Dearborn County Circuit Court Proceedings – Sep 1886

Proceedings of the September 1886 Term of the Dearborn County, Indiana Circuit Court appeared in:

Lawrenceburg Register – 23 Sep 1886 – Page 3, Column 3


Annie M. Borman vs. John Borman, divorce. Dismissed by plaintiff.

Bernard Schipper vs. City of Aurora, appeal. Judgment vs plaintiff for costs.

Thomas Johnston vs. Jonathan Bruce. Judgment vs defendant for costs.

Daniel M. Guard vs. Board of Commissioners. Judgment vs defendant for costs.

Manuel Marblestone vs. Samuel Goodman et al. Dismissed by plaintiffs.

David H. Stapp vs. Carrie Downey. Judgment vs plaintiff for costs.

George Bieler vs. Diedrick Kramer, on note. Judgment vs defendant for $468.44.

Aurora Gas Light Coke & Coal Co. vs. James D. Gatch, Treasurer &c. et al. Judgment for plaintiffs.

Mary C. Jackson vs. Joseph H. Jackson, divorce. Decree of divorce and custody of child given to plaintiff.

Jonathan Conner vs. Martha Conner. Dismissed by plaintiff.

Henry C. R. Rudolph vs. Anna M. Rudolph, divorce. Decree of divorce given plaintiff.

Charlotte Yentz vs. Charles Yentz, divorce. Decree of divorce and custody of child given plaintiff.

Thomas H. Johnson et al vs. Cobb Iron & Nail Co. Judgment vs plaintiff for costs.

State ex rel Maggie M. Smith vs. Horatio S. Mendell, bastardy. Judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $600.


Emma K. Pavey vs. William A. Pavey, divorce.

T. J. Smith Printing and Publishing Co. vs. Miami Valley Furniture Co.

W. H. H. Yount et al vs. Joseph Posey.

Simon Conaway vs. Benjamin Blue et als.

Anna K. Krieger vs. Bernard Krieger.

Nathaniel Anthony vs. Harrison Risinger.

John C. Huxsall vs. Jos. S. Wymond.


Harry R. McMullen, Joseph I. Little, and Joseph M. Bossong.


Estate of Daniel Taylor, Warren Tebbs, Administrator.

Estate of Margaret J. Cravens, Warren Tebbs, Adminstrator.

Estate of Caroline Hitzfield, Frank C. Briddell, Administrator.

Estate of Christopher Keller, Christopher Fox, Executor.

Guardian of heirs of John Cornforth, Mary A. Cornforth, Guardian.

Estate of Daniel T. Downey. (Less than $500; set off to widow.)

Guardian of Lura A. Roach, Romanus Roach, Guardian.

Guardian of Katie Rees, Rezin Rees, Guardian.

Guardian of Rezin Rees, A. B. Pattison, Guardian.


Lawrenceburgh Mill Co. vs. Estate of Catharine Gernert, $27.00.

Frederick Knorr vs. Estate of Catharine Gernert, $36.24.

George C. Ruppert vs. Estate of Catharine Gernert, $3.80.

N. Kirchelmer vs. Estate of Catharine Gernert, $8.35.

Hunt Soap Co. vs. Catherine Gernert, $7.50.

W. S. Fagaly vs. George W. Smith, $74.25.


Will of Benjamin Wilson.

Will of John Palmer.


Guardian heirs of John Collier, David H. Stapp, Guardian.

Lawrenceburg Register – 30 Sep 1886 – Page 2, Column 2


Simon Conaway vs. Benjamin Blue et al, on note. Default and judgment vs. defendants for $220.22.

Ex Parte Esther Beatty et al, partition. Final report filed and Commissioner discharged.


Charles Bruce vs. Eliza A. Bruce, divorce.

Otho Billingsley vs. Jacob Goenawein, appeal.


Estate of Elizabeth and Henry Telker, Henry Telker, Administrator.

Estate of Mary Bulach, John Probst, Administrator.


Estate of Rudolph Zaug, Joseph Lorenz, Administrator.