Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – May 1883

Proceedings of the May 1883 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 3 May 1883 – Page 3, Column 2


The will of Mrs. Catharina Chisman was probated Thursday. The will gives Mrs. Ann Chisman $200. The balance of her property is given to her brothers, sisters and other relatives.

Joseph S. Jett vs. Eli D. Bannister. It is ordered and adjudged by the court that this cause be dismissed and declared fully and finally settled.

Elam H. Davis for John J. Backman, vs. Lillie J. Lamar and others. Report of sale of real estate and approval of deeds.

Lewis G. Hurlbert vs. Pardee Beach; judgment against defendant for $14.19.

William Leive and Stapp vs. Melvin Cannon and others. Judgmetn against defendants for $85.

Peter Vogel vs. William Powell; judgment against defendant.

Final reports were made in the following estates and guardianships:

  • Guardianship of Nancy Spahn
  • Guardianship of John U. Buhrlage
  • Estate of Thomas Whiteford
  • Estate of Joshua Brewington Sr.
  • Estate of Ann Allee
  • Estate of Zeriah Hyland
  • Estate of William L. Connell
  • Estate of George Kalb
  • Assignment of Joseph May
  • Guardianship of Magaretha Jaeger.

Estate of Joseph Sassaman—the personal property of this estate not amounting to $500, the same is set off to the widow.

Hamilton Conaway was appointed administrator of the estate of John F. Ellerbrook; bond $4000.

Richard Platt, administrator of the estate of Smith Platt, vs. Elizabeth Platt and others. Ordered to sell real estate.

The estate of James Wills is reopened for the purpose of settling a claim against the United States Government.

George W. Johnston, administrator of the estate of Elias Chisman, vs. Catharine Chisman and others. Ordered to sell real estate.

Isaac Hayes, Edward Hayes Jr., and James Miller were each fined $5 and costs on the plea of guilty to carrying concealed weapons.

Alfred Warffeuls charged with stealing brass from the Cobb’s nail mill entered a plea of guilty. He was fined one cent and sent to the county jail for 10 days.

Thomas Garrity was tried for receiving the goods stolen by Warffeuls. The Garrity was fortunate in having plenty of evidence and was acquitted.

Frank Graves has been lying in jail for six months charged with seduction. The prosecution witness failed to materialize and Graves was given his liberty.


Board of Commissioners of Dearborn County vs. Charles H. Smith. Appeal.

State ex rel Grabell Sable vs. Frank Buffington. Bastardy.

M. Bogenshott vs. Harrison, New Trenton and Brookville Turnpike Company. Appeal.

Lydia Bennett et als vs. Cyrus Osborn. Partition.

John M. Douglas, Receiver, vs. Henry Hahn. Replevin.

John B. Garnier, Guardian, vs. Lawrence Rupprecht et al. Attachment.

John W. Butler vs. The Miami Valley Manufacturing Co.

James Johnson vs. Henrietta Niebrugge et als. On bond.

William H. Warrick vs. Henry Schuck et al. On note.

Portsmouth Wagon Stock Co. vs. Lawrence Rupprecht et al. Attachment.

Fred Emmert vs. Samuel Mason. To satisfy mortgage.

Lulu Wheeler et al vs. Edgar Wheeler. Partition.

State ex rel Lizzie Steig vs. John Speckman. Bastardy.

Maggie E. Ross vs. John Ross. Divorce.

Louisa Ahlbrandt et als vs. Robert Hones et al. Partition.

Johnson Hub and Spoke Co. vs. Lawrence Rupprecht et al. Attachment.

Edward D Moore, adm’r, vs. Warren Weit et al. On bond.

Frederick Herzog Jr. et al vs. Frederick Herzog. Partition.

Franciska Loew vs. John Ulrich Loew et al. For relief.

Elizabeth D Tuck vs. Andrew F Collins et al. Foreclosure.

William Leive et al vs. Melville Cannon et al. On lease.

Mary Mahoney vs. John Mahoney. Divorce.

Charles Stevens vs. Sarah M Stevens. To recover real estate.

Palmer Chisman vs. Aurora and Laughery Turnpike Co. Damages.

Barbara Hollister vs. Lewis Hollister. Divorce.

Myron H Harding vs. Ezra G Hayes, ex. Release as surety.

John Groff vs. Lawrence Rupprecht et al. Attachment.

National Lafayette Bank vs. W B Stevens. Attachment.

Herman Klepper vs. John Ulrich Loew. Foreclosure.

Charles W Stevens vs. C I St L & C R R. Damages.

Maggie N Blaisdell et al vs. Mina Huseman et al. Foreclosure.

John Biger et al vs. Lawrence Rupprecht et al. Attachment.

Patrick Moran vs. Mary Burk. Foreclosure.

State ex rel John M Pate et al vs. James M North et al. From Ohio county.

Elizabethh Kessing vs. Alfred C Jenkins. On note.

Zephaniah Heustis vs. Caroline Junker et al. Foreclosure.

