacob F. Crider against James B. Finney and wife, a decree of foreclosure was entered.

Elias Abbott vs. Thomas M. Scudder and wife, for foreclosure and mortgage, a decree was accordingly ordered.

State vs. Henry Thompson—indicted for illegal voting in Miller township. Indictment quashed.

State vs. Henry Thompson—charge, perjury. Acquitted; the latter charge having regard to the first indictment.

State vs. Henry Suire—charged with illegal voting in Manchester township. Indictment quashed.

State vs. Roop—assault and battery, Plea of guilty entered, and fined $5 and costs.

Caroline Weber vs. Andreas Weber—divorce granted.

Ambrose Donald vs. J. C. McClure—action upon note. Judgment for amount of note, interest and costs.

State vs. John O’Keefe—assault and battery; fined $5 and costs.

Grant & Adkins vs. Davis W. Cheek; suit to recover value of horses taken during the late war by defendant, whilst an officer in the regular army. Dismissed by plaintiffs at their own costs.

Mathias Voschell vs. Davis W. Cheek—same charge as above, and dismissed in like manner.

Mary Hartman vs. Henry W. Hartman—divorce. Decree granted.

Catharine J. Hosea vs. William Hosea—divorce. Decree granted.

Elias Freet vs. Sarah S. Freed—divorce. Decree entered.

Jacob Miller, executor of Jacob Miller Sr., deceased, vs. Otho Hayes and wife. Action to recover rents. Verdict of $495.25 damages and costs for plaintiff.

James Radigan, upon the charge of grand larceny was sentenced to the penitentiary for two years.

State vs. William Smith—burglary. Sentenced to the county jail for nine months.

State vs. William Dodd—abusing his wife; to go to penitentiary for two years.

Many of the more important cases have been called and set for trial at a future date.

Aurora Commercial – 8 Jun 1867 – Page 1, Column 4

Court Proceedings.

In the case of the State vs. Smith, charged with stealing a watch and some other articles, the jury returned a verdict of guilty and imprisonment in the county jail for nine months.

W. J. Cook vs. Truitt et als; suit for damages alleged to have been done to his property by levying uupon and removing same in a violent manner. The jury found for the defendants.

Criswell vs. Seibel & Vail. Judgment for plaintiff for $57.

Abbot vs. Duck & Craig. Suit to settle a partnership transaction between the parties. The jury assessed the plaintiff’s damages at $174.

J. W. Blasdell vs. I. & C. R. R. Judgment for $200 for plaintiff—being the price of a horse killed by cars.

Same plaintiff vs. I. & C. R. R. and J. W. Mills. Suit for trespass on lands. Judgment for $75 for plaintiff.

The case of Levi Miller vs. Samuel Morrison, for slander, is now on trial before a jury. The plaintiff charges that the defendant called him a traitor and used other language, imputing to him the crime of treason. The case will probably occupy two or three days.

Aurora Commercial – 15 Jun 1867 – Page 1, Column 1

Court Proceedings.

Since our last report the following have been disposed of:

Wheeler and Cheesman vs. Hill. Suit to recover the value of a lot in Aurora, sold by the plaintiff to the defendant. The finding was for the defendant.

Levi Miller vs. Samuel Morrison.—This was an action of slander, and originated out of a difficulty that occurred at Belleview church, at Hardintown, on the Sunday succeeding the assassination of Lincoln. The jury found for the defendant, after twenty-four hours’ deliberation.

Tousey vs. Miller. Suit to recover the value of a certain lot of corn. Verdict for plaintiff for $579.40.

Siemantel vs. Buckle. Suit to recover back money paid by mistake. Verdict for plaintiff for $90.

Ludlow vs. Hund et als. Suit on note. Judgment for plaintiff for $229.66.

Miller vs. Garnier et al. Suit to recover the balance due for putting tin roof on defendants’ Malt House in Newtown. Verdict for plaintiff for $200. The court will finally adjourn this week, and in our next issue we will conclude the report of cases disposed of at the present term.

Aurora Commercial – 22 Jun 1867 – Page 1, Column 4


The June term of this Court adjourned Saturday last, after the expiration of the four weeks allowed by law. The following cases, worthy of note, were disposed of:

Thomas Miller vs. Abiah, Joseph and Isaac Hayes. Action to recover real estate, and to establish the line between joint proprietors of land. Judgment for plaintiff.

State vs. Mary Gabison. Action for petit larceny, sentenced to confinement in the county jail for seven days.

Andrew A. Helfer vs. James Guard. Verdict for Mr. Helfer for $50; amount claimed.

Bernard Shipper vs. Maurice de St. Paulias and others. Action for the recovery of real estate sold to the Catholic Association. Verdict for defendants, quieting the title.

Jacob Hayes vs. I. & C. Railroad.—Action upon the contract for right of way. Judgment of Court constructing part of the consideration.

Enoch H. Miller vs. I. & C. Railroad. This action and result was the same as above.

Isaac Dunn vs. I. & C. Railroad.—Suit for damages. A venire for six men was ordered to assess damages, and report at next term of Court.

John Hornberger vs. John B. Vail.—Action to quit title to real estate. Verdict in favor of defendant.

Cynthia Garner vs. Robinson Garner. Suit for divorce and alimony. The case was transferred to the Court of Common Pleas by agreement of parties.

E. H. Miller vs. Webber et al. Judgment for plaintiff for $600.