Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Nov 1882

Proceedings of the November 1882 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:
Lawrenceburg Register – 30 Nov 1882 – Page 3, Column 3


The will of Jacob Gutapfel, late of Jackson township, was admitted to probate on Saturday. He gives one-half of his stock to his son George, and to his wife Maria Gutapfel gives all of his real estate and personal property. His wife is appointed executor.

Final reports were made in the following trusts: Guardianship of Lewis Rohlfing; guardianship of Emma Lawdon; estate of John H. Langfels.

Joseph M. Bossong, administrator of Samuel Weitzel, made report of sale of real estate.

The will of Peter Schneider was admitted to probate on Friday.

John Cairns, commissioner in exparte Christopher Brosch, et als, makes report of sale of real estate.

The grand jury, after a session of one week, returned three indictments, and through its foreman, Leonard Spicknall, made the following report: “We the grand jurors for the November term 1882, report to said court as follows: We have been in session six days, examined some forty witnesses, investigated seven different causes, found three bills, examined the jail and county asylum found nothing in either to condemn, but at the county asylum we found much in the management and control thereof by Thomas Duncan, the present worthy superintendent, to endorse and approve and recommend him as the right man in the right place. In the investigation of the alleged killing of Patrick Nead by John Carpenter we find that said Carpenter in the difficulty between himself and said Nead at Dover in said county, acted in self defense, and committed no violation of law, but in the prior trouble at the farm of James Murtaugh, we find him the said Carpenter guilty of assault and battery upon the person of Patrick Nead.”

On Wednesday, the 22d, Robert E. Slater, prosecuting attorney, presented his bond, which was examined and approved by the court, and Mr. Slater assumed the duties of his office.

Larry Collins, of Aurora, and Mitchel Sanks, of Guilford, are serving as court bailiffs with satisfaction to all concerned.

Jacob Shepperd, of this city, as grand jury bailiff, performed all duties of his office satisfactorily to the jury and the witnesses brought before that body.