William Bohmer vs. Edwin B Dobell et al. Damages.

National Bank of Rising Sun vs. W H Smal et al. On note.

W H Burk vs. Prentice B. Skinner. Attachment.

Lawrenceburg Register – 10 May 1883 – Page 3, Column 3


Final reports in the following trusts:

  • Guardianship of Margaret and Keturah Wicks.
  • Estate of Mary Armstrong.
  • Estate of George Heckheiser.
  • Estate of Benjamin Burlingame.
  • Estate of Thomas Spicknall.
  • Guardianship of Chisman.
  • Ezra G. Hayes and Warren West.

Executors of the estate of Joseph Hayes file their resignation of their trust. Ambrose Nowlin is appointed as their successor and files his bond for $50,000, with Ferris J. Nowlin and Joseph Groff as sureties.

Hannah Barton is declared to be a person of unsound mind.

An inquest of restoration says that John Briddell heretofore adjudged insane is a person of sound mind and capable of managing his estate with reason and discretion.

Fred Rudolph pled guilty to the charge of carrying concealed weapons. Fined $5 and costs.

James Johnson vs. Henry Niebrigge, judgment against defendant for $645.

The celebrated Junker case, that has been hanging fire through several terms of court, has been decided at last. Jacob Junker was married to his second wife in 1867. In 1869 he bought a piece of property and deeded it to his dead wife, Mary Junker, instead of the living one, Adaline. The family was at peace then, and there was no cause for complaint, as the second wife thought the title of the property was in her name. A few years ago Mrs. Junker discovered that she did not own the property, and war was declared. The fight has been going on in the courts ever since. Mrs. Junker was the victor and will gain possession of the property, as the jury decided that there is no law for deeding property to a dead person.

William H. Burk vs. Prentice B. Skinner. Judgment against defendant for $275.

Adaline Junker vs. Mary E. Junker. Judgment against defendant, and plaintif given possession of real estate.

Lewis W. Florea, a member of the Shelby county circuit court, and Charles F. Jones, a member of the Franklin circuit court, were admitted to the bar.

State vs. Victor Oberding. Pleads guilty to the charge of carrying concealed weapons, and fined $3 and costs.

State vs. William Bennett. Pleads guilty to carrying concealed weapons, and fined $5 and costs.

State vs. Frank Ost. Grand larceny. Bound over to next term of court.

Zeph Heustis vs. Caroline Junker. Judgement against defendant for $1270.

National Bank of Rising Sun vs. Harrison Small. Judgment against defendant for $3100.

Lawrenceburg Register – 17 May 1883 – Page 2, Column 4


William H. Warrick vs. Henry Schuck. Judgment against defendant for $402.

Elizabeth Kessing vs. A. C. Jenkins. Judgment against defendant for $185.

Elijah Huffman vs. Ira Kimball et al. Fred Slater, commissioner, makes report of sale of real estate to John N. Thompson for $300.

L. P. Newby, a practicing attorney of Knightstown, Ind., was admitted to the bar on motion of Albert W. Gaines.

Samuel W. Hillman vs. Andrew P. Daughters. Judgment against defendant for $408.

William H. Small vs. Benjamin Trester Jr. et al. Judgment against Malinda Noble and Thomas Brocks for $350.

Joseph H. Burkam vs. Daniel Miller. Judgment against defendant for $299.

Charles W. Stevens vs. C. I. St. L. & C. Railroad. Judgment against defendant for $250.

Edward D. Moore, administrator, vs. estate of Joseph Hayes. Ambrose Nowlin is ordered to sell the real estate belonging to deceased and gives bond for $220,000.

Anna Patzker vs. Frank Patzker. Judgment and decree of divorce.

State vs. James Cooper. Assault and battery with intent to kill. Bound over in the sum of $500.

William Wheeler vs. Robert T. Day. Judgment against defendant for $685.

A. W. Gaines, trustee of W. H. Murdoch, makes final report.

An inquest of insanity was held upon Stephen Riedinger, and he was adjudged a person of unsound mind and incapable of managing his estate.

Lawrenceburg Register – 7 Jun 1883 – Page 3, Column 3


Court convened on Thursday, after two weeks suspension of business.

Final reports were made in the following trusts:

  • Guardianship of heirs of Chris Wesler
  • Estate of Nancy Hudson
  • Estate of Frances J. Schaeffer
  • Estate of Nathaniel Todd
  • Estate of John D. Littell
  • Guardianship of Mary Moody
  • Estate of Nelson Ketcham
  • Guardianship of heirs of Wm. Stolzhizer
  • Estate of Lavina Ayers.

Judge Givan haven been counsel in the case of Vail vs. Vail before his election as Judge declined to try this cause, and appointed Hon. A. C. Donwey as Judge pro tem to try the case.

The last will of John Joseph Hartman, late of St. Leon, was admitted to probate. He leaves all of his property to his wife.

The will of Nicholas Gillig, late of Lawrenceburg, was admitted to probate. He gives all of his property to his wife, Catharine Gillig.