Switzerland County Other Records

County Fair

Occupational Records

School Records

Online School Records


Danner, Effa M. Educational Development, Early Schools and Teachers at Vevay, Indiana. Vevay: Switzerland County Historical Society, 1974.


Free Masons

  • Free and Accepted Masons of Vevay, Indiana, Switzerland Lodge No. 122, A History of…, 1851-1951, n.p. [1951?].

Independent Order of Old Fellows

  • Indiana Lodge No. 126 (Vevay, Indiana), Minutes and Degree Book, 1867-1906 – Family History Library Microfilm
  • Phoenix Lodge No. 182 (Vevay, Indiana), Lodge Records, 1907-1922 – Family History Library Microfilm
  • Utilis Lodge No. 260 (Florence, Indiana), Lodge Account Book, 1914-1954 – Family History Library Microfilm

Switzerland County Pioneer Association

Pioneer Association Minutes and Records, 1868-1903 (via Indiana Historical Society, Online Connections)

Tax Records

Delinquent Taxes

Income Taxes

Other Records:


Vevay Reveille-Enterprise, Swiss Wine Festival, Souvenir Edition. Vevay, Indiana: Vevay Newspapers, Inc., 1970.

Knox, Julie LeClerc. Some Interesting Homesteads in and around Vevay. 1927. Second Edition, Vevay, Indiana: Vevay Reveille-Enterprise, 1948.